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20+ Garden Design Plans

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Designing a garden can be so much wonderful if you do one of our next ideas.
Garden is the place where you can put your beautiful flowers and plants.
It can also be a perfect way to blow off steam.
However, some people find it hard to create a beautiful garden landscape. They bought plants and then randomly put them anywhere in their garden according to their moods, which more often than not produce a haphazard look. They forget connecting their garden design and plants.

More about that later, next, here I present you 10 Garden Design Plans to copy and follow.
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10. Simple Formal Herb Garden Design idea Simple Formal Herb GardenIn designing formal herb garden, you just need to choose a geometric shape as the design, whether it is circle or square. This geometric shape is needed to be divided into sections with equal size and you can start planting.
One thing that should be considered in designing garden is its centre. In the centre, people sometimes use it to show the identity of their garden.
In choosing the plants, make sure all of them are accessible for harvesting or just fixing something in it. Just like what I’ve said, the centre of the garden is the identity of the garden itself. In this point, you can put a large herb plant, such as a sweet bay tree or large potted rosemary. You can also add and ornament, like a birdbath to create a centrepiece. | Thespruce

9. Add Steps to Your Garden Add Steps to Your GardenAdding steps to your garden will make your garden looks wider and higher. Before put it on your garden, you need to understand that the best size of steps for garden is 6 inches or less.
You may also consider creating a resting space or landing surface after every fourth or fifth step. The objective of adding a landing is to ease the progress and make the steps seem less daunting. When the stairway changes direction, making a generous landing is a must. | Finegardening

8. Garden Plan for Patio Design Idea Garden Plan for Patio
Having a garden in the backyard? Why not?
If you want to have your private garden, put it in a backyard is a good solution. You just need to remove some pavers, dig the soil and put some plants in it. To minimize the maintenance, you should put the low growing plants in it.
Putting some flowers and other greenery is such a great idea. Every day you come home from work you can visit this private garden to see your beautiful flowers and drink a cup of coffee. What a life! | Countryliving

7. Incorporate your garden with Archways Incorporate ArchwaysAn archway can make a distinctive charm to any garden. It can make the garden look classier and more elegant. You can make the archway out of metal, wood, lattice, or wire.
The archways can be a special point if you can develop it beautifully. 7 feet is the common height to build an archway. Remember! This archway can also be a “separator” from the public garden to your private space, so make it as beautiful as good is a must.
Amp up your archway by letting climbing plants wrap around it. The best plants that you can plant or set on the archway are roses, clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle, passion flower, morning glory, sweet pea, and wisteria. | Finegardening | Tonywardfurniture

6. A Cottage Garden Plan Design Idea Cottage Garden Plan

Whether you want to bring in the romantic ambiance to your garden or you just want to pay tribute to the past, a cottage garden will always become the curb appeal of your home.
To create this cottage garden, you need to integrate the charm of old-time annuals and perennials, herbs and flowering shrubs. The idea is to produce a simple, informal display with plenty of flowers for cutting.
The flowers, shrubs, and herbs that will fit a garden cottage design is butterfly bush, honeysuckle, Love-in-a-mist, parsley, chives, tricolour sage, marigold, garden phlox, lavender, and morning glory. You can also add a birdbath that will attract feathered friends. | Countryliving

5. Opt for a Spacious Pathway Opt for a Spacious PathwayIn addition to colorful flowers and serene greenery, pathways also play their important role in balancing your garden.
When creating a pathway, make sure that it is wide enough for two people to walk together side by side. It is approximately 5 feet wide. Next, pay attention to the height of the plants you choose to flank your pathway. Tall plants are perfect for backyard when a pathway you provide is not too narrow. | Finegardening

4. Pay Attention to Water Feature Pay Attention to Water FeatureThink about a garden, think about a drama where you can find various kinds of characters. Every drama needs a main character, and so does your garden. It needs a conspicuous centrepiece that can draw the eyes instantly.
The water features that can be incorporated in a garden or a backyard are fountain, birdbath, or waterfall. Placed the idea in the middle of flowerbed. Make sure the height of the flowerbed doesn’t surpass the height of the fountain. Trim them if you have too because you can’t beat your main garden character with these flowers. Your flowerbeds are supposed to accentuate your water feature, not overlap it. | Housebeautiful

3. A Small Garden Design Plans Small Garden Design PlansA small garden can be either a curse or a blessing depending on how you treat it. Decorating a small garden doesn’t mean that you shove flowers in every corner of your garden. In fact, you need to create a focal point that can steal anyone’s focus.
After that, fill the remaining empty space with hardscaping so that you can have a beautiful garden with less work, money, and time. | Thegardenglove

2. Consider the Future Growth of your Plants Consider the Future GrowthYou have been looking forward to the perennials and annuals that you began to plant several months ago. But they might not be like what you expected due to being too dense. Therefore, you should plan the growth in the first place.
Carefully choose the composition of the plants for your garden. Consider relocating or removing some plants as they mature. Try planting quick-growing, short-lived “filler” like delphiniums, butterfly bush, or golden tree mallow to temporarily bulk up your plantings. | Finegardening

Lastly number 1. Pay Attention to Details Pay Attention to DetailsDetail is everything when it comes to creating a wonderful garden. I mean almost.
To make it happen, coordinate your blooms with the pavers.
Here are some examples of how it works:
• Grey or white stone will look awesome with purple and white blooms.
• Vibrant red, yellow, and orange will get along well with black and silver paving.
• Team up golden paving with flowers that have soft tones like pink, lavender, and chalky yellow.

So, Crafting a wonderful garden is no picnic. But it doesn’t mean you can’t tackle it. with these 10 garden design plans, you’ll be able to earn your dream garden. | Housebeautiful

Bonus Ideas:

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