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At all times, having barbecue parties is a mouthwatering idea. Friends, families will be more than happy to come. But rather than heading to top-notch restaurants, which means big-tickets, why don’t you organize it on your own backyard?

Let’s make yours one to remember with these 10 cheap ideas how to build backyard BBQ area. They will impress your guests without stress. Well, I hope. Take a closer look!
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10. Grill Island Covered with Stone Project idea | Thisoldhouse
10.SIMPHOME.COM Grill Island Covered with Stone
A blend of modern and natural look, it’s just seamless for your backyard.
With some basic skills and good friends, you can build this grill island within 2 weekends.
First, you’re going to need to build the frame by making some posts from 2x4s. Once the posts are done, run stretchers between the posts at the top and bottom of the front and the back of the frame. After that, sheathe the frame with plywood panels. Then, attach wire lath on the plywood, and trim it if necessary. Spread the mixture of mortar and water onto the lath using a trowel. Then, score the mortar before attaching the stone.

9. Simple Brick Barbecue Project Idea | DIYnetwork
9.SIMPHOME.COM Simple Brick BarbequeWith right talent, hands, and tools this project is as easy as one-two-three.
First, get your tools such as; gather gravel, metal barbecue grates, mortar, bricks and cement.
Now, determine the place, clear it; then level and compact it. Next, mix the cement to create the ground level, allow it for at least 24 hours.
Lay the bricks into mortar, gently and precisely, layer by layer. Make sure they are square at the corner.
Recap it until the last course. Keep in mind to have different heights.
For the final touch, construct a concave depression. Use a stiff brush to sort it out.

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8. A Round Brick Grill Project idea | Barbequescience
8.SIMPHOME.COM Round Brick GrillIf you choose this idea, I am quite positive that you will have an easy ride. Forget cement or mortar; some bricks and a BBQ grill are all you need. It’s pretty quick to build. What is more, it is bendable at its best. Set your spot, prepare some bricks and align them in a circular shape. Done!
Tip: Whatever your base is, ensure it is even to get a steady and robust construction.

7. 2-in-1 Pit and Grill Project idea | DIYnetwork
7. SIMPHOME.COM 2 in 1 Pit and GrillYes, it is close to the first, but it comes in a circle. You can utilize it for pit and grill.
Prepare some tools and materials. Set the location and lay the footing. Think about the interior side and grill base. Allow it for, minimum, 24 hours.
Then, lay the stone on the cement, course by course. As you need a circular shape, soften and angle your stone corner. Add stepping-stones around the fire pit. Half-inch pea gravel into the center of the fire pit and extra logs or coal on the pea gravel will embellish your work.
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6. A Backyard Barbecue Area with Pergola project idea | Instructables
6. SIMPHOME.COM Backyard Barbeque Area with Pergola
Alert: it’s a lengthy project. It demands basic carpentry and laying brick skills, BUT, it’s worth the effort. With a right landscape and some marketing effort, It will lift your property value in the long run. Let’s get going!

First, lay the foundation and verify all water, power and gas lines are laid before pouring the concrete. Then, lay the first course of cinder blocks, followed by the next. Set up your electrical and water lines; pour to create concrete countertop forms. Build brace forms and upper countertop form. Now, pour the upper countertop.
It’s time to mix up the stucco and add your desired color. Pick out the tile and apply the edge tiles first. Lay the center tiles obliquely. Install some lights on the doors and cover (roof) for night grilling. Fill the area behind it with dirt. That’s it! Your long journey comes to an end, eventually.
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5. Charcoal Grill on the Cheap Project idea | Instructables
5. SIMPHOME.COM Charcoal Grill on the CheapIt is a handy option for a diminutive and swift grill. Put some stuff I am about to say together and you get it.
First, prepare two racks and two pans. Then, based on the picture, assemble them. Position the grill on cinder blocks to prevent burning and heat. There you are!
Nevertheless, the grill isn’t as strong as the one at stores, be watchful and stick to fire safety rules.

4. Fantastic Grill with a Gazebo project idea | Familyhandyman
4.SIMPHOME.COM A Fantastic Grill Gazebo
A “Grillzebo”, you may call it. At first, it is a gazebo. For the second look, it has a grill. Consequently, it enables you to have a barbecue party in sunny or rainy. Expedient.
It works as a lofty outdoor bar, too. As you can see, it’s not only ideal for standard grills but also for the existing patio.
Alter your own with lighting, accessories, glass racks or coolers. Go to home centers, get a partner and you can work it out at weekends.
Tip: You could save about $400 by using pressure-treated woods.

3. A DIY Covered Patio project idea | Kenarry
3.SIMPHOME.COM DIY Covered PatioExposed from the sun and unprotected against rain in BBQ parties wind you up, don’t they? Well, A covered patio is a viable way out. Let’s take a peek.
Among several roofing choices, I opted for trellises, as they create some shades and a dry space.
Let’s start!
After calculating your patio dimensions, choose the right wood.
Now, square up the posts by measuring horizontally & diagonally.
Next, you need to make sure you reinforce and brace it properly.
Mind that you need to bed in an effective drip irrigation scheme.
Now, set up the post holes, install brackets, beams, the diagonal cross braces, lag screws and cross members respectively, for the hanging basket. Nail them and staple the pre-stained lattice to the cross members.
Next, start to deal with your roofing. Install metal bracing; secure the structure and add the final bracing.

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2. A Luxurious Granite Grill Project idea | Dwell
2.SIMPHOME.COM Luxurious Granite GrillThe initial intention was to snatch three symmetrical squares: the grill, the granite top and the cutting board. Previously, calculate the grill dimension so you don’t have to modify it.
It is durable against heat and the weather, thus, you are free from rust, like, forever. If you are a neat-freak, it suits you soundly since you can clean it with your eyes shut.
You may team them with wood to deliver rusty and captivating look. Install hidden wheels for each leg to make it removable. It is safe from water puddles and you get a floating grill impression.

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Lastly number 1. A Platform Deck Project idea | Familyhandyman
1. SIMPHOME.COM Platform DeckWhenever you plan to broaden your backyard, a platform deck is one of your picks. Look at this adorable piece!
Let me tell you the pros. One, since it is detached from the house you may place it at your will. Two, it demands no deep footings. Three, it requires no stairs or railings. Four, it’s a challenging job that arrive with an instruction link pasted in the description area. With minimum construction experiences, you could finish it under one weekend or two.
Final Tip: Provide fire extinguishers nearby whenever you have a barbecue party.
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Well, those thrilling and low-budget ideas will entertain your guests at their finest. Say goodbye to traffic jams, queues or bad roads, when you’re routing to your favored restaurants for BBQ parties. Whoop it up!

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