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30+ Genius Tricks of How to Upgrade Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas

Creating backyard obstacles can be a fun and easy way to help your kids stay active during the summer and promote their physical and mental skills. The best part of this idea is that it should not be expensive or complicated. For preschoolers and other children, then you can build up the backyard obstacles which are pretty thrilling from the items that you already have such as ropes, hula hoops, lawn chairs and so on.
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Even though it’s highly recommended that at least children get 60-minute physical activity every day to improve their respiration and heart rates as well. This is a great way to camouflage the exercises as fun games. As usual this list is compiled for you by
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Before you start, decide ideas first.
Or before you design your course, it’s better to make the list of backyard obstacles that you want to build. Ensure that your course should be specific for those who are running them and how your backyard is. You need what ages you want to include, so you know the courses so well. most people also follow the course along with their children, so you need to ensure that all courses are strong and safe to support adults too.
After that, you can check some ideas below.


Kids love adventures and that’s what makes them special. Sometimes, things that adults find difficult are merely nothing when compared to their naughty-but-brilliant skills and minds. They also have an unlimited source of energy and are ready to take any obstacle as always. Stick with this post, because in the next video I am going to give you handful of opportunities that you can use to channel your kid’s creative energy while at the same time distract them from addictive virtual appeal. This is 10 backyard obstacle for kids video by With “right hand”, this fun and inspiring projects could turn them to be the next famous Ninja Warrior kids.
Let’s play the video to find out
SIMPHOME.COM 10 Genius Tricks of How to Upgrade Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas Featured Image

🔊10 Backyard Obstacle Course Video:

General Ideas How to Setting up a Kiddie Backyard Obstacle Courses

A lot of kids are the outdoors type. They have a tremendous amount of energy, and it is no surprise that they’re always engaged in heart-pumping, sweat-inducing physical activities. They do so for at least an hour every single day. Depending on the age of the children, their situation could be that they need access to the outdoors regularly. This time is not only good for their health, but it improves their overall well-being.
Having a great place to exercise regularly can help boost the children’s self-confidence, hand-eye coordination, physical coordination, and overall happiness. It’s also true that when it comes to kids, the more, the merrier. If they have siblings and friends to play with, they’re going to have a better time outdoors.

The Park is not Always an Option

Depending on where you live, the park is an excellent place to go with the kids. However, it may not always be a good option. There are many different states in the US, and some areas have more parks than others. The parks in your particular location may not be in the best shape. You can’t count on the right playground being readily accessible in your neck of the woods.
Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have to bring your kids a long way every day for them to enjoy the physical play. This fact is why it’s a good idea to consider a solution for their daily physical activity requirements that is something closer to home. I am, of course, talking about your backyard.

Your Backyard is the Best Backdrop for all your Kid’s Activities

If your kids are looking to have a lot of fun and enjoy the sun and open-air, why not have it in your backyard? There are lots of ideas you can come up with when it comes to creating a backyard obstacle course that can be set up fairly quickly and use items that can already found around the house.

Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas

The first idea that comes to mind is to use chalk. You just draw chalk on the ground in your backyard. If you have an open concrete area, this would be best. But if you have a grassy area, you can still ground up some chalk and create an outline to get a game of hopscotch going.

You can also create your patterns to produce “bases” that your kids can protect from each other. They would set up a “raid the fort” type of game with one side being “It” and the other side having to defend. More about this later.

Set Up Temporary Structures

If you have pieces of scrap wood lying around the house or in your garage, you can use them for balance beams or stomp steps. Another idea is to have your kids set up a plank system where you can put a tub of water that they have to walk over, using the wooden plank. If they fall over, they fall into the container.
You can even set up a slide by using plastic tubing or a tarp with just some water on it.

Playing with Water is always a Good Idea

In the backyard, playing with water is also a good idea. You don’t necessarily have to have a pool. Maybe you can’t swing the expense of getting your backyard all dug up and a permanent pool put in. Setting up plastic sheeting and a water hose is good enough. You’d be surprised as to how much fun kids would have when you have a water hose to spray them with. It can make their day.
You can create a boat racetrack on a wet tarp by cutting up some pool noodles. Just make sure to cut them in half and then put up a large plant saucer in the middle. You can also use a water table for smaller kids, and if you have bigger kids or bigger and older kids, you can set up a water wall.
Finally, if your kids are up for it, you can even mix up some water and dirt from your backyard and create an outdoor mud kitchen. Kids love to “cook” mud, and their imaginations are triggered. They pretend they are baking mud pies and other “food items” made of clay.

