5 Space Saving and Easy DIY Organizer Ideas for Limited Space Garden

Space Saving and Easy DIY Organizer Ideas Simphome.com
Space Saving and Easy DIY Organizer Ideas Simphome.com

You have knacks for gardening but you have a small backyard and that the area in front of your porch is barely enough to plant big trees to bring greenery to your crib. What you need is a careful plan to organize where to put your planters so you can maximize what small space you have for your garden.

1.Vertical Pallet Planter

Going vertical is the easiest and obvious way to make the most of a small space. Use 3 inches scrap wood for back support for your pallet and use two nails on each side. Double the landscaping fabric and staple it along the back, bottom and sides of the pallet. Lay it down on the ground and pour potting soil through the slats but leave some room for planting. Note that soil has to be firmly packed in each layer when you begin planting from the bottom. Leave the pallet in a horizontal position for 2 weeks then move it upright after. Don’t forget to water it daily! Crank out a beautiful planter with this easy DIY organizer ideas for limited space garden. Source

2.Mason Jars for Your Herbs

Every home owner has several mason jars in their houses. These little containers here can be a space-saving alternative to plant your herbs. Instead of going horizontal, make a vertical planter by attaching the jars to a wooden board and display it on a wall. Secure pipe clamps to the board with nails through the small pipe holes. Secure ring hangers with nails on the back of the board and tie on a hanging wire. Plant your herbs in the jars. Put the jars into the clamps and fasten them with a screwdriver. Anchor a picture hanger on the wall and hang your board! Source

3.Shoe Organizer is Your New Planter

Hang your shoe organizer to shed or wall by using a pole. Hang the rod at appropriate height because you are going to use the surplus water from the top pockets when you plant from below. Attach the shoe rack with hooks or wire. Make sure the hooks or wire are strong enough to hold water, compost and plants. create a few holes drain the water in each pocket then fill them with compost. Finally, plant away your herbs and vegetables! Source

4.Tiered Flower Planter

A tiered planters allow you to plant a lot of flowers and herbs without taking so much space so this method is definitely highly recommended. Start by making 3 boxes by attaching wood boards together using nails. Use spacers to keep the boxes evenly spaced and secure them with a staple gun. Drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage and voila! You can start fill each box with your favorite flowers. Source or Here

5.Tiered Floating Pots

If you already have quite many pots and they are all large then they will surely crowd your small garden if placed horizontally. Create squares from scraps of wooden planks then drill a circular hole the size of your pot lip. Make as many as you want depending on how many pots you want to hang. Make four little holes on each corner of every wood so the rope can go through. Paint your squares and hang them on the wall near the porch. Source