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The Qualities of a Durable Sofa-Bed

The vacant spot in the corner of your living room has been bothering you for a while now. After some pondering, you decide to buy a reclining sofa. Most of us are sofa-purchasing novices, so we should study identifying durability at a furniture store.

The Padding

Before you purchase a sofa recliner, make sure that the frame is entirely padded. You will get the comfy feeling when you pat it. You can also try sitting on the same to feel it. Avoid jumping on it because that’s not a very proper thing to do. You may also want to assess the upholstery so that the sofa is durable. You do not want it to give out after a few months of use.

Assess the material according to tailoring and seams. If you see threads coming out and stitches missing, it’s probably constructed poorly. Every seam should be in the base. A poorly-tailored reclining sofa is not worth the hype if you can’t get your money’s return.

Now it’s time to assess the cushion! “The cushions are the essence of the chair,” Chandler Bing would say. Therefore, there is no compromising the durability and long-term factor. The cushions must fit perfectly into the recliner and regain their shape once it has been set upright. Any cushion that has been pushed down repeatedly will also fatten, so use the reclining factor wisely.

The Weight

A reclining sofa that is easily moveable is ideal. It is incredibly challenging to move around furniture, and a heavy sofa will not make the situation any better. Therefore, before you step into the market, measure the spot at home. Take the measurements with you and ask the salesperson for their assistance.

The Skeleton of the Reclining Sofa—Its Frame

The third factor to consider when purchasing the reclining sofa is the frame. You will notice that heavy-duty frames penetrating the frame will provide a long-term use out of the couch. It will last you at least a few years. You can also ask the salesperson which type of wood has been used to construct the frame. It will provide you with an estimate of its durability and future maintenance.

The Joints

Even though strong wood has been used in the frame, the reclining sofa can still be apart. How is it possible? It boils down to how the wood was connected to build the frame. The sofa is as good as a goner if it has been connected loosely with screws placed loosely.

The quality of the skeleton structure depends on the wooden dowels and the glue used. Subpar dowels and cheap glue will do the opposite of strengthening the frame. It will not last for decades as you hoped.

Purchase a Sofa-Bed Today!

Now that you know the qualities to search for, we trust you will make an excellent decision regarding adding a reclining sofa to your living room. Visit to browse an extensive collection of sofa-beds. It could be love at first sight!

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