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20+ Ideas How to Makeover Outdoor Backyard Firepits

Ideally, a backyard has some items and tools to support your activities. Aside from the gondola and outdoor furniture, your backyard should have a firepit. Aside from being functioned as a spot to warm yourself up, a firepit is good for cooking activity also as long as you set it up well.
How is about baking your marshmallow while doing an evening party or bonfire?
That’s must be very interesting for sure.

It can be more interesting if you can improve the design so that it looks much better. What are the ideas to apply? Here are some recommendations you could try.

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10 Ideas How to Makeover Outdoor Backyard Firepits via SIMPHOME.COM Featured Pinterest Image
10 Ideas How to Makeover Outdoor Backyard Firepits (Featured Pinterest Image)

How to give your Firepit A Sweet Makeover

Many American homes already have a firepit. The problem is, these firepits are somewhat dull affairs. It’s a place where they can start a fire in the middle of their outdoor space. Maybe their yard is paved over with concrete, or it’s just surrounded by dirt. Whatever the case may be, the firepit can be the focal point of your open-air living area. To give it the right makeover so that you can enjoy it not only during the cold seasons of the year but all year round. Your party should not be restricted to indoors just because it’s too cold to stay outside. You can work on your firepit and the area around it to make it a place where you can hang out with friends, family, and neighbors despite the cold.

What to do if you Already have a Firepit in Place?

If you already have a fire pit set up, then you can keep it as is and enjoy it with the people close to you. The key is to make sure that your surroundings are attractive enough so people would want to stay and are motivated enough to invite their friends or relatives to come by. The best way to do this is to put up simple chairs as well as adding stone paving or any other accents that highlight the firepit while making sure it is close to a grilling area. You can add more stones around it so you can move closer to the fire without burning.

Other ideas

Apart from the stone, you can also consider other materials which you can use to enclose your firepit. These things can range from bricks, marble, ceramic, concrete, or even wood. Now please understand that if you will be using wood, it’s evident that it will burn if exposed to too much heat. You should only use wood as the outer covering of the firepit. Don’t put it near the fire. That would be a terrible idea.

You Might also Want to Modify your Firepit

You might want to step in and change the size and shape of your fire pit to complement the overall outline of your backyard. Think of your back yard as a cohesive space with its personality and design aesthetic. For instance, if you have a slim and horizontal yard, you can have a rectangular and thin firepit made. If you have a round outdoor space, then the typical circular firepit will probably work for you. It is essential to view the firepit as an integral part of your outdoor area’s whole design. Don’t put in a firepit that appears like it just got bolted on to the arrangement because it’s going to look off and will stick out like a sore thumb.

Pay Attention to Seating

The seating around your firepit plays a significant role in people’s enjoyment of your outdoor space. It will substantially add value to the area. You can go in many different directions. First, you can use a simpler aesthetic, or you can get quite lavish. It all depends on the budget that you have at your disposal or the amount of time you have on your hands. Keep in mind though that you don’t have to spend too much to create a cozy area where you can sit and bond with your loved ones while appreciating the fire.
The goal is to enjoy the warmth of the fire and the conversation you’re having with your friends and family members. You can bring out simple chairs and benches and make this an ultra-comfortable lounge. It really depends on you. It’s also a great idea to layout the firepit in a way to accommodate enough room to support any kind of event. May it be a birthday party, or you’d like to hold a family reunion in your backyard. Just make sure that the firepit is stationed appropriately to add value to the event rather than crowding people out. Sample project you could experiment without leaving this website is this DIY How to Make Indoor Pallet sofa and Outdoor

Pay Careful Attention to Lighting

Similar to decorating any indoor room, lighting is often overlooked. If you’ve ever gone into any kind of place and it seems somewhat off, it’s not your mind playing tricks on you. While you may not be able to put your finger on it, the truth is, what’s throwing you off is the lighting. That’s how important it is in terms of setting the right kind of mood. This strategy not only works indoors but also on outdoor patios. You need to add lighting to your yard by suspending lights or wrapping them around tree trunks. Apart from these, your firepit will provide a light of its own to make the gathering extra cozy. Not only can you use the fire to prepare snacks, but you can also serve drinks around it with the proper lighting. You just need to do things safely and comfortably.
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Don’t Neglect Plant Life

You may be thinking that the firepit is so hot that there is no space for plant life around it. That is wrong. You can put planters at a safe distance. Just border it with plants to bring out its personality. All the concrete and stone components of your firepit will contrast with the riot of green life and flora surrounding it. You can choose whichever outdoor plants you would want to put in your yard to make a beautiful garden that stands in great comparison to your firepit. To help you with this, check “20 Helpful Garden Planter resources” I pasted near the bottom of this post.

