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30+ Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence for any Backyard

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These next 30 tricks how to upgrade wood fence ideas for backyard might just be what you need in order to upgrade your backyard wood fencing construction. A simple wood fence can be great for your backyard. Well, for the most part, it certainly does its job by giving your backyard a sense of privacy. It can keep you hidden away from any nosy neighbor that you might have.
However, sometimes having just a simple wood fence can be quite dull.
Seeing it every day in your backyard can get pretty boring.
But you do not have to worry because there are ways you can make your wood fence into something much better. These wood fence ideas will definitely upgrade your simple wood fence and just blow your mind.

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Intro : Apparently, a fence is not only built to prevent kids or dogs from sneaking out of the backyard but also meant to spruce up it. Therefore, some people begin to dress up their backyard fence to improve the curb appeal.
Are you going to do the same and makeover your fence? Hold on! You have to see these 10-Wood Fence for Backyard ideas before starting off. Come to complete 20+ backyard firepit ideas and video published last week, this list also brought to you by Simphome

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard Featured Pinterest
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General ideas on How to Upgrade Backyard Wooden Fences

If you look at your backyard and you see wood fencing around, you may be thinking that there’s not much room for improvement. If you are like most homeowners, you’re probably under the impression that once you put up fencing, you pretty much can call it a day. The truth is your fence can use at least some improvement.
Let’s face it. Your fence may not be the aspect of your house that people would notice readily. However, this reality gives you all the more reason to upgrade it. There’s a reason why most people don’t see your fencing. They’re built that way and have a specific look.
To improve the overall look of your home and get the neighbors and your houseguests to sit up and pay attention, here are some ideas on how to upgrade your wood fencing. The key is to go through these ideas and pick a particular option that best fits your current resources as well as your time.

Idea 1: One Wood Fence Upgrade idea is to use the Typical Eye-catching White Picket Fences.

As you probably already know, this is the American standard since at least the 1950s. In all suburban areas throughout the USA, the ideal home is of course bordered by white picket fences. There’s just something about their stark color and open style that highlights the openness and seemingly limitless opportunity presented by the American dream and the concept of freedom.
The best part, you can use reclaimed wood. You don’t have to go to your local hardware store and use new wood for this. You can use reclaimed wood or even reject wood at woodworking shops. You can paint them over with basic white paint, and this can save you quite a bit of money. There are just really many ways you can put up white picket fencing, and most of them don’t cost you all that much.

Idea 2: Turn your Fences into Vertical Gardens.

Usually, when people think of gardens, they think horizontal. They think of a flat space that they can plant on. This thinking is how most people do gardening. But did you know that if you have vertical spaces, they are equally as good for gardening? All you need to do is to set up a hanging system, maybe it’s a frame, or perhaps it’s a series of wires where you can hang planters on.
Of course, this can cost more money and time than traditional gardening but do yourself a big favor and leverage as much of the backyard space you have. This step, of course, includes both horizontal and vertical space.
To help you with this topic, I have vertical garden idea 1, 2, 3 and 4 here. Each number will lead you to 5 chunkable project ideas.

Idea 3: Turn your Wood Fencing into a Modern Fence.

The modern design boils down to straight lines. There has to be some sort of geometric look that seems minimal but at the same time looks sleek and oh so modern. You can add a streamlined and elegant wooden fence built with horizontal contemporary wood planks instead of the typical vertical ones. If anything, your wood fencing would draw a lot of attention because it would look quite different from your neighbors’ fences.
Of course, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb so you might want to paint it in a color that is consistent with the rest of your neighborhood while at the same time highlighting how sleek and modern your design aesthetic is.

Idea 4: Build Crisscross Fences.

Believe it or not, fences can also be built crisscross style, creating a checkered lattice effect. This style creates a distinct look to your wall because when people pass by your street, they would see vertical wood fences one right after the other and it seems that as far as fencing goes, one house just blends into the next. When you put together crisscross-style lattice fencing, you’re going to stand out. People will sit up and pay attention. You can add hanging planters with bright-colored flowers to make your fence come alive. Think of your wall as a blank canvas.

