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10 Bedroom Wall Transformations

Nowadays, there are so many options out there to decorate your bedroom. We’ve provided ten of our favorite bedroom wall transformations with tips and tricks on how you achieved them.

This article will cover 10 Bedroom Wall Transformations which can give you some ideas on transforming your bedroom. All these transformations will be different and unique, but each one has its own before and after image, making it easier to see the transformation in action.

Not only pieces of information about the transformation, but this article also comes with ideas on how to paint the wall as part of the creative process or acquire new storage instead of purchasing an expensive one.

Key Points:

  • Your bedroom wall is the blankest in the room and probably the one that’s looked at the most.
  • There are so many choices for how to decorate your bedroom.
  • You may wonder how to decorate a small space, but this article has some great ideas, including decorative frames and even mirrors!
  • These transformations will be different and unique, but each one has its own before and after image, making it easier to see them in action.
  • Along with the image of the transformation, they provide a little information about it, such as painting or using cardboard boxes for storage instead of purchasing an expensive piece of furniture.
  • The easiest way to transform your bedroom wall is by painting it.
  • If you want to transform your wall and add a mirror, a large one works best and is relatively cheap. Adding mirrors like this might make the room look empty, but with some space-filling objects, it can look amazing!
  • Another way to transform your bedroom wall is by adding shelves.
  • You can create the illusion of more storage space by painting storage boxes in different colors (or patterns).

Maybe you are already happy with your bedroom, but it might still seem odd if you look around.

When it comes to bedroom decorating, the first thing that comes to our mind is wall organization since it can transform your space into extraordinary
If you wonder about the best wall decoration ideas for your room, dive into these 10 bedroom wall transformations listed below. For more detail, follow the Simphome link inside the descriptions:

This is 10 Bedroom Wall Transformations Poster from Simphome
10 Bedroom Wall Transformations Poster

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List Entries:

10. Display Your Favorite Art above the bed

Are your walls blank with white patches? Even though some people tend to hang artwork in their living room, it does not mean you cannot do the same thing in your bedroom.

So go ahead and hang your favorite artwork, painting, print, poster, or collection of family photos on the spot above the headboard or any other wall in your bedroom.
You will get a dose of interest right away. And if you are feeling ambitious, combining several pieces to create an impressive gallery wall can be an additional option.

Relevant details:

  • When you choose to hang more artwork, try to avoid hanging it on the wall in front of a window since it can cause heat and glare.
  • It is advisable to wrap your artwork with an extra sheet of canvas or leather material for extra protection.
  • To find other wall decoration ideas, check this post on bedroom art
  • You can make your gallery wall even more outstanding by adding some artwork or photos to the ceiling.
  • Use Clipboards to Collect Your Favorite Pictures
    If you love collecting pictures and pictures of your kids and family members, you should consider using clipboards in your bedroom instead of keeping them in a drawer or box.
    The best part is that clipboards come in various styles, sizes, and shapes; thus, it is easy to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

9. Build a stunning Headboard

A stunning headboard can turn even the simplest bedroom into something special.

Just take a look at the example featured here, an attractive neutral bedroom that gets a great style from its gorgeous upholstered headboard.
An extraordinary headboard can add a needed touch of interest and contrast to a neutral bedroom.
A DIY headboard is one of the most effective ways to display your creativity and personality in the bedroom. But if it is not possible, you can immediately go to the nearest furniture store.

Relevant details:

  • Step 1: Start the project by measuring the height and width of your bed.
  • Step 2: Choose the wood item (or wood items). If you don’t have enough time, you can simply buy a headboard made of wood.
  • Step 3: Create and attach the headboard to your bed using heavy-duty glue. The best part is that you can significantly save money when doing this project since buying the materials is guaranteed to cost less than spending money on the expensive furniture in the market.
  • Step 4: The last step is to paint the headboard using a paintbrush and your favorite color. Or, if you want something more outstanding, you can try using wallpaper or decoupage.
    You can also use natural materials such as twigs, branches, and flowers to create a beautiful headboard.