The Final Word

Your fire pit doesn’t have to be boring, unattractive, and lacking in personality. You don’t have to go that way. By utilizing the ideas mentioned above, you can turn an existing or planned firepit into the center of attention as far as your backyard goes.

Hanging out in the backyard is the safest and cheapest thing you can do to chill out. But it can be cold in the outside at night, making you literally chill. Thus, sitting near a fire pit would be nice to maintain the prolonged conversation.
Making a fire pit is not always hard. In fact, you can use some leftover or repurpose unused treasures that you find at home. If you are thinking about making one, take a look at these 10 backyard fire pit ideas that you can try.
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10 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas by
2nd 10 Backyard Firepit Poster

10. DIY Personal Fire Pit Project Idea

10.DIY Personal Fire Pit by Simphome.comAs the name suggests, a personal fire pit is not as large as the regular one. However, it’s pretty handy and space-saving. It will fit in with a backyard that lacks of space. Even if you are an apartment dweller, you can warm yourself with this fire pit when hanging out in the balcony.
Making this personal fire pit is extremely easy and inexpensive. The materials you need to prepare are:
• Metal mesh
• Cheap glass frame
• Metal planter with protruding edge on it
• Marine silicone
• Small rocks
• Gel fuel
First, make a glass box by assembling your glass frame using the silicone. Make sure the box you make can sit nicely on the center of the planter’s edges. Put the glass box onto the planter. Place the gel fuel in the planter. Place the mesh on the remaining edge of the planter. Cover the mesh with rocks. Make sure you give some space between them so that the fire will stay lit.

9. Metal Fire Pit Project idea

9.Metal Fire Pit Idea by Simphome.comDo you want to go for a larger fire pit that can be made within an hour? Try this metal fire pit.
All you need to do is just getting four 40″ x 20″ sheets of 12 gauge hot rolled steel. Hold them together so they form a perfect square with 90-degree angles. You might need fancy magnets to do this job while you weld them. Add three steel rods on each side. Install the rods underground so that the metal fire pit will sit firmly on the ground.

8. Easy In-Ground Fire Pit on the Cheap

8.Easy In Ground Fire Pit on the Cheap By Simphome.comAre you looking a cheaper and easier option? This in-ground fire pit is for you.
To make this fire pit, you need to make a hole in your backyard. Make the fire pit edge by removing grass about 8 inches from the hole. Simply put bricks and rocks to cover the edge. That’s it! It’s just a piece of cake, right?

7. Upcycle Your Non-Repairable Washing Machine

7.Upcycle a Washing Machine by

Do you happen to have an old washing machine that you do not use any longer? Give it a second life by turning its drum into a fire pit.
You will need to find a stainless steel washing machine drum of a front-load washer if you cannot find it, a tumble dryer will do in a pinch. Once you get the drum, you need to install 3 legs made out of 1” galvanized tube and the rim of an old bike.

6. Tractor Wheel Fire Pit Project idea

6.Tractor Wheel Fire Pit by Simphome.comMaking an epic fire pit on the cheap means you need to be creative in repurposing things around you, including this tractor rim. If you do not have one, you can get an old tractor rim from a local farmer.
Once you get the rim, you need to shape the area where your fire pit is going to sit. Place the rim and level it. After that, cover the side of the rim with retaining wall blocks. Make sure you leave a gap between the rim and wall blocks. Before installing the last row of the retaining wall, fill in the gap with crushed gravel and sand to absorb the heat so that it is pretty much safe for you to sit on the edge of the blocks.

