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10 Cheap Ideas How to Build Backyard BBQ Area

Completed with enough details that will occupy your precious time. The good side, though, is you can have the outdoor fun you need regardless of how news anchor told you how fantastic our current economic recession is

At all times, having barbecue parties is a mouthwatering idea. Friends and families will be more than happy to come. But rather than heading to top-notch restaurants, which means big tickets, why don’t you organize it in your own backyard?

Let’s make yours one to remember with these 10 cheap ideas on how to build a backyard BBQ area. They will impress your guests without stress. Well, we hope. Take a closer look! And as usual, this list is crafted for you by

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How to Deck out Unforgettable Barbecue Party

Barbecue parties are fun and great for bringing family, friends, and neighbors together. It’s also an excellent way to showcase your ability to grill food. As you already know, cooking food is a technique. It’s one thing just to lay food on a grill above hot flames and another to come up with perfect meals every time. It is a skill, regardless of what people think.

If you want to be comfortable while lounging in your yard or during your BBQ events, you have to make sure that the area is decked out with all the right things to make it a welcoming place for you and your guest to relax and dine.

All it takes is the Right Idea.

To set up a lovely barbecue area, please understand that all it takes is the right plan. You don’t have to live in a perfect place. You don’t need to have a tremendous amount of space. You don’t need to have a specialized piece of equipment. It is crucial to work with what you have so you can build a decent barbecue space in your backyard. Pay close attention to how much room you have and look for strategic spots. These ideal sections shouldn’t be too far from your house because you will be going in and out of the kitchen. You will zip back and forth from your home to your place and cook ingredients on the grill.

You can’t locate your barbecue area so far away that it becomes a hassle. On the other hand, don’t station your barbecue area too near so smoke can blow inside. As you already know, you will smoke when you cook on the grill. The smoke can get quite intense depending on your sauce and how the meat is marinated.

So it’s always a good idea to ensure enough space between your home and the grill. This is connected with the typical wind flow in that part of your home. Finally, you should place your barbecue area in a spot with enough space beside it so that people can sit, dine, and have a good time talking with each other.

Setting up your grill

The next essential step is to set up your grill. You can purchase it from appliance stores or make one yourself. Many people think they have to get a professional grill, but this is not necessarily the way to go. Since if you come up with a DIY grill, it might look better in your backyard because it is specific to the terrain and the overall design of your outdoor space. People often make their DIY barbecue pits and grills from bricks, stone, or ceramic.

This setup is usually enough to handle the typical wood or charcoal fuel used to grill food. You can buy a pre-built rack if you don’t want to spend too much time and energy making fire from charcoal or wood. This equipment usually has wheels and is easy to move. You just need to integrate these mobile grills with the nearby area by using stones and bricks as either a stand or a nook for it.

Don’t neglect Tables and Chairs.

It’s effortless to get excited about the grill you are setting up. Most people are under the impression that the grill defines the barbecue area. This thinking is too bad because, as essential as the grill may be, dining tables and chairs are the equipment that will determine how much you will enjoy your grilled meal. This fact is undeniable. So it’s crucial to make sure that you buy tables that are big and sturdy enough to look good in your backyard.

The same goes for chairs. If you want the company of your loved ones and you eat together to catch up, they have to be comfortable. This part is where chairs and tables come in. You can buy dining table sets depending on your personal preference and style and how much budget you have to work with.

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Lighting is Key.

It’s enticing to think that your outdoor barbecue area will always have the lighting you need to enjoy your meals, but this is too much of an assumption. It’s nice to think it’s already provided since you are in an outdoor setting. The truth is, you can improve the ambiance of your yard by holding barbecue events at night. If you do this, you need electric lighting. To create a welcoming atmosphere, you can wrap lightbulbs and wiring around your trees, shrubs, and vertical gardens.

On the other hand, you can go to the other extreme and have a candlelight party. This idea is rustic and has a “back to nature” feel. It can make a very cozy mood. The downside to this is, of course, the wind. You have to ensure that there are no strong winds that night so you can hold that special barbecue dinner party.

Make sure you have Enough Space for your Visitors.

The funny thing about backyard barbecue invitations is that the moment you invite a neighbor or a friend, there’s a good chance they will ask somebody else or arrive with another person. Don’t be surprised that if you invite five people, that original group will swell to twenty or even thirty more.

Don’t get caught flat-footed. Ensure that everyone is comfortable by having additional seating on hand. You can install benches around your trees or set up planters that can double as chairs. You need to design your garden so that there are many clean places to sit.

Supplement your Barbecue Area with a Firepit.

