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10 Small Bedroom with Big Bed Ideas

Trying to figure out how to make the most of your small bedroom? Turn your small room into a cozy, comfortable space by creatively designing it with furniture that opens up space more.

Here are ten ideas for small bedrooms that will create the illusion of more space.

Key Points:

  • The first thing you can do is use the space below your bed. Buy a bed that opens up the ceiling using folding bed rails, then shut your existing headboard and put it in storage. This idea opens up the entire room, giving you more light while still maintaining privacy and atmosphere.
  • Mix and match furniture to maximize space: Find furniture that can be opened up or folded down to open up more space but keep most of your furniture in place for when you need it.
  • Use tall storage bins for storing items like shoes and laundry baskets to create an instant place for everything you need.
  • Open up the wall spaces to create more space by folding down the wall
  • Add a trellis or shelf to make the most of the space above your bed to create a private reading nook.
  • Add storage furniture like baskets or shelves to maximize your space.
  • Take advantage of wall space by using it. For example, add hooks next to your headboard to hang your suitcases while you are away on vacation.
  • Ergonomically designed furniture that opens up the room without sacrificing comfort and style gives you more function without sacrificing area in your small bedroom ideas. These types of pieces allow you to create more space visually and functionally and ergonomically feel better while using them. This style increases functionality and form in a small, comfortable area.

The mattress plays a significant role in carving out a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, a small bedroom does not allow you to have a big bed that enables you to sleep comfortably. As a result, you have to put up with a tiny bed that will limit your movement.

It is not always true since you can still have a comfortably sized bed despite the limited space. To make this idea work, you need to check these 10 small bedrooms with big bed ideas that help you get a good night’s sleep without sacrificing comfort and style. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Small Bedroom with Big Bed Poster
10 Small Bedrooms with Big Bed Poster

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List Entries:

10. Begin with Cooler Hues

White has always been renowned for its magic that can brighten up every dark corner, making a small room look bigger and feel airier. Nevertheless, too much white can lead to a cold and super hygiene look, which can be somewhat uncomfortable.

If you love white and want to alleviate its sterile and cold look, you can try embellishing the space with a few pops of color.

Another option you can try, especially if you are not into white, is applying a soft, light color palette. For example, you can apply light purple, blue, or green to the walls because they belong cool hues that will make your bedroom look more spacious.
On the other hand, warm hues, such as red, orange, and yellow, offer the opposite effect. Therefore, make sure you avoid these colors.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. How to choose the best mattress for a small room?
    Answer: Most of you, especially those who live in small studios, tend to buy the smallest mattresses. When you measure your bed before buying a mattress, make sure that it isn’t any smaller than 54 inches by 75 inches. This detail is the ideal size for a single bed (twin).
  • No 2. Best mattress for narrow spaces?
    Answer: The best mattresses for narrow apartments are the memory foam ones. They expand quickly and offer optimum comfort, unlike other models that take forever to inflate and require constant turning over to prevent being too springy or hard. Memory foam mattresses don’t have any of these problems.
  • No 3. Where to buy a mattress for a small room?
    Answer: Sometimes, you may find that the size of your room is too small to accommodate your standard-sized king-sized mattress. In this case, you may decide to purchase a queen-sized mattress. It’s advisable to go on the Internet and look for online shops that sell queen-sized mattresses since you can buy them at very reasonable prices.
  • No 4. How much space do I need for a king-size bed?
    Answer: A king-sized mattress should be 10 inches narrower than your bedroom. If your bedroom is already very small, it would be best if you purchased two smaller mattresses and joined them together.
  • No 5. How to set the foundation for your bed in a small room?
    Answer: If you have the space to spare, the most practical way to create extra room in your bedroom is to add a few shelves. You can simply attach them near the wall and stretch it around.
    You can also add these shelves on top of an existing bed, which will serve as a good foundation for the mattress and make it more spacious.
  • No 6. How to design a small “smart” bedroom?
    Answer: You can turn any small room into a much-needed space by using a storage unit or large storage bins. They are spacious enough to store all your small stuff and still have enough space for other things you may need during the week, such as an extra chair, computer desk, or laptop table.
  • No 7. A guide to Buying Bunk Beds that Work in Small Rooms
    Answer: To make the most of a small bedroom, you should consider the purchase of bunk beds. They are roomy enough for two people and can store tons of stuff underneath. To get the most out of your bed, buy models that offer drawers and shelves.
  • No 8. How to put Beds Together in Small Bedrooms
    Answer: When you have a small bedroom, you must use all available space as effectively as possible. One way to do this is to put your bed together and make sure that it’s outfitted with drawers where you can store extra blankets and sheets, so they aren’t cluttering up your room’s floor space.

9. Be Mindful of the Position of the Bed

Once you know what color hues you will use for your small bedroom, it is time to set the layout of the bed.

As the most oversized furniture, the bed should come into the room first because it will determine the remaining pieces.

Because of the limited space, you might want to shove your bed against a corner. Instead of placing the bed in the corner, you had better position it in the middle against the longest unobstructed wall – it is the wall with few to no windows or doors. This way, it can be an epic focal point.

