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10 Bedroom Sofa Ideas

Time flies when your brain experiences inactivity temporarily during rush hour. Unless you are behind a car steering wheel, that experience should be normalized or encouraged. During regular hours, however, those same experiences become a recreation. A special event people hardly acquire when laying on top of a rock solid surface made of granite or wet mud. Here, we present alternative ideas on how to get that same recreation sensation even when accessing a plump, warm and comfy bed is currently impossible.

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A sofa is an excellent addition to a bedroom. Whether the bedroom is small or large, adding a sofa is a matter of measure and taste. It should allow you to walk easily around the room. The size of your room determines the dimension of the sofa. It would help if you also thought about where to locate it. Placing it at the foot of the bed produces a separate area.

On the other hand, positioning it alongside the wall facing the mattress or near the window is great for reading during the day. Nevertheless, what kind of sofa do you have in mind?

Do you already think of a spot for it? Do you want to make it yourself or purchase one? If you are looking for some reference, see the following ten-bedroom sofa ideas. One of them may suit your bedroom style. As usual, Simphome presents you with the list.

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10. A Wood Pallet Sofa Idea

10. Wood Pallet Sofa by
Do you have an unused mattress? With some pallets, you can turn it into a lovely sofa, even for your bedroom. Follow these instructions to reproduce this unique pallet sofa:

  • Measure the mattress you have. Its thickness indicates how high the chair legs and arms would be.
  • Then, cut the woods and give them a good sanding.
  • The next step is building the frame. You may add wood in the center for extra support, so the weight doesn’t rely on side joints.
  • To make it more artistic, arrange planks with different lengths for the backrest. When you have finished the frame, give a coating to make it durable.
  • Now, place the mattress and add cushions, pillows, and blankets.

Sitting across it while reading must be heaven.

9. A Platform Sofa Idea

9. Platform Sofa by
The single–bed base is a good option if you want to create a sofa for lounging while reading by the window. It just needs your ability to sew. Moreover, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Take a look at the following general instructions.

  • The first thing to do is assemble the base. After that, cut foams to fit it.
  • You can stick two pieces of foam together to raise the platform. Then measure the high, length, and width of the foam.
  • Now take upholstery weight fabric and chalk it based on your measurement.
  • Add some extra inches for seaming and cut two same pieces for the top and bottom.
  • Do the same for the sides but cut three pieces for the long sides.
  • Then start sewing the pieces together.
  • Take two pieces for the long side, and put one overlapping the other. This will be the place to insert the foam.
  • Sew the sides, then attach the top and bottom pieces by pinning the fabric.
  • Sew them together and do it slowly on the bulky area -corners and overlapping front.
  • Now you have the bed, and the rest is making the bolster and pillows.

8. A Daybed Sofa Idea

8. Daybed Sofa by
One of the comfortable sofas for the bedroom is the daybed type. This sofa is best for small rooms because it can double as seating by day and bed for night time. The side rails allow you to recline, sit up, and get off it quickly. Tap into the space below for extra storage using a chest or trunk to make it more functional.

It would be best to place this daybed along the wall for more support. It will look more appealing with the wall against it. The fabric for the mattress and cushions should complement the frame material. In this picture, rattan with an ethnic pattern creates a vintage feeling. It is very nice when combined with a patterned runner.

7. A Convertible Sofa Idea

7. Convertible Sofa by
This sofa has three advantages – a comfortable sofa, a built-in table, and a fold-out bed. The sleek modern design is ideal if you lack space for a bed. It makes your room look simpler and feel larger. You can add decoration by placing a runner in front of it and putting some cushions here and there if necessary.

Compared to other DIY sofas, this one is the easiest. You can use a long single wood plank for the base and another to support the back. Just don’t forget to sand it beforehand to remove any smudge that can damage the mattress and coat it to make it durable.

6. A Classic Upholstered Sofa Idea

6. Classic Upholstered Sofa by

If you don’t have the skills to complete your own bedroom sofa, you should prepare an extra budget to purchase one. While comfortable and pleasing to the eyes, the couch should be durable and easy-to-clean fabric. There are some materials you could choose for your upholstery sofa.