Lastly, be prepared to serve delicious food that will go with all the preparations you have made for your barbecue area. A fantastic grill and a fire pit would make this a beautiful place to hang out. This way, people can lounge and shoot the breeze while waiting for their meals.

There are many ways to proceed, but working with what you have is important. It’s all about the area you’re starting with and the mood you are trying to establish with your grilling area.
You can deck it out in style, but it doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny.

You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time. You just have to understand the proper parameters of what you work with on day one. Once you’re clear on what direction you will go, you can then select the options that would provide the most comfort while at the same time ensuring that you meet your budget as well as your aesthetic goals.

For more information, check out the following

Relevant FAQs and Answers:

Barbecue (short for barbecuing) is a method of cooking meat over direct heat, either outdoors or in an oven. Typically, a layer of charcoal or wood is placed over low-to-medium coals (this can also be done in a smoker), then meats and vegetables are arranged on that layer.
The food cooks by the direct heat of the fire.

People can use a few different methods to build their own BBQ area. For example, they can look for free yard materials or buy a grill to build on. Another idea is to find someone in the same situation and ask them what they did to build one.

The other option is they could go out and get themselves some plans off of the internet. If you decide not to have a grill, you can still make your own by building a fire pit and sitting around it with your friends with a few beers while cooking up some burgers or hot dogs.

This process will take time, but it will be fun in the end!
For starters:
The following is a list of items required to build and maintain a BBQ:

  • Charcoal
  • Lighter fluid and tool
  • Wooden dowel (or, if you prefer, a stick)
  • Legionella sticks or steak skewers (to poke holes in the charcoal)
  • Pokey purchase (to hold the lighter fluid)
  • Pinch bar gloves for handling fuel.
  • The gloves will protect your hands from accelerant burns.

What tips do you have for someone hosting their first bbq house party?

To host a successful bbq, it is important to start by first deciding what type of food you will be grilling. Meat or vegetables

There are many different types of dogs that you can choose from for your pooch – large or small breed, mixed-breed, pure-breed. As a hostess, it is important to plan in advance and set yourself up for success. For example, if you are thinking about serving some white wine, then make sure that the alcohol is out of reach of the children before the guests come over because they might end up drinking more than intended if there is an open bar!

You cannot have a perfect memory of a BBQ party without the Sun. Although it comes with heat as a drawback, you could always have a portable ice maker at your disposal to keep the outdoor spirit shining and remain enjoyable.

Another tip would be to try out different recipes and experiment with different items before hosting your party to fix any mish-ups before the party. The most important tip for hosting a successful bbq is to have fun! If your guests are having fun, you will be having fun.

If you are having a bonfire, ensure enough wood for the fire. When planning your party, decide how many pieces of wood will be needed to keep the fire going throughout the evening.

Another helpful hint is to ensure you don’t leave any food out in the heat for too long. It’s best if all of your food is already prepared before guests come over because it might take longer than expected if things get busy, and also, it can get sweltering in the sun and ruin any leftovers/food being served.

How do I build an outdoor BBQ area in a small backyard?

The first step to building an outdoor BBQ area is measuring the needed space. Consider the size of grills you want and how many people will use them at once. The next step is choosing materials, including bricks, cement blocks, or other materials like gravel or paving stones, depending on what suits your needs best.

Next, measure the space into sections for grills and give each a large enough clearance so they can be accessed without bumping into each other when several are in use. It’s also good to allow enough space between two grills to put cooking utensils on without blocking traffic flow between them.

Recommended Reading:
Meat: The Ultimate Cookbook: “The introduction of this book focuses on the history of barbecue traditions. It covers all the major cultural and regional varieties of barbecue practices.” you can look inside the book too before you decide to buy it.
Or these alternatives:

Where is the best place to put your BBQ?

BBQs are typically placed outdoors on a grill. This is where the food is prepared and where the food will be cooked. The event can also be held in a location with an outdoor kitchen, although this may not always be plausible.

How do you decorate a BBQ area?

The best way to decorate a BBQ area is with many families and their creative expression. Second, be sure that all of the ingredients are fresh. Marinating the meat before grilling it; make sure you’re using fresh herbs instead of dried herbs that don’t add any flavor.

How do I host a perfect BBQ?

First, you’ll need to purchase a whole or half animal and have it skinned, gutted, and quartered. You’ll want to have some basic seasonings on hand like salt, pepper, cumin seeds (or ground), paprika (hot or sweet), onion powder (or chopped onion), garlic powder (or finely cut garlic cloves). For vegetables, you can use red onions and green bell peppers.

