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10 DIY Duvet Makeover, With Sew and No Sew Ideas

A bedroom decoration could transform the look of the room from plain into something worth praising. It happens when you pay attention even to a minor thing you can find in the bedroom.
In this list, you will see 10 DIY duvet makeovers, with sew and no sews. Why DIY? It’s an alternative for those who want to add creativity to the bed on the cheap. And to keep those ideas budget-effective and to minimize error, follow the link pasted inside the reference area.

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10. Simple Painted Dot Duvet Idea

10. Simple Painted Dot Duvet by simphome.comThis polka dot duvet would be an excellent option for you who love simple patterns or with almost no decoration or pictures on it. It would be a pretty cover for your daughter, who might not be a big fan of Disney Princess or Superhero stuff.

You will need:
• IKEA Dvala Cover and Pillowcase Set
• Tulip Metallic Gold Fabric Paint
• Sponge Spouncer (used a 1 ¼”)


  • First, fold the duvet in half. Put the duvet top on the bottom. Grab a flat object like a plate and pour paint.
  • Second, begin sponging the dots at the fold. To avoid excessive liquid, dab off the paint before adding a pattern to the duvet. You can also sponge other surfaces such as pillowcases.
  • Then, Retouch white spots with some paint.
  • Let it dry for at least 3 days. Next, wash it inside out and wait until dry before ironing.
  • It’s such a simple makeover for your duvet, especially for kids, and it’s also inexpensive. And you can see the result for yourself.

9. Patchwork Duvet Cover

9. Patchwork Duvet Cover by simphome.comAdding your ideas into anything seems to be an excellent way of expressing yourself. There are tons of ideas you can fuse into the duvet. For example, make a patchwork duvet like this one.
A ruler and a rotary cutter would be great tools to cut them, but a sharp scissor would do if you don’t have any.
You can combine any colors you would like to patch and sew them together. Cut a variety of different fabrics with the size that you can arrange yourself. See how they give your bedroom a little lovely of change.

8. Make use of Flat Sheet

8. Make use of Flat Sheet by simphome.comWhen you want a new duvet comforter, but you’re tight on budget, this idea might be what you need. That’s right. You can turn your flat sheets into a duvet.
Prepare sheets that are a little bit longer than your comforter. It would allow you to sew them together easily.
To close the duvet, you could use a zipper. It’s also easy to sew if you’re using a professional embroidery machine. This way, your comforter will be free from dust and allergens as it’s safely inside the duvet.

7. Two Flat Sheets Duvet Cover Idea

7. Two Flat Sheets Duvet Cover by simphome.comWith two flat sheets, you can make a beautiful duvet cover. It can protect your duvet from stain and anything that can tarnish it.
Sew two flat sheets with the right sides out. Then, put a folded fabric tape on the top edge of the sheet and sew them. Tie the fabrics of the sheet with the duvet fabrics.
And tuck in the duvet inside the duvet cover. Sew velcros on the opening side. It will make you easily open it to take it out or put it in.
You will need:
• Old duvet
• Two flat sheets coming in the same size as your duvet (example also uses queen)
• Matching/coordinating thread
• About 5” of sew-on Velcro
• Five 10” strips of fabric tape, not necessarily matching

6. Hotel Wedding Inspired Duvet

6. Hotel Wedding Inspired Duvet by

Traveling is one of the ways to get inspiration as you would see lots of unique places there. You’ll get inspired after seeing an idea that you can apply at home.
Find a duvet and sheets similar to them to get the feel or have your preferred color instead.
Materials you’ll need:
• One fitted sheet and
• Two linen top sheets

5. Reversible Duvet Cover Idea

5. Reversible Duvet Cover by simphome.comA duvet cover has a noble job on the bed. It should be to warm and comfort you on the bed at night. It also comes in a wide array of colors and patterns to add some sort of style.
However, you may need to purchase more duvet covers to change your bedroom’s style in no time. Instead of splurging out on them, you can make a reversible one.
To make a reversible duvet, you just need to insert an invisible zipper on one of the seams. Then, stitch the fabrics together, just like what you usually do to a reversible pillowcase.
Anyway, if you think your duvet has turned tired and interesting, we present you

4. A Colorful Duvet Idea

4. Colorful Duvet by simphome.comA bright color is easy to notice. Your bed would look much livelier if you cover your bed with a colorful duvet cover. It would attract your kids’ attention as they typically love something bright.
Decide your measurement before sewing a duvet cover and what kind of color you want to use. This idea uses snap closures, so you need to sew, and iron it and repeat the process.
You will need:
• Toddler Bed – Final Dimensions 33″ X 42″ (two pieces 34″X49.5″)
• Twin – Final Dimensions 72″ by 90″ (two pieces 73″X97.5″)
• Full – Final Dimensions 84″ by 96″ (two pieces 85″X103.5″)
• Queen – Final Dimensions 90″ by 102″ (two pieces 91″X109.5″)
• King – Final Dimensions 102″ by 108″ (two pieces 103″X115.5″)

3. A Stunning Bedding Duvet Idea

3. Stunning Bedding Duvet by simphome.comIt’s such a pretty duvet cover, don’t you think? It’s not only the duvet cover but also the pillowcases that add the bed’s floral touch.
The floral cover looks stunning, and it looks elegant and unique at once. Making a duvet cover is a simple project you could do at home to accompany you during this uncertain time.
• Extra White Bedding Fabric 2,4m (95 inches) wide and 4m (4,5 yards) length.
• Scissors
• Ruler and Tape measure
• All-purpose thread
• Sewing machine
• Buttons
• Iron and ironing board

2. How to Sew Ruffle Duvet

2. How to Sew Ruffle Duvet by simphome.comWhen you want to make your duvet cover pretty, ruffles can be an option. This duvet is commonly found on many beds in general with white and blue striped tones. But by adding a little touch, you can make it look different and feels unique.
You want the duvet to be white or to have familiar tones that match the bedsheets. This idea is pretty straightforward, and it’s a fun home project to do.
You can stitch ruffles on the side of the duvet cover and make it overhang a few inches or more, depending on your desire. If you need more detail, follow the Simphome reference.

Lastly, Number 1. How to Dye a Duvet Cover

1. How to Dye a Duvet Cover by simphome.comThere’s a time when you feel like changing your duvet cover, but it seems that you have spent the money on something else already. It’s when you have to find a new way to deal with it.
Imagine you move to a new house or apartment, and you realize that there’s a significant change in the bedroom in terms of color.
These duvet covers were dyed from white to green. The room is in white, so to avoid it not being seen, the owner decided to give it a new color.
It was relatively easy, and you don’t have to spend lots of money buying a new one. You can also keep your lovely duvet cover for sure. For more detail, follow the source link on the Simphome website.
So, that’s all our 10 DIY duvet makeovers; with sewing and no-sew ideas, we hope it will enrich your duvet covers collection and add something new and nice to your bedroom interior.

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