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30+ Ways How to Makeover Backyard Camping Party Ideas (Include Some of the Coolest Too)

A camping party should be a fun one. This is also one of the most fun ways to spend your kid’s birthday. In this article, we have to cool ideas for a backyard camping birthday party. Also, it will be so much fun to spend some adventures in your backyard with your kids and family members. Our tips and ideas in this article can be done on your own. Some materials might need to be purchased from online stores.

Same as other list, this long compilation is crafted for you by Simphome. This list is enriched with more than dozen images and relevant links that you could follow to perfect your learning journey.

15 Some of the Coolest Ideas by SIMPHOME.COM How to Makeover Backyard Camping Party Ideas

Six Fabulous Backyard Camping Party Ideas, How to Follow and Complete Them:

I’ve got some good news for homeowners across the United States. You don’t have to rent out a party place and spend a considerable amount to give your kids a birthday celebration that they will remember for many years to come.
There are lots of great memories to be made right in your backyard. The party can just be in the back of your home, and it can prove to be even more memorable than if you had to rent out a very fancy venue. How come? Your home will always be a constant reminder of the fun your kids had in your backyard on their birthday.

Idea no.1 The Secret

The secret to fantastic backyard birthday parties is to make your kids’ ideas come to life. They have to be always in the loop, and the best way to do this is to plan out the backyard birthday festivities with their active participation. Base the event on their ideas. This way makes the whole planning process fun and exciting for your children. They become emotionally invested in what’s about to happen, and they’re more likely to enjoy.
This idea is such a better experience than just renting a venue or hiring a party specialist to throw an event for your kid. This event is their very own party in their own home. While these ideas involve building tents, these are usually made of cheap materials like tarps. If you want, you can even use old bedspreads. The best thing about this is that this doesn’t cost much money. Just put small tables in your backyard and build tents out of them only by layering on materials.
You can also put in pillows and layout the tarp at the bottom, so they don’t get any grass stains or get wet should the ground be moist. This tip is a cheap yet memorable backyard camping birthday idea.

Idea no.2 It’s All About the Activities

It’s very tempting just to think that any kind of celebration turns on how excellent the location is. When it comes to kids, it’s not the venue that matters more than what they do when they’re in that place, and this is where party events and activities play a significant role. You have to make sure that your kids are going to have fun and the best way to do this is to ask them what they’d like to do during their special event. This way, whatever activities, games, and other mini-events you hold in the more significant event will fit their expectations.
The key is to focus on the camping theme. Maybe you can hold a scavenger hunt. Perhaps you can even prepare your trail mix. This tip means giving out nuts and candies. You can also have them play hide and seek and come up with variations of that game.

You can provide mini flashlights and walkie-talkies as they search for each other. You can have them play around with rocket balloons and all sorts of ball games, tug-of-war, feed the bear. You can even set up a changing obstacle course. An obstacle course can take many different forms and use ready-made objects around the house. They’re pretty cheap to set up, but they are so memorable because it’s the experience that the kids focus on.

Idea No.3 Focus on Entertainment

Another way to provide additional entertainment for your kids that they can do at their own pace and leisure involves table games. They can use chalk to draw and create a makeshift campfire out of hula hoops, or other materials that they can pretend is a fire or may look like fire. They can also act to go fishing by using improvised fishing rods and fish for gummy worms at the end. This way the games give out prizes in the form of candies.
You can also prepare an outdoor movie screening if you have a big enough TV and a long extension cord. The key here, of course, when it comes to any kind of indoor appliance equipment is to make sure that it’s not moist out or there’s no extra moisture that may mess up your electronics.

Idea No.4 Make your Kids Dress for the Event

You don’t have to have a big budget to prepare cool outfits for your kids beforehand. Simple shirts will do, as long as they’re the same color, kids will have a good time because it would make them look like real campers. You can even split up the group into different camps. You can also ask them to work together to make party favors out of sticks and a bandana. The bandana would then unfold to reveal some loot inside. These can be candies or small toys.
You can also deck out your entire backyard with all sorts of theme-based decorations. Again, the whole point is to emphasize camping, so hunting signs, fishing signs, hiking trails. You can also create small tents to highlight the overall camping theme. You can even set up papier mache campfires and paint them bright orange and yellow to simulate fire. Throughout, you can be playing campfire music and ask every kid that your children invite over to bring their sleeping bag if their parents allow them to sleepover.

Idea No.5 Make sure you Serve The Right Food

In keeping with the overall camping theme, make sure that your food offerings are consistent. Even if you just name them a certain way, make sure that the whole camp spirit is evident in the items you make available for them to eat. Some ideas include an S’ mores station, a marshmallow pile of cupcakes with red and yellow icing to simulate fire. You can also serve small and round chocolate donuts. You can also serve pretzel rods with red chocolate tips to simulate matches.
Finally, you can offer a bluish lemonade. This is, of course, a reference to lake water. There’s no limit. The only limit really when it comes to food themes and food coloring is your kids’ imagination.