Next is the barbecue itself. Keep it hot over direct heat – not too close, though- and continuously baste with olive oil in your favorite seasonings. This will give the outside of the meat a crispy skin texture from all that rendered fat and some tasty seasoning for the inside.

The following is a list y need to add to your budget preparation if you’re planning on throwing a BBQ party:

  • Buy or borrow as many dishes and silverware as possible from friends, relatives, or neighbors. This way, you’ll save money on buying new dishes and silverware just for one day’s use
  • Hire someone else to clean up for you after the party
  • Set aside any given amount of money for drinks
  • Consider borrowing large pots and pans from relatives or neighbors

What food is best for BBQ?

There are many different ways to prepare BBQs, and that’s what makes them so attractive. For example, if you cook beef, you could marinate it in soy sauce, olive oil, and lemon juice for 1-2 hours before cooking. After the meat has been seasoned with this mixture, it is time to have some fun and make some delicious side dishes.

What is the best meat for a BBQ?

It would be best to use beef and chicken as the best meat for a BBQ party. The steak would be good but not taste as good in the BBQ sauce. When deciding what ingredients to use, use vegetables like onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Some other ingredients that could be used are cheeses, herbs such as thyme or basil, mustard seeds, and brown sugar.

Suppose you are trying to figure out how many people should go to a BBQ party because you have limited resources (furniture) for everyone’s eating area. In that case, your best option is to have 10-15 people go with each serving having 90-120 minutes of cooking time per person instead of 45 minutes.

The sun is a great energy source, and even though it would be better to use natural gas for cooking in your backyard, it isn’t strong enough to cook the food. If you were trying to make a delicious BBQ in your backyard, you would need a stove that could handle 700 degrees. You can get these stoves at Home Depot or Lowes for about $75.00. They have all sorts of different stoves that can be used as part of your cooking area.

Making the host family (or main person) a sign like a card is what they would want as a gift for allowing them to host the party.

What do you put on BBQ first?

We recommend cooking or stuffing chicken, beef, and veal first. For fish, we recommend cooking it on the grill.

How do you BBQ for beginners?

First, start with the dressing and use a brush to evenly spread a thin layer of sauce over the surface of each piece of chicken. Next, arrange the chicken on one side of the grill or in a large pie pan; next, place wood chunks or chips (enough to fill an aluminum foil boat).

Cover and cook for 20 minutes. Turn occasionally to avoid burning.

How do I make my BBQ hotter?

Start with low heat by keeping the lid closed and cook for about three hours. Add more charcoal, chopped hardwood, or wood chunks to keep your food cooking.

You can also place these on top of the unlit coals to add more heat or use a chimney starter (a metal cylinder that helps start coal) with grill briquettes to fill in any gaps between food and coals.

You can also get an airtight grill cover to cook hotter without burning your meat.

What temperature does a BBQ need to be?

A BBQ needs to be heated to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking. In other words, A barbecue needs to be at or under 500 degrees Fahrenheit to cook the food properly.

Where should a BBQ patio be placed?

It depends on the BBQ size and how many guests will be at the party. If it’s a large BBQ with many guests, it should be situated in the center of the property, where it’s easily accessible by everyone.

How much money must I prepare to host a perfect BBQ party?

You will need a lot of different things to host the perfect BBQ party. You will need food, drinks, dishes, oven mitts and tongs for food prep, plates, and napkins for serving food. You may also want to have some disposable dishes available if you don’t have enough or run out of dishware. You’ll also want sets of tableware (forks, knives, and spoons) as well as a set of table linens. There are so many other small details that would be hard to list here, but hopefully, this has given you an idea about what’s needed to host an outdoor BBQ party!

How Can I Make My Backyard BBQ fun?

Start by finding a list of activities to make the backyard BBQ fun.
Outlining all these activities on paper would be a good idea.
One of these activities could be having friends and family come over.

Another activity that could make BBQing fun is learning how to grill better and new recipes to try out.
To make the event fun, ensure that you supply enough food and drinks and have games for the guests to play like cornhole or bocce ball. You could also bring an inflatable slide or waterslide if there’s a pool in your backyard.

Third, you can consider one of the following options:

  • Buy a nice Weber grill and let guests bring their own meats.
  • Have a picnic: buy good food (not fast food), pack a picnic blanket, and provide plenty of water.
  • Be the DJ for the day – play oldies songs on your transistor radio and get your friends to dance!

During the rainy season, it is wise to hold a BBQ party. This way, we can get together and make the best of the weather while enjoying some grilling. You should also pack your own fuel for your grill to not have to worry about having fuel readily available during a downpour.

