10 Interior Garden Ideas for Small House Owner

If you dwell in an apartment, you might wish you had a spacious backyard. You can picture the beautiful flowers and vegetables that thrive in it. Unfortunately, it is only in your dream because the limited space does not allow you to do so.
Cheer up! Do not give up your dream! You can have a beautiful garden although you lack space or even do not have any backyard at all. Take a look at these 10 interior garden ideas for a small house owner that will make your home more appealing. For more detail, uncover the link pasted inside the description area.


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Number 10. Fabulous Terrarium Idea

10. Fabulous Terrarium by simphome.comThe idea of having an indoor garden might hype you up. However, if you are not an avid gardener, you will find it hard. If that is the case, try a terrarium since it is renowned for being low-maintenance.
Before making a terrarium, you need to consider several things. Decide whether you will use a plastic or a glass container.
Glass may be cheaper, but it has limited sizes and shapes. Plastics tend to be lighter and durable. However, it is prone to discoloration and scratches.
Besides the container, you also need to consider the plants. Cactus and succulents are suitable for an open terrarium. If you choose a closed one, mosses, Creeping Fig, African Violets, and Angel’s Tears will be great since they tolerate humidity.
To create your terrarium, begin with adding a layer of sand or crushed charcoal to promote drainage. After that, put some aquarium gravel. Next, place a layer of sand and charcoal mixture.
After that, add a thick layer of soil. Make sure you eliminate any air pockets. Finally, place your plants.

9. Dramatic Living Wall

9. Dramatic Living Wall by simphome.comIf you have limited space, why don’t you tap into your wall?
A living wall allows you to grow plants without taking up much space. Besides, it can be an epic centerpiece that incorporates a dramatic look into any room.
When it comes to making a living wall, the options are endless. You can simply grow plants in different containers mounted from a frame on the wall. Another effortless choice is buying a pre-made frame or using angled plant trays for easier manual maintenance.
Now, take some time observing the location of your living wall. Since you will place it indoors, Cretan brake fern, Rabbit’s foot fern, Pothos, Wedding vine, Sword fern, and Lipstick plants would be excellent.

8. Green Room Divider

8. Green Room Divider by simphome.comIn a studio apartment, the owner tends to merge several rooms to make the interior feels bigger. Unfortunately, this idea results in the absence of a clear-cut boundary between the rooms. To overcome this problem, you can invest in a room divider.
Instead of making a mere room divider, you can create one that does double duty, like this one. These shelves not only separate the living room and kitchen but also host many planters.

7. Window Herb Garden

7. Window Herb Garden by simphome.comYou know you cannot grow edible plants outdoors because you do not have any backyard. However, you can always have your gardening spree indoors. To begin with, you can plant some useful herbs.
Most herbs can thrive indoors. But, if this is the first time you do it, you can give basil, mint, parsley, chives, rosemary, and thyme. These plants are easy to grow and not fussy. Just make sure they stay happy by placing them in the sunniest spot.
It would be best if you also chose containers with good drainage. If you grow them in mason jars, consider adding a layer of pebbles in the bottom. This way, it can catch excess moisture, preventing the potting soil from being saturated.

6. Living Wreath

6. Living Wreath by

A wreath is always aesthetic and somewhat fascinating. You can make it from anything, such as twigs, embroidery hoops, and ribbons. Why don’t you take this idea to the next level by creating a living wreath?
Making a living wreath is relatively easy. First, you need to moisten the moss. After that, spread it out on a table or anything flat near you. Place a wire wreath frame in the center.
Mix the potting soil with water-storing crystals. Next, place it into the wreath frame until it is firm. Secure it with wire.
Create a hole in the center. Next, wrap the moss around the frame. After that, secure it with floral wire. Now, you can begin to grow the plants you want. Succulents or herbs can be a good start.

5. Indoor Trellis

5. Indoor Trellis by simphome.comThis trellis plant wall will perk up your mid-century modern home immensely. More importantly, it is easy to make. You just need some boards, nails, some planters, and leather.
First, cut the board to size and assemble them to create 60- and 120-degree angles. Secure the pieces with nails. After that, make the planter holders from the leather. Just make sure they fit snugly around your pots.

4. Succulent Monogram

4. Succulent Monogram by simphome.comThis monogram will satisfy your hunger for gardening while making a perfect centerpiece. To get this look, you need to make the planter from the board. You can always use a salvaged sign letter, though. It will save more time and energy.
First, drill holes through the back of the planter. You will thread a 22-gauge wire through it so that you can hang the monogram once you are done planting. Next, fill in the planter with sphagnum moss. Place the letter-shaped mess onto it. Finally, arrange your succulents.

3. Let Them Dangle

3. Let Them Dangle by simphome.comClimbing plants always create a dramatic ambiance and somewhat romantic. Therefore, you should not overlook it.
Try investing in some planters suspended from the ceiling. Grow English ivy, Devil’s ivy, heart-leaf philodendron, or creeping fig in them. Let them dangle over the hanging pots and witness the spectacular view.

2. Herbs in Cups

2. Herbs in Cups by simphome.comIf you think your cabinets will burst, I think it is the right time to make use of your collection. Take your beautiful cups, and get ready to make an attractive indoor garden.
Before growing the herbs, you need to prepare the cups. Add some gravel or rocks on the bottom. After that, put some potting-mix soil, and move your plant the pot to it. That’s it!

Lastly, Number 1. Give It A Rustic Factor

1. Give It A Rustic Factor by simphome.comLooking at hanging plants over the bathtub when you lie in it can lull you. Therefore, this idea is for you.
You just need to grab an old ladder and hang it from the ceiling right over your bathtub. Get some planters, and suspend them from the ladder. Now, lie down and relax!
So, These 10 interior garden ideas for the small property have proven that you can grow some beautiful and edible plants at home despite the limited space. So, don’t give up gardening, and good luck with your new gardening project.



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