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10 Small Closet Addition and Relevant Organizational Options

You can tackle organizational challenges by buying less or donating more. However, these ideas are sometimes not plausible for those with emotional attachment to their collection. Are you one of that people? And are you need help with it? Let’s find out.

But before we focus on our main topic, let’s find out.

10 Ingenious Ways to Maximize Your Small Closet Storage Space

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Storage spaces aren’t always large enough to hold everything we’d like.

A small closet typically requires more organization than larger ones because it lacks space for storage and often isn’t designed very well. A cluttered closet also results in aggravation, stress, and time spent searching for items.

A recent OnePoll survey revealed that three in ten women believe an organized closet would make their mornings less stressful. This same survey also showed that 47% of women struggle to pick a work outfit from their closet.

Closet organization is often a source of stress because we feel overwhelmed by our messes.

However, closet disarray undoubtedly has a lot larger influence on your day, starting less than productively than indecision, which might contribute to how much time is lost.

That’s not to say larger closets are easy to organize, mind you. You just have more room to make mistakes with the storage optimization of the space.

How do you optimize your limited closet storage space?

A small closet can be found anywhere, even in older homes and smaller apartments. But how do you maximize its full potential?

Your closet organization issues lie with smart storage and organizational solutions that facilitate better space management. Being more selective about what’s stored in your closet also helps.

Small closets aren’t just for storing clothes; you can also use them effectively to organize items in your home. We’ll share some tips for maximizing your small closet storage space.

10. Keep things neat and tidy

When you have limited closet storage space, you must be picky and selective about what goes into your closet. You just don’t have room for clothes that aren’t even worn. Or never worn.

A recent survey revealed that American women have an average of $550 worth of unworn clothes in their closets.

Pare down your closet wardrobe so that every day and weekly clothing favorites are prioritized. In chaotic closets, clothing is misplaced and buried. You’re considerably more likely to wear a piece of clothing if it is readily accessible in your closet.

Additionally, if you wear it frequently (or at least semi-frequently), it is worth the priceless small closet storage space.

9. Install closet organizers

A custom closet organizer is a better option than the ones you’ll find at a big box store because it fits perfectly around your existing furniture.

You can customize custom closet organizers to fit perfectly within your small storage space.
When building your custom closet organizer, you will take every precious square inch of the limited space in your wardrobe into account. That makes it as functional as possible.

Thanks to its range of design options, you may personalize your closet space and the interior décor of your home with a custom closet organizer. The SmartLine and Classic organizers give you plenty of storage space and organization options.

8. Keep seasonal clothes in large closets instead of small ones.

Keep seasonal clothing stored elsewhere than your small closet storage space. If your closet space is limited, storing clothes only worn for half the year makes little sense.

Consider storing some of your out-of-season clothing in suitcases to free up room in your closet.

7. Use every inch of space available.

Use a sturdy step stool (like the SlimStep ladder) to access those difficult-to-reach upper closet locations. These are useful all over the house.

If you have limited closet space, maximize the storage space by adding small baskets to hold items that aren’t often used. You can pull them forward when needed.

A designer can evaluate how much storage space you have in your closet and recommend ways to maximize its potential.

6. Use these extra room storage ideas.

Look to additional bedroom storage options to reduce clutter in your closet. This will free up some room in your smaller closet.

  • Bed Surrounds: With This Ingenious Integrated Storage Solution, Your Bedroom’s Usable Storage Space Increases Significantly.
  • Dressers: Be careful to fill your dresser drawers with everything that can be removed from the closet while keeping them useful.
  • Wardrobe: Complement your small closet storage space with a fashionable custom wardrobe
  • Create-a-Closet®: This Unique Storage Idea Lets You Add A Closet Anywhere.

5. You can add extra rods if needed

Hang additional hangers in your small closet storage space if space permits. This helps maximize the number of clothes you can hang on your existing hanger rod without causing wrinkling.

A low hanger bar makes room for shorter items like pants, shirts, and skirts while leaving plenty of extra storage space above for longer pieces.