  • The first option could choose leather because it is easier to clean than other materials. We will discuss later on how to maintain a leather sofa.
  • Second, vinyl, or faux leather, you only need to wipe it down if you have found dirt and stain on them.
  • Third, fabric, such as velvet, is the most common material.
  • Last, microfiber will age with perfection. Additionally, not only will microfiber become a cheaper option, but it is also claw resistant. So, it’s the right choice if you have a pet home.

5. A Leather Sofa Idea

5. Leather Sofa by
A leather sofa in a bedroom creates a mood for getting lost in a book. It also incorporates more character into the room. However, it needs careful care and attention to maintain its timeless look. As my takeaway, keeps it in its pristine condition by following the next tips.

  • First, clean it regularly. Twice a week will do if you often use the sofa.
  • Clean every part to avoid color alteration. Use a soft cloth to brush off dirt and dust. Use a damp cloth to wipe the upholstery but take care not to soak the sofa.
  • Use a cleaning product to cleanse and treat the tested sofa, and work on leather regularly. Then leave the couch to dry naturally.
  • Second, regularly add conditioner to the sofa to prevent it from losing its oil to not dry and crack.
  • Third, put your sofa away from sunlight or other heat sources because it can cause dryness and cracking.
  • Fourth, preserve its natural shine by buffing it with a microfiber or soft cloth. Do it after your sofa is dried after cleaning.
  • Lastly, plump the cushions daily to maintain their shape.

Follow these tips, and your leather sofa will hopefully always look awesome (do it because that’s the only way to find out).

4. A Fainting Couch Concept

4. Fainting Coach by
A fainting couch is an irresistible option for almost any size of bedroom. Although it needs special carpentry skills, you have all time in your hand, and you should not have to come up with the best outcome. There are many examples of this sofa on the internet, but making it with your sketch will add to your personality.

  • After you decide on the sketch, start building the frame.
  • Shape the boards for the arm and back with a pencil and cut them carefully.
  • After that, assemble the frame, arm, and back.
  • After the frame has finished, the next step is making it fluffy, padded, and upholstered.

3. A Luxurious Sofa Idea

3. Luxurious Sofa by
Bring luxury into your bedroom with the right sofa. This one, for example. Don’t worry. You can replicate the model without overspending your effort.

  • The first things you need to know that make it look luxurious are its material and color. So, choose the right material and color that you like.
  • Best use bold color to make it contrast with your surrounding. Your coach will be the focal point that draws eyes when entering the room, so decide wisely.
  • Next, choose easy-to-maintain materials, so you will not need to be busy cleaning, buffing, and puffing them.
  • The last step is placing it where you will look first when you enter the room.

2. A Cozy Napping Sofa Idea

2. Cozy Napping Sofa by
The Armless sofa looks comfortable and inviting in different types of spaces. What more? Since it doesn’t have an arm, you have more freedom to stretch your legs. It will also look good against the wall or at the end of your bed.

Although it looks bulky, It is surprisingly fit for almost all types of small rooms. Put it in a corner near the window, and you will get your rest while enjoying the fresh air, beautiful landscape, and natural light. One thing, keeping it bare with only one or two pillows will prevent your interior from looking too full.

Lastly, Number 1. Sofa with Shelving Idea

1. Sofa with Shelving by
What is better than a sofa that comes with additional storage? This sofa, for example. It has two shelves you can use for your favorite book collections or anything else. You can hang other accessories behind by adding hooks.

Unfortunately, this sofa cannot be placed alongside the wall or at the foot of your bed. You need to position it in the center or side with enough space between it and the wall. In that case, this sofa is the most suitable for a larger bedroom. Or, you can just put out the bed and let the couch be the room’s focal point.


Adding a sofa to the bedroom is about style, and successfully picking the right design will turn your room at its best. Whether you build the couch by yourself or purchase a ready-to-assembled one, choose one that offers you the most comfort and personality. For more detail and other inspirations, head to the next reference links.

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