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70 Cheap Bedroom Storage and Improvement Project Ideas

The biggest problem you may have in your small bedroom is the clutter. No matter how often you try to organize your bedroom, the clutter will be back soon. It’s time to bring this perpetual plight to its end by adding some more brilliant yet cheap storage ideas.

So, look no further as you will find 10 cheap bedroom storage ideas (and 60 bedroom décor bonus ideas) just right here. And the good news is these storage ideas not only suit a bedroom with limited space but also any bedroom with any size. And one thing, if are now feeling tired after reading long agreement form, you can play next relevant video (Press the HD button for better learning experience:

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10. Turn Your File Holder into a Corner Table

10 Turn Your File Holder into a Corner Table via simphome comHaving a small bedroom means you have to keep everything to a minimum, which means you have to downsize the furniture you have in your bedroom. However, it can lead to another problem sometimes. You will lose the essential furniture like a side table where you can set down your phone and glasses before sleeping.
Well, if that’s the case, you can find another thing to substitute your side table. Something which is slimmer, practical, and more space-saving just like this hanging corner table.

To make this corner table, you need to get wooden file holder or magazine holder, stain or paint it as you like, and mount it to the wall using screws and washers.

Mount it near an outlet so you can recharge your phone easily.

9. DIY Bedside Caddy

9 DIY Bedside Caddy via simphome comYour bed can incorporate additional storage solutions if you tweak it a little bit by adding bedside caddy.

First, you need to prepare three pieces of fabric with different sizes. The first fabric is 16”x14”, the second is 16”x18”, and the third is 17”x22”. Fold the first fabric in half along its 14” side. Then, fold the second piece in half along the 18” length and place the first piece on it, then sew them to secure all the four layers.

Press a hem into the final piece and sew all the fabrics together. Attach a strong adhesive Velcro on the top of the back side of the caddy. Then, attach it to your bed.

8. A Jewelry Board idea

8 Jewellry Board via simphome comDon’t have sufficient space for your jewelry? Don’t worry! This jewelry board will help you solve your problem. You can attach your earrings on top thanks to the decorative aluminium sheets that allow you to do this and the artistic frame that sweetens the look.

It also has two floating shelves that enable you to display your beautiful cups and bracelet holders. At the bottom, you can find two curtain rods that allow you to hang your scarves and necklace tidily.

7. Over-the-Door Storage Rack

7 Over the Door Storage Rack via simphome comUsing every inch you have in your bedroom to store things is the best way to organize your bedroom on the cheap. Every nook and cranny counts. Even the area behind your closet door can make a perfect storage space.

You only need to buy wire racks that you can get from the home improvement store. These racks are usually adjustable so you can set the height of the racks as you please. Another option is investing in over-the-door shoe organizer. It can be used to store various smaller items despite the name.

6. Wooden Crate Shelves

6 Wooden Crate Shelves via simphome com

The best way to have a nest egg is by re-purposing what you have so you will not have to buy the materials anymore. If you can find wooden crates in your storage room or a flea market, you are lucky because they are versatile and can be turned into almost anything, especially some open shelves.

It is easy to transform a worn crate into a chic shelf. You just need to sand it down and stain or paint it the color of your choice. Then, screw it on your wall. You can also add four casters that allow it to slide under your bed.

5. Stack Up Old Suitcases

5 Stack Up Old Suitcases via simphomeIf you don’t have a side table and are thinking about getting one, look no further! You might find something that you can use to set down various things next to your bed just like these old suitcases.

Who would have guessed that some old suitcases can make a nice and multifunctional side table? You only need to get three or four old suitcases and stack them up next to your bed.

4. Re-purpose Old Drawers

4 Repurpose Old Drawers via simphomeFlea market is a perfect place to get everything you need on the cheap including old drawers that can be useful for you.

You might be wondering what old drawers can do for you. Well, when it comes to incorporate additional storage space, old drawers can do many things. You can turn them into under bed storage or wall-mounted shelves.

These wall-mounted shelves are made of old drawers that have been arranged meticulously to create an artistic look. Now you can get both shelves and wall decor at once.

3. A Simple hanging Wall-Mounted Shelves idea

3 Wall Mounted Shelves via simphomeThe area above the headboard is often overlooked. Many homeowners only focus on decorating it using mural art or paper flowers. Actually, they can have additional storage solutions that can also amp the area above the headboard up just like these shelves.