Sand and Dirt

Don’t be afraid of letting your kids get dirty. As long as you ensure they can thoroughly clean up afterwards, having them play around with the sand and dirt in the backyard makes for a perfect time. Sand and clay can easily be dug up and then replaced. You can also build obstacles for your kids to crawl through as they get dirty using ropes, hula hoops, or unused car tires. The key is to maximize the amount of space you have in your backyard and truly let your imagination take over.
It doesn’t take much on your end because kids are already very imaginative as they are. They basically can see all sorts of tracks and patterns as well as courses that you could barely grasp, but the key is just giving them enough open space and access to sand and dirt and let them take over. Of course, you are going to have to provide them with some necessary guidance on proper safety. This step means you should be clear where they can and cannot go, what they can and cannot do, but other than that, let their imagination take over.

Use Materials that you find around the House

If you have extra sacks, water balloons, or even an old bike grip, these are enough to get a lot of games going. For example, if you have sacks, you can set up a sack race. These are a lot of fun because kids can be very competitive. Similarly, you can have a water balloon battle between 2 rows of kids. You can even if you have an old rope lying around, you can get a tug-of-war going. For the bike grip, you can create a spinner. If you have any kind of balls in the garage or as long as it’s soft enough, you can have kids play catch and throw games. Finally, if you have old PVC pipes and they’re large enough, you can make truck tunnels through the dirt that kids can play with.

It’s all about Unleashing their Imagination

The final word when it comes to backyard fun is to let your kid’s imagination take over. The key is to set clear guidelines and rules for safety. Also, let your kids come up with their games and practices. Undoubtedly, their natural curiosity and competitiveness will pretty much fill in all the details. Don’t insist on everything being perfect. Instead, just lay the groundwork for safety and let your kid’s imagination, intuition, and creativity fill in the rest of the details.

More about that soon, next, I am about to present you first backyard obstacle example that is completed with a video. A sweet video that is completed with an intro, a nice voice over, and if you listen closely, you’ll hear a nice music background that I bet would completed or improve your learning experience.

Backyard Obstacle Idea for Kid Ideas by Featured Image
10 Backyard Obstacle For Kid poster

10 Backyard Obstacle Course List Entries (Part 1):

Also, you’ll read transcription version of a video you previously watched, or sadly skipped 🙁

10. Chalk Obstacle Course

10.Chalk Obstacle Course by Simphome.comStarting from the simplest one,
Creating such stimulating games for kids doesn’t have to include exorbitant stuff. In fact, you should focus on whether or not they will benefit your kids. This course, for example, only needs some free space and can simply be applied by using chalkboards.
You can use different colors of chalkboards when making lines, shapes, or numbers. You can draw straight or circular lines, and write some rules on them such as jump, run, frog hop, and so on.
To make things even more fascinating, you can write dance, sing, and clap on certain stop areas. The moment you or kids get in those spots, you must do exactly what is told. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

9. Pool Noodle Obstacle Project Idea

9.Pool Noodle Obstacle Ideas by 2Letting your children play outside makes them better individuals related to socializing. The great things about playing outside are that children can gain different skills, improve sleeping habits, and help them stay in shape.
Pool noodles are a simple means to build a fun game for children. The steps required are also straightforward. To create a tunnel, you can use pencils, and stick the sharp ends into the ground while the eraser ones face into the sky.
9.Pool Noodle Obstacle Ideas by 1Bend some pool noodles into the pencils and repeat the step. Now, children can crawl through. Creating hurdles is also possible and it’s even easier to make one. Make holes on a pool noodle and stick the sharp end of a pencil into the ground and put the pool noodle into it.

8. PVC Pipes Obstacle Course Idea

8.PVC Pipes Obstacle Course Idea by

There are five obstacles from start to finish, and you can make them with PVC pipes. The entrance is an arch-shaped pipe with ribbons. Applying ribbons is only extras and the idea is to make kids feel the excitement more.

Rule of The Game:

The kids must crawl through the tunnel (belly crawl) and collect the flag at the end of the tunnel. The next obstacle is slalom on which kids should weave in and out of poles and catch the flag at the end as well.
Hurdles are waiting, once they’re done, they have to jump over them and take the flag. The final obstacle is made by two poles. Each of the poles has a ribbon and again kids shouldn’t forget to take them as a sign that they reach the final stage. They must go through the same way as they come through in order the complete this game.