5. Burning Bowl Fire Pit

5.Burning Bowl Fire Pit via Simphome.comThis is another quick and effortless fire pit that you can try to make at home.
To make this fire pit, you need to mix concrete and some water in a plastic tub until you get the desired consistency.
Spray the inside of the plastic bowl you have prepared with cooking spray. Pour in the concrete to make the burning bowl base. Get a 3.5” can and spray it with cooking spray and place it right in the center of the concrete mix. Push it down to the height of the gel fuel canister. Let it sit for about six minutes before taking it out. Leave it for 15 minutes.
Flip the plastic bowl carefully to make the burning bowl base slip out. Add river rocks along the rim of the concrete. Let it dry overnight. Finally, drop the gel fuel canister in the center. Now, you can light it up.

4. Eco-Friendly Fire Pit Project Idea

4.Eco Friendly Fire Pit via Simphome.comIf you want a fire pit for entertainment occasions and landscaping with less air pollution, go for an eco-friendly fire pit.
To make an eco-friendly fire pit, you need a large container, such as a zinc planter or ceramic box, inflammatory material, such as river stones, recycled tumbled glass, or glass pebbles, and some biodegradable eco-fuel cans.

3. Super Easy and Quick DIY Fire Pit Project

3.Super Easy and Quick DIY Fire Pit by Simphome.comWhen it comes to an impromptu barbeque party, this fire pit will save the day. It is extremely easy to make, and you do not have to be a DIY master to make it.
You only need to grab some stones or bricks, stack them up, place a wire mesh before installing the last row, add wood or charcoal under the mesh, and you are good to go. This project is easy to dissemble. And.
if you want a more challenging project, consider

2. A Fire Pit Coffee Table Combo Idea

2.Fire Pit Coffee Table Combo via Simphome.comWhen function meets style, you get a piece of striking furniture. What makes it wonderful is you can make this fire pit and coffee table combo yourself.
The first thing you need to do is making the tabletop that also acts as the fire pit. To make the tabletop, you need to pour concrete mixture in a piece of plywood with a piece of MDF in the middle that will be the void for the burner. Once the concrete tabletop is done, you can begin to make burner and basket.
To make the burner, you will need 3/4″ rigid pipe. Drill 1/16″ holes every 3/8″. Weld a piece of 1/2″ coupling to the gas grill tank. Finally, make the table frame from scrap 2×10’s.

1. Modern Concrete Fire Pit Idea

1.Modern Concrete Fire Pit via Simphome.comAdd elegance and simplicity in your backyard with this modern fire pit ideas. It is made of concrete with four wood panels as the inner frame. Once the frame is ready, begin to dig your backyard for your fire pit to sit on.
Next, spread some gravel in the hole, and place the formwork in it. Drive rebar from the gravel to the ground. After that, pour the first layer of concrete mixture over the gravel. Lay bricks around the inner frame. Pour more concrete until it completely fills the formwork. Make sure the top is flat and level.
Cover the concrete up with some boards and a sheet so that nothing will not touch the surface of the wet concrete. Use a garden hose to make the concrete stay moist for 48 hours. After that, remove the formwork and add some lava rocks in the fire pit.
So, now you know that making a fire pit is not that hard. With these 10 fire pit ideas, you will be able to maintain a warm conversation while adding style to your backyard.

2nd 10 Alternative Ideas How to Makeover Outdoor Backyard Firepits:

1. A Simple Round Firepit Idea with Bricks

1.A Simple Round Firepit Idea with Bricks via Simphome.comThere are some traditional concepts for a firepit that look everlasting. One of them is by applying the round shape along with its coarse brick design. It is used as a table with a long bench surrounding. Sure, the bench is made from bricks as well. This idea is recommended for a garden with the traditional, rustic, or country idea. Around the brick furniture, there should be plants and flowers to beautify the area more.

2. Modern and Minimalist Firepit with Bricks

2.Modern and Minimalist Firepit with Bricks via Simphome.comInterestingly, bricks are not only suitable for traditional and rustic concepts. Some minimalist ideas are good with this material also. Sure, it is only you who need to apply it well so that the minimalism can just be brought out. Just like in the picture. The firepit looks very simple. It is only a small square with bricks as the main materials and accents. The stuff is then surrounded by modern-look furniture and other things like lighting and flowers.