Using boards, paint, and L brackets to support the boards, a great storage solution is within your hands. Keep the shelves as close to the ceiling as possible to create the illusion of a larger room.

2. No-Wardrobe Hacks

2 No Wardrobe Hacks via simphomeA bulky wardrobe is not suitable for your tiny bedroom. You need to ditch the dream of having an elegant big wardrobe. But it does not mean you will let the clutter take over your bedroom.

You can replace that bulky wardrobe with a simpler and slimmer thing like a curtain rod. You only need to get a curtain rod and suspend it using leather cords. Now, you can hang your nice dresses there.

1. Wall-Mounted Wicker Basket

1 Wall Mounted Wicker Basket via simphomeAdd textural element as well as storage space to your bedroom with a wicker basket. Instead of laying your wicket basket on a shelf, you can transform it into a wall-mounted shelf right next to your bed. You can add a piece of board in the middle to create more space so it can host more things without making the shelf look messy.

So, those are 10 cheap bedroom storage ideas that you can copy. Well, they are worth-copying as they are cheap and won’t make you break the sweat to get more storage space. Next, we are going to learn about 10 DIY Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas. Stick with us and see you again soon!

1.Before & After: Small Storefront Makeover

Additional 1 Small Storefront Makeover before and after via simphome com2. Diy project: framed display box

Additional 2 framed display box via simphome com3. Asymmetrical Shelving System (No more info)

Additional 3 Asymmetrical Shelving System via simphome com

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5 Bedroom Decorating Strategies On a Budget:

Are you bored with your current bedroom ideas and decorations? Of course, the best thing to do is applying the new one. But if your budgets are limited, some ideas below are worth to try.

1. Re-paint and Add Wallpaper

Maybe, all you need to do is changing the main color of bedroom. For this matter, repainting the wall is the best thing to do. Besides, you can also change the wallpaper. Although you have to spend money for this, it will not be much. Make sure that the colors and details are different from what you have applied before. Therefore, the sense of new decoration can be felt more. For wallpaper, attaching it on one or two sides is necessary. (via apartmenttherapy)

2. Re-design Your Furniture

If you find the furniture is so old-fashioned, it is no matter to change it for the new one. Since buying new furniture is definitely not economical, it is better to re-design and re-build it. Sure, you should not do it by yourself. Just go to a carpenter of furniture maker and bring your old furniture. Ask him to realize the new design by using the old materials. Despite it lessens your budgets; you can share what you want regarding the furniture’s design. (via inspirationde)

3. Change the Curtain and Bedcover

This should be a regular activity once a month actually. But in general, it is one of the smart ways to decorate your bedroom. More than that, it is if you have tailoring skills. Rather than buying the new stuff, it is recommended to make them by you. Therefore, the design of curtain and bedcover can be in line with what you want. Ensure that the colors and designs are different from the old ones to bring new vibe and feeling. (via zazenno)

4. Separate the Area

separate area
What do you think about a bedroom with two separated areas? This idea is so great mainly if your bedroom is large and spacious enough. It is by separating the bedroom with stuff like wardrobe or book shelf. There will be two rooms at once; they are places for sleeping and for studying or working. Yes, it is likely building an office inside the bedroom. Despite, the bedroom looks more elegant, this idea can make you work more effectively at home. (via imgarcade)

5. Re-Arrange the Stuff Inside

Arranging the stuff and furniture in different way is also a key to change the decoration. This idea can even be applied no matter how your bedroom looks like whether it is big or small. Try to change the placement of big stuff like cupboard, bed, shelf, and dresser. Then, the smaller ones can just adapt the new decoration. You can buy some small decoration accessories like photo frame, standing lamp, clock and others to beautify the room. (via pinterest)

5 Ways You Can Get More Bedroom Décor Touch While Spending Less:

Feeling bored with your bedroom since it looks the same all year. These 5 inexpensive ideas will help to give new touch in your bedroom!

