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Ideally, a backyard has some items and tools to support your activities. Aside from the gondola and outdoor furniture, your backyard should have a firepit. Aside from being functioned as a spot to warm yourself up, a firepit is good for cooking activity also as long as you set it up well.
How is about baking your marshmallow while doing an evening party?
That’s must be very interesting for sure.

It can be more interesting if you can improve the design so that it looks much better. What are the ideas to apply? Here are some recommendations you could try.

1. A Simple Round Firepit Idea with Bricks
1.A Simple Round Firepit Idea with Bricks via Simphome.comThere are some traditional concepts for a firepit that look everlasting. One of them is by applying the round shape along with its coarse brick design. It is used as a table with a long bench surrounding. Sure, the bench is made from bricks as well. This idea is recommended for a garden with the traditional, rustic, or country idea. Around the brick furniture, there should be plants and flowers to beautify the area more.

2. Modern and Minimalist Firepit with Bricks
2.Modern and Minimalist Firepit with Bricks via Simphome.comInterestingly, bricks are not only suitable for traditional and rustic concepts. Some minimalist ideas are good with this material also. Sure, it is only you who need to apply it well so that the minimalism can just be brought out. Just like in the picture. The firepit looks very simple. It is only a small square with bricks as the main materials and accents. The stuff is then surrounded by modern-look furniture and other things like lighting and flowers.

3. Another Minimalist Firepit with Ceramic Layer
3.Another Minimalist Firepit with Ceramic Layer via Simphome.comA square-shaped firepit is indeed the best choice to accentuate the nuance of modern and minimalist in your backyard. Despite the brick idea mentioned above, there are still many more designs to apply. One of them is by applying the ceramic layer in white on the upper part of the firepit. The application of ceramic layer here is more than looking modern but also sleek and clean. The same idea should be applied to the furniture as well.

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4. Stoneage Firepit Idea for a Traditional Backyard Design
4.Stoneage Firepit Idea for a Traditional Backyard Design via Simphome.com
Although today’s people seem to prefer modern or classic exterior designs, the old and traditional ideas are still lovable. Moreover, it is if you are able to make it look more unique and different from others. Applying the stoneage idea can be the best answer for this. The firepit area is dominated by coarse bricks without any layer from cement or ceramics. Make sure to grow some plants around to make the area look more beautiful and soothing.

5. Luxurious Classic Backyard Idea with a Round Firepit
5.Luxurious Classic Backyard Idea with a Round Firepit via Simphome.comFor a large backyard, it is flexible for you to apply any design and idea as you want. One of them is by applying the classical exterior design that indeed requires a more spacious area. the materials used are still the same as other ideas mentioned above. There will be bricks and others. However, the bricks are installed more neatly to deepen the classic look. Well, it is just how the aristocrats commonly create their garden.
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6. Modern Rustic Firepit Area with Yellow-Bulbs Lighting
6.Modern Rustic Firepit Area with Yellow Bulbs Lighting via Simphome.comAlthough the rustic idea is mainly inspired by traditional and ancient concepts, you can still make it look a little bit modern. How is it? Well, you can combine the application of bricks as the main materials of the firepit with modern stuff and furniture. Sure, there are things added including plants and flowers around. Do you need lighting in the area? Apply the yellow bulbs around the trees. The place is just really suitable for a party or simply drinking coffee with some friends.

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7. Wicker Furniture around the Rustic Firepit Area
7.Wicker Furniture around the Rustic Firepit Area via Simphome.comStill about the rustic firepit area with bricks, there are still some other ideas stunning to realize. Rather than putting furniture from wood or stone like usual, you can try the wicker chairs. There are some benefits given from applying this type of furniture. The chairs tend to be lighter and easy to move. Besides, it gives more natural vibes within the backyard area. Not to forget, some pairs of lamppost are great to be there as well.

8. A Simple Dancing Stage in the Backyard with a Firepit.
8.A Simple Dancing Stage in the Backyard with a Firepit via Simphome.comIn a large backyard, it is necessary to have a kind of dancing stage. Well, it is although you may not use it for dancing everyday. The stage is only in the form of a quite large flat area, maybe, with some sets of lighting around. On a spot of the stage, you can install the firepit surrounded by a long brick bench. Although this is a kind of classic idea, certain applications are good to make it look more modern. For example, furniture is designed in a minimalist way.

9. Livelier Firepit Area with the Creamy-Colored Application and Green Chairs
9.Livelier Firepit Area with the Creamy Colored Application and Green Chairs via Simphome.comAre you bored with the applications of grey or brown on your firepit? It is great to try other ideas for sure. To make it still look simple and natural but also livelier, the combination of creamy colors and the bright ones seem to look really necessary. The creamy colors are for the firepit itself along with a small area around. Meanwhile, it is combined with furniture in green. It is unique but refreshing, isn’t it?

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10. Green Garden Ideas Full of Plants with a Firepit
10.Green Garden Ideas Full of Plants with a Firepit via Simphome.comWhen building a garden, the plants should be your priority. So, the first thing to think about is growing the plants here and there until it looks bushy but also beautiful. Next, it is the time to think about other things including the firepit and furniture. When the garden has been full of plants, the firepit and furniture can just be simple and minimalist. Then, you can enjoy doing many things there while feeling the breeze air flowing within the leaves.

In this modern day, a firepit is needed to place in the backyard to warm your body up as well as do many other interesting things. Sure, you need to adorn this area well.


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10 Ideas How to Makeover Outdoor Backyard Firepits via SIMPHOME.COM Featured Pinterest Image
10 Ideas How to Makeover Outdoor Backyard Firepits (Featured Pinterest Image)

Therefore, it is not only the stuff becomes really useful but also the firepit can just beautify your backyard or garden more.

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