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10 Small Loft Bedroom Storage ideas

Looking for handy loft storage ideas? Then, you come to the right place.
We are aware it is tough when you have tight space. One thing for sure, no matter how small or large your room is, you can add extra storage just about, anywhere. Loft bedroom storage is one of the best space-saving solutions for diminutive houses. You know, loft storage can add, at least, 50% more space. To make it better, it may increase the house value up to 21%.

More about that information later. Next, check out these 10 small loft bedroom storage ideas by for more inspiration and recommendations. Off we go! 10 Small Loft Bedroom Storage ideas Featured Image Pinterest
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Step by Step How to Max Storage Space Of your Small Bedroom :

If you have a small bedroom but have more stuff than you can fit in it, you have to come up with space saving storage ideas and lifehacks. The good news is you don’t have to expand your space. Your space is what it is. You don’t have to worry about having to rent out a bigger spot. The key is to make do with what you have, and the good news is if you have a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can take advantage of a lot of dead space in your bedroom.
Believe it or not, the reason why you feel so claustrophobic in your small space is that a lot of it is wasted. So, by looking at this space not as extra space but as usable living space, you can leverage every square inch of your otherwise small bedroom. This way every single hard-earned dollar you pay in rent would be worth it.

Step No.1 Figure Out How Much Dead Space You Have to Work With

The first thing you need to do is to look around the room and identify areas where you can put storage without having to occupy too much space. Another approach is to look at an area that already stores stuff and see if you can layer that space. Maybe you can put a box underneath another box, or you can compress the space. For example, since your bed is your most significant furniture, you can employ the areas underneath your bed for extra storage.
The same goes for your bookcases. You can move the books closer to the front and then store stuff behind them. You have to think along these lines because you have a lot more space than you are aware of. You can have drawers, pullout storage, headboard space for all sorts of stuff. Whether you’re storing books, clothes, and other gear, you have more space than you realize.
Similarly, if you want to add a little greenery to your indoor living space, you have a lot of square footage to work with. It’s not as constricted as you think.

Step No.2 Build A Collapsible Study Desk

When you set up a collapsible study desk, when you pack it away, it can double as a cabinet for your school stuff. It also frees up space that you can relax in. The cover of this is the table in which you can then drop down with a folding leg. Another option you can take is to utilize the small side table that doubles as your study desk as well.

Step No.3 Alternative Ideas How to Manage your Shoes

Your shoes may occupy space in your room if you have a lot of them stored in a shoe rack.
You may want to consider hanging a shoe rack behind your bedroom door to occupy less space. There’s no hard and fast rule regarding shoe storage. Most people store shoes horizontally, but you can hang up your shoes, so they take up less space. You can then take the area that’s freed up by your shoe rack and use it for storage or stack different storage boxes in that space.

Step No.4 Make Every Furniture You Have Double as Storage Space

Believe it or not, every single piece of furniture in your interior space like your benches, your seats, your side tables can also act as storage space. When you’re looking at a table, for example, you’re only using the top portion; this is the surface at the top. There’s a lot of space underneath. It would be a waste even if you make an allowance for the area that your feet and body are going to take up when you’re using the desk or table. There’s still a lot of space around. You can use that for storage, and you can also layer that storage to pack as much stuff in that available space.

Step No.5 Leverage Your Walls

There’s no rule forcing you to store stuff horizontally. You can mount storage shelves vertically. Do this for books and other small stuff. This way, you can avoid having to use precious floor space for large or towering bookshelves.

Step No.6 Store your Clothes “The Smart Way”

Your clothes also take up quite a bit of space in your bedroom. If you have a lot of clothing, you could try all sorts of hacks to use less space for storing clothes. For example, you can use an open closet system. You can set up a hamper at the back of a door. You can use corner areas for clothes racks.
This tip is an excellent idea because corner spaces tend to be unused. They’re the most common dead space so you can use such areas to hold your clothes. It can keep a lot more clothes in corner areas by setting up a vertical rack. You can put curtain rings or hangers where you can store your tank tops and other pieces of clothing.
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The Final Word

You don’t have to worry if you have a small bedroom. Don’t think that you have to suffer from claustrophobia just because you’re unlucky enough to live in a tiny space. You don’t have to break the bank renting out a much larger apartment space. Just follow the tips above, and you’d be surprised as to how much space you already have.
More about that soon.
Next, I am giving you a super relevant video related to our discussion. Spoiler, the list is completed with professional voice-over and video production that you can replay or share with all of your contact list on your social media.