And you can also hang a shorter perpendicular rod to maximize your small closet storage space on a side wall. This just means the rod is hung from front to back in the closet, rather than the traditional side-to-side.

Hang certain types of clothes (such as sweaters) rather than folding them because this saves room and makes it easier to access items later. Folded jeans can be stored in drawers or open shelves, saving even more space.

4. Use closet accessories to organize clothing and other belongings.

Use the right closet accessories to instantly improve the functionality of your small closet storage space. Closet accessories don’t usually take up much room. That’s important since you only have so much space to work with. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hooks
  • Valet Rods
  • Tie rack pullouts
  • Slideable storage compartments

These compact organizers provide ample room for storing shoes, bags, scarves, belts, and other items while keeping everything organized and accessible at any given moment.

Other useful accessories in small closets are pullout pant racks, shoe racks, and a flexible four-position hanger.

3. Get your other closet organized.

Make a thorough inventory of your possessions and get rid of anything unnecessary or not useful or only leave you with emotional mean. Remove any unnecessary items from your closet because clutter causes chaos across your home.

Closet organizers and accessories aren’t just for bedrooms. They can work wonders in linen closets, laundry rooms, front entryways, and home offices.

2. Add a large walk-in closet

You can also create a dressing room if you have a spare bedroom. This allows you to maximize your wardrobe while keeping clutter at bay.

Your small closet storage woes will vanish when you have a large dressing room to house everything that won’t fit in your small closets. Besides adding luxury style to your home’s decor, dressing rooms also open up your clothing storage options on a grand scale.

For dressing rooms and walk-in closets, a Monogram range of custom closet cabinetry from is ideal. You can completely customize your large closet space thanks to the variety of luxurious finishes and the countless built-in accessories.

Find out more about small closet storage solutions.
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Most of the ideas will demonstrate how your storage and organization options will enhance the functionality and appearance of your small closets.

Before we move on to the main ideas of this page (including a video), you may wonder how to build a Closet where no space is left for it.

Allow us to offer you some perspectives.

1. How to Create a Closet Where None Exists

There are many ways to add storage space to your home:

  • Build in shelves.
  • Opt for a walk-in closet.
  • Frame out a new closet–the list goes on.

Although adding a closet is not difficult, it will probably cost more than organizing an existing one. Therefore, explore all other storage choices before committing.

Adding a closet to your home is a great way to organize your clothes. Many options are available depending on what type of closet you would like to add. You have several options, including buying a standalone wardrobe, building one, choosing an open closet, framing a new closet, and making one out of “found” space.

Whether you renovate your existing home or purchase a new house, the decision largely depends on how much space you can afford, what type of budget you plan to set aside for this project and whether you require a permanent or temporary solution.

Option 1: A Freestanding Wardrobe – A Quick and Easy Way to Add a Closet

Freestanding wardrobes can be great space savers, typically constructed of plywood or fiberboard. While a conventionally framed wardrobe takes up 4 or 5 inches of space on three walls (taking up 6 or 7 cubic feet), freestanding units waste almost no space on construction. They can also be placed either against a wall or several feet into a room, effectively creating a walk-in closet.

Option 2: A built-in wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe is a more permanent solution. It may be constructed of wood, steel, or any combination thereof. It may be built in a single cabinet or multiple cabinets. It may even be built behind a wall of sliding doors.

Multiple built-ins make better use of available space than freestanding wardrobes but are also more costly. Arrange multiple built-ins in rows or angled against walls to maximize the use of corner spaces. Plan to utilize spaces between units.

Option 3: An Open Closet

Open closets are made using closet organizers, but walls or doors don’t enclose them. They are typically used in garage spaces, sewing rooms, crafts rooms, playrooms, media rooms, home offices, and bathrooms. There are many closet organizers, such as solid wood, melamine-coated fiberboard, and coated wire. You may create an open closet for very little money using a clothing tree, a back-of-the-door rack, or a closet pole strung from hooks.

Option 4: A Conventionally Framed Closet idea

A conventionally framed closet is a permanent structure usually constructed within the home. A stud wall runs from floor to ceiling, is covered with drywall, and then painted.

