10 Cheap DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

A backyard is a great place to enjoy your afternoon tea while relaxing. The spectacular scenery will indulge your eyes and soothe your mind. Evening is the best time to linger in the backyard while catching up with your family. However, a dark backyard will ruin this experience and turn it into a creepy night.
To overcome this problem, you should install backyard lighting sets. It does not have to be pricey, though.

Check out these 10 cheap DIY backyard lighting ideas that will not only illuminate your garden, but also beef it up to a new standard. BTW, As usual, this list is compiled for you by

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10. Tin Can Lanterns project idea | Eliseenghstudios

10.Tin Can Lanterns via SIMPHOME.COM
The best way to reduce the waste and save the Earth is by upcycling it. Who would have guessed that waste can be turned into pretty lanterns that can shed some dim light to create a romantic ambiance in your backyard?
To make these pretty lanterns, you’re going to need some unused tin cans, hammer, nail, bailing wire, pliers, mini LED candle, and spray paint.
First, you have to remove any label and glue from the cans. Next, you need to make the cans maintain their shape well by filling them with water and freeze them. Once the cans are frozen, pound a hole near the top of each can using the hammer and nail. Flip the it over, and repeat this step to make the handle.
Next, draw the patterns you like and begin to pound some holes to create a certain pattern. After that, let the ice melt. Pound any bulge that you find in the bottom of each can using the hammer. After that, make the handle from a wire. Spray paint the cans. Once the paint is dry, add the LED candle into the can.
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9. Ice Lanterns for Winter project idea | Ohmy-creative

9. Ice Lanterns for Winter via SIMPHOME.COM
Winter may make you feel reluctant to stay in the backyard for a while. But don’t let it hinder you from creating spectacular winter nights or even winter party. This winter ice lantern will definitely perk your backyard up with its warm light despite the cold weather.
First, get one 2-liter plastic soda bottle and one 24-oz plastic bottle. Cut the tops of them. Then, pour 1 ½” of water into the 2-liter bottle, and freeze it. Once it is frozen, place the 24-oz bottle right at the center. Secure the bottle using masking tape. Get some greens and cranberries, and arrange them around the 24-oz bottle. Fill it with water and freeze it.
Here comes the tricky part. Once it is frozen, you need to remove the bottle by running hot water in the 24-oz bottle while maintaining the shape of the lantern. When the bottles have been removed, place a battery-operated candle inside the lantern. The cold weather will maintain the shape of the lantern. So, don’t worry!

8. Plastic Spoon Lamps project idea | Hometalk

8. Plastic Spoon Lamps via SIMPHOME.COMThis is another great idea of upcycling waste. It turns out that plastic spoons can be turned into a mesmerizing pendant light that will decorate your garden. You only need to get enough of plastic spoons, cut them out, and glue them down on a large plastic bottle or a globe lamp. Make sure that the plastic spoons completely cover the entire surface of the large plastic bottle or globe lamp. Insert an LED lamp into the lampshade, and enjoy the beautiful light.

7. Wastebasket Pendant Light project idea | Thekimsixfix

7. Wastebasket Pendant Light via SIMPHOME.COM
This is a super easy and cheap project for your backyard. To make this pendant light, you will only need to cut out a hole at the bottom of a wire wastebasket using wire cutters. Make sure that the hole is large enough for the socket to fit through. Insert the socket through the hole, and install the light bulb. Hang this pendant light in your backyard and done.

6. Mason Jar Lanterns project idea | Orchardgirls

6. Mason Jar Lanterns via SIMPHOME.COM

Mason jars have always been your best bet when it comes to a money-mindful décor. They are so versatile that can be turned into anything, including these beautiful lanterns.
All you need to do is just filling the jars with dry pinto beans, and set the candles inside the jars. Let them sit on the beans. Then, hang the jars to your patio cover using raffia or rope. It’s eminently simple, isn’t it?

5. Tuna Can Lanterns project idea | Inmyownstyle

5. Tuna Can Lanterns via SIMPHOME.COMGo with a classic look? Why not? This classic lantern is unique as it pays tribute to the past while maintaining some semblance of modern flair. More importantly, it is made of cheap materials like a tuna can, a hurricane, a stick, and a ¾ copper adapter.
First, drill a hole in the top of the stick. Then, make another hole in the center of the tuna can. Next, assemble the stick, copper adapter, and the tuna can using a screw. Place it in the ground, and paint the stick and the tuna can. Once the paint is dry, place the candle and install the hurricane.

4. Party Cup LED Lights Garland project idea | Hometalk

4. Party Cup LED Lights Garland via SIMPHOME.COM
When the party is over, it doesn’t always mean that the fun has been over, too. In fact, another fun project has just begun.
Don’t throw the party cups to the dust bin as they can make striking lanterns. All you need to do is just making a small hole in the bottom of each cup. Insert the LED string light through the small hole you have just made. Decorate the cups if necessary, and – voila! – turn on the light and prepare yourself for the mesmerizing light produced by the LED string lights.

3. Garden Lights from Glass Bottles and String Lights project idea | More-organics

3. Garden Lights from Glass Bottles and String Lights via SIMPHOME.COMDo you have many bottles at home? Let’s turn them into something useful like these affordable garden lights.
Making these lights is extremely easy. You just need to clean the bottles thoroughly and insert the string lights inside them. Now, this is the fun part. You can either make them stand up on the ground or hang them from the branches of the trees. If you prefer to keep them on the ground, you can use bamboo sticks to stake them in. But if you are into hanging pendant light, you can use wire, instead.

2. Garden Globe Light project idea | Mainlyhomemade

2. Garden globe lights via SIMPHOME.COMThis small solar garden light will do big things in your backyard. It provides exquisite light without costing you a fortune. You only need to attach marbles on the surface of a round candle vase until it is completely covered.
Then, find a perfect spot for your solar light. Push it to the ground, and attach the marble covered globe to the top of the solar light.

Lastly number 1. Twinkle Little Stars project idea | Liagriffith

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars via SIMPHOME.COMWho says that you can only see twinkling stars in the sky? The truth is you can see them right in your backyard. They aren’t the real stars, though. But they do a wondrous thing in your backyard. More importantly, you don’t need to break a sweat to make these stars. You just need to punch star shapes as many as possible from foil paper or glitter paper.

Then, punch a small hole right in the center of each star. Insert a tiny bulb of a string light through the small hole of each star. Apparently, creating a dreamy backyard is not impossible. Even if you have a limited budget, you can still make these cheap DIY backyard lighting ideas using the available materials around you.

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