Besides, this layout allows you to access the bed more easily. If you position it against the wall with the entrance, you or your spouse may have to travel around the room to get into the other side of the bed.

General instructions:

  • Step 1: First, you need to separate the area into smaller and more manageable parts. Mark out with a pencil where your bed and other things will go.
  • Step 2: Next, you should start with the bed’s position. It is better to put it against a long wall without windows or doors. This idea will allow you to have enough space for your nightstands, alarm clock, lamp, etc.
  • Step 3: Now that the bed’s position is decided, you have to fill in the remaining spaces with chairs, tables, or storage units. Make sure everything goes nicely together and doesn’t look too crowded – avoid crossing lines!

8. Opt for Slim Bedside Tables rather than Bulky Nightstands

Who wouldn’t fall for a symmetrical look in a bedroom? Although the space is limited, it does not mean you cannot create balance. Try investing in slim bedside tables to do it.

Today’s bedside tables are relatively small, making them perfect for a minute bedroom. Besides, some of them even have drawers to help you eradicate clutter.

These tables will help you create balance by anchoring the bed from both sides. If you cannot find bedside tables that fit in, you can use stools instead. You will still need something to set down your book or glasses after all.

7. Hang the Curtain up Close to the ceiling

Small bedroom interior with king-size, mirror, and black and white photos on the wall

You can apply this trick to make your small bedroom look larger. If you have small windows, you might think to hang the curtain right above the window trim and a few inches below it.

Actually, you can take advantage of the height of your bedroom. Try hanging the curtain as close to the ceiling as possible, although your windows are not that tall. Then, make sure the end of the curtain break right at the floor. This way, your bedroom will appear to be taller.

General instructions:

  • No 1: First, you need to measure the length of the curtain by comparing it with your window.
  • No 2: If you want your curtain to hang straight down, you need to measure from the floor up to the tip of your curtain. Add one inch for extra room if you want it to hang less than horizontal, measure from the ceiling to the floor, and subtract one inch for extra room.
  • No 3: Measure the height of your windows by looking at where you will place them in the bedroom. Lastly, add these two measurements together, and that’s how much space you have leftover from hanging curtains.

When measuring, always note where your door is situated so it won’t accidentally block or mess up what you have done.

6. Get a Tall Headboard

Another way to make your big bed look balanced while tricking the eyes into thinking the bedroom is more spacious is by investing in a tall headboard.

Like high curtains, a tall headboard can make a small room appear to be larger. Try combining it with a low footboard to get the visual impact of the headboard.
Besides, you can make the headboard part of the accent wall by upholstering it with bright fabric contrasting with the wall behind it.

5. Be Creative with Storage

When it comes to adding furniture to a small bedroom, you have to choose between functionality and comfort, meaning you have to opt for a small bed to use the remaining space for storage.

Choosing either one is unnecessary because you can embrace both functionality and comfort. To do this, you need to invest in multipurpose furniture.

This bed, for example, features hydraulic mechanisms with a gas spring that enable you to lift the mattress and access the storage beneath it. You can also purchase an ottoman or bench with hidden storage to keep clutter at bay.

General instructions:

  • No 1: Take note of where each piece of furniture will go in your bedroom.
  • No 2: Brainstorm ways to incorporate both functionality and comfort by adding bedside tables and ottomans and a bench and chest of drawers with hidden storage. You can even expand your bedroom with a small cabinet placed near your bed, complete with shelves for the nightstand on the other side.
  • No 3: When deciding whether to acquire multipurpose furniture or stick to one item, consider the purpose you want it to serve.
    For example, a dresser draws attention to the bed because it can be used as a nightstand, although it is merely a storage unit.
  • No 4: Make sure the piece of furniture can support the mattress.
  • No 5: Choose a model with no metal parts on top, while one with a carpet tray will be easier to clean.
  • No 6: Keep in mind that you can also use the multipurpose furniture for other things, including additional storage.
    Take note of how you store your things, so it does not look messy when your friends see them or when you have guests over.
  • No 7: Invest in a bed with hydraulic mechanisms for easy and quick access to storage under your mattress, although it may not be necessary if you already have a high headboard or tall footboard.
  • No 8: Consider building a storage unit that you can attach to the wall under your bed. It can include shelves, drawers, or cubbies for additional storage.
  • No 9: Think about where the furniture will go before you spend money on it so you don’t get something that won’t fit in your room.
  • No 10. Go for Light Fixtures that are Unique and Fun
    Now that you have decided how each item will be situated in your small bedroom, it is time to think about its lighting. The first thing to do is get multiple light fixtures hung on the ceiling to create a dotted lighting effect instead of one big one.

4. Hang Your Plants

Incorporating plants in any room is always good because they can help you add a lively lift. However, it is a bit tricky for a small bedroom with a large bed because there is only a little floor space left.

Although the floor space is limited, you can still enjoy taking care of plants. However, you should avoid large plants like palm trees and Fiddle-leaf figs as they take up much space with a large pot.

Consider growing air plants, Devil’s Ivy, or any other climbing plants because you can put them in small containers and hang them from the roof or let them sit on a shelf.

