5 Creative Garden Container Ideas

A wonderful garden does not always require big spaces and a lot of money.
Anyone can become a master gardener with some plants, some soil, and of course, the right containers.
It may seem easier to just buy containers (or planters) from the store, but you can always turn unused items in your house into creative garden container ideas that will bring a surprising difference to your outdoor space.
Think of it as a way to de-clutter the mess in your house.

Although flowers usually play the major role in your garden, you can make the planters themselves as the center of attention with the right shape, display and arrangement. If you are looking for inspiration to elevate your garden style, look no further!
Check out these next 5 unthinkable containers garden ideas that people around the world have used to make a beautiful display for your plants.

I hope you like these amazingly creative garden storage solution ideas as much as we do.
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1.Chair Planters

1 Chair planter and 20 ideas via simphomeThink twice if you want to throw away the old useless chairs in your house. You can make a beautiful flowerbed or planter on an old chair by simply removing the attached seat to place the pot in the hole. This is the simplest yet creative garden container idea because all you need to do is to choose the correct size of the pot that fits the empty seat frame.

You can also repaint the chair to get a much more spectacular result.

2. Hanging Boot Planters

2 Hanging Boot Planters via simphomeThere will come a time when your feet can no longer fit your favorite pair of boots.
But if you can’t throw them away, why not put them to another use? Add some potting soil and plant your favorite greenery inside your boots to make a creative hanging garden container.

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3.Children’s Toys Planters

3 children toy planter via simphomeToy carts and trucks make a great choice for small gardens. They are practical and can be found anywhere, especially if you have kids at home. Plant away succulents, edible plants, or colorful flowers.

These planters are completely unexpected and fun way to brighten up your house!.
More about ideas how to reuse kid’s toys here.

4. Old Suitcase Planters

4 Old Suitcase Planters via simphomeGive a new life to the dusty vintage suitcases sitting unused in your storage room! If you want to use the whole suitcase as a planter, you need to drill holes for drainage before adding soil and plants in it.

As an alternative, you can also put potted cactus or succulents in the case and improve the look with decorative pebbles.

5. Teacup Planters

5 Teacup Planters via simphomeThe last creative garden container ideas can be done by using teacup planters.
These planters are a perfect option if you don’t have enough outdoor space or if you are looking for simple indoor decorations. One of the perks of using small-sized garden containers is that you can theme the planters by picking a certain teacup style and even theme the plants.

You may plant scented plants as aromatherapy for your living room and veggies for the kitchen. Don’t forget to drill holes in the teacups for drainage.

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And what you just learned is 5 Clever Garden Containers ideas

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