10 Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

If you think your bedroom is kinda dull, maybe it’s for you to do a bedroom nakeover. However, doing a makeover can take lots of time and probably cost you a fortune.
Instead of doing makeover to your entire bedroom, why don’t you just begin with creating an accent wall? It doesn’t take a long time, but the result will change the mood of your bedroom and give you positive vibes. Looking for some fresh ideas? Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place as I’ve summed up 10 Bedroom Accent Wall ideas that will turn your blah bedroom into a wow one. Completing dozens bedroom improvement list includes 10-Bedroom linen and Sheet Organization ideas published last week, this list is compiled and presented for you by Simphome

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10. Paint Accent Wall Darker

10.Paint Accent Wall Darker by Simphome.comAn all-white bedroom may give you the clean and even hygienic look. It is good at first. But then you realize that your all-white bedroom is somewhat dull. To overcome this problem, you can apply dark and bold color hues to the accent wall.
Some people say that dark and bold color hues like navy blue, charcoal gray, and pure black are not for the shy. Some even say that dark hues can make a bedroom look more cramped.
Well, the truth is dark and bold color like charcoal gray can add a dramatic effect if implemented wisely. You’re not gonna apply this color to the entire walls in your bedroom, though. Just pick one that you want to highlight like the wall behind the headboard. By applying dark color hues to the accent wall, your bedroom will feel pulled together and rather than being cold and dull .

9. Bedroom Accent Wall Wood

9.Bedroom Accent Wall Wood via Simphome.comPallet wood is extremely versatile. You can turn it into various kind of furniture like tables, chairs, and racks. The good news is it can make a great accent wall.
Pallet accent wall can be a standout backdrop for a modern house. The rustic look given by the wood can alleviate the futuristic and super hygienic look of a modern bedroom, which can be quite overwhelming for some people.
Take a look at this white modern bedroom. Instead of ruining the vibes, the pallet accent wall round out the style. The well-worn finish adds a rustic charm to the space.

8. Bedroom Accent Wallpaper Project idea

8.Bedroom Accent Wallpaper Project idea via Simphome.comAnother smart and common way to make a spectacular accent wall in your bedroom is by hanging a wallpaper.
Wallpapers work exactly the same way as paints do, even better. Wallpapers come in a wide array of patterns and colors, making it a convenient way to upgrade any room, including your bedroom. It depends on what kinds of vibes that you want to bring into your bedroom, though.
If you want to make your bedroom look serene, a simple and delicate wallpaper will be your safe bet. But if you want to cheer up the atmosphere of your simple bedroom, a wallpaper or wall painting with an intricate pattern will bring everything together and do the job.

7. Bedroom Accent Wall with Window

7.Bedroom Accent Wall with Window idea via Simphome.comThe ultimate goal for every accent wall is to draw the eyes instantly, making everyone focus on a certain area. Therefore, an accent wall has to possess special features, just like this one.
This bedroom has three windows in a row, which makes it unique. Thus, the wall where the windows are found is painted bold to accentuate the special feature of this bedroom. Charcoal gray is chosen for the accent wall because it can make the white trims stand out.
Follow link to specifically learn about 10 DIY Bedrooms Decorating with Charcoal Grey ideas. It features awesome video like this too.

6. Geometric Patterns for a Modern Look

6.Geometric Patterns for a Modern Look idea via

Some people see an attic bedroom as a disaster because the sloping ceiling and wall restrict their creativity. Well, you need to think positively. The truth is sloping ceiling and wall pack lots of fun.
A sloping wall can be the best canvas for an accent wall. Try painting geometric pattern. It is super easy and cheap because you can do it yourself. All you need to do is determining the pattern, mark the lines using measuring tape, and begin to paint. Once the paint is dry, carefully peel the tape off. That’s it!
Oh, and btw, if you follow reference link you could find more than dozens of ideas how to craft a modern style bedroom. Go with that or

5. Go with Stencil

5.Go with Stencilfor a Modern Look idea via Simphome.comUpgrading your bedroom color with stencil is the best choice especially if you have a tight budget. Stencil comes in various sizes and patterns, making it everyone’s go-to decoration on the cheap.
Stenciling the accent wall in your bedroom is merely a breeze. First, you have to determine the starting point. Attach the stencil with painter’s tape there. Dip the tips of the stencil brush in paint. Dap the brush on a paper towel to remove excess. After that, dap the brush against the stencil openings. Move the stencil, and repeat the steps.

4. Color-Wash It

4.Color Wash It via Simphome.comHaving a stone or marble accent wall can create an upscale look in your bedroom. But it could cost you a fortune, so you can opt for painting it using color-wash technique. It will do in a pinch.
To get this look, you will need a large paint brush or sponges, high-quality latex paint, and satin base paint. Begin with coating your accent wall with a satin base paint. Using a large brush, paint over the wall with a nice glaze.
You can try using other tools to get different effects. Soft cloth will give a more subtle appearance while sponge will give a more textured look. You can also try varying your wiping motions when applying the glaze.

3. Patchwork Accent Wall idea

3.Patchwork Accent Wall idea via Simphome.comWho says that an accent wall has to be united in one color and one pattern? In fact, you can mix colors and patterns as you please.
Patchwork accent wall is worth trying. It can be achieved by several different ways. You can grab some tiles with different patterns, colors, or even sizes, and install them together over your accent wall. Or, you can go for a more inexpensive option with fabrics.
Get some fabrics. Wrap them around cardboard, thin wood, or plastic squares. Just make sure they are sturdy enough. Attach the squares to the wall with double-sided mounting tape.

2. Exposed-Brick Accent Wall Idea

2.Exposed Brick Accent Wall Idea by Simphome.comAn unfinished wall is not something that you can cry over because it is not always appalling. It can be appealing somehow, just like the one in this bedroom.
The unfinished look provided by exposed-brick wall give a distinctive charm to the space. If you are into Scandinavian style, this accent wall is worth trying.

Tip: Any stains that remain on the brick or mortar once the loose material is removed will likely darken after sealing. If that's an issue, clean the wall with a mild masonry stain remover or detergent solution. Rinse, then allow the brick and mortar to dry thoroughly before applying sealer. Read More

Lastly number 1. Hexagonal Wood Tiles project idea

1.Hexagonal Wood Tiles project idea by Simphome.comGive your accent wall a 3-D effect with these hexagonal wood tiles. The uneven surface provided by the tiles will add a special shimmering effect when natural light and the table lamps illuminate the accent wall. It could be quite pricey, though, because you have to have the wood cut into lots of small hexagons.
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So, Accent wall may seem dispensable, but if you can accentuate one of the walls in your bedroom nicely, I bet you will get a cozier, more elegant, and more fascinating bedroom that you would more frequently love to share in social media. In the end, I hope one of these 10-bedroom accent wall ideas will give you positive contribution, and until we meet again next week with same topic, stay safe.

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