3. Trick your Eyes with Lights

Lighting has always had a crucial role in any room, including the bedroom. You can find many types of lights that you can use to illuminate the space while carving out style.

However, you should forgo table and floor lights because you will not want to sacrifice your valuable space. Opt for hanging lights instead. Sconces over the bed are great, especially if you like reading a book before sleeping.

General instructions:

  • No 1: It is good to consider where your light fixtures will be placed in the bedroom before you purchase them.
  • No 2: The number of fixtures you should have will depend on the number of walls and ceiling corners, meaning that you can have one light fixture per wall and 1-to two more on the ceiling.
  • No 3: Instead of using table and floor lights, opt for hanging lights so they won’t eat up valuable space.
  • No 4: If you can, get chandeliers for your bedroom because it creates a romantic feel and makes small rooms appear much larger.
  • No 5: Place the fixtures along any wall section so there is no light dead area.
  • No 6: Put lights on all sides of the bedroom, including corners, to ensure that your room gets enough light.
  • No 7: If you are looking for a specific type of light that you do not have in your house, consider getting a custom-made fixture to create your design theme.
  • No 8: Consider using string lights or fairy lights to give off a softer and romantic feel.

2. A Simple Bedspread is the Best

Keeping things down to a minimum is an excellent way to keep your big bed in your small bedroom. Thus, you need to opt for a bedspread with few or no patterns because it will not distract the eye.
A bedspread that matches the walls and curtains is your safe bet. You can also try grays, whites, creams, or navy blues because they can lend a soothing effect. Still, you have to keep it simple without any busy patterns.

General instructions:

  • No 1: Decide on a color scheme for your bedroom before purchasing.
  • No 2: Set out multiple bedspreads matching the walls, curtains, and other decorations in the room.
  • No 3: Don’t adopt a bold look because it will make the bedroom look crowded and cluttered, so stick with neutral colors like whites, creams, grays, and blues.
  • No 4: Keep in mind that your bedspread should be simple by omitting patterns and fine prints because they will create visual clutter.
  • No 5: Choose a bedspread that has simple stitching, while one with buttons or a zipper will be simpler to care for.
  • No 6: A bed skirt is a good idea to hide the legs of your bed.
  • No 7: You can get a duvet cover instead of a down comforter for additional warmth.

Additional idea: Color Coordinate Your Upholstery and Furniture

The comfortable feeling that your big bed can provide will also depend on the colors of the upholstery and furniture in your bedroom. The colors you choose for these things should align with the decorating scheme you have chosen for your room.

  • No 1: Coordinating colors mean that they should be similar or harmonize with each other but not necessarily match to create harmony in the space. Make sure that they do not create visual clutter instead.
  • No 2: Don’t have many furniture pieces; choose monochromatic upholstery for versatility.
    The most important thing to remember is that your style does not have to be too complicated; all you need is a few tricks and useful tips to make the most out of your small bedroom.
  • No 3: Get furniture made of lighter color woods or with a simpler design. Alternatively, try metal and glass pieces that are easy to wipe clean.
  • No 4: Choose a bed that has a smaller size and minimal attachments like posts, headboards, and footboards.
  • No 5: Get your big bed with a simple canopy instead of the fancy ones to avoid visual clutter.
  • No 6: Choose upholstery options for your chairs, curtains, and rugs that are easy to care for to keep everything neat and tidy.
  • No 7: If possible, get furniture from the same line so they blend better.

Lastly, number 1. Downsize Your Furniture

You may have heard “less is more” a lot. This is a magic spell for any small bedroom, and it always works like a charm.

With a big bed that has taken up much space in your bedroom, you do not want to add more large pieces of furniture anymore. You only need to downsize them without compromising the practicality of your bedroom.

General instructions:

  • No 1: Find out if you have any furniture that can be moved to other rooms; on the other hand, donate them to charity if they are not too useful.
  • No 2: Make sure that your bed does not eat up most of the space in the room. A platform bed is a good idea to create this feel.
  • No 3: Position your chest of drawers under the window so it will not create visual clutter in the room.
  • No 4: Move your chairs and armoire as close as possible to the wall and put clothes and decorative items on top of them. Alternatively, use dressers as additional storage for things like books that can easily be moved between rooms if necessary.
  • No 5: Consider having a wall unit used solely for storage.
  • No 6: Opt for a bedside table instead of an armoire to save floor space.
  • No 7: Try to reduce the size and number of storage rooms like closets in your bedroom, as they only create visual clutter.
  • No 8: Consider getting one small chest of drawers instead of two large ones so all your things will have a designated place.
  • No 9: Get furniture with an open-concept design where the shelves are easily accessible and not hidden inside pieces like in cupboard doors or traps.
  • No 10: Use the right side of your bed to store your clothes, linens, towels, and other decorative items that can easily be removed and placed elsewhere in your room.

Having a comfortably sized bed in a tiny room is not an impossible mission. A good layout and some foolproof tips will help you tackle the limited space. And you can get those tips from our 10 small bedrooms with big bed ideas.



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