Your preferred doors are installed in the aperture, and the trim and door hardware are picked to complement the decor of the adjacent spaceThis type of closet requires some basic skills in framing and drywalling.

Open 5: A Found-space Closet

In “found” spaces, you can also add a closet.

  • This approach is often less expensive than others because the enclosure already exists.
  • Common locations include:
  • Under stairs
  • At the front of a kitchen cabinet run

If there is no roof above the area where you plan to hang the tent, consider adding a ridge pole so that the walls don’t collapse inward when the wind blows against them.

You can use a spare room as a walk-in closet and then convert it back into a bedroom should you decide to sell the home. A typical bedroom adds more value than a closet does.

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10 Small closet addition Video

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Small closets have helped many to organize their clothes well. They also assist children in keeping their bedrooms stay tidy. Unfortunately, they can no longer perform well due to the limited space. We have summarized our top 10 small closet additions to help you maximize the limited space that your compact closet has.

10 Small Closet Addition Poster

10. Create a closet organizer for cheap

If you’re looking for a simple solution to organize your clothes, look no further than these DIY closet organizers. They’ll save you money and time and won’t take up much space. Plus, you can customize them to suit your style.

  • Start by measuring the length and width of the closet. Use painter’s tape to mark these dimensions onto the walls of your closet.
  • Then cut along the lines you just drew. Be sure to leave enough room at each end of the closet to attach shelves.
  • Next, get some 8’x12″ MDF boards and cut them to size. You can begin with creating the shelves in the middle to store purses and T-shirts.
  • First, hang a shelf using nails or screws into the wall. Next, place another shelf over top of the first shelf. Continue adding shelves until there is enough room to hold all of your shoes.
  • Next, lay down two pieces of plywood across the ends of the walls. Then, cut four pieces of wood to span the length of the sides of the project. Attach these to the walls using screws.
  • Next, cover the whole thing with painter’s tape.
  • Paint the shelves white.
  • Use chalkboard stickers to write your kids’ names on the front of the shelves if you want but ensure sure they’re facing the middle of the room.

9. Consider buying drawer dividers

Clear plastic drawers are a must-have item for any closet. They organize clothing or underwear into neat order and prevent clothes from getting tangled together. Clear drawers also look attractive and add value to your wardrobe.

Dividers are valuable tools to help you organize your bedroom drawer. They separate your little garments into individual compartments, allowing you to find what you’re looking for easily. If you buy clear plastic drawers, you can see inside them and find items easier. They are also useful for storing smaller items like jewelry and coins.

8. Adjustable tents offer greater versatility than rigid models.

They allow you to move them around quickly when necessary.

A fixed hanging closet may look good and give your room a more finished look. However, it is not a good choice for those who have to get by with limited space. You can opt for adjustable shelves, instead.

Adjustable hanging rods don’t let you move them around, but fixed ones don’t allow you to raise or lower them. A flexible closet system enables you to change the position of the rod and shelf, so you can add more hooks or remove them altogether. This way, you can create more hanging areas to suit your needs.

7. A shoe storage organizer idea

storage ideas when you don t have a closet Lovely Master Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas Home Design Small Clipgoo

If woodworking is not your strong suit, you may try buying hang storage containers from an offline store or Amazon.

It doesn’t take up room when you don’t need it. It keeps your closet neat without a complicated set-up.

They’re usually pine but can also be cedar, redwood, or oak. These containers are ideal for storing tools and supplies. They can also double as attractive display pieces.

Hanging clothing racks like this allows you to see your wardrobe at a glance easily, it takes up little space, and if you move to a new place, you don’t need extra time to disassemble it.

This style of the container has been around for centuries. People used linen drawers to store linens in the past, but these days they are mostly used to organize jewelry. If you’re wondering how durable they are, you’ll see that they usually come with metal frames to ensure durability and sturdiness.

6. Purchase multiple hanger sets

Sometimes hanging clothes on too many hooks can lead to problems. Hanging clothes on too few hooks won’t solve the issue either. So, adding more hangers is worth considering.