6. Change the position of the bed

bed position
The position of the bed is the main factor which makes the bedroom look monotonous. If you have small bedroom, you perhaps do not have many choices to be creative with it. But, reposition it could be effective to get a new look and atmosphere in the bedroom. Especially, if your bedroom has bigger size, you can be freer to choose the better position of the bed. You don’t need to position it against the wall all the time. You can try to give some space from the bed to the window to create cozy space for reading or enjoying a cup of coffee. (via bunz)

7. Reorganize the Artworks

There are a lot of people who like to place artworks in a good order over the wall. However, if you don’t rearrange the order for long time, this can make your bedroom to look boring. Hence, it is good to try something different such as place random art using same frame so that bedroom has gallery feel. There are many cheap frames that you can buy, whether they are from home improvement store or flea market. No matter how cheap they are, you can use them to bring new look in the bedroom. (via marathigazal)

8. Move out Furniture with less Function

Most likely bedroom look really crowded since the owners use bulky furniture and place anything inside. This not only makes the room full but also turns it to be boredom. Instead of using big furniture with single function, you had better to use smaller furniture with multiple functions so that you can maximize space in the bedroom. For instance, you can use a desk which also acts as storage. (via imgopic)

9. Tidy up the Cords

tidy up
Cords becomes problem in any room, they may dangle or tangled each other which cause clutter and makes room is unpleasant to see. It can be really boring to see these cords abandoned in your bedroom. One of decluttering ideas that work for this condition is hanging the cords into a wire basket that fastened to the desk. You also can wrap long cords with yarn or twine to prevent them from tangled each other. (via nashfarm)

10. Mount Furniture on the Wall

mount furniture
While most of furniture are placed against the wall, placing some of them like pictures, lamps or bookshelves on the wall are great to give different look in the bedroom when you are bored with common position. (via visualhunt)

5 Better Bedroom Décor Hack for Renters:

Improving bedroom décor for rental can be a challenging task. And if you have thinking that no one could help you with that job, we are here to break that assumption. Trust us that prejudice is wrong and you can proof it by learning some or all of the following list

11. The Power of Single or Two Lamps

Lamp seems to be must have fixture in any room. However, it does not mean that lamp is just normal item without any special function when it associated with decoration. A great lighting will create significant effect in the bedroom since it exudes more soothing and relaxing atmosphere. You can combine soft light of lam with bright overhead lamps for interesting space in rental bedroom. Many people even use lamps in their bedroom on the ceiling as the main light. (via proter)

12. Add Bedroom Floor with Some Layers

Decorating a bedroom is not only limited on the wall or its furniture. You also can make the bedroom look different by working with its floor. One of smart ideas that you can apply is adding some layers through rug and carpet. No matter if you already use neutral tone carpet over the floor, adding a beautiful rug with smaller size on top of it becomes one of the great ways to add some colours or pattern in a rental bedroom with an easy effort. (via domino)

13. Mirror, mirror on the wall!

Mirror plays important role in any room especially if it has limited space. Hence, adding a mirror into rental bedroom decoration is truly recommended. Decorating a bedroom by placing a mirror on one of its wall can be an instant way to create bigger illusion into this space. Mirror also has function to reflect light which enters the bedroom so that it will make the space brighter. (via mydomaine)


14. Don’t forget Window Treatment

12. Copy one of these 10 Tricks No Sew DIY Curtain Panels by simphome.comCurtains also become one of good decoration for bedroom. It does not only serve as general finished to the bedroom appearance but also add colour and pattern in the room. Besides, it adds both privacy and warmth in the bedroom as well as controlling light which enters the room. You can make an illusion of taller room by hanging the curtains closer to ceiling or choose curtains wide which exceed window frame to make the window look larger. (via home-designing)
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How to make DIY box spring covers – No bed Skirt? Fine!

15. Get Aesthetical look from Open Storage

Storage is another important furniture in any bedroom. However, when you want to rent a bedroom you need to consider storage for its function but also how it could bring aesthetical impact to the room. Open storage is actually great option for bedroom aesthetic since your displaying stuffs is more recognizable, especially if the storage designed colorfully. (via instagram)
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5 Unique Ideas How to Build Cozy Bedroom You Always Dreamed of:

Do you want to make your dreamed cozy bedroom? Such a bedroom will make you always comfortable to sleep and spend your time there. But don’t only buy words on this blog post. Try one of the next following ideas or at least get your planner and put one of the idea there

16. Grab The Good Vibes

Good Vibes can be a unique idea for building your cozy bedroom that you dream of. To accentuate it, put a Good Vibes pillow on the bed. Don’t forget to put white blanket, bedcover, and two white pillows on the white bed. It looks unique with decorative lights hanging on the wall.