Idea 5: Put Latticework on your Walls.

Homeowners are also getting creative as they add decorative touches to their fencing. Adding some latticework to your wall or a wall of wire filled with stones will make your fence look extraordinary and exceptional.
Let’s put it this way when people drive past the long street, and they see one house after another with generic fencing. They come across yours, and probably would want to stop, not because they see something that is tacky or lacking class, but they see something that stands out perfectly. It all depends on execution.

The Final Word on Fencing

Your fence is a blank canvas. Treat it accordingly. Don’t think that just because your neighbors already have a particular type of fencing that you have to follow suit. You can extend a little bit of your personality and personal sensibility into your choice of fencing.
Since it is a blank canvas, you have full discretion on which direction to take. Make it count. Make it unique. You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing if you don’t want to.

Recommended Advice

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10 Wood Fence for Backyard Entries :

With next following entries I hope you could find new motivation and energy that would lead you to a better and securer backyard privacy. Include with I hope better quality and visitor experience.

10 Wooden Fence for Backyard Ideas by
1st 10 Wooden Fence for Backyard Poster Ideas

10. Colored Pencil Fence Idea

10. Colored Pencil Fence Idea by Simphome.comMaking a wood fence for a backyard does not have to be pricey. But it is not supposed to be boring, either.
To get a fence with striking look without making you short on bucks requires your imagination and creativity, just like these colored pencils.
You will not get these giant colored pencils at any stationery store because you are going to make them yourself.
To make these pencils, you are going to need to get some wood posts from lumberyard near you or even from your backyard. Cut them to your desired length, cut off one of the edges of each post, sand them down thoroughly, and paint them to mimic the look a row of colored pencil in a box.

9. Trellis Fence Project idea

9.Trellis Fence by Simphome.comSome people wish they had a more spacious backyard so that they can grow various kinds of plants. Unfortunately, they can’t do that due to limited space.
Well, don’t let limited space limit your big dream. If you are looking for a small backyard wood fence idea, this one is for you.
Trellis is one of the most common materials used to make prifacy fences. Instead of merely erecting some trellis panels around your backyard, why don’t you make them do a double duty by becoming a perfect planter?
The gaps found in the trellis allow you to hang some planters. You can also wrap around the trellis with some beautiful climbers, such as whisteria, roses, or ivy. Let the climbers overtake the space in the trellis, and you will get a spectacular backdrop for your backyard.

8. Wood and Marble Fence Project Idea

8.Wood and Marble Fence by Simphome.comThere are many ways you can do to makeover your existing wood fence. Painting or staining it is dime a dozen. It still works like a charm, though. But don’t you want to try a new and unique way to border your backyard?
This marble wood fence for example. It features a lot of marbles in different sizes installed in the fence. When the sun sheds some light to them, they keep twinkling like the stars in the sky.
To make this fence, you need to get marbles, a rubber mallet, and a drill. Make sure your marbles do not block the light. They have let the light shine through, instead.
Consider using a practice board or scrap to find the perfect size of drill bit for your marbles. After that, drill a hole in the fence, and pound the marble into it with the rubber mallet. Make sure they are snug as a bug.

7. Bamboo and Plywood Fence Project Idea

7. Bamboo and Plywood Fence Project Idea by

Bamboos have been widely used around the world for centuries due to their versatility. In addition to being functional, they add aesthetic elements to the space. As the time goes along, they have made their way to the modern landscaping, just like what you can see here.
The combination of modern and Asian style is clearly seen in this fence. Solid fitted timber makes great posts that reinforces the bamboos well. Apply gel stain and sealant will make the charm lasts for a longer period of time.

6. Wood Slats and Gabion Combo Project Idea

6.Wood Slats and Gabion Combo via Simphome.comAre you looking a sturdy yet stylish option? Try this wood slats and gabion combo.
The sleek design of the wood fence makes it a top-notch choice for a modern house. Since the wood planks are installed horizontally, you can adjust the height of the fence as you pleased.
Teaming up with gabion, this fence offers strength and style at the same time. In fact, it incorporates more textural element into the backyard. What makes it wonderful is the fence matches the mulch and stone as the low-maintenance landscaping immensely.

