10 Cheap Bedroom Storage Ideas

The biggest problem you may have in your small bedroom is the clutter. No matter how often you try to organize your bedroom, the clutter will be back soon. It’s time to bring this perpetual plight to its end by adding some more brilliant yet cheap storage ideas.

So, look no further as you will find 10 cheap bedroom storage ideas just right here. And the good news is these storage ideas not only suit a bedroom with limited space but also any bedroom with any size.

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10. Turn Your File Holder into a Corner Table

10 Turn Your File Holder into a Corner Table via simphome comHaving a small bedroom means you have to keep everything to a minimum, which means you have to downsize the furniture you have in your bedroom. However, it can lead to another problem sometimes. You will lose the essential furniture like a side table where you can set down your phone and glasses before sleeping.
Well, if that’s the case, you can find another thing to substitute your side table. Something which is slimmer, practical, and more space-saving just like this hanging corner table.

To make this corner table, you need to get wooden file holder or magazine holder, stain or paint it as you like, and mount it to the wall using screws and washers.

Mount it near an outlet so you can recharge your phone easily.

9. DIY Bedside Caddy

9 DIY Bedside Caddy via simphome comYour bed can incorporate additional storage solutions if you tweak it a little bit by adding bedside caddy.

First, you need to prepare three pieces of fabric with different sizes. The first fabric is 16”x14”, the second is 16”x18”, and the third is 17”x22”. Fold the first fabric in half along its 14” side. Then, fold the second piece in half along the 18” length and place the first piece on it, then sew them to secure all the four layers.

Press a hem into the final piece and sew all the fabrics together. Attach a strong adhesive Velcro on the top of the back side of the caddy. Then, attach it to your bed.

8. A Jewelry Board idea

8 Jewellry Board via simphome comDon’t have sufficient space for your jewelry? Don’t worry! This jewelry board will help you solve your problem. You can attach your earrings on top thanks to the decorative aluminium sheets that allow you to do this and the artistic frame that sweetens the look.

It also has two floating shelves that enable you to display your beautiful cups and bracelet holders. At the bottom, you can find two curtain rods that allow you to hang your scarves and necklace tidily.

7. Over-the-Door Storage Rack

7 Over the Door Storage Rack via simphome comUsing every inch you have in your bedroom to store things is the best way to organize your bedroom on the cheap. Every nook and cranny counts. Even the area behind your closet door can make a perfect storage space.

You only need to buy wire racks that you can get from the home improvement store. These racks are usually adjustable so you can set the height of the racks as you please. Another option is investing in over-the-door shoe organizer. It can be used to store various smaller items despite the name.

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6. Wooden Crate Shelves

6 Wooden Crate Shelves via simphome comThe best way to have a nest egg is by re-purposing what you have so you will not have to buy the materials anymore. If you can find wooden crates in your storage room or a flea market, you are lucky because they are versatile and can be turned into almost anything, especially some open shelves.

It is easy to transform a worn crate into a chic shelf. You just need to sand it down and stain or paint it the color of your choice. Then, screw it on your wall. You can also add four casters that allow it to slide under your bed.

5. Stack Up Old Suitcases

5 Stack Up Old Suitcases via simphomeIf you don’t have a side table and are thinking about getting one, look no further! You might find something that you can use to set down various things next to your bed just like these old suitcases.

Who would have guessed that some old suitcases can make a nice and multifunctional side table? You only need to get three or four old suitcases and stack them up next to your bed.

4. Re-purpose Old Drawers

4 Repurpose Old Drawers via simphomeFlea market is a perfect place to get everything you need on the cheap including old drawers that can be useful for you.

You might be wondering what old drawers can do for you. Well, when it comes to incorporate additional storage space, old drawers can do many things. You can turn them into under bed storage or wall-mounted shelves.

These wall-mounted shelves are made of old drawers that have been arranged meticulously to create an artistic look. Now you can get both shelves and wall decor at once.

3. A Simple hanging Wall-Mounted Shelves idea

3 Wall Mounted Shelves via simphomeThe area above the headboard is often overlooked. Many homeowners only focus on decorating it using mural art or paper flowers. Actually, they can have additional storage solutions that can also amp the area above the headboard up just like these shelves.

Using boards, paint, and L brackets to support the boards, a great storage solution is within your hands. Keep the shelves as close to the ceiling as possible to create the illusion of a larger room.

2. No-Wardrobe Hacks

2 No Wardrobe Hacks via simphomeA bulky wardrobe is not suitable for your tiny bedroom. You need to ditch the dream of having an elegant big wardrobe. But it does not mean you will let the clutter take over your bedroom.

You can replace that bulky wardrobe with a simpler and slimmer thing like a curtain rod. You only need to get a curtain rod and suspend it using leather cords. Now, you can hang your nice dresses there.

1. Wall-Mounted Wicker Basket

1 Wall Mounted Wicker Basket via simphomeAdd textural element as well as storage space to your bedroom with a wicker basket. Instead of laying your wicket basket on a shelf, you can transform it into a wall-mounted shelf right next to your bed. You can add a piece of board in the middle to create more space so it can host more things without making the shelf look messy.

So, those are 10 cheap bedroom storage ideas that you can copy. Well, they are worth-copying as they are cheap and won’t make you break the sweat to get more storage space. Next, we are going to learn about 10 DIY Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas. Stick with us and see you again soon!

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