Wooden flooring looks very nice to mix and match with this amazing bedroom idea. You can feel so cozy and comfortable during staying in this bedroom. Source

17. Glowing Darkness

Why don’t you create a cozy bedroom with this unique idea? You should make your dream bedroom glowing and shining at darkness. You may set bed netting around the bed. The bed netting is installed led lights so that it can light when a darkness comes.

It makes the situation so cozy and romantic. Moreover, there is a sentence on the wall creating a romantic situation in this bedroom. Don’t forget to hang on unique paintings on the wall. It improves its uniqueness of this bedroom. Source

18. Romantic Design

To create a cozy bedroom that you dream of, you can include a romantic impression to your bedroom. It can be a feature to build a cozier bedroom. The romantic impression can be got from brown bed netting, a chandelier on the roof.

The choice of bed must be matching and suitable. A white bed with brown details look great for such a romantic bedroom designing idea. You should gloomy lights to accentuate romantic impression in this bedroom. Source

19. White Netting Detail

Bed netting is useful to make your dream bedroom cozily. The bed netting is beneficial to protect from mosquitos and dust. This is working as an accessory and ornament to make it look more beautiful.

Put white bed netting around the white bed. It looks cute and nice to embelish your bedroom interior and design. Dominate your bedroom with all about white decoration and furniture items. It feels so calm, peaceful, and pleasant during staying or sleeping in this bedroom. Source

20. Fur Detailed Bedroom

The last unique design for building a cozy bedroom in the section that you dream is by inserting fur detail. In the picture you can see the fur detail is dominated by bedcover, blanket, and bedroom carpet.

It makes your cold days feel warmer while you’re staying in this room. Put white and stripped pillows on the bed to balance a fur – detailed design in this room. Wooden furniture items look amazingly marvelous when it is combined with brown carpet flooring. No reasons are explained to refuse such this design. Source

5 Fascinating Bedroom Décor Ideas That are Worth Trying:

Bedroom décor ideas are used to be common for an exclusive building and not for the common folks. However, time has change. Be one of those who break the old broken faith by following one or some of the next awesome decor ideas

21. The Luxury Concept

simphome luxury bedroom

Do you like luxury concept for your bedroom? It is right to apply this designing idea. It is really working to build a stunning and luxurious bedroom. The details are elegant and glamorous. A crystal chandelier is installed on the roof creating a luxury impression. The roof design is also unique and classical accentuating a luxury design. Wallpaper choice takes a deal with dark floral design with vintage and classical wall details. The choice of the bed is close to vintage and luxury design so that it keeps consistent to stay in the early concept for building such a bedroom. (via home-designing)

22. Functionally Wooden Design

simphome wooden design

What else is a worth bedroom design to apply? You may choose wooden design. It is all about wooden details for building your dream bedroom. There is a wooden bedroom with several shelves to keep your goods. It is a sliding bed design that can be opened and kept for sleeping. It is functional for a narrow bedroom because it doesn’t spend more spaces. The upper bed area is used to be a bed library. You can put book shelves on the upper bed area and then read the books cozily there. It is so amazing and comfortable to feel. (via architectureartdesigns)

23. DIY Red Bedroom Idea

simphome red bedroom

When you see this bedroom designing idea, it looks so simple. But, the simplicity of this bedroom designing idea can be organized easily. This DIY idea can be applied at your bedroom. Just take some additional ornaments to build it such as frames, shelves, and paintings. Those have been enough to decorate it. A simple table is set in the side of red bed. A bed is possibly made or customized to meet your expectation and designing concept ideas. (via uredisvojdom)

24. Embrace the Vintage

simphome vintage bedroom

Why don’t you take a choice of vintage idea for building a bedroom? This is worth to trying. But, you need to prepare more budgets for establishing such this bedroom. Make it beautiful with the installation of white bed netting, a classical white bed design, white shelf, white furniture items, and white curtains. Make sure it is all about white to accentuate a classical and vintage impression. Some white ornaments can be displayed on the shelves like small statue. (via fotosdedecoracao)

