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60 DIY Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom is supposed to be the most relaxing rooms in your home as you can have a good sleep and nice dream. However, some people find their bedroom blah and stark. And when a stark room combines with limited space, there lies a super uncomfortable bedroom. But you can turn it into a super cozy bedroom by applying some DIY small bedroom decorating ideas that can amp your bedroom up.

Decorating your small bedroom is all about combining colors, mixing and matching furniture, or even making stunning adornments from scratch. If you are looking for DIY inspiration for your small bedroom, don’t miss these 10 DIY small bedroom decorating ideas and long decor ideas that will cover your large bedroom too (in case one day you own it in the future, for a while)! FYI, This nice list is completed with a relevant video that you share with anyone in your social media friend list.

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10. Incorporate a Lively Lift

10 Incorporate a Lively Lift via simphome

Adding plants to your bedroom has always been a great idea. Nothing can beat their natural charm that permeates the good vibes into the room, not to mention the better air circulation provided by the plants.
To add plants to your bedroom, you can begin with placing a flower bouquet on the table.

Or, you can go with a more spectacular and epic idea – using vines. You can use almost any vine to decorate your bedroom, but ivy would be nice as it is lightweight.
You only need to hang the ivy over the headboard and let it dangle a little bit to add a dramatic focal point. You can add two or three wall hooks to shape the ivy as you pleased.

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9. Go Vintage with Pressed Leaves

9 Go Vintage with Pressed Leaves via simphomeIf vintage style is your thing, you’re gonna love to hang pressed leaves over your headboard. This is a super easy and affordable DIY project. But you have two choices here. You can go with the real leaves or the fake ones that will last longer and save lots of time.
If you choose the real leaves or flowers, you need to flatten them by laying them on a piece of parchment paper in the middle page of a heavy book.
Add another parchment paper on the leaves before closing the book. You can also stack up one or two other thick books onto the book with the leaves, and leave it for about 30 minutes.

Once the leaves have been flattened, lay one of the leaves on a double-glass frame. Then, hang it over your headboard.

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8. Space-Saving Laptop Stand

8 Space Saving Laptop Stand via simphomeYou will not make this desk from the scratch as you will add a twist to an ikea vitsjjo laptop stand. The original IKEA Vitsjjo features glass top, which might not be too sturdy to host a stack of books or heavier stuff at once. Therefore, it would be better if you replace the glass with butcher-block.
You will need to do a little bit of cutting and shaving so the butcherblock can fit snugly. You will also need to drilled in six notches so the table frame can hold on it tightly. To make it sturdier, add a plywood board after installing the butcherblock to the frame. Secure the board by screwing the plywood to the butcherblock.

Simple idea How to Hack Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Stand with a Butcher Block

7. Wood Slice Headboard

7 Wood Slice Headboard via simphomeHeadboard is one of the most conspicuous things in your bedroom. Therefore, it can make a nice decorating item. And this headboard will add a little bit of rustic touch to your bedroom.
To make this headboard, you will only need to get a board, then stain or paint it dark. After that, get some wood slices and glue them down to the board.

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6. Rainbow Wall Hanging

6 Rainbow Wall Hanging via simphome

Apparently, it is not only your bedroom that needs to be embellished but also your daughter’s. And she’s gonna love this wall décor a lot.
Making this rainbow wall hanging is very simple. You can even make your daughter engaged in this fun project. The first thing you need to do is just getting 7 fabrics that represent the colors of the rainbow. Cut them into some strips.

Then, tie the strips onto the wooden rod. Please feel free to use any kind of tying option you like, but make sure you tie the strips according the rainbow order.
Finally, hang the rod over the headboard using cord or string.

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5. Display Your Memories

5 Display Your Memories via simphomeSometimes a stunning decoration for your bedroom does not have to be complicated. Even a simple one can make a perfect decoration just like this photo display, especially if you are trying to eschew more expense.
To get this wonderful wall décor, you only need to grab your favorite photos and attach them on the wall to form the shape of a big heart. These photos will not only improve your bedroom look but also remind you of the beautiful memories you had.

