10 Bedroom Organization DIY for People with Limited Floor Space

Keeping the floorspace clean is important to make your small bedroom look tidier, larger, and feel more comfortable. You can do this by buying wall-mounted furniture in a home improvement store. Unfortunately, that functional and stylish furniture can cost an arm and a leg, which is not a good option for a homeowner with limited budget.

The best way to keep your floorspace clean without costing you a fortune is by making it yourself. Check out these 10 DIY bedroom organization ideas that will maximize the limited space while keeping the expenses to a minimum. 10 Bedroom Organization DIY for People with Limited Floor Space Thumbnail Video
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10. Hanging Side Table

10 Hanging Side Table via simphomeThis hanging table will fit your small bedroom well. It looks as if it were floating in the air thanks to the thin yet sturdy ropes used to hold the table in place. Just hang it next to your bed so you can grab your glasses, book, or drink in a jiffy.

To make this table, you only need to drill four holes on the table. Then insert four ropes through the holes and make a knot on each hole. Finally, hang the table by tying the ropes on an eye hook that has been screwed to the ceiling.

9. Vanity Mirror with Pockets and Hooks
9 Vanity Mirror with Pockets and Hooks via simphomeYou may find this organizer in a mudroom, but there is no strict rule that forbids it to stay in your bedroom, right? Instead of a huge mirror and an all-new dressing table that will burn a hole in your pocket, you can try to make this vanity mirror from some leftover.
You can begin with laying the mirror on the backing, then apply wood glue onto the underlay. After that, add the frame and clamp it down. Make sure the lower part of the backing is three or four times as longer as the upper part. Secure the frame using nail when you clamp it down.

Then, take the mirror so you can apply the clear silicone onto the backing and attach the mirror in place. Finally, you can add the pockets and hooks for the additional storage solutions.

8. DIY Bedside Caddy

8 DIY Bedside Caddy via simphomeSide table may help you set down glasses, phones, and books, but it also takes up lots of floorspace. Now get rid of your side table and replace it with this bedside caddy.
To make this cute bedside caddy, you’re gonna need a pillow cover, cloth, pencil, ruler, scissors, fabric glue, pencil, thread, and needle. Using a ruler, measure the length of the pockets you want and make sure the caddy will be 4 inches above the ground when it is hung. Then, you can begin to sew the pockets.

Once it is done, place the top part under the mattress to keep the bottom part hanging beside the bed.

7. Over-The-Door Racks
7 Over The Door Racks via simphomeDon’t let your door leave wasted because it can incorporate additional storage solutions for your small bedroom. You only need to get some wire racks and hang them on the door.
Another effortless idea to make use of your door is by hanging an over-the-door shoe organizer so you can store your shoes, accessories, or any other small items in it.

6. Zig-Zag Shelf
6 Zig Zag Shelf via simphome
Wall-mounted shelves are the best solutions for your tiny bedroom. Instead of making the ubiquitous and mundane shelves, why don’t you make an artistic shelf that can functions as a pretty good adornment just like this zig-zag shelf?

This zig-zag shelf is quite simple and easy to make, yet can improve the look of your bedroom immensely. You only need to get some boards, glue and screw the joints, and screw the shelf to the wall to keep it in place.

5. Headboard with Shelves
5 Headboard with Shelves via simphomeMany people think that a headboard will just make your small bedroom look more crammed. But, if the headboard comes in handy, everything will be just fine.
This headboard is not only a decorative item that enhance the look of your bedroom but it also a perfect storage space that keep your room tidy without compromising the space. It also features two built-in side tables to set down your phone and desk clock.

4. Pegboard Jewellery Station
4 Pegboard Jewellery Station via simphomeA pegboard is eminently versatile. You can hang it in your kitchen, garage, or mudroom to store some items without gobbling up the floorspace. And you can do it in your bedroom, too.
Just hang a pegboard on the wall and add some S hooks to hang your jewellery and purse. Take this idea to the next level by adding some wire racks so you can store your makeup essentials some other small stuff.

3. Raised Bed with Cabinets and Drawers
3 Raised Bed with Cabinets and Drawers via simphomeMany people think that ditching the bed frame and make keep the bed as close to the floor as possible is the best way to make a space-challenged bedroom look more spacious. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. You will still need to invest in shelves or any other storage space which will just cram your bedroom.

You can opt for raising your bed a few feet so you can make some cabinets and drawers under the bed. This will help you hide the clutter out of your sight without compromising the remaining space.

2. DIY Loft Bed
2 DIY Loft Bed via simphomeThe best way to save more space without losing the crucial elements of a bedroom is by making a loft bed.
This loft bed will make your kid smile exuberantly because she can have a draft room right in her bedroom. You only need to make a loft bed frame and remove the frame for the lower bed. Place a table and drawers under the top bed instead. This table will allow your kid to study, play, and do her homework comfortably while maintaining the floorspace to play with her friends or siblings.

1. Wall-Mounted Cubes
1 Wall Mounted Cubes via simphomeThese wall-mounted cubes are simple yet attractive. All you need to do is just making a small and a larger cube that sizes twice as wide as the smaller one. Then, attach them on the wall next to your bed as a side table.

That’s it, so don’t see limited floorspace as a dead end. You still have big things to do in your small bedroom which can infuse the good vibes.

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