To complete your learning experience, I am giving you valuable material relevant to the inspirations you have found in the video. start from number 10

10. Raise Your Bed a Few Feet off the Floor | Housebeautiful Raise Your Bed a Few Feet off the FloorLet’s start with this adorable lifted bed. Rather than simply place it on the floor, you can lift it and add some stairs. We chose it for some benefits. One, it is ageless; it suits kids up to teenagers.
Next, you can use the room beneath as storage. You can even get a built-in handy table, drawers, and shelves. It also delivers space for hanging out, doing homework, and whatever else. To wrap up things, place a small desk beside the bed. Perfect.

9. Use the Space around your Bed | Realhomes via Chris Humphreys Use the Space around the BedNext, exploit the space around the bed by using built-in storage. It is one of the best ways possible to utilize every single centimeter.
Take a look, the bedroom is used as a holiday home. Ingeniously, it has a wall of storage that fits around the bed. In addition, it follows the angle of the roof suitably. It offers some shelves displaying several valuable items. You can even use it as a hanging space for clothing.

8. Built-In Drawers and Tables under the Eave | Realhomes via Barbara Genda Built In Drawers and Tables under the EaveWe have to admit, it is a cunning storage solution to obtain a flawless storeroom for angular items: your much loved high heels. With a little creativity, a sloping ceiling will be useful to deliver additional space.
Yes, the owner designed the cupboards in particular, with drop-down doors, to fit the loft precisely. Hence, all space was exploited impeccably. To seal it off, there are made-to-measure drawers for creating a place to fold away tops and socks.

7. Go with Floating Shelves | Storagevault Go with Floating ShelvesFloating shelves top your list if you are a busy person. Go to the nearest local decor store and get the one you desire. Next, mount them on the wall with the brackets and screws; usually, they are in the packet. Nonetheless, if you want to get inimitable stuff, you can use other materials like wooden crates, wooden pallets,s, and wood planks. Just be creative!

With floating shelves, you catch an easy and handy way to fashion extra storage. Then, they are a great addition to your empty walls. Next, they enhance detail to your loft space and give a little flair. When it comes to design, you have loads of choices that fit your loft.

6. Be Creative with clothing Rods | Godiygo Be Creative with Rods

What we love from these rods is their flexibility. You can apply them for, almost, any room in your home. Of course, sometimes they need some adjustments. It is pretty challenging how you figure out answers for your space problem. Today, we use them to outsmart the limited space in the loft. You can place them to hang your clothing. Surely, the idea will save your space and let go of your empty wall. One thing, keep in mind is to install extra clamps for safety.

5. Opt for a Bench with Storage | Mylove2create Opt for a Bench with Storage 1It’s time for DIY! You can do this with almost any piece of cheap furniture, a dirty old cabinet, for example. Our goal was to turn it into a storage bench.

Short instruction:

Get one and beef up the top and bottom with 2×4’s or scrap wood. Add scrap 2×4’s to the bottom and scrap pieces of 3/4 inch thick wood to the top. Glue and nail them.
Add trim using a 1×3 and 1×2 for the bottom and top respectively. Cover up the rest of the exposed edges using scrap. Glue and attach the trim. Opt for a Bench with Storage 2Now, add a nice top. After some painting and staining, you’re done!

4. Tap the Stairs | Testingblog990 Tap the StairsIt is a one-off idea! Utilizing the space underneath the stairs as storage is just dazzling.
More often than not, they are just, steps. But here, someone has turned them into expedient drawers. If you have lots of stairs, it means lots of storage drawers.
Furthermore, you gain room to put your top-secret stuff out of sight.

3. Try Open-Closet System | Realhomes via Hammonds Try Open Closet SystemAre you a neat person? You’re going to love this! It is an open-closet clothes storage system, or, an on-show dressing room. It needs top-notch well-ordered people to work properly.
When you apply this system, you can hand everything easily. You may swap open clothes panels for ones with mirrored doors to double the space, up the light levels as well as hide the clutter.

2. Window Seat with Storage Project idea | Realhomes via Barbara Genda Window Seat with StorageWhen we cannot make use of the height of the room, we may employ different ways. Use most of the room’s footprint as storage. Add benches, boxes, and trunks to get extra space.
In this room, you have some unnoticeable cupboards on one wall. Next, use a dormer space with a window seat containing drawers. It is a handy space to hide toys and a comfy seat for friends. Fabulous!

Lastly number 1. Use the Space under your Ceiling | Elledecor Use the Space under the CeilingIn a sky-high loft, floor-to-ceiling windows surround the bed. It opens up the space while uniting it with nature. Allowing sunlight to enter and enlighten the room, you get more natural light which means less electricity. As a result, your bill will be lower than ever.
Then, for the storage, advantage unused space under your ceiling.
In short, install aboard, fasten it with some screws and you’re all set.

There you have it! Those are 10 small loft bedroom storage ideas that we can put in even the smallest loft bedrooms. Some of them are easy and others need extra effort.
After you choose the project you want to try, you are free to alter them, and share it with your social media follower later.
Good luck and See you again later!

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