4. Spray Paint Your Mirror

4 Spray Paint Your Mirror via simphomeAre you bored with the mirror in your bedroom? You can renew its look by replacing the frame, which will demand a little bit of your carpentry skills and your weekend. But, you can go with a less arduous option which will only take a few hours.
Just take your mirror out, cover the mirror with old newspaper and painter tape, sand the frame, then you can begin to apply a few coats of white spray paint. Easy peasy, right?

3. Wooden Shelf

3 Wooden Shelf via simphomeIncorporating storage solutions while adorning your bedroom? Why not? This shelf will help you keep things organized as well as displaying your books and some other accessories that can enhance the appearance of your bedroom. You will only need to get some boards, cut, sand, stain, and assemble them using screws.

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2. Let Butterflies Fly

2 Let Butterflies Fly via simphomeLittle girls love pretty little things like fairies and butterflies. Therefore, bringing some butterflies to her bedroom will make her smile exuberantly. However, it is a pie in the sky. You can’t keep some butterflies and trap them in an enclosed room, can you? So, you can go with fake butterflies.
Get some colored paper and cut the shape of a butterfly. It has to be symmetrical because you will fold it in half. Finally, attach the butterflies on the wall over the headboard.

1. DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

1 DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights via simphomeWhen you turn off the light at night, you will see a magic from this bedroom decorating ideas. You might have come across a lot of tutorials about how to make jars with fairy lights. But this one is super easy and lasts forever.
You only need to get a jar. Any jar will do. Then, get an acetate sheet and cut it so it can be rolled and fit snugly into your jar. Then, you just need to make an abundance of small dots of glow-in-the-dark paint. And, that’s it!

So Those are 10 spectacular DIY small bedroom decorating ideas that you can do at home. They are easy to make and such money-mindful décor that will escort you to your sweet dream. Happy trying!


This long décor ideas will not only cover small bedroom size but also regular and gigantic size

5 Simple Bedroom Decorating Tricks Will Make You Fall in Love:

Make over your bedroom using next ideas and breath new atmosphere into your room. You spend average more than 5 hours every day in this area so why not make it special and refreshing. Good quality of sleeping is important and you can start get it by following at least one or two ideas in the next list. This is more than one simple bedroom decorating tricks that will make you “probably” fall in love by

1. Put Artificial Candles in Your Bedroom

1 2BPut2BArtificial2BCandles2Bin2BYour2BBedroom via2Bsimphome com
The first trick you can try is by putting artificial candles all around your bedroom. Not only they can make your little sanctum looks more beautiful but also romantic. You can choose candles made of real wax and they will give glowing effect all around your bedroom. Place the candles everywhere you like and don’t worry about the flame since they are very safe. The artificial candles are usually completed with auto timer. (via thepartyproject)

2. Hang Fairy Lights

2 2BHang2BFairy2BLights via2Bsimphome com
Another trick to make your bedroom looks beautiful and romantic is by hanging fairy lights. Don’t think that the fairy lights only suit for teenagers. The effect given can make mature people fall in love too. Hang the fairy lights along the bedroom ceiling or behind the panels where you place curtains and then feel the twinkly atmosphere resulted by the lights. You can try fairy lights made of sophisticated wire copper to get stronger effect. (via decorapatio)

3. Comfortable Rugs

Comfortable Rugs Simphome com
The next simple trick to make over your bedroom is by placing comfortable rugs. You can try to put high – pile wool rugs just next to your bed. This trick can give you comfortable feeling anytime you get up from your bed every morning and put down your feet. What a great idea to start your day! Either they are modern minimalist rugs or antique Persian ones, comfortable rugs are always the best choice for comfortable bedroom. (via decorathing)

4. Place Some Flowers

Place some flowers Simphome com
There is no better way to beautify a room and makes it looks romantic than placing some flowers inside it. This is the best way to bring life to your bedroom, moreover during winter months that usually brings the feeling of cold all around the room. Orchids, roses, lilies, and tulips are always the best choices. But if you prefer something simpler you can choose air plants, cacti, or other succulent plants to decorate your bedroom. (via bellevue)