You can use these double-hanging hooks to hold more items at once. They work well if you install too high rods, but they’re still helpful if you install them lower.

You don’t have to fold your coats any longer because there is enough space to put them up.

Still about limited space management,
Our blog post, “10 Ideas on How to Make Your Small Closet Feel Double in Size“, will be an excellent resource you can utilize to improve your organizational skill or more. Later, your prospect may find new confidence to buy your property without negotiation after finding your incredible closet organization.

With that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. Remove any scarves and belts before laying down

Do you often find yourself struggling to hang your clothes correctly? Or maybe you just don’t like searching through piles of clothing to find something specific? Then you should try hanging your clothes instead of folding them. Hanging your clothes is much easier and faster than folding them; they also look better.

5. A Simple scarves and belts management to inspire you

Create custom belt/scarf holders using PVC pipe and zip ties.

To make the scarf organizer, you will need a piece of 11″ x 26″ MDF or plywood, one 26″ long piece of 1×2 poplar, drawer slides, towel bars, and gold spray paint.

  • Start by attaching the drawer slides to the back of the top and bottom of the MDF. Then, screw the towel racks on the front of the board.
  • You’ll need to cut four pieces of wood at 11″ long, 2″ wide, and 1 1/8″ thick. You’ll also need to rip a strip of 1 x 2 pine into strips 1 1/8″.
  • First, screw in lots of hooks to hold the belts. Then, attach the board to the closet with a 10-inch drawer slide.

4. A Simple mirror means a lot inside a small closet

Consider adding a mirror if there isn’t enough space for storage under the bed frame. It allows you to see yourself while changing clothes, applying makeup, etc., without bending down. You’ll feel better about going outside after seeing yourself in the mirror.

You don’t necessarily need to buy new clothes to update your wardrobe. Here are four ways you can revamp your existing clothing collection. Mirrors work well in small spaces like closets and dressers, but they don’t do much for larger rooms. To maximize their usefulness, hang several mirrors at various angles throughout the room.

It would be best to never hang mirrors directly over furniture; instead, put them against walls or corners. Also, avoid placing mirrors near windows since sunlight reflects off glass surfaces and can distort images.

You don’t need to buy new clothes just because you’re going somewhere special. There are plenty of ways to dress up old outfits. Here are five easy tips for looking stylish no matter where you’re headed.

3. A straightforward DIY shelf dividers for better organization on the cheap

Some of you may like storing piles of T-shirts and thick sweaters on a shelf. However, they may overlap and create a mess in your closet.

If you’re looking for a way to organize your kitchen shelves, consider investing in a set of magnetic dividers. They’ll allow you to easily separate items like spices, utensils, and baking supplies into neat little compartments. Clear dividers also work well; they let you see everything simultaneously but provide separation.

If you’re looking for a way to add storage space to your bedroom, look no further than these DIY wall shelves. They’ll take just minutes to put together and won’t break the bank either. You only need a few wood, screws, glue, and paint pieces. We’ve got step-by-step instructions here to help you put them together.

2. Garment organizers with labels

Sorting your clothes can help you save time, especially in a hurry. Garment organizers help sort through your clothing quickly. They allow you to find items easily and organize your closet.

Garment organizers don’t have to be expensive. You can make them yourself and add labels, so you know where to find your clothes immediately. They’re visually appealing, too, which could improve the appearance of your closet.

Lastly, Number 1. Over-the-door shoe organizer

Racks are a great way to organize clothing, shoes, and accessories. They’re also helpful for storing items like towels and blankets.

If you’re looking to organize your shoe collection, try storing them in a shoe box instead of hanging them on the wall. That way, they’ll stay neat and organized, and you won’t have to waste time searching for the pair you’re looking for.

In conclusion:

If your closet feels a little bit claustrophobic to you, do not be discouraged. Despite the limited space, you can still employ one or more of these ten small closet extension ideas to recover the precious time your clutter used to rob you of when it was least expected.



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