25. The Japanese Look

simphome japanese bedroom

If you love Japanese details, a Japanese look for your bedroom becomes a brilliant idea. You may build this bedroom carefully because you need to prepare some Japanese details such as bed, pillow, blanket, wallpaper, and furniture items. The wallpaper and pillow must have similar design in order to look matching. Meanwhile, bedroom lights look classical installed on both sides of bed. Floral flooring makes it so perfect. Though it is simple, but it is relieving your mind. (via hautecuisineimports)

5 Ideas How to Reinvent Your Bedroom Decorating Technique:

Whenever you want to add a new look in your bedroom, you need to reinvent your bedroom. This knowledge use to be scarce but not today. This day you are going to learn few simple and easy ideas how to reinvent and redecorate your bedroom.  Start from the bedding and continue with..

26. Pile on The Bedding

pile on bed
Have you ever seen some hotel’s bedroom? You may think about what does make it look comfortable? Actually, the trick is really simple. You just need to create pile on the bedding. Yes, add layers of bedding will create comfortable look in your bedroom. As we know that a bedroom should look comfortable because it will be the place for sleeping and rest. You can cover your bedroom with down comforter. It can create pile on the bedding. (via pinterest)

27. Add Some Mood Lighting

mood lighting
Actually, lighting can make your mood better. Whenever you think that your bedroom looks dull and old, you can upgrade your bedroom lightings. Today, you can find so many types of bedroom lightings. You can choose lighting based on your bedroom condition. For example if you have a small bedroom, you can set lightings in every bedroom corner. Add other lighting if you have seating area in your bedroom. Table lamp is recommended to support your activity while sitting on seating area. (via mydomaine)

28. Make It Personal

make it personal
Bedroom relates to privacy. To make your bedroom comfortable for you, make sure you make it more personal. How to make a bedroom looks personal? You can hang artworks on the wall. Today, you can create DIY artwork from things around you. You can also frame your family photos and hang it on your bedroom wall. By doing that, your bedroom will look more personal than before. Finally, you will feel comfortable in your bedroom. (via architectureartdesigns)

29. Update the Color

update the color
Bedroom color is important to consider. You can paint your bedroom wall using your favorite color. But for your recommendation, you should choose color that will make you feel calm and relax in your bedroom, such as cream, white, beige, soft brown, and other neutral color. For you who want to add accent, you can add bold color as accent. Choosing bedroom furniture set which has pattern is also recommended. It can add accent in your bedroom, so your bedroom will look unique. (via designlisticle)

30. Cover It Up

Cover it up via SIMPHOME.COM

When you need to reinvent your bedroom, don’t forget about covering your windows with beautiful curtain. Actually, curtain can give exotic look in your bedroom. Today, curtains with motive are available. Make sure you choose curtain that matches with your bedroom color. For example, your bedroom looks rigid because of white color and white furniture. You can choose curtain with motive to add accent in your bedroom.

5 Clever Tricks to get a Bedroom You Always Wanted:

Having a dream bedroom turn you happier. But that is only assumption that could to be a mystery and may be misery for the rest of your life if you stress that prediction too long. Stop that now by knowing how to get your own dream bedroom

31. Start with Your Bed

Whenever you want to get a bedroom you always wanted, consider about a bed. Yes, start with your bed. You should choose high quality linens, so your bedroom will be more comfortable. You can find so many discounts on retailer store, try to feel and touch the fabric before you buy it. If you buy high quality linens, it will last longer, even for more several years. So, you will not have to buy bed linens often. (via eminsakir)

32. A Bedroom Canopy Concept

Many people want to have a bedroom with canopy. Canopy looks so beautiful, no wonder if many people want to have bedroom with canopy. But, sometime they feel so confuse to have it, especially when they don’t have enough budget. Don’t worry about it. Actually, there are so many bedroom canopy ideas you can try as soon as possible. For example, you can use curtain and hang it on the ceiling. Other ideas are available and will not make you spend too much money for getting bedroom with canopy. (via buzzfeed)

33. Chandeliers and Decorative Lightings

Whenever you want to have a dream bedroom, make sure you consider about lighting. Actually, lighting is not only for making your bedroom bright. But, it is more than it. Lighting can give exotic look in your bedroom. For example, you can use chandeliers to give exotic look in your bedroom. A chandelier is not only good for living room or dining room, but it can be used in bedroom too. (via horamite)

