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12 DIY Storage Boxes for the Bedroom, Kitchen, and Living Room

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Boxes in whatever shape or form are as much a part of our storage solutions in our homes as cabinets, drawers, and shelves.
Besides storing all sorts of items to help reduce clutter, they also play an essential role in moving.
For the most part, they remain an afterthought. However, wants to share 12 ideas to make these ever-present containers more appealing and interesting while helping organize and hide some of our things.

12 Storage Boxes ideas for bedroom kitchen and living room via Simphome.comFeatured
12 Storage Boxes ideas for bedroom kitchen and living room poster

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12. Jute Storage Box Idea12. Jute storage box by

Using a glue gun, attach the paint sticks around any sized cardboard box you want about an inch apart. They can protrude at the top, depending on how high you want your storage.
After the glue dries, you can start gluing the jute around the box, starting at the bottom and work your way up. Once you’ve reached the top of the cardboard, begin weaving the jute in and out of the sticks.
Just before you reach the top, go once around the sticks to give the rim a finished look.

11. Rolling Ottoman Box Idea11. Rolling Ottoman Box by

From four 44” pieces of 3/4”x 5” boards, cut 32” for the front and back panels. The four remaining 16” boards are for the sides. Next, saw four posts 10” long from 1-3/4”x1-3/4” wood.
Use a 1-1/2” screw to attach each end of two sideboards to two posts. Repeat for the opposite side.
Then drive two screws on each end of the two front pieces into these sideboards. Drive another screw into both posts for good measure. Do the same for the back panels.
Use 1-1/4” screws to attach six 3/4”x3” boards under the rectangular frame to form the bottom. Glue six 3/4×3” boards for the top lid/seat. Then add two perpendicular support beams just long enough to fit into the box before attaching it with three hinges.
Add four casters underneath, and use foam and fabric for the seat cushion.

10. Easy plywood storage box Idea10. Easy plywood storage box by

It’s a simple 3/4” plywood box decorated with 1” x 2” slats laid out in a mix of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal patterns.
First, build the box using 3/4” plywood. The dimensions are up to you to decide. Next, add the 1” x 2” frame edges to all side vertical sides of the box.
Then continue to lay down the pattern using the 1” x 2” trim spaced about an inch apart until you fill each side.
For the lid, cut plywood the same as the bottom’s dimensions and add a 1” x 2” trim around the edges. Attach this cover to the new storage with three hinges.
Lastly, prime and paint it to the color you like.

9. One Room Challenge Box Idea9. One room challenge box by

Cut all the top flaps of a cardboard box. Next, measure all the sides of the box and cut the outer fabric to that length.
You’ll need 2-3 inches to fold at the bottom and 3-4” to fold over the rim. Cut the inner fabric to the same length as the outer one but shorter by about 4-5”.
Sew both the outer and inner fabrics together at their correct long edges. Wrap them tightly around the box and pin the ends. Use the pins as a guide and sew the ends together.
Flip the box right side up, fold the fabric over the rim and glue it into the box. After that, glue the bottom overlap.
Cut another inside fabric piece about an inch larger than the bottom. Glue it over the two long cardboard flaps you cut earlier. Lastly, glue this new bottom inside the box.

8. Storage Cardboard Box8. Storage box cardboard box by

Before you start covering your cardboard boxes, make sure they’ll fit in the shelves that you’ll put them.
Begin by removing all the top flaps of the box with a box cutter or a pair of scissors. Next, cut and start sticking contact paper to each side of the box.
Make sure you have about a 1-1/2” overlap that you can fold at the bottom and over the top. It’s a great idea to match the patterns to make it look as seamless as possible.
After that, cut more pieces and stick them to all the inner sides, including the bottom. You can add a knob handle at the front but use a washer for the screw.

7. Craft Your Own Wine Dispenser7. Wine Dispenser by

The idea is for the box to hold a water dispenser and to fill it with wine instead. (White wine will do too)
Cut two 1/2” x 6 x 14” hobby boards for the sides. The back panel is the same length but pared down to 5-1/4” wide.
The front is 1/4” x 6” x 14-1/8”. The extra 1/8” is for the groove at the bottom cut with a router with a flat 1/4” bit. The side panels also have this 1/4” groove near the front edge.
That way, the front panel can slide down these grooves. The lid is flush with the back and sides and topped with a knob handle.
Drill a 1-1/8” hole for the spout on the front about 2-1/2 inches from the bottom. You’ll also need to cut across the panel horizontally from that height.
For the legs, build a frame with 1” x 1” boards the size of the bottom, and for two rectangular frames at the sides 4” high. Join them together at the bottom with one 1” x 1” board.