8. Install New Wall Molding

Moldings always present much-needed depth to the overall look of the walls. Getting them in your bedroom will make it look exquisite and classy at the same time.

Adding trims can improve the interior instantly, so you don’t need to add a piece of artwork to get the finishing result of the room and the walls.

Depending on the style you want to carve out, you can find various moldings that
you can install in your bedroom. If you fancy the classic look, installing crown molding and chair rails with a similar design will be awesome.

However, if you are trying to carve out a modern look, board and batten will be your greatest bet.

Relevant instructions:

  • Step 1: Before starting, make sure that no electrical wires run across the ceiling. Also, measure the height of the headboard for which you want to install a wall molding.
  • Step 2: If you have crown molding along a wall, mark the position of each piece with a pencil and remove them. Then, measure and cut each piece to fit in the desired places.
    You can also attach extra pieces by nailing them on both sides of the wall and molding pieces at angles.
  • Step 3: Install nail base molding pieces with pocket holes on both sides of wall molding.
    If you want to install chair rail molding, you’ll need to attach two pieces: one at the bottom and another at the top. Use drywall anchors or screws and nails. Make sure not to put any nails or screws on the wall’s surface.
  • Step 4: Install secondary moldings on each wall. This is to be left for the finishing touch considering that you can use a different primary color for both primary and secondary wall moldings.
  • Step 5: If you still want to add a chair rail, you don’t need to make any more cuts. You can simply take a piece of the seat rail that you removed from your wall and attach it to the base wall molding.
  • Step 6: Finally, connect your chair rail molding with secondary wall molding with pocket holes. Once these steps are done, your bedroom will look complete and elegant!

7. Go with Stripes

Stripes and patterns provide an instant upgrade to any basic thing. The idea of ​​them is well known even in the outstanding fashion industry.

If you feel that your bedroom is bland and you want to give it a cool touch without experimenting a lot, then different stripes and patterns are something you can try for your space walls.

Here you can get your walls in different striped colors to add an instant appeal. Or, you can go with the timeless charm of black and white. They will do the trick and make it look eye-catching.

6. Metallic Wallpaper Accent Wall Idea

Metallic wall painting was a trend a long time ago. Nowadays, metallic has come back to life again. Thus, you can use it if you want some drama in your bedroom.
You do not need to bother painting your wall metallic to get an elegant yet stylish look. Try purchasing metallic wallpaper and simply hang it on the wall.

5. Get Your Ceiling Painted

White ceilings are very basic, outdated, and very common at the same time. Therefore, if you want to put a little effort into having your ceiling painted like your walls, you will get a complete look of a beautiful bedroom.
Painting the ceiling is something out of the ordinary, and you might not see this thing in many bedrooms. So when people see it in your space, they will surely admire you.
You have two options you can choose. First, you can paint your ceiling the same color as your walls to create a cohesive look. Second, you can opt for a bold color to contrast.

Relevant instructions:

Step 1: Assemble a suitable paint can and rolling paper
Step 2: Get your hold of an electric drill
Step 3: Use a paintbrush for applying the paint
Step 4: Remove the can-roller from the ceiling and put it into the rollers.
Step 5: Be careful that you don’t let the paint fall while removing it from the ceiling.
Step 6: Once you are done, let it dry.

4. Consider Yellow Paint

Yellow is one of the color schemes that can make your space bright even if the lighting is too low. And if you like bright rooms, yellow paint must be something you need to get.

Now there are a lot of shades of yellow that you have to choose one for your bedroom wisely.

It is always advisable to use yellow with a green undertone to make your room look fresh. You can also go for yellow with beautiful orange hints so your space can seem to be nice and warm.

You can have orange or wood decor in your bedroom. If you are not sure what to choose, you can always go with white, which is neutral, and thus will look good with any color, including yellow.

3. Create storage around the bed

A wardrobe is the most effective way to maximize your bedroom storage. Building storage on either side of the bed help creates a frame that holds the view on that one wall.

It enables the remaining walls to be free from any obstructions that might take up valuable space.