5. Put an Essential Oil Diffuser to Create Scents

Put an Essential Oil Diffuser to Create Scents Simphome com
Nice scents always become something that should be there in a romantic bedroom. They function to give comfortable feeling anytime you enter the room. They help you to feel relax and reduce stress. It is one of the greatest ways to end the day. Essential oil diffuser made of lavender essence is mostly suggested for people to create romantic bedroom. It is aromatherapy tool to help you reduce anxiety and stress. (via organicdailypost)

5 Simple DIY Wood Project Ideas for More Organized Bedroom:

There is nothing more annoying than going back home from exhausting work only to find out your bedroom is messy and not in the least bit comforting to rest your drained body in. The lack of storage or space to stash your belongings might be the reason as to why your stuff is all over the place. Don’t worry your pretty little head

6. Chic Design for Your Nightstand

simphome chic nightstand

If you happen to have one used wooden crate or two at the garage, take them out and build a nightstand by turning into a standing position with the shorter side on the bottom and attach ball feet for decoration. Coat it with a white paint and embellish the inside part with scraps of wallpaper you have lying around at home as long as it matches your overall bedroom theme. Put it beside your bed as your nightstand and adorn it with a lamp on top and a nice frame or a vase. Try this extremely simple DIY wood project idea for more organized bedroom. It will only take 1 hour at most out of your schedule. (via hgtv)

7.Mantel Shelf

simphome mantel shelf 2

Shelves are so “in” right now and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get one, or rather build one to stash your stuff. A mantel shelf will add a lot of interest to your plain bedroom and you can nail one without having to buy them at IKEA. You will only need three 8 feet 1” x 12” oak boards, dark walnut stain and wood glue. Cut all your boards in half to create six 4 feet boards and sand them to smooth any rough edges. Stain each board with a sponge brush and stack them with a 2” overhang on each side after they are dry. Apply wood glue once stacked as needed and use clamps to secure them. (via remodelaholic)

8. Go for Two-Tiered This Time

simphome two tiered shelf

Another wooden project you can try to organize your bedroom. Two-tiered open floating shelves seem to give off a classic vibe in any room they are installed. Choose plain planks with approximately 3ft wide and with 2” thickness for the best looking and most sturdy shelves. In addition, if you are worried attaching them with brackets would shatter the beauty of the shelves because of their stark difference in colors then you might want to fasten them with screws into studs. Polish the woods in dark walnut stain and seal them with Hemp Oil. These spots are perfect to display your frames or vintage vase decorations. (via liversal)

9. Pallet Can Solve It!

simphome pallet book storage

In every chaotic bedroom , books always seem to be one of the factors of the mess. Bookshelves are a must if you have quite an extensive book collection. Do a little woodwork and get yourself a customized bookshelf. Make yourself a single pallet and mount it on the wall to stack your books. Secure it with bolts or brackets. (via letthemeatchicken)

10. Magazine Containers

simphome magazine container

This might sound simple but there’s no harm in starting from the bottom, right? Make your room a little less messy by stashing your magazines and any books with this simple magazine storage container. You can build four bins from one 2 x 4 feet sheet of ¼ inch plywood and two 6 feet long 1x4s. Cut the wood with jigsaw and band saw. Say bye-bye to shambolic world with this simple DIY wood project ideas for more organized bedroom. (via familyhandyman)

5 Small Changes That Will Have a Huge Impact on Your Bedroom Décor:

Do you find your bedroom arrangement is so boring? Well, it is a good time to arrange it anyway. Some small changes below may make the interior in general look different. Check them out.

11. Re-arrange the Bedroom Items

simphome cupboard

Sure, the cheapest and the most common thing to do is by re-arranging all the items placed inside. You can start it by changing the placement of main furniture like the bed and cupboard. If it is common to place the bed in the middle of the room, try to place it on the edge near the window. Then, if the wardrobe or bookshelf is commonly placed right on the wall, you can place it on the middle to separate the room into two areas. Source

12. Change the Color Ideas

simphome colorful bedroom
Okay, you probably have your own favorite color and already apply it on your bedroom. However, it doesn’t mean you must be fanatic with it. Try other color ideas will be refreshing. It is good idea to apply some colors at once as long as it makes the bedroom look comfortable and magnificent. If it is hard for you to move on from the most favorite one, just use it as the details of the decoration like for the ornaments and small items like clock or photo frames. Source