Idea No.6 Storytime

One of the most popular activities that kids look for when it comes to any kind of overnight camping is story time. So, it’s crucial to make every kid tell part of the story, so everybody feels part of the event. Everybody has to play a role. This way, they are all emotionally invested in what’s going on and make for an enjoyable time that they won’t forget anytime soon. A few stories can trigger kids’ imaginations, and the whole event can be a communal experience.

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10 Backyard Camping Party Makeover Video

Intro : A camping party is still the most favorite activity in the summer either to have family time or to celebrate your kid’s birthday. Nevertheless, you don’t have to go far away from your house for a camping party because you can turn your backyard into a fantastic camping place. More about that, here I am going to present you 10 Recommended Backyard Camping Party Makeover video by your list maker simphome. It comes to complete 30+ Fun Backyard Picnic Ideas published more than a month ago and before you check reference area, let’s continue to our awesome video.

1st 10 Entries How to Makeover Camping Parties :

This entries would be a perfect match for a super relevant video you have destined to meet or watched. If you haven’t play it yet, I encourage you to do that. Later, before you leave the post, I hope you’ll find a new motivation to share it with anyone close to you in social media. Regardless who run the media on a day to day basis.

Backyard Camping Parties Poster by
10 Backyard Camping Parties Poster


10. Effortless Smores Station on the Cheap

10.Effortless Smores Station on the Cheap via Simphome.comCamping is incomplete without smore. Everyone loves it especially kids. They might have been waiting impatiently to enjoy the stacks of sweetness, so don’t make them wait any longer with preparing wood for the campfire. Instead, you can make an effortless smore station like this to save time and energy.
You will need a planter box, decorative pebbles, and sterno canned heat. Next, you only need to put the sterno canned heat in the box then fill the box with pebbles. The pebbles will hold the can so it will not move. The last, ignite the can using a lighter and enjoy roasting.

9. Opt for a Fancy Smores Station

9.Opt for a Fancy Smores Station via Simphome.comHere is another smore station you can make. It does not only provide a station for roasting marshmallows but also brings the summer to where you place it.
To make it, you have to prepare a planter box, ethanol gel cans, small plants, and gravel. So first of all, stain the planter box if needed. Put the pots of small plants inside then surround it with packing peanuts. Make sure to distance the plants about 16” apart from each other. Next, layer the top with gravel approximately 3” thick. Place the ethanol gel cans between the plants and add some pinecones.

8. Craft Flame Cupcakes

8.Flame Cupcakes idea via Simphome.comDo you and your kids love cupcakes? If your answer is “yes”, then you should try to make this with them.
You may start with making the cupcakes with your favorite recipe. Once you’ve done, put them aside and make the buttercream.
First, Prepare unsalted butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla extract, and milk. Using an electric mixer, mix the butter till light and fluffy. Lower the speed then add the sugar and mix them well. Next, put the vanilla extract and milk. Mix them once again.
Put the frosting in three bowls and add food coloring in each. Use orange, red, and yellow. Grab a pastry bag with an open-star strip then fill it with the three colored frostings. So when it is pressed, it will create a flame-alike with three colors.
Next just cover all the top of cupcakes with flames by pressing the pastry bag about half an inch then release. Crush some Oreo into big pieces and attach them along the cupcakes’ edge. The last, stick the decorated lollipop in the middle. Happy trying and Enjoy!

7. Set A Crafty Paper Fire on the Table

7.Set the Fake Fire on the Table via

The campfire warms your night and enlivens the camping party. However, if you are planning to make a camping party for kids, their safety is number one. The real fire may be dangerous for them, so it’s better to hold the party during the day and consider this fake fire instead.
It is so easy, cheap, and safe. It is made of red and yellow oak tags that are drawn to resemble the flame. Then they are cut and glued together. Place the huge one between the branch for a more realistic look. Make some in different sizes and place them on the table with the flame cupcakes you’ve made.

6. Or Set up Real Fire

6.Set up the Real Fire via Simphome.comAs the day gets dark, the weather gets cold. Of course, you no longer need a fake fire. It’s time to set up the real fire to warm the night.
If you don’t have an outdoor fire pit, you can try this one by simply putting the metal bucket in a box of gravels. Make sure the bucket is sturdy enough to handle the fire.
The wooden box and gravels will prevent the bucket from moving as well as giving a country look to the backyard. It also gives a little distance so that people won’t step closer to the fire. Nevertheless, you must keep an eye on kids if you have the real fire pit.

