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The backyard is one of the best places to relax while enjoying your morning or afternoon coffee or tea. But nosy neighbors can be somewhat irritating which can ruin your me-time. The best way to drive them out is by building fences.
The ultimate goal of fencing is to provide privacy and hinder your neighbors from peeping. But let’s think beyond the ordinary. Take the fencing idea to the next level and make it does a double duty. If you are looking for some backyard and garden fencing ideas, keep reading or “watching” as you will be amazed by what I’ve collected.
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10. Bamboo Fencing for the Asian Flair | Nextluxury Bamboo Fencing for the Asian FlairBamboo is one of the most ubiquitous materials used for fencing. It offers exotic natural finish that can make your backyard look more exquisite. It can also be stained in the colors of your choice depending on how you want your backyard to look like. But one thing for sure, bamboo fencing always brings in the beauty of Asian flair to your backyard.
There are many types of bamboo that you can choose from. Bamboo poles that are strung together with twine might be a dime a dozen. Another popular type is the one that comes in panels just like in this Japanese-style backyard. It accentuates the zen garden nicely without even being overwhelming.
The drawback of bamboo fencing is it’s typically exorbitant. As the alternative, therefore, try opting for faux bamboo fencing which will give you the same look with a more affordable price.

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9. Horizontal Planks Fencing idea | Goodhousekeeping Horizontal Planks fencing idea
Planks are versatile. They can be constructed to form many kinds of furniture such as coffee tables, pathways, and fencing. When it comes to fencing, planks are usually arranged either vertically or horizontally. But the latter offers several benefits.
When the planks are arranged horizontally, you’ll be able to set the height as tall as you wish, which is good for the peace of mind. Besides, the simple look of this fence will bring the modern style into your garden.

8. Incorporate Brick Columns | DIYNetwork Incorporate Brick Columns
Using mixed materials? Why not?
Mixed materials are usually used to reinforce the fencing, making it become sturdy enough to drive out neighbor’s dog or any other intruder. Another reason why people like concocting certain materials is due to the distinctive look, just like what you can see in this backyard.
The wooden planks arranged vertically give the touch of traditional look. The off-white finish would be suitable for farmhouse style. Brick columns provide distinctive look to the fencing as well as adding textural elements due to the rough finish.

7. Recycling Some Leftover | Backyardboss Recycling Some Leftover
The top-notch way to get stylish fencing on the cheap is by recycling some leftover. Now, shop around your home, especially your storage room and look what you’ve got.
If you can get plenty of timber from the previous project, congratulations! You can use it to create garden fencing. It doesn’t matter of the timber cuts come in different sizes. Just make a line with them to form staggered finish. You can always paint or stain the fencing as you please. But if you are dying for rustic look, leave it that way would be your greatest bet.

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6. Geometric Fence project idea | Thespruce Geometric Fence project idea
This fencing is a great way to protect your veggies from dogs and rabbits without compromising the spectacular view. The geometric shape allows you to see through the fence clearly. The outer side of the fencing is covered with wire mesh that makes intruder unable to break in.
This fencing may be best implemented in a vegetable garden as it tends to be more functional rather than aesthetical. Feel free to add a twist so that it can be both functional and chic.

5. Elegant Backyard Fencing Project idea | Thespruce Elegant Backyard Fencing Project idea
Create your own safe haven that offers the holiday retreat in your backyard with this elegant fencing. It combines the versatility of wooden planks and lattice work that come in black finish.
It is the place where you can relax and lounge on the hammock. To kick it up a notch, you can put potted climbing plants near the lattice work and train them to climb the panels. The plants will provide a spectacular backdrop while adding more privacy.
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4. Opt for Living Fence | Thespruce Opt for Living FenceGarden fences are not always made of wood, bricks, or stones. If you are looking fencing that creates more drama to your backyard, consider having living fences.
Living fencing is merely some plants that grow so densely that it can block the view. Boxwood and Privet are the most common shrubs used as backyard fencing. They grow fast so you will need to cut the trims to form a certain shape.
Another option is bamboo. Once again, Bamboo is renowned for its fast-growing ability which will provide privacy screen in no time. One thing, consider growing golden bamboo or fountain bamboo for a screen effect while making your backyard look lavish.

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3. Gorgeous Lattice Fencing idea | Thespruce Gorgeous Lattice FencingLattice work is also usually used as the patio screen. Its design will make your patio look more elegant.
This lattice fencing, for example, adds Japanese style to the patio. Its shape and color match the woven armchairs and couch nicely. If you need more privacy, you cab just have roses or ivy climb the trellis until it’s completely covered.

2. Corrugated Metal Fence Project idea | Caribbeantaste Corrugated Metal FenceIf industrial look is your thing, consider making corrugated metal fencing. Apparently, this material is not only used for roofing. It can also work like a charm for the fencing too.
This no-fuss fence is the best choice for those who rarely have time for the regular maintenance. However, you might have some issue with height. If that’s the case, try combining corrugated metal fence with another material like planks to add more height.

Lastly number 1. Contemporary Fencing Project Idea | Thespruce Contemporary Fencing IdeasContemporary fencing lies under the popular saying “less is more”. Clean-lined edges are the key to get this look. To round out it, you can add some accessories like hanging planters and wall-mounted water feature like this one. By doing this, you will not only get some privacy but also a luxurious outdoor gallery to look at.


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So, whether you just want to get some privacy or improve your backyard landscaping, these 10 backyard and garden fencing ideas will be your safe bet.

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