13. Add Big Mirror

simphome bed mirror

For small bedroom, here is an idea to make your room look larger; it is by adding big mirror on a certain side. Mirror is good for larger effect and it enlightens more at night when the lighting has been turned off. The mirror can be placed near the dresser to make it look necessary. Other ideas are big windows so that the air and sunshine can be circulated more smoothly. This is a way to make you feel healthier as well. Source

14. Add Houseplants

simphome bedroom plant

Caring the earth and environment can be started from your own bedroom. Yes, for the decoration, why don’t you choose the live one like plants? There are some plants with green leaves are good to be placed inside the house anyway. good window or ventilation system and houseplants is a beautiful and healthy combination. Besides, such a color like green is relaxing and refreshing to see for sure. If you want, plants with flowers are smart ideas to make the bedroom look livelier. Source

15. Small Items and Accessories

simphome small decoration

Your bedroom should not only about furniture and main items like bed, cupboard, table, and more. It is not bad to add small items and accessories to cheer up the decoration. What do you think about hanging a painting? Handicraft like traditional engraving or statues is a good thing to add as well. If there is your favorite hobby or characters, you can add it as the accessories. Soccer lovers can put chairs or wall decorations with their favorite teams as the theme. Source:

5 Horrible Mistakes To Avoid When You Do Bedroom Décor:

Decorating a bedroom is perhaps not a difficult thing. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid since it can even make the room more horrible. What are they? Let’s find out.

16. Bright Color Application

30 bright color
Let’s say your favorite color is red or orange, it doesn’t mean you must apply it on the entire room. Why? Such colors are too bright and striking. Wrong application makes it a big mistake you have ever experienced. The room can look cramped, stuffy, and uncomfortable as well. It is better anyway to use neutral colors like white, grey, or beige to dominate the bedroom. Then, the orange or red is used only as the accents or details on some parts. (via tumblr)

17. Place Many Big Items

big furnitures
Sure, you must need items and furniture like bed, table, cupboard, and more inside. However, it is a big no if the room itself is so narrow. The most important point in bedroom arrangement is remaining the space to let you breathe more easily. Particularly for small bedroom, make sure that those items are not so big. You should choose a single bed than the king sized mainly if you live inside alone. Small or medium-sized furniture is basically enough to be used inside the bedroom. (via domino)

18. Too Many Accessories

too many accessories
It is like a habit for all of us to buy home decoration and accessories while visiting certain places. Those accessories are beautiful for sure to decorate the bedroom. However, they are not if you place them a lot. It can just make your bedroom look stuffy and not comfortable. Even if you have numerous collections of accessories, you have to place them all in turns not at once. A good thing about this method is that you can change them with the others if you have found them boring. (via instagram)

19. Too Many Big Mirrors

Mirror is a good trick to make a room look large and spacious. It is even recommended to place a big mirror on a certain side to manage the lighting as well. However, it is a disaster if then you decide to place more than one mirror on more than one side. The reflection somehow makes the viewers puzzled. Yes, it makes the room much larger for sure but there will be some other problems like too bright lighting and room’s situation which is less comfortable. (via e-interjeras)

20. Too Many Separations

Ideally, a bedroom should be separated into two areas only. This idea is also better if the room originally is large and spacious enough. Of course, too many separations are not necessary since it makes the room look narrow and small. Particularly for small bedroom, it is better if there is no any separation at all. Shelf or cupboard that is functioned to separate the area is better to be placed on the edge to give more spacious effects. (via apartmenttherapy)

5 Simple Bedroom Makeover Ideas Even Your Kids Can Do It:

If you are planning makeover your bedroom, here are some ideas that you can steal. You can even bring your kids to give a hand.

