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5 Unique Vertical Succulent Garden ideas Worth Trying

These unique vertical succulent garden worth trying ideas aren’t only handy to create green environment for your home but it is also perfect when you want to have unique flair for the outdoor setting. Just because you have limited space for your outdoor environment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a stylish look. Moreover, if you choose succulent for your garden option, there are some unique ideas to try. I bet they are good looking with their own unique twist. This is 5 Unique Vertical Succulent Garden Worth Trying for Beautiful Setting by your list maker simphome.com

5.Hanging Glass and Plant

5 Hanging Glass and Plant simphome com
5 Hanging Glass and Plant simphome com

Do you know that there are some specialized hanging glass that can be used for succulent? Go to any garden improvement or garden supply store and look for these kinds of hanging glass. You need to have a super thick and solid rope for the hang. Follow the instructions to install this kind of hanging glass, just to be on the safe side – after all, you don’t want to risk one of those glasses to fall, right? This is a great idea to fill your mundane weekends.

4.Bubble Aerium

4 Bubble Aerium simphome com
4 Bubble Aerium simphome com

This is almost similar to the hanging potted glass, but this one is coming with the wall mounted style. If you are into succulent plants so much and you want to improve your outdoor style, this aerium will be the most ideal option. Even when you have generous garden, this one can be placed on your front porch, creating a unique and green atmosphere. Have two or three bubbles on a wall and you immediately will improve your outdoor look in the simplest manner.

3.Terrarium Lantern

3 Terrarium Lantern simphome com
3 Terrarium Lantern simphome com

If you have old lanterns that you have never used anymore, this would be the perfect option for your next DIY project. If you don’t have the lanterns, you can also buy them – after all, they aren’t expensive. You can paint the lanterns with unique paint and then place the succulents inside. This lantern would be interesting extra for the succulent and they are pleasing to the eye! Another interesting thing about this idea is that you have the flexibility to hang the terrarium or to place them on a desk or table. Certainly a unique vertical succulent garden ideas worth trying.

2.Hanging Brass Ornament

2 Hanging Brass Ornament simphome com
2 Hanging Brass Ornament simphome com

Some of the brass ornaments are quite good to hang air plants, especially those with concentric coils. Not only they are pleasant to the eyes, they can be unique garden decoration. If you live in an apartment with very limited garden (usually only a porch or a verandah), this hanging ornament can be handy. In this picture, the brass ornament is to accommodate Xeographica Tillandsia, perfect for the window or door sill.

1.Unique Wall Planter

1 Unique Wall Planter simphome com
1 Unique Wall Planter simphome com

This wall planter is quite unique because not only it has the space for the plants, it also has its own space for the water. Simply pour the water on the provided spot and it will automatically water the plants on its own. It is a should have item for your unique vertical succulent garden idea

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