3. Another Minimalist Firepit with Ceramic Layer

3.Another Minimalist Firepit with Ceramic Layer via Simphome.comA square-shaped firepit is indeed the best choice to accentuate the nuance of modern and minimalist in your backyard. Despite the brick idea mentioned above, there are still many more designs to apply. One of them is by applying the ceramic layer in white on the upper part of the firepit. The application of ceramic layer here is more than looking modern but also sleek and clean. The same idea should be applied to the furniture as well.

4. Stoneage Firepit Idea for a Traditional Backyard Design

4.Stoneage Firepit Idea for a Traditional Backyard Design via Simphome.comAlthough today’s people seem to prefer modern or classic exterior designs, the old and traditional ideas are still lovable. Moreover, it is if you are able to make it look more unique and different from others. Applying the stoneage idea can be the best answer for this. The firepit area is dominated by coarse bricks without any layer from cement or ceramics. Make sure to grow some plants around to make the area look more beautiful and soothing.

5. Luxurious Classic Backyard Idea with a Round Firepit

5.Luxurious Classic Backyard Idea with a Round Firepit via Simphome.comFor a large backyard, it is flexible for you to apply any design and idea as you want. One of them is by applying the classical exterior design that indeed requires a more spacious area. the materials used are still the same as other ideas mentioned above. There will be bricks and others. However, the bricks are installed more neatly to deepen the classic look. Well, it is just how the aristocrats commonly create their garden.

6. Modern Rustic Firepit Area with Yellow-Bulbs Lighting

6.Modern Rustic Firepit Area with Yellow Bulbs Lighting via Simphome.comAlthough the rustic idea is mainly inspired by traditional and ancient concepts, you can still make it look a little bit modern. How is it? Well, you can combine the application of bricks as the main materials of the firepit with modern stuff and furniture. Sure, there are things added including plants and flowers around. Do you need lighting in the area? Apply the yellow bulbs around the trees. The place is just really suitable for a party or simply drinking coffee with some friends.

7. Wicker Furniture around the Rustic Firepit Area

7.Wicker Furniture around the Rustic Firepit Area via Simphome.comStill about the rustic firepit area with bricks, there are still some other ideas stunning to realize. Rather than putting furniture from wood or stone like usual, you can try the wicker chairs. There are some benefits given from applying this type of furniture. The chairs tend to be lighter and easy to move. Besides, it gives more natural vibes within the backyard area. Not to forget, some pairs of lamppost are great to be there as well.

8. A Simple Dancing Stage in the Backyard with a Firepit

8.A Simple Dancing Stage in the Backyard with a Firepit via Simphome.comIn a large backyard, it is necessary to have a kind of dancing stage. Well, it is although you may not use it for dancing everyday. The stage is only in the form of a quite large flat area, maybe, with some sets of lighting around. On a spot of the stage, you can install the firepit surrounded by a long brick bench. Although this is a kind of classic idea, certain applications are good to make it look more modern. For example, furniture is designed in a minimalist way.

9. Livelier Firepit Area with the Creamy-Colored Application and Green Chairs

9.Livelier Firepit Area with the Creamy Colored Application and Green Chairs via Simphome.comAre you bored with the applications of grey or brown on your firepit? It is great to try other ideas for sure. To make it still look simple and natural but also livelier, the combination of creamy colors and the bright ones seem to look really necessary. The creamy colors are for the firepit itself along with a small area around. Meanwhile, it is combined with furniture in green. It is unique but refreshing, isn’t it?

10. Green Garden Ideas Full of Plants with a Firepit

10.Green Garden Ideas Full of Plants with a Firepit via Simphome.comWhen building a garden, the plants should be your priority. So, the first thing to think about is growing the plants here and there until it looks bushy but also beautiful. Next, it is the time to think about other things including the firepit and furniture. When the garden has been full of plants, the firepit and furniture can just be simple and minimalist. Then, you can enjoy doing many things there while feeling the breeze air flowing within the leaves.

In this modern day, a firepit is needed to place in the backyard to warm your body up as well as do many other interesting things. Sure, you need to adorn this area well.
Therefore, it is not only the stuff becomes really useful but also the firepit can just beautify your backyard or garden more.

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