21. Playing with Colors

Creating some changes to your bedroom can be so simple. You can get started with giving new color into the room. Bring the kids to give you a help. If you want to make it more fun, you can do stenciling on your wall. You can be the one who make a pattern on the wall and the kids can be the ones who paint it for you. This will be fun for both of you and your kids. (via eboxycom)

22. Putting up Some Stickers

Stickers can be a good option to makeover a bedroom. Rather than putting full wallpaper on your wall which can be pricier, you can choose to put up some stickers. You can simply choose inspirational quotes for wall stickers. If you want something else, you can just choose a flower pattern, animal characters, etc. (via gorichan)

23. Make A Reading Corner

reading corner
If you have a pretty large bedroom, you can add a reading corner in it. Get started by rearrangement your bedroom, may be change a little bit position of some furniture. Once you have made a space for reading corner, you can simply put a comfortable armchair and a lamp. There are many references of how a comfortable armchair will look like. In addition to the lamp, you can choose a floor lamp that gives you a good light to read. (via hedonistit)

24. Add More Pillows

Adding pillows in your bedroom can change how the room looks. You can make a giant pillow one to be placed on the floor. You can sit on it comfortably all day along. Besides of putting it as a new decoration, you can also take it to movie night, camping, or for sleepovers. Although it is a giant pillow, it doesn’t need a difficult sewing. In addition, creating your own pillow will give you freedom to choose any color and any size. (via recreoviral)

25. DIY Tents

Last but not least, you can add a tent in your bedroom or in your children’s bedroom. You can add this one if you have a large space. Children will enjoy having a tent inside their house. They can also give a hand to build it up. It can also help them to build their own fortress. Do you want to know more? Click on the link attached below. (via thebooandtheboy)

5 Ways to Have More Appealing Bedroom Décor Tricks:

Having more appealing bedroom will make you really comfortable to stay at your bedroom. How to get more appealing bedroom? You can try few creative ideas next.

26. Choose Right Furniture

furnitureYou can find so many types of bedroom furniture, such as nightstand, ottoman, couch, and many more. But, not every type of furniture will be good for your bedroom. You need to consider about your bedroom size. Do you have small bedroom? If so, you need to choose lightweight furniture to make your bedroom looks larger. Make sure you choose furniture that will not make your bedroom looks overwhelming. Don’t add too many types of furniture in your bedroom because it may make your bedroom looks crowded. (via suncollection)

27. Find Better Light Setting

A bedroom with enough natural light will look so comfortable, bright and elegant. Natural light helps you to do many things comfortably, such as reading book, finishing your task, and many more. How to add natural light in your bedroom? You can get natural light by hanging decorative mirror in your bedroom wall. Yes, decorative mirror helps give natural light in your bedroom. Even, it also makes your bedroom looks larger. (via cehcyl)

28. Frame the Bed

There are so many ways to make your bedroom more appealing. Have you ever thought about headboard? Actually, it is a good way to make your bedroom more appealing. You can frame your bed using headboard. Headboard can be made of various materials, such as iron, woods, fabric, and many more. If you want to add accent in your room, you can choose fabric headboard which has good pattern and color. (via owecraft)
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29. Choose Color Scheme

Color scheme is really important to consider when decorating your bedroom. Actually, choosing best color scheme will make your bedroom looks different than before. For your information, you can choose neutral color scheme for coloring your bedroom wall. Why? It is because neutral color will give comfortable look that makes you relax in your bedroom. Some recommended color schemes for you are brown, grey, white, beige and cream. (via homebnc)

30. Dress Your Windows

Actually, window is important element of bedroom decoration. By dressing it well, you will have more appealing bedroom. The best way to dress your windows is using curtains. Yes, today you can find so many types of curtain. Make sure you choose curtain with good color or pattern. If you need an accent in your bedroom, you can choose curtain which has pattern. For example if your bedroom looks rigid because of white color, you can choose curtain which has black and white pattern or other pattern. (via buzz16)

5 Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas For This Year:

To update your bedroom, you might want to paint one of the wall sides in your bedroom with another color. This time, you won’t need wall tape but only a side of the wall should be painted. Why is that? Well, I’ll share the answer later. This is 5 affordable bedroom décor ideas for this year and beyond.