5. Modern Horizontal Wood Fence Project Idea

5.Modern Horizontal Wood Fence via Simphome.comYou might think that installing a horizontal wood slats for your backyard fence is a little bit mundane as you have come across a lot of this style. Well, why do you have to stick to the traditional rules of installing a fence if you can make a more appealing one?
Normally, wood slats stay flush with each other, creating a sleek look for the space. But let’s try arranging the planks in another way, just like this one.
Instead of lying on the same side, the planks are installed in turn, mimicking the look of a checkerboard. Besides, the gaps in this fence provide breathing space that lets the air pass through freely while offering full coverage.

4. Add More Privacy

4.Add More Privacy by Simphome.comTrellis fencing will add more pattern to your backyard. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this fencing style is the lack of privacy. People will still be able to see through it clearly, making it hard for you to drive away peeping Tom.
To overcome this problem, you can invest in some rolls of bamboo screens. These types of bamboo are relatively small and lightweight. Thus, they can also become a curtain.
To add more privacy in your backyard, you just need to get the bamboo and simply attach it to the existing trellis fence.
Special for this topic, I have featured 30+ more ideas for you in my blog. Visit link inside description to access it.

3. Small Strip Wood Slats Project Idea

3.Small Strip Wood Slats by Simphome.comWood slats have always never failed to bring in modern flair to any space. But if you want to make your backyard look elegant and sleek, try opting for small strip wood slats.
This fence is just like the common wood slats aside from ripping the boards into two with a table saw to get some finely-cut strips. Once you have cut the boards, you can begin marking the spots where the posts will be erected.
You may need steel for the posts. But if you are short on budget pine posts will be just fine.
Once the posts are up, now it’s time for you to put the rails. This job entails measuring the gaps precisely. Don’t make it become a painful task, though. Go get a scrap of board and make it the spacing guide. Install the rails from the bottom up to the top.

2. Repurposed Bi-Fold-Door Fence

2.Repurposed Bi Fold Door Fence by Simphome.comMaking a unique fence does not have to spend lots of bucks. You can shop around a flea market near you or even your storage room to find some treasures that can be turned into wood fence idea for cheap such as some bi-fold doors.
To make this fence, you need to clean, sand down, and stain the bi-fold doors first. After that, erect wooden posts. Screw the doors to the posts. To make it taller, you can make spacing between two doors until you get a quite wide gap. Fill in the gap with one or two boards.

Lastly number 1. Woven Wattle Fence Project Idea

1.Woven Wattle Fence via Simphome.comThis wattle fencing will definitely bring in rustic ambiance to your backyard. It might not an easy task, but if you are a persistent doer, you will be up for it.
You just need some saplings. Any flexible sapling will do, just make sure they are long and straight. You have to use them soon after you cut them so that they will be still flexible.
Cut them, and remove any smaller branch and leave with pruning shears and a pruning saw. After that, drive stakes made of bigger and tougher wood into the ground. Now begin to weave the sapling between the stakes, from one end to the other.
So those are 10 wood fences for backyard ideas you should not miss. They are relatively cheap, DIY-friendly, and I think very appealing to try.
Good luck with your project and see you next view days with 10 Ideas on How to Landscape Backyard and Gardens

10 Ideas How Upgrade Backyard Wood Fence (Part 2):

I am presenting you another 10 ideas related to our discussion. Although it is not completed with a video like first 10 ideas above, I am sure you could take one valuable lesson or two that you could use to upgrade aesthetic value of your green space. I hope

1. Country Style Wood Fence

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 1.Country Style Wood FenceA way to make your wood fence more interesting is to give it a country style. You can set up wood fences in your backyard and make your backyard look like a farm. It is going to make your backyard look very unique. You can also plant some flowers along your country style wood fences to give more color to your backyard.

2. Flower Pots for Your Fence

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 2.Flower Pots for Your FenceAnother way to upgrade your simple wood fence is to decorate it with flower pots. Besides making your wooden fence look gorgeous, there are a lot of other advantages that you can get from decorating your wooden fence with flower pots. Just hang them up on your fence and you are all set.
There are many types of plants that you can plant on your flower pots. We recommend some colorful flowers since it can give your wood fence that fresh and sunny look. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to flower pot decorations for your wood fence.

