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10 DIY Bedrooms Decorating with Charcoal Grey ideas

New year is coming. And it’s time for you to makeover your home. Let’s begin with the bedroom. Some people like painting their bedroom white because it is neutral and such a no-fuss choice. What about trying something new? Something that is totally different from a super hygienic white, like a charcoal grey bedroom.
You might hesitate to incorporate charcoal grey into your bedroom as it can be kind of dark and staid. Well, if you pair it with the right colors and decorations, you’ll be amazed by the result.

If you have no idea what to begin with, take a look at these 10 DIY Bedrooms Decorating with Charcoal Grey ideas.
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10. Go Bold | Decoist Go BoldCreating a charcoal grey bedroom doesn’t mean that you have to paint the whole room grey though, especially if you are new to this color scheme. It has to be applied sparingly. Try painting the accent wall charcoal grey while keeping the other walls in light or neutral colors.
Painting the accent wall charcoal grey can bring in the bold and elegant touch to your bedroom without any payoffs. But if you are courageous enough to coat your bedroom with charcoal grey, you’d better do it in a large bedroom with plenty of windows, like a master bedroom.
Since charcoal grey comes in darker hue, painting the entire walls grey will make a small room look smaller.

9. Make a Focal Point | TheSpruce Make a Focal PointA charcoal grey accent wall might be somewhat sedate. It can simply draw the eyes, but may not be that awesome. It still needs something that can complement and accentuate its look. And adding a wall decor on it can overcome your problem.
There are various kinds of wall decorations that you can choose from. You can hang a huge picture on the charcoal grey wall to maintain the minimalist look, or you can show off some pictures by hanging them on it. You can also hang a monogram on it. Anything that adds a personality boost into your bedroom will do.

8. Use Stencil | Projectnursery Use StencilStencil is extremely versatile and easy to apply. You can apply it on almost any media, including your accent wall. You only need to get the pattern you like, then use it and paint roller to transfer the pattern to the accent wall.
Instead of using stencil, you can use painter tape to create exquisite geometric pattern on the wall. All you need to do is just attach painter tape on the wall until you get the pattern that you love. After that, apply charcoal grey paint with roller paint. Once you coat the wall already, now you can peel off the tape. Easy, right?

7. Add Feminine Touch | Bedroomdsgn | Pinterest Add Feminine TouchIf you coat the entire walls in your bedroom with grey, you might find it look masculine, which feels too bold and serious. To alleviate this look, the key is the colors you choose to team up with grey.
Surprisingly, you can turn this masculine-look bedroom into a feminine one that infuses romantic ambiance into the space. Try adding some splash of subdued pink or lavender which comes in the form of a throw, pillows, a blanket, or a night stand. These colors will add a cool contrast without ruining the boldness and serenity of grey. But remember! Don’t go overboard!

6. Play with Charcoal Grey Bedding | Thespruce Play with Charcoal Grey Bedding

Bedding is indispensable thing in your bedroom. Choosing the appropriate bedding can be somewhat challenging as it can add a nuance to the space. Some people like playing safe by lying white bedding as it is extremely versatile and can be paired with any colors.
Have you ever tried to use charcoal grey bedding? Well, you might think it will look like a man’s bedroom at the first glance. It turns out that the fabric is the one that can alter the nuance, not the color. Try using a luxurious satin or velvet fabric to lessen the dullness of grey while bringing in the touch of elegance to the space.

5. Charcoal Grey Window Dressing Project ideas | Thespruce | Overstock Charcoal Grey Window Dressing project ideasDon’t forget to tap the windows in your bedroom with the touch of charcoal grey. Swap blinds and shutters, or even padded valances and ruffled swags for draperies that naturally flow to the floor.
As window dressings, draperies can steal anyone’s focus instantly, especially if they come in a bold color like charcoal grey. If you are into this idea, make sure that you furnish your bedroom white. Then, add a little bit of charcoal grey accent in the pillows or blanket to pull the look together.

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4. Add Plenty of White | Thespruce | Pinterest Add Plenty of WhiteCharcoal grey is considered to be one of neutral colors. That’s why you can pair it with any color you like to create a certain ambiance and boost your mood. Concocting lots of various colors, however, can create a haphazard look, which will eventually ruin your mood.
If you can’t make up your mind about what color you should use to supplement charcoal grey, why don’t you pick white for your safe bet? White can go with any color without being fussy. And When it comes to decorating with charcoal grey, incorporating plenty of bright white into the decor will be a top-notch choice. The contrast can highlight the charcoal grey elements while brightening up space.

3. A Charcoal Grey Carpet project idea | DIYs | Pinterest A Charcoal Grey Carpet project ideaIt is said that you have to choose a color that is lighter than most of the pieces in the bedroom when it comes to carpeting. By doing this, you can make your bedroom feel open.
Nothing could be further from the truth. You can still have charcoal grey carpet adorn your bedroom while keeping your feet warm. The darker hue of grey can anchor the bedroom and make it feel cozy instead of dark.

2. A DIY Tufted Headboard project idea | Thriftydecorchick A DIY Tufted Headboard project ideaAlthough the headboard is dispensable, adding one in your bedroom can give it a facelift instantly. But finding the best headboard that suits your style well is a daunting task. Therefore, you’d better make it yourself to match your need and décor.
This tufted headboard will give your bedroom an elegant look. The best thing is it can be DIYed. The first thing you need to do is cutting a board into the shape you want for your headboard. Then, attach the foam to the board. After that, secure it with a thin fabric or a layer of batting for a super soft finish. Wrap the foam again with a piece of muslin. This is optional. You can do this step if you want a nice base for the final fabric.

Next, drill holes for the tufts. Added charcoal grey fabric after drilling the holes, and secure it with staples. Finally, it’s tufting time! Thread an upholstery needle and make a little knot at one end. After that, staple it right to the back of the headboard. Push the needle through the headboard, then thread the button on, and – finally – push it back through to the back.

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Lastly number 1. Retro Style with Charcoal Grey | Idealhome Retro Style with Charcoal GreyCharcoal grey can also be a great canvas for your retro-style bedroom. Pair the charcoal grey wall with bold chevron pattern for the headboard, then add some splash of pink to add pops of colors. Illuminate your bedroom with a light-bulb hanging over your bed. The red cable will accentuate the style while being a nice alternative to your bedside table lamp.

SO, decorating a bedroom with grey isn’t that bad. These 10 DIY bedrooms decorating with charcoal grey ideas can be your guidance to get the best new look for your bedroom.

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