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25 Bedroom’s Bed And DIY Headboard Project Ideas

Whether you just lie on your bed or enjoy your good good night’s sleep, choosing a comfortable bed is a must. Fortunately, there are lots of beds you can choose from to meet your need and suit the décor well.
If you don’t know what to choose, I’ve listed 10-bedroom bed ideas that come in various styles (and 15 DIY bonus ideas). So, let’s check them out. Completing 10 small bedroom arrangement list published last week, this next video and list are also compiled and presented for you by

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10 Bedroom Bed Poster

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10. Simple yet Classy Bed Idea

10.Simple yet Classy Bed Ideas
This bed does not feature any sophisticated accent and curve whatsoever. It is all straight and simple, yet you can still see the classy look well.
The clean-lined edges of this bed will suit your modern bedroom immensely. Since it is made of solid ash, it will make a robust piece of furniture that lasts for a longer period of time.
Actually, you can purchase it at a furniture store. But you can always make it yourself to salt away some bucks. Do not forget to apply rub-in oil containing Tung and linseed oil for the finishing touch as it will make your bed more durable and water resistant. Add brass hardware accent on the legs to kick it up a notch.

9. DIY Hanging Bed Project Idea

9.DIY Hanging Bed via
A bed with four legs? It is a dime a dozen. What about a bed-and-swing combo? It will definitely give you the ultimate comfort that you have been longing for while offering playful ambiance. What makes it awesome is you can make it yourself. Just make sure that your ceiling is sturdy enough to support the weight of the bed and sleeper.
To make this bed, you need to get a wooden platform, lag screw eyes, and large ropes.
First, drill a hole in each corner of the platform. Install the lag screw eyes to the ceiling, and add S hooks. Thread four ropes from the ceiling to each hole in the platform, and knot them underneath. That’s it!
Follow link to learn more unique DIY Bed Project videos, you probably haven’t known before.

8. Floating Modern Bed Idea

8.Floating Modern Bed via
When looking at this bed, you might be gasping in surprise. Is it really floating? Has someone cast a spell on it?
Well, it may look as if it were floating. The truth is it stays on the ground. The key of creating a floating effect which has been widely used in modern bedroom recently is by placing the legs few inches inward from the edges of the bed. By doing this, the legs will be inconspicuous.
This white bed has proven this ingenious design. The small white legs camouflage perfectly, tricking the eyes to think that it is really floating. The crisp white finish team up with sleek design is included to enhance the modern flair.

7. Bed with Storage Idea

7.Bed with Storage Idea via
Some bedroom is too cramped to stretch out legs, let alone accommodate a bookshelf. If you don’t have enough space for all of your stuff, why don’t you just store it under your bed? Or you can try a better idea — making a bed with built-in storage.
You can make it from cinder blocks or pallet wood, which can be an affordable option. Don’t forget to apply the finish that match the walls nicely so that they will look united.

6. Bedroom Bed Ideas for Multiple Kids

6.Bedroom Bed Ideas for Multiple Kids via

Sharing a room is a good option for those who live in limited space. However, your kids may not like this idea. They even loathe it. But who can resist sleeping in this adventurous bedroom?
This bedroom packs all the things your kids need to have fun and blow off steam, thanks to the beds that are specifically designed to resemble a tree house. The bunk beds are connected each other, allowing your kids to crawl and climb.
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5. Multi-Functional Bed Idea

5.Multi Functional Bed Project by
Another perfect solution for those who are short on space, especially an apartment dweller, is by investing in a multi-purpose bed just like this one.
This platform bed offers you a one-spot for all, which can make you feel reluctant to leave it. It features a lot of built-in storage that will help you stash and organize things. It also features a foldable desk that you can use as a workspace. Now you can bring in your home office right to your bed. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Stylish Bedroom Bed Idea

4.Stylish Bedroom Bed Idea via
If you think that this bed is likely to be broken down into pieces just because it is hung from the headboard, think again. Just like many other floating bed, it is not actually floating. There must be two or more legs that support the bed.
The sleek and unique shape make this bed suit any modern bedroom well. A comfortable bed fits neatly within the frame. A wooden finish accentuates the glossy headboard nicely.

3. Shabby-Chic Bed Idea

3.Shabby Chic Bed Idea via
A shabby chic bed is offered for those who want to add femininity into the space. It usually looks like a princess’ bedroom with those fancy details. Therefore, many kids and girls are dying for this bed.
A shabby chic style is best denoted by floral patterns, soft color hues, such as yellow, blue, pink, and white, distressed furniture, and some girly motif. Therefore, to enhance this style, you should invest in a quite well-worn bed with chipped paint and carving details.
Another option that you can try is a bed with a tall and prominent headboard which is one of the significant features of this style. It can be a tufted, a French romantic, or a floral fabric headboard.

