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How to make DIY box spring covers – No bed Skirt? Fine!

Don’t get me wrong.
I have nothing against bed skirts.
I use one in my guest room.

However, there are multiple reasons you may not want to use a bed skirt. You may like a more contemporary look. You might have a bed that doesn’t allow for it. You might get tired of messing with it when you change your sheets. You might get sick of cat fur being all over it.

(ok, maybe that’s just me)
In the case of our master (the project I am STILL working on),
I have a sleigh bed. This means I get little glimpses of my UGLY box spring. Like this:

DIY box spring covers via simphome 1I can’t even reveal my actual ENTIRE box spring to you because the details are absolutely TOO embarrassing to post on the internet.

Here are some DIY box spring cover options for your consideration:
1. Use a fitted sheet to cover it.

I think this is DEFINITELY the easiest idea. For me, I wasn’t happy with it when I tried it because it didn’t solve the fact my box spring is just old and needs a total facelift.
(I was still seeing things I didn’t want to.)
However, for a newer box spring, this is an excellent and inexpensive solution.
Especially if you have a warranty on your box spring and you don’t want to mess with it.

2. Upholster your box spring. This is what I did.
My box spring is SO old. I wasn’t going to ruin anything by updating it. Also, this is very cheap and easy to do. Details below.

3. Trim the edge.
You could use cute material just on the sides. You would have to sew it to the spring side if you have no wood frame to staple to. But a nice burlap or pattern might work if you were going for rustic for example.

(By the way, my go-to for cheap material is cloth shower curtains on clearance. You get a lot of material for your money and they are absolutely so stylish these days.)

The great thing is, for all three choices – there are all kinds of options for colors and patterns.

I chose upholstering the box spring for my master bedroom makeover. Strictly because of the reasons I mentioned above.

Plus, I wanted to seal the whole thing up from the cats and I didn’t want to mess around with more stuff when I changed the sheets. Here’s how I did it:

Upholstering Your Box Spring

Step 1: Buy a cheap flat sheet that matches your bedding and is the size of your bed.

(i.e. it will wrap around all the edges of the box spring) In my case, taupe/tan and queen. Again, if you would like to do something fun – it doesn’t have to match your bedding. I chose tan/taupe because I just wanted it to cover well and didn’t want it to stand out on its own. I used a sheet because it is cheap and the right size.

DIY box spring covers via simphome 2

DIY box spring covers via simphome 3
Your Help!

Step 2: Get another set of hands to help you get your box spring on its side. Or, you can completely flip it over and center it on top of the sheet.
DIY box spring covers via simphome 4

Step 3: Arrange the sheet so that you can wrap the box spring on all four sides. I draped it over the top.

Step 4: Beginning on one side, staple the sheet to the underside wood frame of the box spring. I tend to do one side and then the two surrounding sides and then do the corners. Then I do the remaining side and then do the corners.

Step 5: For the corners, create a fold that works with your bed.
For example – if you have a headboard and footboard, put the fold on the end of the mattress so you won’t see it.

DIY box spring covers via simphome 5Step 6: Make sure you pull it taut as you staple!
If you don’t, when you sit down on your mattress, the sides of your box spring might wrinkle or sag. Treat it like you are truly upholstering something.

Step 7: Put the box spring back in place.
TADA! You have a nice clean matching box spring.
DIY box spring covers via simphome 6I’m very happy with the way it turned out.
DIY box spring covers via simphome 7It’s not a super sexy project, but it makes THE DIFFERENCE in my bed’s appearance. And if I ever want to change it – I could easily cut it off and replace it. But, let’s be honest – I really hope we buy a new box spring before that EVER happens.

So what do you think about this simple idea how to make DIY box spring covers? any comments you want to share with me?

Written by Simpson

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