5. Simple Scavenger Hunt for Kids

5.Simple Scavenger Hunt for Kids via Simphome.comKids have a great interest in the things around them. They love learning something new, exploring, and interacting. Therefore, the scavenger hunt will be the best activity for them to do. It will help to strengthen kids’ think-ability.
You can try a simple color scavenger hunt like this. You only need lunch paper bags and markers. Next, using colored markers, scribble a small square of the colors you want them to find in the backyard. Give the bag to them and enjoy watching them run from place to place to find all the riddle. After they find all the colors, ask them to sit in a circle, and explain a little about the items they found.

4. Refresh with Sparkling Pear Punch

4.Refresh with Sparkling Pear Punch via Simphome.comDoing scavenger hunt must be tiring, so it’s time to give the kids a break and drink to freshen their bodies. You should try this fresh drink by mixing pear juice, lemon juice, sugar, and ginger ale together in a large container. Pour in glasses and add some slices of pear. It will be better when served cold.

3. Bring in the Ocean Vibes into Your Backyard

3.Bring in the Ocean Vibes into Your Backyard via Simphome.comEnliven your backyard with this jellyfish craft. It is not only beautiful to see during the day, but it also will glow beautifully in the dark.
First you have to prepare paper bowls, neon paint, and some neon colors of yarn. Next lay your paper bowls open side down and paint them with different neon paint colors. Once they’re dry make a hole in the center of every bowl and cut four slits in the hole.
Insert each piece of the yarn together through the holes, gather at the center and tie the top. The last attach strings and hang them.

2. Sleeping Bag Race

2.Sleeping Bag Race via Simphome.comIf the scavenger hunt is not enough, you should add this sleeping bag race to the camping game list. The game’s name tells you everything you need ─ sleeping bags. Kids can jump inside of their sleeping bags or crawling like a worm to the finish line. Give a reward to the winners.

Lastly number 1. Disney-Themed Campout

1.Disney Themed Campout Idea via Simphome.comIf you want to make an intimate camping party with your kids, this Disney themed is a great idea to create memorable camping party. You’ll need to make a simple tent by string up a rope between trees then drape a sheet over. Position rocks at each corner to hold the tent sides. Next, add some Disney pillows, blanket, and snacks.
I assume, the backyard is the safest camping place for you and family, and with the 10 Makeover Backyard Camping Party Ideas (and bonus ideas you’ll find in this post) I’ve just and would presented for you, I hope you can offer a unique camping party ideas in every special event of your choice.

Video References :

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Thank you for taking my first 10 entries. I know I am not pure and sincere, however, to keep you stick longer to this post and invest more time, I am presenting you another relevant list that I assume will enriches your learning experiences. Tell me if I am wrong using comment area. Thanks in advance for reading next section and let’s start our second count.

2nd 10 Other Amazing Plans How to Makeover Backyard Camping Parties:

Although next list is not completed and finished with awesome video production like first 10 entries, I am sure you can take a valuable lesson or two that could probably ever lasting until next century or centuries. Enjoy.

1.Some Sweet Cupcakes

1. Add Some Sweet Cupcakes via SIMPHOME.COMWhen it comes to a birthday party, it will not be enough without the presence of cakes. Cupcakes are another way to give a sweet treat to the kids. Also, it will be a nice thing to put on the dessert table. We can stay that the S’mores cupcakes are essential for a camping party.
Chocolate cupcakes combined with a frosting of toasted marshmallows and graham crackers along with a chocolate bar are just tasty. You do not need to roast the cupcakes after all. There is always a way to make kids happy. Karaspartyideas

2. Outdoor Adventure Hunt

2. Outdoor Adventure Hunt via SIMPHOME.COMDo you know that you can make a fun party without doing too much effort? As long as you make a camping party, you will always find a way to get extra cool activities. The guests will be happy and love the idea of outdoor adventure hunts. On the other hand, this makeover does not require much effort. The list of scavenger hunts can be printed on a brown paper. The brown paper can also be used to wrap the hunt items. For example, the hunt items include a piece of litter, a flat rock, an acorn, a pine cone, and so on. Cleanandscentsible

3.Build-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar

3 Build Your Own Trail Mix Bar via SIMPHOME.COMCamping, hiking, and trail mix are indeed three things that always go hand-in-hand. Sometime include wedding too. This is why this mixing bar for a camping party would be a genius idea you should try and apply. You can allow the kids to make their creative trail mix concoctions. On the other hand, this thing does not require an expensive budget and much effort at all. The banner can be printed easily and the campers would find an interesting activity during the camping. This is the time when people mingling with each other without the presence of games and gadget. Popsugar

