10 Modern Bedroom Accent Furniture Ideas

More people are dying for a simple-yet-elegant look of modern flair. Some of them even opt for a home makeover project to embrace this style. They begin to add modern decorations and even replace their old furniture with the new one.
If you have a craving for embracing modern flair in your bedroom, keep on watching! I’ve listed 10 modern bedroom accent furniture ideas that can carve out simplicity and elegance in your sleeping space. Completing 10 Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas published last Saturday, this video is presented for you by

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10. Low-Level Red Velvet Platform Bed Idea

10.Low Level Red Velvet Platform Bed By Simphome.comThe bed is “I think” the most indispensable piece of furniture that every bedroom has to possess. There are many kinds of beds you can choose from depending on the style that you are really into.
When it comes to carving out a modern bedroom, a low, horizontal piece of furniture like a platform bed can be your greatest bet.
A platform bed is a kind of bed frame that supports your mattress without any box spring. Unlike common traditional bed frames that leave plenty of space underneath, a platform bed stays closer to the ground. It usually raises your bed about 12 inches off the ground. A platform bed also features clean-lined edges that embody modern flair immensely.
To kick it up a notch, choose a platform bed with velvet upholstery like the one you see in the picture.
Velvet fabric is renowned for its soft texture and luxurious look. The upholstery velvet provides a plush feel that is quite welcoming, making it one of the main reasons why people splurge out on it.

9. Modern Bedroom Accent Furniture for Boy’s Bedroom

9.Modern Bedroom Accent Furniture for Boy by Simphome.comModern bedroom style is not only created for master bedrooms. In fact, with the appropriate furniture and a little bit of creativity, you can add modern look into your kid’s bedroom without compromising the cheerful ambiance.
This bunk bed would be perfect for your kids especially if they have to share a room despite the limited space.
Less-is-more is the basic principle of modern flair. Therefore, this bunk bed comes in sky blue and white finish. Simplicity is maintained by ditching unnecessary accent. The upper bed features railing that prevents your kids from falling down. The bunk bed also features ample storage space in the stairway and under the bed, allowing your kids to stash their bags, clothes, and toys easily.

8. Modern Bedroom Accent Furniture for Girl’s Bedroom

8.Modern Bedroom Accent Furniture for Girls by Simphome.comGirls are usually synonymous with pink. For this reason, adding plenty of pink in your daughter’s bedroom would be nice.
The electric pink found in the armchairs and ottoman add pops of colors to the space, creating good vibes for anyone who sees it. A clear pink pendant light matches the decor well.
To enhance the modern look, a unique bookshelf is added. Unlike the common shelves that come in rectangular or square shape, this shelf has many tubes that you can use to store books. The crisp white and glossy finish embody modernity nicely.

7. Modern Bedroom Accent Furniture Accessories

7.Modern Bedroom Accent Furniture Accessories by Simphome.comWhen choosing the right pieces of furniture for your modern bedroom, you need to focus on not only the shape and material but also function. The same way goes with choosing the right accessories.
This C-shaped table serves you double duty. It makes a great nightstand or side table on which you can set down your book and glasses. You can also use it as cozy workspace when you feel like writing your monthly report from the bed
The table features four castors that make it movable. This also perfect for a modern bedroom with little space because the design allows you to shove it under the bed to save more space.

6. DIY Modern Accent Storage Furniture Idea

6.DIY Modern Accent Storage Furniture By

Carving out a modern style doesn’t have to make you broke. You don’t have to splurge out on some brand-new furniture that set you back lots of bucks. You don’t have to make one from scratch, either. All you need to do is getting an old dresser, paint, copper pipes, and a little bit of elbow grease. Just make sure that the drawer doesn’t feature sophisticated accent. Simple clean-line edges will be what you need to start off.
Begin with sanding the old dresser thoroughly so that the paint you are going to apply will stay. Paint the dresser navy blue or any color of your choice. But make sure you only apply one or two colors to maintain the simple look.
Replace the knobs with copper pipes by placing them inside 2 bell hangers, then tighten them with screws. Add caps to the end of each pipe to get a more finished look.

5. DIY Copper Pendant Light

5.DIY Copper Pendant Light by Simphome.comThis is another brilliant and cheap idea that you can do with copper pipe to embrace modern flair ─ a copper-pipe pendant light.
Lighting plays an essential role in any bedroom. Therefore, it has to be epic.
The good news is you can make a cool modern pendant light yourself. It is not an easy project, though, because you have to be a math-savvy.
To make this pendant light, you will need to make a 20-sided shade of equilateral triangles. Since this pendant light is going to have 30 equilateral edges, you will need to cut your copper pipe into thirty 7.5” pieces. Once you’ve got all the pieces, it’s time to assemble them.
First, make one complete equilateral triangle with the copper pipe and wire. After that, keep adding more triangles using one of the existing pieces as a side.

4. Add Clear Swing Chair

4.Clear Swing Chair and Bedroom Swing Chair via Simphome.comAdding a swing in a bedroom? Why not?
A swing that is suspended from the ceiling can make a great place to lounge on. It replaces a bulky armchair that takes up lots of space.
This swing chair will round out your modern bedroom. The sleek and transparent design is perfect for this style.

3. Or Wood-Working Charm

3.Wood Working Charm via Simphome.comWood has always been a part of modern style. Whether it is natural or just veneer, the exposed grain has always made a distinctive charm that adds an upscale look to the space.
In this bedroom for instance, you can see a zig-zag platform frame that is made of stained board. To make the furniture united, similar finish is also found in the dresser and side table.

2. Floating Nightstand Project Idea

2.Floating Nightstand Ideas by Simphome.comYour bedroom might be small in size, but it doesn’t have to be less attractive. You can still bring in the modern vibes to your bedroom with the help of a new furniture.
2.Floating Nightstand by
A small bedroom lacks floor space. Therefore, investing in a floating shelf is a brilliant move. This floating shelf for example is mounted next to the bed. It can be a great side table where you can put your phone and photo. It also has a drawer for additional storage space.

Lastly number 1. Peg-Legged Chair Project Idea

1.Peg legged Chair Ideas by Simphome.comPeg-legged chairs are one of the significant features of Mid-Century modern style, making them a must-have item for those who are crazy about modern look. When combining with velvet or linen upholstery, you will get both comfort and luxury. For more detail, as always, check link pasted inside description area.
So, those are 10 modern bedroom accent furniture ideas that will not only create some sort of style but also add more comfort. Good luck with your new curiosity, stay safe, and see you again next Saturday with 10 Small Bedroom Arrangement Ideas.

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