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For some people, kitchen is one of the best places to blow off steam as it allows them to cook some delectable foods and try out some new recipes. However, small space might make them – or even you – feel uncomfortable. Besides, it will also jeopardize your creativity and good mood. In this post, I am going to show you 10 wall-mounted ideas for your kitchen that will help you optimize the available space as well as accentuating the dull wall so it can boost your mood. As usual, this list is brought to you by

10. Black Matte Wall-Mounted Rack
10 Black Matte Wall Mounted Rack Simphome com
This pantry is so tiny that you can’t store your kitchen utensils here without cramming them all. The best way to organize both the kitchen utensils and spices is by making some wall-mounted racks, just like what you can see here.

The spices are stored in open shelves at the corner of the pantry, separated from the kitchen utensils. It will help you find the spices that you are going to add to your meal in no time.
The kitchen utensils are hung on three bars hanging on the black matte wall from the floor to ceiling. The S-hooks make a steady line on each bar, holding the pans and pots in place. Painting the bars the same colour as the wall can make a great camouflage, making the kitchen utensils appear to be floating.

9. Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Rack
9 Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Rack Simphome com
These stainless-steel racks are what the real space-saving is all about. Instead of investing in some wall-mounted cabinets that make your small kitchen look more cramped, you’d better install some stainless-steel storage racks.

You can begin with two or three single bars to hang your spatulas. But don’t forget to add some S-hooks to hold them. For bigger things like frying pans and pots, you can install a wider rack right beneath the ceiling. Installing a magnetic knife rack near the countertop is also a great idea so you can grab them in a jiffy, but make sure you install it high enough so your kids won’t be able to reach the knives.

8. DIY Wooden Spice Rack idea
spice rack

Many people store their spices in the cabinets by simply putting – or even cramming – them. And if you also do this thing in your kitchen, you know how hard it is to find just a single essential spice you need among the clutter inside the cabinets, don’t you?

Let’s try a better idea to store your spices. It’s a DIY spice rack. This spice rack features five open shelves that you can use to organize your spices. Don’t forget to install a thin wooden or stainless-steel bar in each shelf to prevent the spice containers from falling. And to provide more floor space, just hang the rack near the countertop so you can grab the spice you need easily.

7. White Racks with flute Glass Holder
7 White Racks with flute Glass Holder Simphome com
Having one or two wall-mounted racks above a counter-top provides a significant change to your kitchen. It allows you to have more space to work on the counter-top. Therefore, if you have to deal with the chores in your small kitchen every day, you’d better install wall-mounted racks above the counter-top to make it clutter-free.

This counter-top is clean and space-efficient, giving you a spacious top to work on. The author prefers putting bowls and microwave on the racks to the counter-top. With a same idea, you can have a new flute glass holder on the lower rack so there won’t be any mess on the counter-top. With a clean and tidy counter-top like this, slaving over a hot stove will be less tense now.

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06. Fruit and Veggie Holders
6 Fruit and Veggie Holders Simphome com
Storing fruits and vegetables in a fridge is a traditional idea. But, where should you store them if your fridge is full already? You might think that you will just put them on a tray or in a wire basket, and leave them on the countertop. That’s quite practical. But have you ever tried to hang wire baskets on the wall?

Hanging wire baskets on the wall will allow you to work comfortably on the countertop. Besides, the colours of the vegetables and fruits provide natural piece of art on your plain wall.

05 Slim hanging floating rack idea
5 Slim hanging floating rack idea Simphome com
Are you bored with the mundane look of your kitchen’s wall? Let’s perk it up with this slim floating rack.


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To make this rack, you are going to need some wooden planks. Make sure they are at the same length. Then, sand them all so they will look smooth and easy to stain. Connect all the planks using ropes or blind cords. Again, make sure the edges are equals. You can measure one or two inches from the edges to the centre before attaching the planks to the ropes.

Finally, you can hang the rack on the wall and add some S-hooks to hold small planters or your kitchen utensils.

04. Upcycling a File Holder
4 Upcycling a File Holder Simphome com
Who says that a file holder can only be used to keep your documents organized? You might be surprised with this mind-blowing upcycling idea especially if you are a novice in DIY.
Turn your file holder into a behind the door wall-mounted rack. You can hang it near the counter-top so you can get your spatula quickly. Also, hanging some colorful file holders would be nice as they can add pops of colours to your kitchen as well as keeping your clutter off your sight.

03. Wooden Pegboard idea
3 Wooden Pegboard idea Simphome com
Harness the versatility of a pegboard and hang it on your kitchen’s wall. This pegboard provides an abundance of adjustable storage floating racks. You only need to insert some wooden dowels to the holes. Make sure that the dowels have the same width as the holes so they can fit in perfectly.

You can organize your kitchen utensils and spices at the same time. Just add some boards and glue them down to the dowels so you can have racks to put spices on.

02. A pretty Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder
2 A pretty Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder Simphome com
A paper towel holder and spice rack? Why not? This paper towel holder can make a pretty good and multifunctional rack in your kitchen. With this initiative, you can reach your paper towel and spices easier. I hope. Besides, the modern design will jazz your modern kitchen up.
But if you want to get a cheaper one, you can always make one from a combination of used pallet wood and paper roll. Additional source.

01. Chalkboard Rack with Hooks
1 Chalkboard Rack with Hooks Simphome com
I know. This is not a wall-mounted rack for a kitchen, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t put it in your kitchen, right? This wall-mounted rack features chalkboard that enables you to write down a short message for your kids or husband or simple recipe. They will definitely read this message if you hang it near the fridge.

You can also store sauces, olive oil, and your go-to spices here so you can find them easily and quickly. It also features a few hooks that you can use to hang some kitchen utensils. That’s it.

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Don’t let limited space conquer your kitchen’s function and style people. Most ideas you already learned are not only worth trying but also functional and stylish. They will make a pretty good centrepieces as well I bet.

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