7. Spy Training

7.Spy Training Idea by Simphome.comAre you saying “spy training”? Heaven, yes, we’re in! That kind of reaction is what you probably hear when you tell your kids. There are five main parts of this game to challenge your kids.
This game includes Interrogation Practice. The rule is that kids have to guess the word attached on their backs with a yes/no question. Then, Selecting Agents’ Names. It’s when kids are allowed to pick their agent names. Once they have them, you put their names to their spy badges.
Outdoor Training includes agility training and target practice. Separate the kids into two groups and order the half to do agility training while the rest do the target practice. Dodging wet sponge balls is their next challenging part of this game. It’s surely exciting, especially when your kids can hit the opponents.
Spy Disguises and string/laser maze are the last obstacles in the game. You can reward them with a special lunch once they finish.

6. Fun Tire Obstacle

6.Fun Tire Obstacle by Simphome.comAnother fun game you can create using everyday objects is tire obstacle. There are no exact rules here as kids can crawl through and over the tires. You can first wash and clean old tires then spray paint them. Set them up in a suitable area where your kids can play safely and happily.

5. Easy and Cheap Obstacle Course Idea

5.Easy and Cheap Obstacle Course by Simphome.comIf you want to provide your kid with a variety of obstacles, here are some challenges you can give to him. They include stepping stones, tunnel, rope balancing, sensory tub, witches hats, rope ladder, and hoop and tub.
Stepping stone and rope balancing and rope ladder will improve your kid’s balancing skill. The tunnel is dedicated to improve his movement skill while other obstacles will strengthen his feet.

4. Shoot the Ball

4.Shoot the Ball by Simphome.comFrom the picture you see here, you can already tell how amazing this game will be. Here are what you should prepare.


• Water Table
• Duct Tape
• Number Stickers or Colored Tape
• Chalk
• Pool Noodles
• Crafting Cattails
• Scissors
• Basketball Hoop
• Kids’ Basketball


1. Write “START” in chalk close to the water table.
2. Put number stickers on the bottom of the water toys.
3. Make arrows with which lead the kids to different parts of the obstacle course.
4. Push two cattails into the ground parallel to one another 30 – 40 inches away.
5. Create a ladder to be put on the ground with your leftover noodles.
6. Write “FINISH” close to the basketball hoop.

3. Get the Treasure!

3.Get the Treasure Reward by Simphome.comThe backyard is just a magic place to set lots of great games for kids. Your kids may love this game as well.

Game’s Rule:

On the first challenge, the kids have to crawl through or slide down the balloon tunnel.
After that, they have to jump through hula-hoops to the sandbox and dig it to find the hidden treasure there. Next, crawl under the pool noodles. Then, use the net to catch the ducks in the ocean water/pool, and put them in the bucket. In the end, they have to swim through the crepe streamers to dry land

2. Slip and Slide

2.Slip and Slide Projects by Simphome.comSlip and slide, everyone? This is going to be a fun thing to do in the backyard! Lay down a tarp and create a canopy entrance over the tarp using Fort Magic kit, and elaborate it with pool noodles. You can also decorate the sides with sheer fabric, and weighted down the edges with something heavy like sandwich bags filled with sand. Squirt some soap onto the surface, and let the fun begin!

1. Passing Practice Tarp

1.Passing Practice Tarp By Simphome.comHow good are you kids at throwing balls? Let’s find out by creating this game for them? Just attach a tarp to poles or trees but before that, you should create some holes with different shapes and scores for each of the holes. Cover the edges of the holes with some colorful duct tape to make it look nice and you can start the fun. Done

You may not be able to contain your excitement after reading along our 10 backyard obstacle ideas for kids. For that reason, you can choose which is suitable for them and try another game as well when you feel like tasting new challenges. Still relevant with our topic, continue your journey by reading next 10-20 inspiring example backyard obstacle project ideas.