2. Round Bed Idea

2.Round Bed Project Idea via
Who says that a comfy bed has to be a rectangle? Apparently, a round bed could also provide comfort as well as an upscale look to your bedroom.
This bed, for example, is quite simple yet elegant with its unusual shape and monochromatic color hues. The bold edge makes it perfect for a modern bedroom. To jazz it up while adding more pattern, a throw and pillowcases are added.

Lastly number 1. Bed with Backdrop

1.Bed with Backdrop Idea via
The most conspicuous thing you can find in this bed is the headboard which shows the picture of bamboos with a white background, creating a soothing ambiance for a good night’s sleep.
In addition to the backdrop, the platform bed offers you extra things that could surprise you too. It features built-in shelf and side tables that incorporate additional storage space. One side of the bed has four built-in LED lights. The clean-lined edges and glossy finish definitely embrace modern style harmonically while the dark brown hues with faux grain add a little bit of Japanese style accent.
So, those are 10-bedroom bed ideas that could offer you a better sleep while improving the style of your room. So, which one is your favorite?

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Still with the list, next you’ll learn,

15 DIY Headboard Project Ideas

1-5 Doable DIY Headboard Ideas for All Bedroom Owners:

Most people think that they need to spend a lot of money for attractive and appealing headboard, but there are simple and doable DIY headboard ideas for all bedroom owners. As the name suggests, these projects are perfect for all kinds of homeowners – whether you are crafty or not. You may find it surprising that some of these attractive headboards are super simple. Don’t let the attractive look to fool you – the creative process behind it is quite easy, mostly. This is 5 Doable DIY Headboard Ideas for All Bedroom Owners by your list maker

1. Fabric Headboard

Fabric Headboard (5)
The concept is simple: you need to create a wooden frame – not necessarily the heavy or thick one – so you can cover it with fabric. Any fabric will do, depending on the theme that you like. If you choose retro theme, for instance, you can choose geometric or psychedelic theme with their own unique colors. Basically, any fabric will do (even the plain or simple one). You can create your own headboard in the simplest manner. This is a perfect example of doable DIY headboard ideas for all bedroom owners.

2. Wooden Board Headboard

Wooden Board Headboard 4
You will need to have a big and wide board. Paint it in any color that you like and just let it stand on the space between your bed and the wall. The big construction of the headboard will provide enough space to create a headboard illusion. Again, you are free to choose any color or pattern that you like. The challenge is to find quite a big wooden board. But if you are able to do this, you don’t need to have any attachment or whatsoever.

3. Wooden Planks Headboard

Wooden Planks Headboard 3 Simphome com
Wooden planks can be tied up together to create an interesting headboard. If you choose natural planks, it will deliver an appealing rustic atmosphere. In this design, the headboard comes with a vertical plank on each side to place the lamp. Depending on your preference and your artistic skill, you can create such a design or not. Basically, there are many variants for these doable DIY headboard ideas for all bedroom owners.

4. The Old Door

The Old Door 2 Simphome com
If you have an old door, why not giving it a new paint and then place it horizontally to make a headboard? If you want to, you can have a platform so you can have a wall mounted headboard. But the basic idea is to transform an old door into an interesting headboard. Any variations will do. You can have different colors altogether. You can also paint the middle part with neutral color and have black on the edges for accents.

5. The Wall Decal or Painting

The Wall Decal or Painting 1 Simphome com
If you don’t really like to attach any piece of furniture, or you have limited space inside the bedroom, why not using the wall decal instead? This is definitely a modern and sophisticated way to create a headboard illusion or effect without compromising space. Some of homeowners like this idea because it is attractive, edgy, and efficient. You can use wall stickers or DIY painting. Wall mural or wall decal is also okay. These doable DIY headboard ideas for all bedroom owners are definitely creative – you should try it.

6-10 Money Saving DIY Headboard Ideas Worth Trying for Every House Owner:

If you are looking for a way to change your headboard but you are rather low on the budgets, this money saving DIY headboard ideas can help you with your decoration purpose. On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t always have to spend a fortune to improve the look of your bedroom. Making use of any available old items will do. It is a special achievement for being able to transform those worn items into something completely different and totally functional. So, how do you improve your bed with some of these old items? This is 5 of your Money Saving DIY Headboard project Ideas Worth Trying today

6. A Corkboard Headboard Idea

Corkboard Headboard 2 Simphome com
In this project, you basically only need some rectangular cork boards and several different fabric patterns. Make sure that those rectangular boards are similar in design. Cover each board with each different fabric and secure everything. Cut a wider board or plank or plyboard so you can attach those smaller rectangular boards on the wider platform as foundation. And voila! You have your own personalized, unique, and one of a kind headboard that no one can match. (via lotsofdiy)