31. Make Mason Jar Organizer

mason jar
What you need to have is a dark wooden board, screws 4 clamps, 4 Mason jars, and picture hanging kits. If you don’t have Mason jars, you can use regular jars. To make this organizer, what you need to do first is to install the clamps on the board by using screws. Then, put the jar on the clamp and tighten it. Now your jar organizer can be used to put anything. Source

32. Repaint the Drawers Side

To give more color to your bedroom, you can paint the sides of your drawers. To paint it, first of all you need to take the drawers off the carcass and make a pattern stencil. After you paint the drawer side, paint the stencil. Now your drawer side has color and pattern on it. Source

33. Make Terrarium

Terrariums are great decoration for updating your bedroom. It is fresh, calming, relaxing, and soothing. To make them you can use empty jar, empty glass vase, or unused aquarium as the container. First of all, add pebbles to the container. Then, add charcoal and soil after that. Lastly, add the greens inside and clean it with water. Now your terrariums are ready. Source
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34. Rearrange the Positions

To give updated look to your house, the position of each furniture piece in the bedroom needs to be rearranged. For example, the bed faces north but now it faces west.

Even if the positions have changed, you still need to add ideas I already mentioned to improve the look of your bedroom so it can always be improved. You need to measure the length and width of the furniture and make sure it will fit perfectly in the room later. After measuring, you can start arranging. Source

35. Paint a Wall

To update your bedroom, you might want to paint one of the wall sides in your bedroom with another color. This time, you won’t need wall tape but only a side of the wall should be painted. It is cheaper and you save some paint.
What you need to do first is to cover areas you don’t want to paint. Then, grab your roller and start painting. Source

5 Improvement Ideas For More Organized Bedroom:

Bedroom should be a relaxing place for the end of the day. However, if you are too busy, these ideas work too improve bedroom look!

36. Maximize the empty corner

corner shelf
Corners are part of bedroom which often gets less of attention since many people think they are not important. To maximize bedroom space filling empty corner can be great idea! You can place DIY storage where you can use it to store your books or collections. Through these tricks, bedroom corners which often left empty can be more functional. Whether it is just magazine holder, corner table, or floating shelves, they serve as great option to fill empty corner in the bedroom. (via stoleshniza)

37. The power of Walk-in-Closet

walk in closet
Some people perhaps are fine to not having walk-in-closet in their bedroom. But, this furniture actually pretty effective to avoid clutter in the bedroom. By having this furniture, you can store your clothes and other stuffs in good order so that it can be found easily. If you don’t have enough budgets to buy it, perhaps making your own walk-in closet can be a great solution. There are tips of creating simple DIY walk-in-closet that you can try. (via budgetdumpster)
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38. Apply Unique Storage

unqiue storage
There are a lot of interesting ways to store your stuff in the bedroom. If the bedroom space is limited you should not always focus using a common storage like cupboard or cabinet. Unusual types of storage also can be used as long as it has similar function. For instance, you can use bunk bed with stairs which also can be functioned as a drawers. Another idea that you can is vintage suitcase because it does not only serve as functional storage but also decoration in the bedroom. (via lesptitesmainsdesizun)

39. Organize Wall Decorations

wall decoration
How you arrange the decorations in the wall also bring significance impact to the overall look. If your bedroom. walls are completely empty, hanging the poster or artworks you have bought from the exhibitions will make it look interesting. Picture collages or other displays which are hung on the wall above the bed make the bedroom have a gallery feel. (via homedit)

40. Use Floating Shelves

floating shelf
Single bulky storage unit in a bedroom will make it feel really full especially if the space is small. A great alternative that you can try is by installing floating shelves in the bedroom. It will save much space in the bedroom. As it doesn’t use too much space, you can use an empty space underneath the shelves to place other furniture. Besides making the bedroom space more functional, floating shelves also give modern and sophisticated look. (via contemporist)

5 Ideas How to Reinvent Your Bedroom Décor without Looking Like an Amateur:

You sometimes feel lack of confidence to decorate you own bedroom . Well, we are here to help you to cure that feeling (or at least trying).

