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A mudroom is a cure for clutters although most of the time we give them less love than it deserves. It’s sad but I am positive you are not one of those who will let that happen again and again without doing anything? Next you are going to count 10 awesome and worth trying mudroom make over ideas that will turn your messy mudroom into a room that you can proud of. After you watched this short post, I hope in the next couple of weeks, you’ll find your mundane mudroom turn to be a nice and comfy spot for your family and guests one more time. As always this list is crafted for you by

10. DIY Mudroom Bench with Hooks and Open Shelves
10 DIY Mudroom Bench with Hooks and Open Shelves Simphome comIf you don’t have enough space for a mudroom, try crafting a DIY bench at the awkward corner behind your front door. It would surely do in a pinch. Well, actually, you can purchase this bench in many “IKEA like stores” if you’re not up for any woodwork challenge anytime soon.

Anyway, to make this bench, you’re going to need 3/4” MDF sheets, 4 pine corbels, pine boards which are cut into strips of 17 inches, 10 inches, and 3.5 inches, MDF crown moldings, nail filler, wood glue, and screws. More about that in description area.

Since you will build three open shelves underneath the bench, you need to get wire baskets first before assembling the pieces because the shelves have to be 2 or 3 inches bigger than the baskets. So, measure the length, width, and height of the baskets, and apply it to the boards.

You can paint the bench and the wainscoting paneling the color of your choice if you want. But here is my advice, paint it the same hues as your trims and baseboards. It will bring harmony to your mudroom.

9.Small Hall Tree Bench
9 Small Hall Tree Bench Simphome comLiving in a small space is not a dead end. Cheer up! You can still do something with your home to make it look organized and clean. Let’s begin with the entryway. This small hall tree bench would fit your entryway beautifully and keep your wet coats and jackets organized.

To make this bench, you’re going need to make the sides of the bench first. And to do this, you need to cut four 2×8 pieces into 17″ each. Add two pocket holes to two of those four pieces. Then, join the one with pocket holes with the one that doesn’t have any to form one piece of sides of the bench. Repeat these steps for the other piece.

For the bottom and top pieces, your direction is almost the same with the previous one except the length of the cut.

They must be 9” longer than the first side. Then, assemble the pieces using wood glue and screws.

Once the bench is done, you can now assemble the pieces of tree hall frame and backing to bench top, and add shelf and corbels. Last, here comes the most exciting part – the finishing. For a more rustic look, if that’s your thing, you can stain and coat it with polyurethane.
But if you want to have something chic, paint it with same color you use for your baseboards and doors.

8. Multifunctional Entryway Nook
8 Multifunctional Entryway Nook Simphome comWho says a mudroom isn’t a wonderful place to hang out? This mudroom for instance. It is not only functional, it also makes a pretty good hideaway.

Just like any other mudroom before it, it features some hooks that you can use to hang your bag and scarf, two drawers that you can use to store your shoes, and wicker baskets for other miscellaneous items.

What makes this bench unique is the ultimate comfort provided by the cushions, soft seat, and beautiful star hanging on the wall. Lastly, the bench is quite spacious. Your little princess can play dolls with her friend and you can read your favorite horror novel comfortably there too.


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7.Creative Mudroom Idea on A Budget
7 Creative Mudroom Idea on A Budget Simphome comLonging for a fantastic mudroom that you can proud of, but you’re on a tight budget? Well, watch this! Let’s see if you can gather these things. You’re going to need some buckets, a ladder, a used window, and a cabinet door.

Attach the buckets to the ladder by drilling two holes on each basket and screw them on. Then, attach the used window that has been painted previously (if you want) to the wall to beef your mudroom up. And for the cabinet door, who would have guessed a single cabinet door can turn to be a reliable key holder by adding some hooks?

6. DIY Farmhouse Bench
6 DIY Farmhouse Bench Simphome comYou’ve got some hooks and you’ve also got a shelf? But where’s the bench? Okay, you’ve got new homework.

Here are the things you need:

  • (2) 2x4x8 (For the apron)
  • (2) 2x6x8 (For top)
  • (4) Osborne Wood Country Bench Legs (hard maple)
  • Wood Glue
  • DeWalt Plate Joining No. 10 Biscuits

To assemble the pieces, you need to cut biscuit slots on the edges of each of the 2×6 pieces that have been cut into the lengths of 41 inches previously. Once all the biscuit slots have been cut, begin assemble the pieces using wood glue to make the bench top. Then, make the bench apron, and – finally – add the curvy bench legs.

5. One Mudroom for All
5 One Mudroom for All Simphome comDo you often find your kids’ stuff are mixed up in your mudroom? Here is my advice. Make four compartments on the backing plate and Hang a wire basket on each compartment along with two hooks. Because everyone is going to use these compartments, attach a label on each compartment so your kids will recognize their stuff easily.

You might also want to add three pieces of wood that divide the space underneath the bench into 4 compartments. This idea will minimize the clutter.

4. Drop Spot in A Super Awkward Space
4 Drop Spot in A Super Awkward Space Simphome com jpgA three-feet empty wall space? What can we do with this super awkward corner? Because even a small bench won’t fit.

Good news, you can still gobble up this space by making a new drop spot. You only need to make a wooden panelling that holds the hooks, corbels, and shelf in place, and you’re good to go.

It’s eminently simple, but works like a charm. Find more detail in description area. What I am just telling you is merely a preview.

3. Mudroom with Chalkboard Finish
3 Mudroom with Chalkboard Finish Simphome comAre your kids always bickering about their school supplies? Well, that always happens. And it will be happening tomorrow if you don’t end this now.

One of the cool ideas to overcome this problem is by adding chalkboard finish to your mudroom. Divide the paneling into two or three areas. Add one or two hooks on each area, and add the chalkboard. The chalkboards work as a label as well. You can write your kids’ name on the board and you can also use it as a message board.

To sweeten your mudroom up, hang or put a huge photo of your kids on the shelf. And if it is possible, apply a chalkboard finish to the side-wall “if any” so you can write broadcast messages for all your kids to notice. I am pretty sure they won’t miss it.

2. Hall Tree Bench with an Abundance of Storage Space
2 Hall Tree Bench with an Abundance of Storage Space Simphome comThe key of keeping things tidy and organized is the amount of the storage space you have. The more space you have to store things, the better, just like this blue hall tree bench. You can find lots of open shelves under and over the bench. They can be used to store various kinds of different things at once and for more storage space, you can also use a large space on the shelves to store bags or wicker baskets.

1. Rustic Drop Spot
1 Rustic Drop Spot Simphome comIf you are not confident with your carpentry skills, you can use some old wooden crates and turn them into some gorgeous open shelves where you can store your shoes, boots, or even books.

Drive nails to the wall to attach two pieces of wood used to hold hooks in place and that’s pretty much it.

To jazz it up a bit, show your favorite photos off by hanging them on the wood plank and enjoy your new corner storage.

Those are 10 awesome mudrooms make over ideas that you can proud of. Some of them are easy to make while some others are quite complicated. You have my apology for that and that’s why you should not miss a link inside description area.

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