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10 Bathroom Sink Ideas that Will Fix Your Mood When You Stress

Have you ever thought that your bathroom is the most precious room in your house? You don’t sleep here. You don’t welcome your guests here, either. But what would you do if you didn’t have a bathroom?

As you can see, your bathroom is not a petty room. Therefore, refurbishing it to improve its look so you can feel comfy when staying in the bathroom for a little while is a must. Let’s begin with the sink first. You might find a lot of bathroom sinks in Home Depot. But which one would fit in with your vanity and décor? Let’s check out these 10-bathroom sink ideas by

10. White Top-Mount Sink in A Gray Modern Bathroom
10 White Top Mount Sink in A Gray Modern Bathroom Simphome com
Modern bathroom usually features sleek design and simple look. It tends to avoid the use of sophisticated design that features curvy and carved edges. Therefore, if you are into the look of modern style, you’re going to need to invest in this white top-mount sink.

Top-mount sink packs a lot of benefits. It allows you to explore your creativity since it isn’t constrained by the size of your cabinets. It is also more affordable than its counterpart – the undermount sink – which is suitable for those who want to do a bathroom remodel in a tight budget. And, of course, it is easier to install as you don’t have to make your cabinets hold it in place just like what you do to an undermount sink.

9. The Power of Camouflage
9 The Power of Camouflage Simphome com
Can you notice where the sink is? I think it’s camouflaging which is good for a bathroom with limited space. One of the best ways to expand the space of your tiny bathroom visually is by harmonizing things in it. This sink, for example, has the same color and patterns as the tiles, making them flow into a unity. To better the look, ditch any legs or cabinets underneath the sink. Making it mount on the wall while keeping it simple is the best way to get a top-notch sink for a compact bathroom.

8. Undermount Sink in Mid Century Modern Bathroom
8 Undermount Sink in Mid Century Modern Bathroom Simphome com
Opt for an undermount sink if you want to have a clean and undisturbed table top, just like this sink installed in a mid-century modern bathroom. A mid-century modern bathroom focuses on functions without abandoning the aesthetic look. When we are looking at this vanity, it seems that the sink is hiding, giving a spacious countertop. Being installed underneath the counter, the sink doesn’t block the backsplash so you can have a perfect view to the entire vanity.

7. Futuristic Top-Mount Sink
7 Futuristic Top Mount Sink Simphome com
This futuristic sink would lend glam to your bathroom. The sleek surface can reflect light well. This is what you need for your compact bathroom as anything that can reflect lights can create an illusion of a larger room. And do you know what the best part is? This stainless steel sink is easy to clean so you don’t have to spend hours in cleaning up your bathroom.

6. Turquoise Glass Modern Sink
6 Turquoise Glass Modern Sink Simphome com
If you think installing an under-mount sink entails a lot of effort, but you don’t want an overmount sink to block your view, either, try installing this beautiful turquoise glass modern sink. This transparent sink looks like a crystal filled with water which gives an artistic look to cabinets. The turquoise glass finish represents the clear of the ocean, conjuring up the moment you spent your holiday on a beach. Besides, turquoise has a calming effect which is essential for those who need to stay for a little while in the bathroom. Another benefit that you can get from this clear glass sink is you can see through it so it can fool your eyes, making you think that you have more space in your bathroom.

5. Bring in The Industrial Look
5 Bring in The Industrial Look Simphome com
Many people are crazy about the unique look of the industrial style. It lends a distinctive look to any room including your bathroom. This concrete sink and vanity top will help you get a perfect industrial look that you have been longing for. As a bonus, this concrete sink is DIY friendly so you can make it yourself at home with some assistances.

Once you’ve built the upper and lower form, it’s time for you pour the concrete. Don’t forget to cover the wet concrete with plastic and let it sit for about 4 days. After that, apply a slurry coat to smoothen the surface. Lastly, apply several coats of concrete sealer for a perfect finish.

4. Let’s Dive
4 Lets Dive Simphome com
I don’t know why this bathroom reminds me of the beautiful scenery under the sea with the bluish water. Even the stones conjure up the image of the ocean and beach. Not to mention the dark gray top-mount sinks that look like two rocks sit by the shore. Everything is just perfect. One thing for sure, this bathroom will be the best hideaway for you if you need some time to release the stress, thanks to the blue LED lights that can soothe you well.

3. Single and Spacious Undermount Sink
3 Single and Spacious Undermount Sink Simphome com
Merging two sinks into one to get a larger sink is not a bad idea. In fact, it can give you an additional bath tub in which you can give your baby a bath. The size just fits him/her perfectly. This white sink is a nice choice for this dark gray bathroom. The contrasting color and bold edges supplement the boldness of the bathroom perfectly, making it look more elegant.

2. Unique and Elegant Concrete Sink
2 Unique and Elegant Concrete Sink Simphome com
Who says that a sink has to be rectangular, square, or oval? Let’s try something new. A sink with unique design that will make you feel comfortable linger over the vanity.
This customized concrete sink will upgrade your bathroom look in no time. The beige finish with a bit rough surface lends the feel of sandy beach. Since it is a customized sink, you can have some accessories added like these blue chunks that have the same color hue as the wall, beefing the concrete sink up.

1. Clear Glass Aquarium Sink
1 Clear Glass Aquarium Sink Simphome com
The last, but not least, and our favorite, an aquarium sink. Well, you know, spending time in the bathroom can be stressful if it is too blah. Plain wall, dated furniture. Boring. You also need something that can amuse you, don’t you? Try investing in an aquarium sink and keeping these cute little fish in your bathroom. The swimming fish with various colors can freshen up your mind when you are doing your business.

Now you know how to release your stress in your bathroom. And these bathroom sink ideas are really worth trying as they can obviously jazz your bathroom up.

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