41. Apply Different Modern Style

13 modern chair
Having modern bedroom is quite common these days. However, you can create different look by adding a little bit retro touch. For instance, you can use seductive accent from Marilyn Monroe movie by placing crescent chair in the bedroom. This chair has 60’s design style not only has retro but also elegant look. The upholstery which comes in velvet colour and brass trim on the bottom offers glamorous look that you will never get from common types of chair. (via essentialhome)

42. Shine the Room Using Hank Suspension Light

13 delightful light
You also can bring mid-century style into the bedroom for more interesting look. One of the ways to do it is by hanging a hank suspension light. This light not only provides organic shape but also create graceful atmosphere to bedroom. This type of lighting becomes a great option if you want to create stylish bedroom. This lamp has a body which made from brass combined with aluminium shade and telescopic tube. For any décor reinvention, this lighting fixture is perfect for any bedroom. (via livingroomideas)

43. Add Wilde Mirror On the Wall

13 three panel mirrors
Whenever you want to add vanity wall mirror in the bedroom, you need to consider wilde mirror. This mirror consists of three panels and comes in unique shape complete with a golden strap which made from plated brass. Besides effective to strengthen the mid-century style, this mirror also gives sign of any improvement in the bedroom. Whether being placed over the sideboard or a console, this mirror will never lose its retro look. (via mydesignagenda)

44. Add Rotating Cocktail Table

13 rotating cocktail table
If you have quite large bedroom, placing a cocktail table helps you to create comfortable spot in this room to read a book or shipping a cup of tea. Instead of using common cocktail table, you had better to use miller to go with retro look. It refers to an interesting rotating cocktail table because it features gold plated brass rings. It also uses metal material that looks contrast to the dominant black marble. Its ability to rotate also makes this table stylish and playful. (via ebay)

45. Take Benefit of Sophisticated Armchair

13 arm chair
There are many seat options that you can put in the bedroom. To support mid-century style in this room, you can use sophisticated armchair with tub shape. For instance, you can use an armchair with polished brass bottom. This design looks contrast with green lustrous upholstery that wrap the chair. This chair design is not only perfect for retro lovers but also fans of contemporary design. (via tumblr)

5 Bedroom Decorating Tricks You Can Take Without Selling Your Soul:

Decorating bedroom is often associated to spending more budgets. Is that true? It is not really for sure. There are some tricks that can make your bedroom simply different. Check them out.

46. Side Wallpaper and Wall Sticker

wall sticker
Wallpaper that is applied all along the sides may let you spend more money. More than that, it has a lack also; your room looks more monotonous. So, why don’t you attach the wallpaper on one or two sides of wall only? For the rest, just let it plain with painting. Make sure that the wallpaper colors and ideas are similar to the concept of curtain or bedcover. Another idea is by using wall sticker. Just put it on one side neatly and your bedroom will simply look different. (via decorgolddesigns)

47. Paint the Furniture

paint furniture
If you are bored with current furniture, it doesn’t mean you must change it. Particularly, it is if the condition is still good. Just change the colors. Buy paints in some colors and try to color them by yourself. If your bedroom is already dominated with white colors, try the cheerful ones like blue, maroon, and even orange. Make sure to gain information to paint the furniture properly so that the results will be more beautiful and satisfying. (via decorpad)

48. Headboard Decoration

Headboard is the board placed near your head when you are sleeping. When the bed is placed on the middle of the room, headboard decoration plays important role to make it look more beautiful and elegant. What you should do is repaint it or attach wallpaper on it. It is a good idea also to change its look by covering it with Styrofoam. As an example, if the headboard is currently just a simple square, you can add ornaments like flowers or animals depending on your taste. (via ishouldbemoppingthefloor)

49. Make Your Own Bedroom Fabrics

bedroom fabric
This idea is necessary if you have tailoring skills. Rather than buying them, you can only buy the materials and try to make them by yourself. Despite the budgets are smaller, things like curtain, bedcover or pillow cover can be made based on your wants. It is possible also to make all of them with same colors and patterns to add the aesthetic side within your bedroom. Although it considers being cheaper, it is better to buy qualified and comfortable fabrics. (via tvambienti)

50. Rearrange Your Furniture and Stuff

rearrange furniture
Above all, this method is the most affordable way to decorate your bedroom. Without spending money, you can make the entire part of bedroom look different. If your bed is already on the middle, try to place it on the corner. This way can just make the bedroom in general look spacious as well. Save the unused furniture and stuff in the warehouse. Don’t forget to clean it up including the windows and mirrors to refresh the atmosphere. (via mymommystyle)

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