34. Cozy Sitting Area

sitting area
You will do so many activities in your bedroom, so you need other area in your bedroom. For example is sitting area. Sitting area can be used for doing many activities, such as reading book. You can create a cozy sitting area by covering space in your bedroom with area rug. Make sure you choose elegant rug that makes your bedroom more beautiful than before. (via mrkate)

35. Bedroom Wall Art

wall art
Other thing you can do for getting a dream bedroom is hanging some bedroom wall arts. You can create DIY wall art for your bedroom. For your recommendation, you can make wall art that looks more personal. For example, you can frame your family photo and then hang it on your bedroom wall. You can also create beautiful painting by yourself, and then hang it on your bedroom wall. It is a simple way to make you get a bedroom you always wanted. (via homebnc)

5 Unheard Ways To Upgrade Bedroom Decor:

Bedroom should be most comfortable place because will be used for sleeping and rest. How to make a bedroom looks unique and comfortable? Here are some clever ways to upgrade your bedroom decor:

36. DIY Artwork

1.2BDIY2BArtwork via2Bsimphome.comDon’t let your bedroom wall looks pale and blank. It is time for you to upgrade your bedroom by hanging some DIY artworks. There are so many ideas about DIY artworks, such as painting, graphic, and other things you can create by yourself. Hanging some DIY artwork in your bedroom will create unique look, finally your bedroom will look fresh and new. Source

37. Put Pattern to Work

2. Put Pattern to Work via simphome.comOther unheard way to upgrade your bedroom is using pattern elements to create unique look in your bedroom. Sometime, a bedroom looks dull because of pale bedspread. So, you can change your bedspread to make your bedroom looks more elegant. For your recommendation, you can choose printed bedspread, such as bedspread with distinctive botanical design. It can be solution for adding pattern in your bedroom, so your bedroom will be more elegant and beautiful. Source

38. Create Comfy Bedroom

Create Comfy Bedroom via SIMPHOME.COM

Sometime, you may feel so confuse to upgrade your bedroom decor. The best way to upgrade your bedroom is making your bedroom looks comfy. You can cover your bed with covers made for snuggling, such as a down comforter. It is a way to make your bedroom more comfortable than before. Whenever you see it, you will also see a comfy bedroom. Other choice for you is ultra-soft eiderdown. By covering your bed using soft and eiderdown, you can create a new and cozy look in your bedroom. Source

39. Decorative Bedroom Lighting

4.2BDecorative2BBedroom2BLighting via2Bsimphome.comTalking about room decoration, we can’t separate it from lighting. Yes, lighting is very important for every room, includes bedroom. How about your bedroom? Changing bedroom lighting will create a new look in your bedroom. Today, there are so many types of decorative lighting. You can choose bedroom lighting based on your interest. Some recommended lightings for your bedroom are track lighting, pendant lighting, and many more. Source

40. Bedroom Rug

5.2BBedroom2BRug via2Bsimphome.comRug can be best element to add exotic look in your bedroom. Today, you can find so many types of area rug. Make sure you choose area rug that matches with your bedroom color. For example if your bedroom wall is white, you can choose a cherry yellow rug, because it looks like a sunshine color that add warm feeling to your bedroom. Rug can also give pattern to your bedroom. Source

5 Brilliant Ways How to Use Bedroom Décor Ideas Effectively:

Are you wondering of how to re-decorate small bedroom so it looks larger than actually is? or turn your small bedroom appear to be comfier in the eye of your soul. Look no further and focus your mind to adsorbed following 5 décor ideas that you can take without sacrificing all your saving. Which already in the low end by the way

41. Placing Mirrors on Wardrobe Doors

mirror wardrobe
The first brilliant and simple way to decorate bedroom is by placing mirrors on wardrobe doors. Not only you need the mirrors to make your reflection while dress up, but they can also give larger impression than the actual size of the room. It can make your bedroom looks to have larger space. It will give stronger effect to your room if the wardrobe is placed to cover the entire side of the bedroom. (via fukimgo)

42. Using Wall – Mounted Shelves

wall mounted shelves
The next brilliant way to decorate your bedroom using easy way is by installing wall – mounted shelves. Putting your small items like books, lamps, and alarm clocks on a table placed just next to your bed will make the room looks smaller. So, installing wall – mounted shelves to put all those small items can be a good solution for you. This enables you to free more spaces to put the other items in your bedroom. (via hkworks)