You can use the space by choosing a built-in wardrobe around the bed like the one in the above picture. Be very careful not to make the decor feel old-fashioned or overcrowded with too much going on, though.

If in doubt, save the shelf above the bed to a simple built-in wardrobe, a place for storing your things, alarm clocks, and displaying lamp shade. Still, make it tidy and simple.

Basic instructions:

Step 1: Decide on the location and size of the wardrobe.
Step 2: Measure it and make a mark to show where you need to cut.
Step 3: Remove any fittings like the electric socket and light switch.
Step 4: Use a saw if you want to remove a stud or for cutting through a wall; use your drill with an attachment or
Step 5: Get some wood joineries to attach the top and bottom frames.
Step 6: Fix them with screws, nails, or glue so they cannot move or come off easily.
Step 7: Paint it in the color of your choice!

How to install your storage system around the bed?

Step 1: Put the wardrobe pieces carefully into the area you want to install them. Make sure that all its parts are working properly.
Step 2: Check if it is necessary to paint before installing.
Step 3: Get your drill and screwdriver and safely install everything on your wall.
Step 4: When you are done, hang your clothes on it, and enjoy.

How to manage and organize your bedroom clutter without spending a lot of money?

Step 1: Start with a clear floor space by removing anything unnecessary.
Step 2: Choose the wall color, and then put your paintbrush or rollers to finish them up.
Step 3: Putting anywhere where you will find it easy to retrieve is necessary.
Step 4: Open your wardrobe, and make another one for the nightstand. (You can also do this for the dresser drawer)
Step 5: Put everything you need in a place that you can find easily.

Extra: Buy a drawer liner for your bedside unit. This item will make your life easier, for when you want to put something away, you need not take everything out first or place it back in place all over again.

2. Embrace the Two Tones Wall concept

The paint is a fantastic solution to so many decorating problems. A splash of color can instantly help freshen up a space and make it feel more inviting.

You can also use it to help combat broader aesthetic concerns, such as making a tiny room feel larger.

Take this small bedroom, for example, where color combinations have helped create boundaries and thus made a new perspective for the walls.

The combination of sage green at the bottom and white helps break up the room and lengthen the walls—an excellent paint solution for dealing with small space.

The benefit of having two tones wall style:

1 It will help create a sense of openness in your space and make it feel more spacious.
2. It will also make all your furniture look nice and have a very unified look.
3. It will make your room look bright and beautiful.
4. It will make your room look more stylish.

You may need to embrace new Wall Color Schemes For Bedrooms for further improvement.
One of the things that you should know when choosing a wall color is that it is best to try and find a color combination based on nature, especially if the room is decorated in shades of gray or paint colors that are neutral in pigmentation.

Wall coloring schemes for bedrooms should go with all the other colors of your space and not clash with them, but still be reflective of them at the same time and appear to stand out from the rest of the walls in your space.

Remember that all the schemes you choose should be pastel, earthy and fresh, or bright floral nurseries. They will look best when using warm colors as these are more suitable for bedrooms than cold colors as they can make the room feel cooler and duller.

An analogy would be a hot chocolate versus a cup of coffee – the hot chocolate and its consistency are in contrast to the cold coffee, which is a chocolatier. The color scheme for bedrooms should complement the overall atmosphere of your bedroom while also maintaining some sense of balance within it. Because the colors in your scheme are all the same, you don’t want a lot of contrast; instead, you want a lot of harmonies. The colors of your scheme should also be complementary – don’t use colors that clash with each other or aren’t suited for bedrooms at all.

The choice of colors for your bedroom is extremely important as they can play a huge role in creating the right ambiance when you go to bed.

Don’t forget to check out: How to give your bedroom new wall paint for cheap?
To do this, your instructions are:

  • Step 1: Grab your paint by color.
  • Step 2: Buy a clean and dry canvas or stick with an already aged one.
  • Step 3: As you get ready for the wall painting process, you should use your ladder to get a higher view of the walls to check that no furniture is obstructing your views.
  • Step 4: Then, start painting on the wall at a light intensity to ensure that it looks smooth and bright after it dries out.
  • Step 5: If needed, you can do some touch-ups with the same color by brushing up between the selected spots on the walls.
  • Step 6: When you are done, take a moment to breathe and enjoy the new look!