10 Other Example of Awesome Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas or (Part 2):

SIMPHOME.COM .10 Genius Tricks of How to Upgrade Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas.Featured Image
10 Genius Tricks of How to Upgrade Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas (Part 2)

11. Building the balancing Obstacles

1.Building the balancing obstacles via SIMPHOME.COMYou can ask them to walk across the beam while they are trying to balance the bean bag or book in their heads. You can ask them to balance the egg on the spoon and weave throughout the cone series. Walking through the balancing beam in the backward position or jump with one foot. You are also able to put the wooden stairs on the ground and ask your kids to bunny hops through the rings. Although you can make the fun backyard obstacles from the household stuff which are cheap, some of them may not resist constructing more something big.

12. The Floating Steps

2. The floating steps via SIMPHOME.COMYou only need to drill the screws to attach the plywood in your wood blocks. If possible, you can stain the woods or just layer them become waterproof. Ensure that your woods do not make any splinter and the steps are completely secure before letting your kids try them. So, here it goes, you will get these steps being played so many times. This is great for their gross motoric skills. Ensure that you always watching your kids while they are doing this course.
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13. Climbing under the Rope

3.Climbing under the rope via SIMPHOME.COMThis obstacle always becomes the favorite course and very easy to bring together. Your children should crawl and duck under the rope maze to get out from another side. You can use some trees in your backyard to tie up your rope. For an alternative, you can buy the metal fence stakes and bang to the ground. You can do it this weekend which is super easy to try.

14. Walking on the Plank – Do not Fall to the Pool

4.SIMPHOME.COM Walking on the plank – do not fall to the poolThis is a super simple backyard obstacle and fun too. You only need to attach the board in two buckets and place it over the small rubbed pool. Your kids should walk above the plank without getting to the water. All you need are two buckets, the friction tape, the long plank, the rope to tie up the buckets to the plank, rubber pool.
To add fun in this course, you can add the rubber sharks or ducks in the water.

15. Balancing Beam

5.SIMPHOME.COM Balancing beamThis obstacle is very fast and easy to make just using a few pieces of wood. You need to add friction tape on those beams to prevent any slippery thing. All you need is woods and the friction tape. As mentioned before, it can be a favorite course as well.

16. You can use the Natural Supplies

6.SIMPHOME.COM you can use the nature suppliesFor example, you can use the old tree stumps as the stepping stones and coloring the top parts with the sidewalk chalk as well. The smaller kids can take benefits from this obstacle and using the shorter tree trunks. You can adjust the stocks to mimic the rope ladder to be laid horizontally. This is perfect for the monster steps game.

17. Crawling under Hula Hoops

7.Crawling under hula hoops via SIMPHOME.COMYou can use the two long beams of wood and some Hula hoops to make this obstacle. You only need to drill a hole in the woods in same sizes with the hula hoops. Then put the gorilla glue and include the cut hoola hoops. If you want to get some more, you can place some Hoola hoops and add more obstacles in the middle so that your kids will go under Hoola hoops.

18. Get Electroshock Ideas

8. SIMPHOME.COM Get electroshock ideasFor children obstacles, it may sound pretty strong, but you can make a friendly-obstacle which has been inspired by obstacle balloons and streamers. There is no shock actually, you can use the streamers and balloons in your face which limit the vision to reach the other side. To put together this obstacle, then you can make a simple frame and attach the old window pane in the surface.

19. The tire Hops

9.SIMPHOME.COM The tire hopsYou only need to gather one or more old tires – ask your children to hop in and out. You can use the jumbo tire or even you can find the free tire in most tag-sile platforms. All you need is a tire and ensure that the tires are safe.

20. Try natural obstacles

10.SIMPHOME.COM Try natural obstaclesYou will love to use natural obstacles in your backyard obstacles. It can be so varied based on the group as those obstacles were special for your backyard. If you have a lot of woods along with rivers, hills and some fallen trees, then you can make them great obstacles.

For some kids, those obstacles above may be their first obstacles. They may feel fears and need kind of coaxing to try them. The general idea is, Before you experiment one of the backyard obstacle projects, ensure that you talk with the children first. So, if this is your first time trying – you can tell your children about what to expect.
Speak clearly that those obstacles sometimes hard to finish and you will be there to help them out. Lastly, until that time comes, you can also choose or consider alternative ideas below.

10 Bonus Ideas or Tricks of How to Upgrade Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas (Part 3):

14.SIMPHOME.COm obstacle course 2 obstacle course kids
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13.SIMPHOME.COM pencils proverbs pandemonium pins backyard obstacle course
31. Pencils Proverbs Pandemonium Pins Backyard Obstacle Course with 10 Genius Tricks of How to Upgrade Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas – Tavernierspa


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