43. Using Light Color Tones

light color tone
Using light color tones is the next brilliant way to decorate bedroom, especially if you don’t have much space inside the room. The choosing of light color tones can help you to give less cramped impression to your room. You can use natural wood colors such as white and peach for the bedroom. You can apply the peach color for walls and white colors for the ceiling to create comfortable ambience all around your bedroom. (via myoldcountryhouse)

44. Do Not Get the Door in the Way

get in the way
One thing you should consider well if you want to decorate your bedroom is the door position. The door placement often becomes problem especially if the room is in small size. Just keep in mind to make sure that the door position doesn’t get in the way so the room will look larger than its actual size. Install the door properly so it will not spend much space of the room. (via ofsad)

45. Large Windows to Let the Sunlight In

let sunlight in
Lighting is very essential in every room decoration plan. Either it comes from the lamps or sunlight, lighting should be considered well. Instead of using lamps, you can get natural lighting from sunlight. It will be very good especially during summer. Installing large windows is the best choice so that you can let the sunlight in. Not only it can beautify your room but it also can save energy and your money. (via milgard)

5 Affordable Bedroom Makeover Ideas:

Donate Unused Clothes or simply close your eyes from the envious whisper resting in your soul after Instagram feed expose your eyes with terrible lies from the celebrity and spoiled kids there. This advice might be difficult for you to follow, but not really if you could put next awesome ideas while bonding with your close family member. More on that later.

46. The Chalkboard Door

simphome chalkboard door
Have you ever seen a door with chalkboard on it? This idea will surely update the look of your bedroom. This idea is pretty easy to make, what you need to do is to cut a plywood into your desired shape and paint it with magnetic primer. This paint is the one to make the wood turn into chalkboard. Then, simply install it on your door. This way, it’s not only great as great decoration but it can also be useful so you won’t forget your things. (via hochu)

47. Reuse the Old Ladder

simphome old ladder shelf
Old stuffs that are made of wood can give rustic and classy accent. So, reusing your old ladder to update your bedroom is a great idea. Its purpose is for storing clothes, shoes, and bags rack. To make one, simply take your old ladder from storage and clean it. Then, cut plywood into square shapes with width as wide as the ladder steps. Put the plywood planks that you have cut onto the ladder steps. When it’s done, you can put it in your room and start storing things. (via sverigeidag)

48. Make a Rope Box

simphome rope box
Don’t throw your old cardboard box just yet; you can change it into a decoration that will be able to make your bedroom looks updated. Simply cut the top flaps of the box, glue the rope and wind it onto the box until the entire surface is covered. If you have never been so tidy with your clothes, then you should start being tidy by putting your dirty clothes into this box. (via littlethings)

49. Donate Unused Clothes

simphome donating clothes
This idea might be difficult for you, but this is also an easy idea to update your bedroom. The fewer clothes you have, the more you gain space. Updating your bedroom means that you need to have a change of pace and view, that’s why if you have unused clothes you can just donate it. If you are the one who needs the money; you can sell them instead. (via yuvamauritius)

50. Bring the Plants in

simphome lavender
One of the cheapest and best ideas to update your bedroom is to bring your plants in. The oxygen and the fragrance produced by plants can also help human to feel more relaxed. But for your bedroom, small plants in small pots are the best choice. Make sure you water and place them near sunlight but don’t let it get direct sunlight or the leaves will change its color. (via nurserylive)

5 Tricks How to Upgrade Your Bedroom:

If we talk about bedroom, bed and pillows are 2 things that cannot be separated. If you are about to update your bed look, you might need to sew some pillow covers or not. More on that later. This is 5 tricks how to upgrade a bedroom or update it to a new level of appreciation if you success

51. Hang some Yarn Balls

simphome yarn ball

Do you know what a yarn ball is? Yarn ball is a decoration made from yarn and it gives a minimalist but also complex look to your bedroom. Simply put yarn into a container full of white glue and corn starch mixture then blow a balloon. When the balloon is fully blown, take the yarn off the container and wind it onto the balloon. Then, leave the yarn to dry. When the yarn is dried already, pop the balloon. Now your yarn has ball shape thanks to the balloons. When you have made some of it and hang them on the ceiling, this idea will update your bedroom; it will look classy, elegant, and it would be more comfortable. (via instructables)

