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10 Edible Garden Ideas

Vegetable gardens are on trend now. They have surpassed the popularity of manicured grass lawn with boxwood fencing that require lots of maintenance and never produce anything in return.
Veggies, fruits, and herbs, on the other hand, are a fruitful choice. They can produce food for your family while boosting your backyard landscaping. If you have no idea what to begin with and how to take this vegetable garden to the next level, check out these 10 edible garden ideas that will help you make use of your yard efficiently.

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10. A Raised-Bed Vegetable Garden | Greenandvibrant | Moneycrashers A Raised Bed Vegetable GardenRaised beds are the best solution for those who live in the suburbs in which the space for gardening is limited. What makes raised beds become a good option is they can complement the style of your home while being functional in hosting your vegetables and herbs.
Furthermore, raised beds help you prevent soil compaction and provide good drainage. The sides of the bed also helps you prevent the garden soil from eroding during heavy rains.
You can make raised beds from any material of your choice, such as wood planks, pallet, brick, or concrete. To make it more functional, try making the raised bed a bit wider so that it can serve you ample space to sit down on.

9. Tap your garden Wall | Greenandvibrant Tap your garden WallFor an apartment dweller, growing edible plants is such a daunting task as the limited space restrict them to do it. Well, if your home lack space, you can try tapping the wall in your balcony by either attach some planters to the wall or make a living plant wall.
If the latter is your choice, then begin picking your working space. Once you’ve made your decision, screw in 2″ x 1″ treated battens, and make sure each batten is 38cm apart. Then, attach plastic planters to the battens by working from the bottom up. After that, water your wall with a watering can beginning from the top. Finally, fill the plastic planters with the vegetables and herbs of your choice. Make sure they touch the reservoir base.

8. Windowsill Gardening project ideas | Agreenhand Windowsill Gardening project ideasThis is another great idea if you have no space left – windowsill gardening. Windowsill gardening allows you to grow some veggies and herbs with ease. You just need to put some planters or any unused cups and tins as the containers of your plants o the windowsill.
You need to consider several things before beginning windowsill gardening. Choose the location that allows your plants to get at least four or six hours of direct sunlight every day. Then, maintain your plants vitality by spraying down them once a week, and feed them natural liquid fertilizer every few weeks.

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7. Plant them Along your Pathway | Sunset | Thekitchn Plant them Along your PathwaySome people use boxwood to adorn their pathway while maintaining the contemporary look. Well, let’s try something new and more beneficial. Swap the boxwood for thyme and phormium for a more dramatic and scrumptious look.
The gray-green of the thyme makes a pretty good team with the stiff, upright phormium. This combination will accentuate the pathway nicely. Besides, you can always get fresh thyme for your season soups and rice dishes.

6. Colorful Containers | Balconygardenweb Colorful Containers

Growing spinach, radishes, and lettuce in your backyard can help you save money on groceries. However, the all green look might not be your type since it is quite dull sometimes. If that’s the case, add some pops of colors to your vegetable garden.
Growing tomatoes and chilies will do. The ripe tomatoes and chilies will add a splash of vivid red into the space. Unfortunately, you can’t get the result instantly, especially if you grow them from the seeds. To get an instant result, you can use some planters and paint them bright colors like red, yellow, and blue. It will do in a pinch while waiting for the tomatoes and chilies to ripe.

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5. Follow this Vertical Herb Planter project idea | Bonnieplants Follow this Vertical Herb Planter project ideaThis space-saving planter allows you to grow more vegetables without compromising the remaining space. To make this planter, you need to make the legs first that looks like an easel.
Then, add some cleats on the legs. These cleats will be used to hold the slanted boards, so make sure each cleat is 8” apart. Then, create the back slats using tongue-and-groove panelling.
Add the back supports both on the edges and on the middle to make the back slats sturdy. Make sure that the back supports extend 1 ½” beyond the back slats. Assemble the back slats to the legs, and add the shelves. Finally, add dirt and grow your veggies.

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4. Make Them Do a Double Duty | Gardeners Make Them Do a Double DutyWho says that vegetables can’t make a spectacular landscaping? You might forget that some veggies are not green. They come in various colors instead. And thus, you can incorporate them to your garden to improve the curb appeal. The key is the composition of your garden, the more colors you bring, the better.
Red lettuce isn’t only edible but also gorgeous. You can plant them along the pathway. Pair it with blueberry bushes and some edible flowers like kale flowers, pansy, mini dianthus, and many others. Vary the size of the foliage and leaves will enrich the look. You can also try adding a sculpture of water feature to kick it up a notch.

3. Try this Edible Tunnel Project idea | Gardenista Try this Edible Tunnel Project ideaWalking along the tunnel can be romantic. What makes it better is if you can eat the tunnel. You can make this idea tangible by making trellis and training vine like tomatoes, beans, grapes, and eggplants to climb up the trellis. Let them wrap around the trellis and produce food for you. To make it look dramatic, you can wrap the trellis with some string lights or hang some mason jars filled with a battery-operated candle or fairy light.

2. Use an Old Wagon Wheel | Gartenschlumpf Use an Old Wagon Wheel
Upcycling an old wagon wheel as a raised bed for your vegetable garden can be a worth-sharing or viral idea. The spokes of the wheel act as the dividers that allow you to grow various herbs or veggies in the same place. It can save more space as well as decorating your garden with various color hues. Once again, follow link to get more detail.

Lastly number 1. Flower-Shaped Vegetable Garden Using Unused Bottles | Pedagogiadobrasil Flower Shaped Vegetable Garden Using Unused BottlesThis is another environmentally-friendly idea that you should try at home. Instead of throwing all the plastic bottles you have away into the dust bin, which add more problems to the earth, you’d better use them to beautify your vegetable garden.
You just need to paint the bottles and arrange them to form a gigantic flower. Add dirt and mulch into each petal, and begin to grow your favorite herbs and vegetables.
Done, So, roll up your sleeves and grab your tools! Let’s grow some edible plants, shall we?

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