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10 Modern Bathrooms and DIY Improvement Ideas

Bathroom is a place where you can uninstall your stress after working all day long. Nowadays, a bathroom is as important as a living room. Many people decorate their bathroom as stunning as they can so that when they finish cleaning themselves up, they are fully recharged.

Here are ten modern bathrooms and DIY improvement ideas you can apply in your home.

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10 Modern Bathrooms and DIY Improvement Poster

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10. Toothbrush Jar Wall Decor
10 Toothbrush Jar Wall Decor via simphomeJars are very versatile. They can make a great decorative items as well as containers that offer additional storage space. And these jars can do both.
You just need some used mason jars, a board, nails, and paint. First you must repaint the board white to make it more appealing. You can also just whitewash it to accentuate the rustic look. After that, drive the nails the wall to attach the board. Using pipe clamps, hold the neck of the jars so they will stay in place.

Now you have simple yet chic containers that host toothbrushes, toothpastes, shampoo, and anything you want. It absolutely saves more bucks and makes your bathroom look more eye-catching.

9. Square Rack Bathing Wall Decor
9 Square Rack Bathing Wall Decor via simphomeIt I crucial to keep your bathroom stay clean and organized for the sake of your comfort when cleaning yourself up or doing your stuff. Therefore, having ample storage space is the key. What makes it better is storage space that can also function as decorative item.
These open shelves are simple, which is good to be incorporated into a modern bathroom that usually features minimalist design. You can use them to put your towel and any bathroom essentials.

You just need to make a rectangular shelf from the boards by joining the pieces using wood glue. Then, reinforce the joints using screws and sand the boards to remove any splinter. Stain the shelves thoroughly. Then, hang the shelves using 2 ½ “metal brackets. Make sure the top of the shelf rests on the brackets.

8. Wine Barrel Vanity
8 Wine Barrel Vanity via simphomeUsing wine barrel as your bathroom vanity is another great idea. The unique design can steal the focus of anyone who is using this grooming area.
However, preparing a wooden barrel for a bathroom vanity that is prone to humidity is not that easy. You may need some assistance from the experts to make sure that everything is installed and done properly.

7. Round Rack Bathing Wall Decor

7 Round Rack Bathing Wall Decor via simphome

This design is really out of the box. You just need to get some bamboo steamers and remove the baskets from them. Divide the space to form a few compartments in each steamer using boards or planks. Finally, hang them on the wall after being stained.
They can host your paper towels, towels, and soaps nicely while creating an upscale look to your bathroom. You may want to consider using a sturdier material like wine barrel so the shelves will be last longer.

6. Bathtub Storage
6 Bathtub Storage via simphomeIf your bathroom is pretty tight in space, this bathtub is considered as your must-have item. It has space to your soaps and shampoos underneath so they are within your reach and you can grab them in no time when needing them.
The first thing you need to do is making the frame that holds the bathtub in place. Then, you need to get some boards that will be placed on the front and right side of the frame.

You’re gonna need hinges that allow the boards to be pulled out and chains that keep them at the right angle. Inside the boards are wire racks that help you hold your bathroom essentials.

5. Wooden Bathroom Style
5 Wooden Bathroom Style via simphome

This all-wooden design bathtub can relieve your stress and recharge your mood. It will make you feel like in a Japanese spa and blend with nature. Since it is a small bathroom, you may need to install a bathtub-shower combo instead of installing both of them separately which will gobble up a lot of space. Opt for an open shelf made of wicker basket rather than cabinets that sit under your sink to open up the space.

4. Remove the Mirror Frame
4 Remove the Mirror Frame via simphomeModern bathroom is all about minimalist look and practical design without compromising the elegant touch. To upgrade your bathroom and make it look more up-to-date without making you short on cash, you can try removing your mirror frame. The clean-line edges of the mirror will make your bathroom look modern. You can also install LED string lights behind the mirror to accentuate it.

3. Elegant Modern Bathroom

3 Elegant Modern Bathroom via simphomeA master bedroom is usually quite spacious. But if your bathroom is not that big, don’t be upset! You can still have a cozy master bathroom.
Try painting your bathroom white as it is a neutral color that can expand the space visually. Let the natural light come into your bathroom to get rid of mold and make it feel airier. Besides, sufficient natural light can open up the space.
Place the shower in the corner of your bathroom so you can still have enough space to move through. Keeping the furniture simple is a great idea to tackle the limited space. Therefore, opting for furniture with clean-line edges is your greatest bet.

2. Luxurious White Bathroom
2 Luxurious White Bathroom via simphomeBringing the elements of nature into your bathroom is the great way to feel more relaxed. And to do this, you can invest in a few indoor and low-maintenance plants or pebble bath mat just like this white bathroom.
The sufficient space allows you to furnish the bathroom as you pleased. You can even place a sofa in it. but the best part is the large white pebble mat that frames the white bathtub. This large pebble mat is actually made of a large floor mat and an abundance of larger white pebbles that have been glued down onto it.

For a more dramatic look, you can add more pebbles onto the pebble mat without applying the glue.

1. Try 3D Natural Wallpaper Image by Pinterest
1 Try 3D Natural Wallpaper via simphomeThis is a modern and simple bathroom for your home. Not so much stuff here, but this tropical waterfall wallpaper can recharge your mood after working all day. You just need to buy a 3D wallpaper to infuse the charm of nature to your modern bathroom.
Now you can feel as if you were on a vacation although you are just soaking yourself in the bathtub.

Those are 10 modern bathrooms and DIY improvement ideas you can apply. Once you have updated your bathroom, you will feel invigorated.

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