52. Have Extra Set of Pillows

simphome pillow

If we talk about bedroom, bed and pillows are 2 things that cannot be separated. If you are about to update your bed look, you might need to sew some pillow covers. First of all, measure your pillow. Then, cut off some fabric needed for the cover and make its back panel. Next, sew the fabric together. Simply insert the pillow into the cover to use. (via instructables)

53. Floating Shelves

simphome floating shelf

To give updated look to your bedroom, floating shelves would be great idea for it. You don’t have to buy new shelves, if you have long wooden boards you can make these shelves easily. You might need to have handcraftsmanship skill to do this project. What you need to do is to clean the wooden board, spray it with waterproof spray, and make a hole on each edge. Install 2 metal floating shelf brackets on the wall so they can act as the mounts. Finally, slide the wooden board onto the mounts. Make sure the size of the holes fits perfectly with the mount. (via

54. Cardboard Decorative Letter

simphome card letter

Paper letter is a great idea to update your bedroom. It is cheap, easy, and fast to build. What you need is a sheet of cardboard and cut the same word twice (cut one more for a spare). After that, measure each edge of the letter outline to make the connectors to make it into 3D effects glue and tape all of them altogether and it is ready to be put anywhere you like in your bedroom. You can paint or cover it with decorative paper if you’d like. (via clementinecreative)

55. Reuse Old Guitar

simphome guitar shelf

Do you have an old and broken guitar that you can’t sell anywhere? Well, now the guitar will have a use once more. First of all take off the thread off and cut the front side (the one with hole) away. Sand the edge to make it smoother. Then you can make the shelves by installing your board or pallet leftover into the guitar. Tighten the shelf with screws so it won’t fall. You may repaint it if you’d like. (via hallmarkchannel)

5 Cheap Ideas How to Update Your Bedroom:

Finally, our last section. So Bedroom is the coziest place on earth for most people and you don’t want it to become boring, do you? Then what you need to do is to follow these next cheap ideas to update your bedroom’s look. Keep your spirit up and good luck with your choice

56. Clean Your Bedroom

simphome clean bedroom
Cleaning your bedroom is the most inexpensive thing you can do to make your bedroom look updated and cozier. There is no worse nightmare than a pile of dust on each thing in your bedroom. Let’s start from your wardrobe; clean it thoroughly including the top side. Then, go to the windows; make sure the dust is gone. Next, you need to sweep and mop the entire floor of your bedroom; don’t leave any spot. Finally, give a fragrance spray in your room. This way, your bedroom will look updated. (via angieslist)

57. Suitcase End Table

simphome suitcase side table
Do you know that usual stuff in your bedroom may lead you to boringness? You might want to give a new addition to your bedroom; a suitcase end table. Simply cut particleboard so it can get into the suitcase and become the base of the table. Then, buy some table legs at your local hardware store and install them on the suitcase. (via apartmenttherapy)

58. Change the Wall Arts

simphome wall art 1
You can make a framed quote by preparing 6 sheets of plywood with same size and print the quote on a paper. The paper should have the same size with the plywood sheets. Simply glue 5 of the wood sheets altogether along with the paper onto the wood. This is the main part. Take the remaining sheet and cut it into 4 pieces. The pieces must have the same width with each side of the main part. Darken them with wood stain. Lastly, glue and nail them on each side of the main part.

59. Creative Paintjob

simphome painted wall
Do you want a fancy paintjob on the wall but a professional artwork may cost you a lot of money? You can do it by yourself by using wall masking tape. The tape won’t remove the previous paintjob so this is a great tool. Simply make a pattern on the wall by using the masking tape. When you’re done, do the paintjob over the tape. When it’s dried, peel the tape off and you have your own paint art on your wall. (via kcdiary)

60. Pallet Bed Frame

simphome pallet bed frame
A bed frame is surely will make your bed looks more comfortable and it will be a great addition to update the look of your bedroom. The main problem is the price; bed risers are surely expensive. Well, it can be free actually if you are clever enough. You can use pallet wood as the riser. It is cheap, easy, and it would look fantastic. Simply take some of your unused pallets, build the bottom drawer, paint them, and arrange them altogether. This frame will give rustic accent and cozy atmosphere at the same time. (via disenowebtandil)
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