10 Country and Cottage Garden Decor Ideas

The country and cottage gardens are where flowers with different colors, sizes, fragrances, and forms blend naturally. It is personal, a free-flowering garden, and due to its informal design, country and cottage gardens can be done even by a new gardener.
The cottage gardens are invented by the laborer back then. It emphasized more on practical purpose. They used each inch of land, including the humblest plots include planters, to grow food to feed their families. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs covered the ground more than flowers did.

Todays modern cottage gardens are more personal although remain classic. People plant abundance of flowers to craft a romantic, stunning country garden and if you are planning to create yours or upgrade the garden you have, consider one of these next 10 Country and Cottage Garden Décor Ideas compiled by Simphome.
Good luck with your choice and let’s start our journey.

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10. Small Country Garden Project Ideas

10.Small Country Garden Ideas via
A country garden has a lack concern of space, so it will work well even in a small landscape−at each side of a pathway as shown in the picture. The abundance of colorful flowers highlights the stone walkway and grabs instant interest from the guests without interrupting their steps.
A country garden often owns both beauty and practicality. In other words, besides decorative flowers, it includes useful plants such as fruit, trees, and herbs. There are many herbs with attractive flowers like lavender, thai basil, and rosemary that you can grow in the small country garden.

9. Let Them Grow

9.Let Them Grow via
Informal and asymmetry is the key to the country garden. The tangled made by different flowers creates a fun and relaxing look.
The country garden’s greatest appeal is when people think the plants planted themselves, so you don’t need to worry about planting in straight lines or defined pattern. Just spread the seeds and let them grow, and spill over onto the pathway. However, when a flower starts squeezing others, you need to intervene so that they won’t die out.

8. Dress Up the Arbor

8.Dress Up the Arbor and wooden door via
Complete your garden with one of the chic country garden elements; arbor. It is usually covered with vines such as roses to create a romantic feeling. The crisp white color of the arbor will pop the flowers and make it the focal point in the garden.

8.Dress Up the Arbor via
Country Garden Decor

Besides dressing up the arbor, soft pink roses are also grown at the edges of the walkway to welcome the guests as well as strengthening the feeling. There are many other vines that comes with different colors and fragrances that you can train for the arbor besides roses. For instance, English ivy, celematis, and wisteria. They will definitely give more drama to your garden.

7. Add a Birdbath

7. Add birdbath if possible via

This is another country garden element you should add to your garden. yes, a birdbath.
The planted flowers invite wildlife such as birds and insects, so it is very kind of you to offer a birdbath and let them swim and drink. However, a birdbath functions more than that. The relaxing sound of splashing water could make the garden feel more alive. You can place it in an overlooked space and make it the focal point of your country garden.

6. A Cottage Garden Idea on the Cheap

6.Cottage Garden on the Cheap via
If you have a stunning cottage garden, you should not let it ignored. Its beauty is meant to be shown off to your guests, so think about adding furniture and turning the garden into a great outdoor living space.
Here, old-style furniture is used to suit the cottage theme. Adirondacks are arranged semi-circle with a table at the center. In case you don’t have adirondacks, you may opt for other seats, such as old wooden chairs or metal painted shell back chairs.

5. Use Terracotta Flower Pot

5.Use Teracotta Flower Pot via
Living in the urban areas might not give you much space to get your dreamy country garden. Nevertheless, you still can grow your favorite flowers in pots. Avoid selecting a contemporary container such as plastic or copper. Instead, choose terracotta. Their earth-based medium and neutral color are perfect for a cottage or country garden.
Arrange them randomly just like planting flowers on the ground then spread pebbles along the pathway.

4. Do not Forget to Style the Pathway

4.Do not Forget to Style the Pathway via
Pathways is a must feature that is not less important than flowers. They divide the garden so you can walk without harming flowers and also offer visual relief from crowded plants.
A little makeover to your pathway can produces a different feel and look. You may choose soft materials like gravel, worn bricks, or wood chips to cover the ground. Just make sure it is safe for everybody to walk through in any shoes.

3. Front Yard Cottage Garden Idea

3. Front Yard Cottage Garden Ideas via
If you are lucky enough to have plenty of space in the front yard, you should consider this country garden design idea. Comparing to other country gardens that are crowded with colorful flowers, this one surrounds the front house most with lush foliage. It is a clever idea to accentuates the flowers’ soft colors and bring freshness to our visuals. You may opt for traditional flowers too, like bachelor’s button, foxglove, peony, or pancy.
Water fountain as an essential element is placed in the middle of rised bed garden and creates a focal point. Meanwhile, the pathway was made curve for a purpose. The curve will slow people’s steps so they can enjoy the beauty that the garden serves a little bit longer.

2. Low-Maintenance Cottage Garden Project Idea

2.Low Maintenance Cottage Garden via
Cottage garden principally is a low-maintenance garden project’s product, but if you don’t plant the right plants in the right place, it will give you much work. Let’s say, not all plants can grow well in your place. So, select low-maintenance plants that thrive in your area. For instance, choose water-wise and hot-tolerant plants for hot, dry environment, and for heat and humid area, opt for classic cottage garden flowers like rosemary and dianthus.

Lastly Number 1. Incorporate Vintage Accessories

1.Incorporate Vintage Accessories via
Use vintage accessories strategically in the garden to add overall cottage feel. Upcycling some items like bins, basket, wheelbarrows, or wagon as plant container is great to pop up the plants and gives homey look. However, do not use too many of them otherwise they will give you junkyard look.

So, from these 10 Country and Cottage Garden Decor Ideas, which ones will you give a go? As always, follow link inside description area to find more creative garden decoration ideas. And, until we meet again later with different garden improvement ideas, stay safe.


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