7. Creative and Chic Headboard by BHG

Creative Headboard Simphome com
Being creative with any used items and worn stuff can take you places in creative subjects. Do you know that you can transform old shutters, upholstered panels, or wood shims for headboards? Feel free to browse the description area for step by step directions. Basically, you can use anything that you haven’t used for a long time to create a personalized DIY headboard. Whether you want to make lacy headboard, ruffled type, or checkered headboard, the sky is the limit to your creativity. (via bhg)

8. Lighted Canvas Headboard Idea

Lighted Canvas Simphome com
How’s the idea of installing lights behind transparent canvas for the headboard? This is definitely a unique and one of a kind design. It will be able to deliver moody atmosphere – some say having fairy and ethereal effect. Basically, you need to use light canvas fabric and some little lights for the lighting. It is a simple but clever money saving DIY headboard ideas nonetheless. (via 2minuteswith)

9. A Barn Door Headboard Idea (1)

Barn Door Headboard Simphome com
Turning a barn door into a headboard is a creative idea – especially if you can add a unique lantern or a wall mounted lamp to complete the look. This money saving DIY headboard ideas may take extra effort but it is worth all of your hard work. (via thesawguy)

10. Roadkill Rescue | Door Headboard

salvaged simphome door headboard 4
Do you know that you can make use of an old door for the stylish headboard? Instead of placing the item vertically, you should place it horizontally so it will match the width of the bed. If you want to, you can cut any excess length of the door, and make sure to adjust the length with the bed’s width. It will create a unique matching appeal that feels homey and natural. It would be a great idea to paint the door first. Using natural and neutral hues will be okay, but feel free if you want to use bold colors to create modern or even retro effect. This is one of smart money saving DIY headboard ideas that everyone can try. (via interiorfrugalista)

11-15 Classic Rustic Wooden Headboard Project Ideas Worth Copying for Your Bedroom:

There are some classic rustic wooden headboard ideas worth copying that can really improve the look and also atmosphere inside your bedroom. If you are into rustic theme, using the used, old, and worn items around the house will be your best option. By turning these unused wooden items to your bed headboard, not only you can save up money, you can also have the unique and personalized items – making your bedroom different from the others. Don’t you love it when you can have the only stuff in the world – making others envious of your belongings?

11. tadalafilo alter 5 mg precio Asymmetrical Wooden Planks Headboard Idea

simphome asymetrical headboard
If you have several unused wooden planks or boards, you can arrange them in a vertical order and turn them into your headboard. To create an even unique and edgy look, make sure that they don’t come in the same length. It will create an asymmetrical look that is definitely out of being ordinary! If you decide to have a paint job, make sure to use neutral and natural colors, so you won’t lose the rustic feel. Try it and see how it improves the bedroom. (via architectureartdesigns)

12. A Beach Theme Cottage Headboard Project Idea

simphome beach cottage
On the contrary to the previous classic rustic wooden headboard ideas worth copying, this one has the wooden planks being arranged in the horizontal manner. For this one, you can choose between having the asymmetrical length or not. Even if not (meaning that the headboard has the same length), you can still achieve an appealing outcome. If you want to, add some lightings with wicker ball containers. You can also shape the wicker containers into other shapes, such as shells or stars. With simple acts, you can achieve unique beach theme atmosphere. (via beachblissliving)

13. A Wooden Frame Headboard for Murphy Bed Idea

simphome rustic murphy bed
Murphy bed is usually known as the foldable bed, where the bed has a hinge on one of the side, allowing it to be folded up. Also known as the wall bed, a Murphy bed can be useful when you have limited space in the bedroom. Just because you have this wall bed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it with any rustic theme. Why not creating a wooden frame around the bed’s frame? This kind of frame will improve the bed’s look when it is folded up or when you lay it out. You can also use quilted headboard on the inside area of the frame, which will be visible when you lay the bed out. Such interesting classic rustic wooden headboard ideas worth copying, eh? (via katie-oconnors)

14. A Natural Wooden Pattern Headboard Idea

simphome natural headboard
Do you know that you can piece together the smaller wooden planks so you can make a bigger headboard with its own unique pattern and also color? This project may take extra effort and time because you need to piece the planks together. But as you can see from the picture, it is a worthy effort. (via sawdustgirl)

15. A Barn Door Headboard Project Idea (2)

simphome barn headboard
You can attach two barn doors together and create an appealing headboard. Simply attach them together, have a slight paint work, seal with the varnish, and voila! Your headboard is ready for use. Great classic rustic wooden headboard ideas worth copying, right? (via diyprojects)

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