How do you throw a BBQ party on a budget?

You could start by looking at the pots and pans you could buy. You would probably get a set of cheap pots and pans. If they were of excellent quality, You wouldn’t need one or two more sets for the company. You would also ensure that the BBQ is gas, as this comes with a grill you can use.

Buying charcoal over propane will save you significant costs and require a lot of work to heat up the coals before cooking on them. If you have many friends interested in coming, investing in an extra kettle might be worth it if enough people are willing to drink some tea while waiting for their food to cook.

The price of Jamaican BBQ is significantly cheaper than American BBQ.
Jamaica has a great variety of food and spices, making it possible for chefs to develop new ideas and techniques. Jamaican cuisine is a collection of both English and African cuisines.

One of the key features that sets Jamaican BBQ apart from other types of BBQ is the use of allspice. Allspice has a flavor similar to cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The best way to cook Jamaican BBQ is beef or pork marinade. Much like most types of smoked meats, you will want to keep the meat at around 225 degrees Fahrenheit for three hours to smoke properly and absorb all of the spices in the marinade.

This recipe is one example that makes Jamaican BBQ a great alternative if budget is your concern

Jerk Seasoning
Red Bell Pepper,
Onion, diced (optional)
1 large or 2 small onions,
chopped finely (optional)
Worcestershire sauce to taste (optional)
Fresh thyme leaves from 3-4 sprigs of fresh thyme or 1/2 tsp dried thyme leaves.

**Secret: add a thumb-sized piece of ginger peeled and grated)** OR, more traditionally, scotch bonnet peppers are used in place of the ginger. For added heat, use one pepper and for a more mild dish, use only half a pepper. If you like strong flavors, use up to three peppers; if you like very mild curry seasoning, omit the pepper.

How to keep bbq warm for a party?

If you want to keep bbq warm for a party, our best bet would be to put it in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit with the door closed. This way, you could set the timer for how long I wanted it cooked, and when the oven started up again, it would heat up automatically.

What is Vegetarian BBQ like?

“A vegetarian barbecue is the perfect summertime event. It allows you to make your own spice mix and delicious BBQ sauces that will leave your friends and family begging for more.” A vegetarian bbq party is like a fantastic party where people from all over come together and eat vegetarian food. There are tables of different types of food such as tacos, burgers, salads, and more.

There’s also a table with desserts for those who want to chow down on something sweet while there! Different drinks are made of fruits and vegetables, giving them a healthy vibe.

Prepared or set up Charcoal grills and hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn-on-the-cob for your guests to grill. Give them the freedom to cook vegetarian dishes such as grilled vegetables or veggie burgers they want. And if they also want to bring their favorite dish to share at the party.

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Next, the detail of our 10 Cheap Ideas on How to Build and Improve your Backyard BBQ Area:

10. A Grill Island Covered with Stone Project idea

10.SIMPHOME.COM Grill Island Covered with Stone
A blend of the modern and natural look, it’s just seamless for your backyard.
With some basic skills and good friends, you can build this grill island within 2 weekends.

  • First, you will need to build the frame by making some posts from 2x4s.
  • Once the posts are done, run stretchers between the posts at the top and bottom of the front and the back of the frame.
  • After that, sheathe the frame with plywood panels.
  • Then, attach wire lath on the plywood, and trim it if necessary.
  • Spread the mixture of mortar and water onto the lath using a trowel.
  • Then, score the mortar before attaching the stone.

9. A Simple Brick Barbecue Project Idea

9.SIMPHOME.COM Simple Brick BarbequeWith the right talent, hands, and tools, this project is as easy as one-two-three.

  • First, get your tools such as; gather gravel, metal barbecue grates, mortar, bricks, and cement.
    Now, determine the place, clear it, then level and compact it.
  • Next, mix the cement to create the ground level, and allow it for at least 24 hours.
  • Lay the bricks into the mortar, gently and precisely, layer by layer. Make sure they are square at the corner.
  • Recap it until the last course. Keep in mind to have different heights.
  • For the final touch, construct a concave depression. Use a stiff brush to sort it out.

8. A Round Brick Grill Project idea

8.SIMPHOME.COM Round Brick GrillWe are positive you will have an easy ride if you choose this idea. Forget cement or mortar; some bricks and a BBQ grill are all you need. It’s pretty quick to build. What is more, it is bendable at its best. Set your spot, prepare some bricks, and align them in a circular shape. Done!

Tip: Whatever your base is, ensure it is even to get a steady and robust construction.

7. A 2-in-1 Pit and Grill Project idea

7. SIMPHOME.COM 2 in 1 Pit and GrillYes, it is close to the first but comes in a circle. You can utilize it for pit and grill.

