10 Slanted Ceiling Bedroom Makeover ideas

More often than not, we use attics for storage room or just leave them empty. Some of us, instinctively, associate them with private room and large playgrounds. There is no mistake when we think of it. Nevertheless, when you opt for one of them, probably, you are wasting their potential. With a little clean up {or Big}, lighting and alteration, you can turn them into additional rooms, even adorable bedrooms for your kids or children.

Drawing up plans for such space comes with its many encounters. However, but that aside for later because soon you’ll find a list of 10 slanted ceiling bedroom makeover ideas by for all ceiling room owners.

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10. Install Skylight and Windows | Decoist Install Skylight and Windows

A bright and spacious room tops your list. Instead of using several lamps, ADD extra windows and skylights.
Google it or choose some from various models for skylights available in the market.
Arrange them cautiously to deliver a lively room or get an app for it in Google Playstore.
With the first idea of this list, First, you get natural light. Second, you save your electric bill. Furthermore, you are free to enjoy night sky. It’s super Tempting.

9. Implement Cohesive Colour | Mabeyshemadeit | Lindaholtcreative Implement Cohesive Colour

We love colours, we always do! With a right combination and proper putting, you get a huge difference. This one is not an exception.
Applying cohesive colours does not give you a warm feeling only, but also widens the room, visually. Then, you obtain depth, which carried by the darker walls. Say good bye to your perplexity about the “ceiling” and the “wall.”
To complete it, Multi coloured accessories will be a perfect tally.
Paint ceiling and angled walls white and walls a dark colour is a BIG NO NO.

8. Add a Reading Nook | Decoist Add reading Nook

Remember when I mentioned that an attic is a kind of secret room? Precisely! It is what you need when you read books: a peaceful and serene corner. Create a spot for a mini library beside the window. Next, Watch the floor; because it is time to play with a country view by applying wood. To top it all, you are free to rub in several decorations like murals, family pictures or paintings.
You may catch a glimpse of green trees view to refresh your eyes after some long lines.
What a life!
Also read: 25 Creative Bookshelves Ideas

7. Add Pattern and Texture | Decoist Add Pattern and Texture

A totally sophisticated cabin scene is in your hands. Previously, I use wood pattern for flooring; this time, Let’s give it a broader role.
The owner of the room used wooden textures for more than fifty per cent to claim domination.
Next, he contrasted it with a calm colour. Then, attaching some lamps to highlight the wooden structures.
To upgrade this idea, all you need to do is unleash your imagination and Pinterest Search bar; Next, explore number of outlandish interior themes and related ideas. With cautious design, research, and thoughtful plan, you could craft a blend of elegance and a cutting-edge ceiling bedroom style unlike no other.

6. Invest in Multipurpose Furniture | HGTV | Architectureartdesigns Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

We are more than happy when we find a multi-function stuff. Instead of piling some tools, you can merely use one thing. It saves some dollars and space. For ages, the concept is great for any minute rooms.
Take a look at this; you can position the drawers at the end of the bed to keep your room open. Next, you get a supplementary room to lengthen your bed. Finally, you don’t have to jump from the bed to grab your required stuff. Handy.

5. Lighting Fixture to Create unique Ambiance | Allaboutdiy Lighting Fixture to Create unique Ambiance

Would you like to revive your attic bedroom without spending big lump of money? Does a full renovation seem like too big? By chance, you don’t need to take on a full gut job to put in some flair.
All you need to do is installing lighting fixtures, like recessed LED lights to create a modern flair, and you’ll be set. But if farmhouse style is your thing, a pendant light or sconces flanking the bed will serve you the style you want.

4. Keep Being Minimalist | Allaboutdiy

4. Keep Being Minimalist

Keep in mind that white and delicate-looking furnishings will make even the most slanted rooms seem bigger. Thin legs, intelligent shelving systems and a bed with a low headboard will create the illusion of an airy area. Concisely, the less space your furniture takes up, the bigger your room will seem. Under the bed, you can use it as an extra storage for small things.

3. Add Faux Canopy | Mabeyshemadeit | Decorexpro Add Faux Canopy

The fact is, the space just beneath the ceiling is extremely versatile. You can use it to insert lots of colors and personalities.
As a result, we use netting and lights on the sloped ceiling as a faux canopy. Believe us, for most young girls, this is a dream come true for them. Turquoise-themed wall, green stuff and flooring synchronize the white pillows and ceiling. It is so cute and adorable. The adornments on the wall are just startling.

2. DIY Pendant Light | Housebeautiful DIY Pendant Light

In the past, the attic unique architectural lines made most people felt eeriness. Turn it easily by installing a dazzling pendant light. Next, cover your pendant light to make the light pours into the room gently. You can use net to hide the strong light without losing its warmth. Then, loose linens will top it off.
Keep in mind that bright lamp will expand the narrow you have. Wide windows are a great help to do the task in the daylight.

Lastly number 1. Add Some Art | Fynesdesigns Add Some Art

Up to that time, I gave you minimum striking colours. To finish the list, I decided to give you a livelier shade. Embellish your ceiling with some colourful art stuff. Flowery wallpaper will give you a nice view. A simple touch provides magical effect. One thing I love about the wallpaper is I just need to peel off the backing paper and apply it wherever I want. It is removable and it needs no glue, paste or gluey water which may drench your arms.
Then, choose a standout bed colour or pattern. Placing it under the sly ceiling was the perfect solution to incorporate it into the bedroom design. As extra, put some extra ornaments like one or two furniture to make it nicer.
TIP: I highly recommend portable furniture, because you can move them immediately in case you suddenly change heart or having problems.

Well, after our not-so-wearing journey, what do you have in your mind?
I hope my preceding list will give you a good start in changing your attic into a great deal. It is your house, it is your attic; so, nothing can stop you for turning it into the room of your dreams. Good luck!

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