The bigger and brighter your bedroom is, the better. Luckily, adding a splash of color to a room can help make it appear larger, and adding white on top of that will make it seem even bigger.

The bright walls in a bedroom also add to its sense of space with its big bed and little furniture. The design will help keep things organized and emphasize your room’s scale. Bright walls are also a great way to add drama to your bedroom design and make the space appear wider. The more color you add, the more bright and inviting the room will feel, so it is important to find a happy middle ground if your bedroom already has other light sources.

The key to making it bigger with color is that as you paint over your walls with light and bright shades, they will make all other things seem smaller.
Building on this idea, white or lighter shades of gray will do even more of this trick. You can also use various tones in gray to achieve the same result. The added drama that the color adds to a room can also be used to help create an illusion of space. Adding black, for example, can give a small space more room and create the illusion of a cavernous bedroom.

As always, this is simply an example to help you gain an idea of how color can help add dimension and scale to your room; remember that it depends on how you use it, but always keep in mind that you should not paint your walls if they already have the same carpet or if they are gray. This decision can easily make your walls lose all their advantage. When painting lighter colors on top of gray, it’s important to remain consistent with the carpet because this gives your room its shape and structure.

Lastly, Number 1. A Mirror Wall Idea

Double up on the feel of a small bedroom by using reflective surfaces to create the optical illusion of continuous space.

Mirrored cupboards and glossy wall coverings are used in compact bedrooms to make space feel bigger than it is. Maybe using them all is too much, don’t worry, the same principle works by using only one of these elements.
Think about the best places to install reflective surfaces when designing your bedroom layout.

Relevant instructions:

  • Step 1: Start with a clean and empty room.
  • Step 2: While taking care of the little things, paint the walls with images that best reflect the feel of your bedroom.
  • Step 3: Then, get down to work and place such reflective elements as wall mirrors, glass display cabinets, and wall-hung lamps.
  • Step 4: If you have already chosen a color scheme for your room, you don’t need to do everything at once. Just choose a spot or two where you will install one reflective surface (e.g., cabinet or desk) and then move on to the next spot as your mood strikes you.
  • Step 5: Take your time and don’t rush the process. You can always change your mind later on if you wish.

The functions of a bedroom can be judged by the different spaces that make up the whole room. The little spaces between these main features, for example, are often overlooked.
But you can fully utilize these small spaces to create an intimate atmosphere for a bedroom. Take, for example, a small wardrobe or toy chest to store clothes or other items – these are perfect places to store intimate supplies and jewelry that one might need in the middle of the night.


There are some small space storage ideas for bedrooms for small spaces or other rooms. The idea is to make the small spaces efficient and useful.

Let’s begin with a wooden body sense as decorations and cabinets. There are many kinds of wood styles. And they are more popular than stainless steel and plastic ones because they have a unique texture, unlike other surfaces. The best kinds of wood are oak, walnut, pine, and cherry tree.
Think of the color you like and then the materials available to use in your bedroom.

For example, if you want to make a purple bedroom theme, then purchase purple velvet curtains. Make a purple color scheme for your bedroom with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Paint the ceiling in your desired color. Make sure it is light so that it doesn’t prevent you from sleeping.
  • Step 2: Then, paint your walls a deeper shade of purple. Bright-colored walls are great to make your room look bigger, but they might cause stress and anxiety while you sleep, so keep that in mind when creating a dark color scheme.
  • Step 3: Add some accessories to help make the room look more harmonious with the color choice, like white lamps and silver picture frames.
  • Step 4: Lastly, add a purple bedspread and purple rugs to help the color scheme blend in well with the rest of the design and complete your purple-themed bedroom.
  • Step 5: As always, breathe deeply and enjoy your new look!
  • Step 6: Be creative! You can paint any room with any color. There are no limits.

These are 10-bedroom wall transformations that you can copy. They will help you make your sleeping space look more appealing than ever in such simple ways.



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