  • Prepare some tools and materials.
  • Set the location and lay the footing. Think about the interior side and grill base. Allow it for, minimum, 24 hours.
  • Then, lay the stone on the cement, course by course. As you need a circular shape, soften and angle your stone corner.
  • Add stepping-stones around the fire pit. Half-inch pea gravel into the center of the fire pit and extra logs or coal on the pea gravel will embellish your work.

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6. A Backyard Barbecue Area with Pergola project idea

6. SIMPHOME.COM Backyard Barbeque Area with Pergola

Alert: it’s a lengthy project. It demands basic carpentry and laying brick skills, BUT it’s worth the effort. With the right landscape and some marketing effort, It will lift your property value in the long run. Let’s get going!

  • First, lay the foundation and verify all water, power, and gas lines are laid before pouring the concrete.
  • Then lay the first course of cinder blocks, followed by the next. Set up your electrical and water lines; pour to create concrete countertop forms.
  • Build brace forms and upper countertop forms.
  • Later, pour the upper countertop.
  • Next, it’s time to mix up the stucco and add your desired color. Pick out the tile and apply the edge tiles first.
  • Lay the center tiles obliquely. Install some lights on the doors and cover (roof) for night grilling.
  • Fill the area behind it with dirt.

That’s it! Your long journey comes to an end, eventually.
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5. Charcoal Grill on the Cheap Project idea

5. SIMPHOME.COM Charcoal Grill on the CheapIt is a handy option for a diminutive and swift grill. Put some stuff I am about to say together, and you get it.

  • First, prepare two racks and two pans.
  • Then, based on the picture, assemble them.
  • Position the grill on cinder blocks to prevent burning and heat.

There you are!

Nevertheless, the grill isn’t as strong as the one at stores, be watchful and stick to fire safety rules.

4. A Fantastic Grill with a Gazebo project idea

4.SIMPHOME.COM A Fantastic Grill GazeboA “Grillzebo,” you may call it. At first, it is a gazebo. For the second look, it has a grill. Consequently, it enables you to have a barbecue party on sunny or rainy. Expedient.

It works as a lofty outdoor bar, too. As you can see, it’s not only ideal for standard grills but also the existing patio. Alter your own with lighting, accessories, glass racks, or coolers. Go to home centers, get a partner, and you can work it out at weekends.

Tip: You could save about $400 by using pressure-treated woods.

3. A DIY Covered Patio project idea

3.SIMPHOME.COM DIY Covered PatioExposed to the sun and unprotected against rain at BBQ parties wind you up, don’t they? Well, A covered patio is a viable way out. Let’s take a peek. We suggest trellises among several roofing choices, as they create some shades and dry space.

Let’s dive into the details!

  • After calculating your patio dimensions, choose the right wood.
  • Now, square up the posts by measuring horizontally & diagonally.
  • Next, you need to make sure you reinforce and brace it properly.
  • Mind that you need to bed in an effective drip irrigation scheme.
  • Now, set up the post holes and install brackets, beams, diagonal cross braces, lag screws, and cross members for the hanging basket. Nail them and staple the pre-stained lattice to the cross members.
  • Next, start to deal with your roofing.
  • Install metal bracing; secure the structure and add the final bracing.

2. A Luxurious Granite Grill Project idea

2.SIMPHOME.COM Luxurious Granite GrillThe initial intention was to snatch three symmetrical squares: the grill, the granite top, and the cutting board. Previously, calculate the grill dimension, so you don’t have to modify it. It is durable against heat and the weather. Thus, you are free from rust, like, forever. If you are a neat freak, it suits you soundly since you can clean it with your eyes shut.

You may team them with wood to deliver a rusty and captivating look. Install hidden wheels for each leg to make it removable. It is safe from water puddles, and you get a floating grill impression.

1. A Platform Deck Project idea

1. SIMPHOME.COM Platform DeckA platform deck is one of your picks whenever you plan to broaden your backyard. Look at this adorable piece!

Let me tell you the pros. Since it is detached from the house, you may place it at your will. Two, it demands no deep footings. Three, it requires no stairs or railings. Four, it’s a challenging job that arrives with an instruction link pasted in the description area. With minimum construction experience, you could finish it in one weekend or two.

Final Tip: Provide fire extinguishers nearby whenever you have a barbecue party.

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Well, those thrilling and low-budget ideas will entertain your guests at their finest. Say goodbye to traffic jams, queues, or bad roads, when you’re routing to your favored restaurants for BBQ parties. Whoop it up!


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