6. DIY Felt Box Idea6. DIY felt box by

Remove all the top flaps of the cardboard box. Cut two 5”x3” handle grooves at the top of the back and front sides. Then glue a paint stick behind each gap flush with the top edge.
Cut felt cloth the same size as the front with an overlap at the top that’s about 1” lower than the handle. While folded, cut the hole for the handle grooves.
On the outside, mark out the rectangular weave area with chalk, then cut vertical slits 2” apart using a box knife. Cut felt strips 2” wide and start weaving them horizontally in and out of the slits.
Repeat until you’ve filled the area with alternating weaves. Then cut all the extra strips and glue the fabric to the box.
Do the same for the backside. Repeat for the sides but without the handle holes. Lastly, also line the interior with felt.

5. Upcycled Storage Box Idea5. Upcycled Storage Box by

Again, remove the top flaps of a cardboard box. Then place it in the middle of the fabric and cut off the excess to form a cross. Ensure that the fabric panel is long enough to fold into the box and reach the bottom.
They should also be about an inch wider than the sides of the box. Begin to spray glue inside. Then fold the first panel in and press all around to remove the air bubbles.
Do the same for the opposite side while pulling the fabric for a tight fit. Next, glue the 1” overlap to the sides. Repeat for the remaining sides but fold the 1” overlap inwards for neat looking edges.
You can add a fabric covered bottom and some decorative trim near the top edges.

4. Toy Box Idea4. Toy Box by

Cut three 1”x10”x22” board and join them together with brads and glue to form the box’s front, bottom, and back.
Next, cut the two 1”x 10” sides but first measure the exact height. Attach the sides to form the box.
The lid consists of three 1”x 4”x 25” boards glued together and reinforced with three 1”x 2”x 6” pieces. You attach it to the box using two 2” hinges and with the 1x2s facing downwards.

3. Storage Trunk Idea3. Storage Trunk by

The front, back, and base panels of this trunk coffee table consist of three 1”x6”x47” boards joined by 1-1/4” pocket hole screws.
Do the same for the two side panels but with a length of only 18-1/2”. Assemble the sides with the front and back panels to form a rectangular frame.
Next, cut two 2”x4”x52” and two 2”x4”x21”. Miter all their ends 45° and join them to form the base frame. Attach the box frame on top of this one and install the base panel inside it.
Then start adding 1”x4” horizontal trim around the top and bottom of the box and vertical ones at the corners.
The lid is 3/4” plywood that’s 2’x4’ large. Two 1x4s extend the sides and finally trimmed with 1x2s all around.

2. If the Previous One Seems Tedious, Try Upgrading your Glass Box, Keepsake, or Jewelry Display2. If previous is too tedious consider taking this idea to upgrade your glass box or keepsake or jewelry display by

With the ever-reliable Gorilla Wood Glue, you can convert an Ikea glass display box into an elegant storage rattan table.
First, make paper templates of the glass panels’ inner dimensions and cut pieces of cane webbing sheets to the same sizes.
Clean the glass thoroughly, apply glue to the edges, and make corner-to-corner X patterns. Then attach the cane webbing to the glass. Do the same for all the panes.

Glue wooden blocks or 1” x1” x3” pieces of wood at the bottom four corners for the legs – and that’s it.

Lastly, Number 1. Hidden Charging Station That Camouflage Book Idea1. Hidden Charging Station That Camouflage Book Idea by

Turn a box that looks like The Bible into a secret charging station for your smartphone. You can usually find these wooden boxes in thrift stores and buy them on the cheap.
First, you’ve got to prep the box to make it look like a real book. Clean the insides thoroughly but leave it as it is.
Drill a hole at the back between the two hinges big enough for charging cables to pass through. Then begin painting the exterior white and add a subtle light brown to the faux pages.
You can run the cable through the hole and hook your phone whenever it needs some juice.


All the unique and creative ideas presented here give a new meaning to the phrase “thinking outside of the box.”
Sometimes, that’s what you have to do to make your home a better place to live and give it its unique character. Even the little things can help a lot, and in that regard – so can boxes.

At, you’ll find more useful tips to improve your home.



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