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Living room is the real hub of activity in a home. It’s also a place where your guests linger over a conversation and a cup of tea. Therefore, it should be comfortable and even engaging, right? But how? There we go! I’ve packed 10 creative DIY wall-mounted ideas of my favorite for your living room. Most of them, according to my gut, will definitely add charm to your living room without gobbling up your limited space. As always, I bring this list for you from

10. Modern Hexagonal Planter
10 Modern Hexagonal Planter Simphome com
Living things like plants have never failed to jazz “almost” any living room up. Fitting some peonies in a vase, matching snake plant and a pot, or mounting succulent on a bare wall can make a bland living room look more attractive and healthier.

To copy and finish this 1st DIY, get a large hexagon wall decor (you can get it from Walnut Hollow), then make 2 stripped patterns on the hexagon by attaching 3 strips of painter tape on it. Paint the 2 strips between the tape using white acrylic paint, remove the tape, and let the paint dry.

For a better look, apply 2 or 3 coats of polyurethane to the entire surface of the hexagon, but first make sure you sanded it lightly, and do not use the water-base finish.
To place the plants, lay the planter on the floor, attach a piece of craft chicken wire using staple gun to form a pocket. Place a piece of burlap fabric inside the pocket and fill it with peat moss. Then, tuck the burlap in.

Next, you can begin arranging your succulent as you please. Poke a hole in the burlap fabric using scissors and press the stem of the succulent into it. Water the succulent once a week. Do this for about 6 to 8 weeks. When the roots are starting to grow, you can hang it on the wall as they begin to have firm grip to the peat moss.

9. DIY Dahlia Paper Flower
9 DIY Dahlia Paper Flower Simphome com
Want to have a long-lasting beauty in your living room? Give these paper flowers a shot!
They are beautiful and easy to make. Even you can ask your kids to give you their hands. If they are not busy with their smart phones, I am quite sure they’ll help you.

To make these flowers, you’re going to need 65-pound cardstock, scissors, hot glue gun, 3_8-inches circles, and 4_5-inch circles. You can make the circles out of cardboards or disposable plastic plates. Anything which is circle will do. You’ll use it as a base.

Once the base is ready, you can begin to make the petals by forming the square cardstocks into some cones by sliding one of the flaps until it overlaps the other one, and secure it with glue gun. After you have enough petals, glue them down from the outer side to the center. Repeat these steps until you get as many flowers as you want. Then, arrange the flowers on the wall.

8. DIY Wall-Mounted TV Cabinet with Photographs
8 DIY Wall Mounted TV Cabinet with Photographs Simphome com
Televisions are a common focal point in many living rooms. Embellish with Netflix and internet access, it provides limitless entertainment source for you and your family. However, having a TV set in a living room may deter conversation. And thus, you might need a TV cabinet to conceal it.

This TV cabinet is what you are looking for. It can conceal your TV set nicely as well as showing off your best pictures. To get this look, you’re going need some boards and turn them into a U-shape. Next, attach enough canvases with your best photos on it (and give space for hinges).

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Tip: you are free to add a new security layer on the cabinet to discipline your children. You can use padlock system, electronic, finger print, or Retina scan security system or biometrics.

7. Vintage America Wall Art Map
7 Vintage America Wall Art Map Simphome com
Hanging a map in your living room can make a great centerpiece instantly, but it’s kind of old-school. Well, let’s try a new way of hanging a map.

To make this vintage wall map, you need to trace or draw a map of America (or any other country you want) on a plywood sheet. Then, cut the map off from the sheet until you get a hole shaped the map you traced at the center of the sheet.

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Now begin to make the frame. First, assemble a wood sheet that has the same dimension as the previous one. Nail it to four smaller wood sheets used as the sides. Collect belts, rulers, or any other vintage item you want to be glued down on the frame. Finally, assemble the top piece using nail, and you’ve got your vintage map.

6. DIY Wall-Mounted Easel
6 DIY Wall Mounted Easel Simphome com
Does your kids like doodling on the wall? Don’t scold them. Encourage them to do better, instead. And this idea will help you encourage your little Picassos training their imaginations without ruining your mood.

To make this wall-mounted easel, you need roll of Kraft paper, curtain rod, and a piece of wood 36 inches long. You can add a rail and some hooks that hold three small buckets beneath the easel. You can use those buckets to store pencils and crayons so your kids can grab them in no time.

5. DIY Wall-Mounted Acrylic Frame Gallery Wall
5 DIY Wall Mounted Acrylic Frame Gallery Wall Simphome com
Having your very own personal gallery is a unique way to embellish your living room. And to make it more epic and professional, try this acrylic frame add-on idea.

First, get some acrylic sheets and drill a hole in each corner of each sheet. Make sure they are equal. Then, drill a 3/8-inch hole into each spot. There are supposed to be 4 holes for each frame. After that, drill in a self-tapping drywall anchor and install standoff hardware for glass. Place the photo sandwiched between 2 sheets of acrylic onto the standoff hardware for glass, and – finally – secure them with screws.

4. DIY Pressed Plant Frame
4 DIY Pressed Plant Frame Simphome com
Merger some leaves in a frame will make your living room look stunning in an eminently simple way. This idea for instance. The tutorial is easy to follow and its final product can probably make your guests envy .

First of all, you need to make your favorite leaves stay flat by sandwiching them between two tissue paper and put it in a thick book. Next, Close the book and stack some other books on it and let them dry for a few days.

Next step, prepare your frame. Remove the back piece and arrange the leaves onto it. Add small pieces of double-sided tape to the back of the leaves so they will stay in place. Lastly, replace the back piece, and you’re good to go.

3. Pallet Wood Wall Art Sign
3 Pallet Wood Wall Art Sign Simphome com jpg
Rustic look supplies a distinctive charm to any room including your living room and there are many ways how to add rustic look to your living room. This one for example.

First, get your well-worn pallets and nail them together to form a wooden canvas. Place your printed words on the canvas and begin tracing an outline of your lettering onto the wood. You may also need duct tape to do this.

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Once you have stenciled the letters and the paint is dry, hang the pallets on the wall. By the way, I like fonts used by the author. They look classy. Remind me Lord of the ring

2. Giant Scrabble Tiles
2 Giant Scrabble Tiles Simphome com
Monogram usually hangs in your kids’ room, but it doesn’t mean that you can have one in your living room.

If you have enough time in your hand, you can copy this idea and have a simple monogram decor that embodies a classic game – scrabble – ornamented on your wall.

Get an 8”x8” wood plaque, draw the tile you want using paint pens and once the paint is dry, apply Mod Podge onto the surface of the giant tile. And done, time to hang it above your couch.

1. Wall-Mounted TV with Hidden Wires
1 Wall Mounted TV with Hidden Wires Simphome com
TV cables is one of the most ubiquitous things in any living room and more often than not, it causes clutter, and you need a unique solution for it such as using SANUS In-Wall Cable Management.

Our last wall décor hack requires SANUS Full-Motion TV Wall Mount system and a long blog post contain complete instruction so that you can get the job done properly. One thing I can share with you, it requires some muscle work, drilling and wall cutting, moreover, if your living room sealed around drywall beside some money to purchase the system.

If last sentence you read don’t encourage you leave this post, I suggest you to check any hyperlinks you can find in this post to learn more.

Done, you just learned 10 creative DIY wall-mounted ideas that you can have in your living room. I hope they’ll make your living room look warmer and more adorable.

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