10 Small Bedroom Arrangement Ideas

Some people have to get by with limited space because they have no choice. But it doesn’t mean you let clutter conquer your bedroom and give up style. Your bedroom deserves some sort of stylish look.
There are many ways you can do to make your small bedroom feel comfortably sized. One of which is by knowing where to place a certain piece of furniture. Check out these 10 small Bedroom Arrangement ideas that will make yours become more comfortable and bigger.

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10. Place the Bed in the Center

10.Place the Bed in the Center by Simphome.comMany people think that shoving the bed against the adjacent wall is the best solution for a bedroom that is tight on space. The truth is you are creating another problem.
Pushing one side of the bed up against the adjacent wall may give you enough space to walk. However, you will probably find it hard to make a bed. Will you just let the mess take over your bed?
For this reason, placing your bed in the center of the main wall is your safe bet. Not only will you have enough space for room flow but also be able to make a bed more easily.

9. Remove One Nightstand or Both

9.Remove One Nightstand or Both by Simphome.comThe previous idea is one of the most common arrangements. But it will work well in a bedroom with enough space to walk on.
Unfortunately, some people are not lucky enough to have that kind of bedroom. In fact, they have to dwell in a petite and cramped one. If that’s the case, you have two options to choose ─ removing one of your nightstands or removing them all.
If you choose removing one of your nightstands, you will still be able to get access to the bed, but have to miss symmetrical feeling overall, making your bedroom seem awkward. To overcome this problem, try matching the remaining nightstand and dresser.
If you happen to dwell in a petite bedroom, the only one option you have is to downsize the furniture. First, nestle your bed into a vacant corner to provide enough room to walk alongside it. Replace the nightstand with an overhead shelf along with wall lights underneath it. Tuck a dresser and an open-system closet in the corners of the room.

8. A Simple solution How to Arrange a Small Bedroom with Work Station

8.How to Arrange a Small Bedroom with Work Station by Simphome.comSome people enjoy working in a serene place, far from the hub of family life. Therefore, they tend to make the bedroom do a double-duty as a home office. It soon becomes a big problem if the bedroom is short on space.
If you insist on having a work station in your bedroom, you need to consider several things. First, place your desk at the spot where you can work comfortably. If there is a large window, situate the desk against it. Or you can make a desk yourself so it can fit snugly in the corner.
If you don’t have a nightstand, place a small desk by the bed so that you can set down a few books and glasses. Try investing in a clear chair and desk, so nothing blocks your sight.

7. Hang Your Night Stand

7.Hang Your Night Stand via Simphome.comWell, sometimes a nightstand in a bedroom is as indispensable as a bed. For this reason, you might be endeavoring to tuck it into your small bedroom, which ends up making it look more cramped.
Instead of cramming a nightstand into your minute bedroom, why don’t you just hang it from the ceiling?
By suspending a nightstand from the ceiling, you will be able to set down your book and glasses without sacrificing any more floorspace.

6. Carve Out Lounging Space in a Small Bedroom

6.Carve Out Lounging Space in a Small Bedroom by

Although your bedroom is tight in space, creating a spot on which you can lounge comfortably is necessary.
Place an armchair in an empty corner to create a special spot for reading and lounging. Add a small ottoman with hidden storage against it so you can stretch out your legs.
You can use the hidden storage to stash reading and work-related materials so you can grab them in no time.

5. Arrangement Ideas for Bedroom with Sloped Ceiling

5.Arrangement Ideas for Bedroom with Sloped Ceiling by Simphome.comThe sloped ceiling of the attic makes it the biggest drawback for it to be used as a bedroom. The truth is sleeping in the attic is not always bad.
Tame the sloped ceiling of an attic bedroom by adding accent to it. The first thing you need to do is painting it the same color of the entire wall to create a seamless look so that the bedroom can be visually larger. Once you have painted it, attach some gold polka dots like these ones to make a subtle accent.
The accent should be kept down to a minimum because the main goal is to draw the eyes upward so that the bedroom appears more spacious. Also, Avoid painting the ceiling differently from the walls as it can make the bedroom look more boxed-in.

4. Opt for Subdued Color Hues

4.Opt for Subdued Color Hues by 1The basic trick you can apply in a small bedroom is applying subdued color hues to the entire wall.
4.Opt for Subdued Color Hues by 2Subdued color hues will not make a chaotic view. It is easy for the eyes to look at them. Unlike dark color hues that tend to absorb light, these colors reflect lights well, making the bedroom feel open and airy.

3. Keep the Clutter in Check

3.Keep the Clutter in Check by Simphome.comBear in your mind that less is more. The less furniture you have in your bedroom, the better. Keep a few essential pieces of furniture in your bedroom is a must, though.
If you want to add some accessories into your bedroom, by all means. But do it wisely. Opt for one or two large paintings or photographs to spruce up the walls. It is much better than hanging plenty of smaller pictures on the wall and some small vases on the nightstand and dresser that will make the bedroom crowded.
Follow link to find dozens of ideas related specifically to overcome this issue.

2. Keep or Not to Keep the Headboard

2.Keep or Not to Keep the Headboard by Simphome.comDo you have to keep the headboard? Well, the answer depends on what kind of headboard that you are going to keep in your bedroom.
If your headboard is just a piece of board that acts as a mere decorative item, then you should ditch it. The one with hidden storage space is more preferable. Besides making the bed look great, this storage headboard will help you out with holding the clutter at bay.

Lastly number 1. Add a Piece of Art

1.Add a Piece of Art by Simphome.comThe last, but not least, is to hang a large piece of art to make a fantastic accent wall.
Whatever the size of your bedroom is, accent wall plays an important role. In a small bedroom, a large piece of art can draw the eyes to a certain wall, making anyone who sees it forget about the tiny space.
So, those are 10 small bedroom arrangement ideas that you can try. I think most of them are relatively cheap, easy, and adjustable. Good luck with your new future project, stick with us and stay safe.

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