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3. Horizontal and Criss-Cross Wooden Fence

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 3.Horizontal and Criss Cross Wooden FenceA simple horizontal wooden fence can be boring. But combine it with a criss-cross patterned wooden fence and your mind will definitely be blown. You can build your horizontal fence as tall as you want to give your backyard that extra privacy. After that, top it off with a criss-cross wooden fence and you will have the most sophisticated wooden fence in your backyard.
Your fence will be extra tall with two types of wooden fences combined. This allows you to create a small lounging area in your backyard. That way, your family and friends will be able to relax together in private.

4. Raw Wood Picket Fence to Give a Rustic Look

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 4.Raw Wood Picket Fence to Give a Rustic LookYour wooden fence will definitely look super rustic with this raw wood picket fence idea for your backyard. When it comes to design, sometimes people can overdo it. Complicated designs might be great, but it can also be too much.
You do not need a lot of effort to create something beautiful. That is exactly what this rustic raw wooden picket fence will show you. Just stick some raw wood together and see how it makes your backyard look beautifully rustic.

5. Go Classic with a Simple White Picket Fence

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 5.Go Classic with a Simple White Picket FenceA simple wooden fence might be boring, but a simple white picket fence never gets old. We all have fantasized about having a house with a simple white picket fence. Why not make that fantasy come true right now? You can decorate your backyard with a white picket fence and give your house that simple yet very classy look. It is probably one of the best ideas from the 10 tricks how to upgrade wood fence ideas for backyard.

6. Mix it Up with a Checkered Lattice Fence

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 6.Mix it Up with a Checkered Lattice FenceIf you are sick and tired of a regular wooden fence, what you need to do is play with patterns. A simple pattern such as a checkered lattice wood fence will give your wooden fence quite a significant upgrade. You can even mix it up even more by hanging pots of plants on your checkered lattice fence to give it a little variety.
There are several benefits of having a checkered lattice fence. You will get just enough privacy without totally restricting your backyard from the rest of the world. It will also look pretty neat on the eyes.

7. Black Wooden Fence for a Classy and Modern Vibe

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 7.Black Wooden Fence for a Classy and Modern VibeA wood fence might seem like something traditional. However, you can easily modernize it using something as simple as paint. Give your wooden fence a black paint and it will definitely look more modern. You can even have a black-themed backyard by arranging some black plant pots. A walk in the backyard will feel like a walk into the future.

8. Contemporary Wood Wall for Privacy and Style

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 8.Contemporary Wood Wall for Privacy and StyleYour backyard privacy will never be invaded again with this contemporary wood wall design idea for your backyard. What you can do is to arrange your wood horizontally as tall as you want it to be until it becomes a wall that separates you from the outside world. Besides giving you some extra privacy to sunbathe in your backyard, your fence will look very modern. It is a perfect way to get that modern vibe without having to paint your fence black.
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9. Unfinished Wood Fence

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 9.Unfinished Wood FenceSomething that is unfinished might not sound like a great thing. However, having an unfinished style wood fence can be something that is wonderful for your backyard. It can definitely give your backyard a unique and distinguished look.

10. Vines on Top

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence Ideas for Backyard 10.Vines on TopAnother trick to make your simple wood fence look way more interesting is to simply add some vines to it. You can never go wrong with plants when it comes to decorating your backyard. Just get yourself some climbing plants and arrange them on your wood fence. Let it flourish and it will decorate your backyard fence beautifully.

Final Thoughts

A wooden backyard fence is good. But there are many ways you can make it better. Some simple tips and tricks are just what you need in order to upgrade your wooden fence. You will find that having a backyard is so much more fun and interesting if you know ways to decorate your backyard fence. That is why these 10 tricks how to upgrade wood fence ideas for backyard will definitely be of use to you.

And in case you need helping hands from people with dedication to involve deeply in the project, and professionally too. We present you next list
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