4. Birthday Party with Camping Theme for Boys

4 .Birthday Party with Camping Theme for Boys via SIMPHOME.COMIf you throw a party for your boy with a camping theme, you may want to take a look at this idea. Some rustic details from the outdoors can be implemented for this birthday party. For example, you can make invitations with retro camping admittance style. For the treats and decors, you can also refer to the creative camping items. As we have mentioned earlier, the camping party would be one of the most fun things to do. Both adults and kids will enjoy this outdoor-inspired birthday party while you will host an incredible party in the neighborhood. Image: Pinterest

5. Coleman Lantern Cake

5.Coleman Lantern Cake via Simphome.comWhen it comes to the camping trips, you might not be unfamiliar with the Coleman brand. For the camping party, you can put this brand as the starring role as well. You can order a lantern cake so it will look so realistic. It will involve some details made of amazing fondants. Besides the good taste, it will be one of the most interesting spots for taking pictures during the party. Involving some tables that look like logs would boost the camping vibes. Spaceshipsandlaserbeams

6.Camping Birthday Party Cake

6 Camping Birthday Party Cake via SIMPHOME.COM
Luxe Galerie Nexo Knights Kuchen Lego

As we have mentioned earlier, you do not need to purchase expensive treats for a birthday party cake. If you plan to make an outdoor-themed birthday party with a specific theme such as camping, this cake might be a great thing you should make. The cake is easy to make. You just need to modify a little on the chocolate layer and some wafer rolls on top of it. Kids and guests would love the cake so much. The yellow and red sugar glasses represent the flame. A rustic round log would be a nice table to serve this rustic cake. Image:

7.Camping-Themed Birthday Party

7 Camping Themed Birthday Party via SIMPHOME.COMDo you know that making your own s’ mores cakes or putting trail mix inside your bag would be an interesting party idea? The decorations can be found easily on the internet and most of them are printable after all. This is how you make a birthday party with a camping theme. Also, this will be a great outdoor setting to spend a fun dinner and dessert time with the kids and the guests. Image:

8.Foods for Camping Party

8.Food for Camping idea via Simphome.comIn case you are looking for ideas for a camping party, the foods would be a great thing for the décor as well. However, you need to make it as creative as possible and the picture above is one of the many examples for the foods. Filling the bucket with a bunch of Cheeto would be a nice décor and the “campfire flames” label would be such a genius idea for the party. Besides, it will not require too much budget for sure. Other foods like berries and bear cookies would be a great companion. Image:

9.Garland Decoration from Pinecones

9.Garland Decoration from Pinecones via Simphome.comYou can always use the presence of pinecones for the decorations especially if you take the outdoor camping as the theme of your party. Nature will be your best friend in so many ways and pinecone garlands would be a genius idea for campfire party décor. All you need to do is gathering greenery sprigs, a bunch of pinecones, and tie all of them with a thin hemp rope to make garlands. After that, voila, you have a nice décor to makeover your outdoor camping party. Image:

10.Camping Party Favor

10.Camping Party Favor via Simphome.comThe hobo bindles in the picture would be a creative idea to make a camping party favor. You just need several pieces of bandana or scarves and some tree sticks or branches. Fill the bandana with treats and tie each of them on every tree branch. Do not forget to put a printable name tag so they can find their treat easily. These are just a few ideas to make a fun camping party. Image:

10+ Extra Backyard Camping Party Makeovers-Bonus Ideas

Next you are going to find inspiring pictures from tavernierspa. Pardon me if I could not add more words to complete this images. I hope 1 image truly represent 1000 words this time.

11.backyard camping boy birthday party with fun foods smores mason via SIMPHOME.COM
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12.backyard campout party dukes and duchesses via SIMPHOME.COM
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13.camping summer camp birthday mae maes camping party via SIMPHOME.COM
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14.a summer backyard camping party with free printables via SIMPHOME.COM
A Summer Backyard Camping Party With Free Printables 2019 with 10 Some of the Coolest Ideas How to Makeover Backyard Camping Party Ideas – Tavernierspa
15.a summer backyard camping party with free printables party ideas via SIMPHOME.COM
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16.backyard camping party make life lovely via SIMPHOME.COM
Backyard Camping Party Make Life Lovely Ideas – Tavernierspa
17.a summer backyard camping party with SIMPHOME.COM
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18.camping birthday party fun for backyard camping party ideas via SIMPHOME.COM
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19.backyard camping party make life lovely with backyard camping party ideas via SIMPHOME.COM
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20.backyard camping party make life lovely via SIMPHOME.COM
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21.backyard birthday campout ideas with SIMPHOME.COM
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22.backyard campout party inspiration 3 little greenwoods via SIMPHOME.COM
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23.a summer backyard camping party with SIMPHOME.COM
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24.a summer backyard camping party with SIMPHOME.COM
A Summer Backyard Camping Party  – Tavernierspa
a summer backyard camping party with free printables in 2019 pertaining to backyard ca
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a summer backyard camping party with free printables party ideas with backyard camping
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