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10 Small Garden Balcony Ideas

There are lots of ways you can incorporate a small garden into your balcony or terrace

Having an outside space, like a balcony, to enjoy a cup of coffee or admire the scenery can boost your mental health. Although it is usually small, you can still make it cozy by adding a twist. It can be as complicated or simple as you want.
Before starting this project, you should evaluate your balcony conditions first, including the space size and the amount of sun it gets. If you are in your quest to jazz up your balcony, check out our 10 small garden balcony ideas and planters that will help you create a perfect outdoor retreat. As usual, Simphome presents you with the list.

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10. The Colorful Flower Garden Project Idea

One thing to make your balcony feel cozier and charming is by planting flowers with fragrance. However, you should pay attention to how much sunlight your balcony receives. This way, you can decide the variety that will suit it well.
These are lovely plants you could consider to complete your balcony garden landscape. First, plants that thrive under sunlight are Lavender, Alyssum, Hibiscus, Rose, Mandevilla, Heuchera, Pansies, and Violas. Second, plants must stay under shades such as Fuchsia, Caladium, New Guinea Impatiens, Lobelia, Torenia, and Hydrangea.

9. The Vegetable Garden Idea

If you like to adorn your balcony with something you can snip off a bit for cooking, you could try planting herbs or vegetables. Basil and rosemary are perfect if you have full sun. For partial sun, chives and cilantro are excellent selections. Just make sure you choose varieties that won’t grow too big for your containers.
You don’t need much space if you want to start your vegetable garden on your balcony. Yet, you should think about the sun and the season. Some varieties of veggies need enough sun to develop flowers or fruits. Lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and okra need full sun to grow well. If your garden gets a small amount of direct sun, you could try to grow veggies like onions, cauliflower, carrots, beets, and leafy greens.

8. Add Folding Set

You cannot forget to add some furniture when creating a garden on the balcony. A proper furniture set will bring comfort and functionality to your space, just like the bistro set.
It comes in yellow, which fits perfectly with the citrus that brings the garden to life. The good point is you can fold the set away when you do not use it.
When choosing the best set, you should consider several things. First, you need to opt for comfortable and space-saving seating since your balcony is not too spacious.
Second, since it will be placed primarily outdoor, search for easy-care furniture with minimum maintenance. Take your time to consider what kind of furniture you would like to have to ensure that it will work perfectly for your space.

7. The Shade of the Space

During those days when your balcony gets sunlight most of the time, you might need some shading. The simplest way is installing an umbrella. A large parasol can give protection in the wherever spot you want.
You can select adjustable versions, which are a great option if you have a small balcony. Alternatively, choose the compact ones to enjoy sufficient shade.
You can try installing a retractable awning for sunscreen on the balcony too. It can cover the entire space, and you can retract it when you do not need it. However, it is quite costly to build an awning. Despite the amount of money that you will spend, it is still an excellent investment for your home.
Another way to have some protection from the sun is by adding pergolas. The materials vary from wood to modern versions, such as aluminum. Next, you can add fabric or let the vines climb up the canopy. Yet, make sure that your balcony will benefit from having pergolas.

6. The Vertical Planters

A small balcony means that you have limited space for plant containers. Don’t worry. Today’s garden design often involves vertical planters for those tiny places.
A freestanding planter can produce a free spot for your balcony. Moreover, slim-line planters are available in a variety of materials and designs. Whichever you choose, vertical gardening will lessen your anxiety when it becomes a new privacy screen.
You can use various containers such as hanging pots, window boxes, trellis, or bottles too. Just get creative and discover which ideas that suit your garden well. If you can find an unused wooden pallet, you can turn it into flower pots storage.
Using pouches with metal grommets will accommodate most annuals, edibles, and perennials. Last, to make the vertical garden stands out, you can make them the centerpiece of the space.

5. Make It Simple

Don’t make your tight space feel restrictive by decorating it with various plants. With the right plants and furniture, you can convert a plain balcony into a new extra living space for all seasons.
A few potted plants on the side add enough greenery to call it a garden space. Again, your balcony condition is the primary consideration when it comes to choosing the plants. You can combine annual, edible, and perennial plants in a balanced combination. A table and chairs also provide a place for you to relax and enjoy the flower scents.

4. The Tropical Garden

Since your balcony allows you to relax, why don’t you make it an entirely different space? You can use a few simple elements, accessories, and suitable plants to bring tropical vibes to your apartment or studio, for starters.
To create a tropical retreat on your balcony, try growing plants with broad leaves, like banana trees, monstera, Bird of Paradise, palm, or Elephant ears. Besides broad leaves, adding some sparks of colors would be a terrific choice. Therefore, you need to invest in flowering plants, like canna lilies, caladium, or plumeria.
In addition to flowering plants, you can add colors and textures by laying a rug and choosing bright-colored furniture as long as you already paid attention to the roofing and stuff.

3. Max the Railing for Planters

Similar to the vertical garden, this balcony use ladder-style to hold the flower pots. It is simpler than arranging them across the balcony floor.
You can also use the railing to hold planters which is easy to make. You just need a few boxes, screws, and topsoil.
You can even make the containers from unused gutters. Cut it to the size you want, make a flower pot from it, and attach hooks on the back to fit your railing. You can even hang pots from the trellis attached to the railing. That way, you will have a secluded garden balcony.

2. The Boho Style Balcony Garden

A boho-styled garden makes you feel like having a little piece of paradise in your home. You only need to create a peaceful atmosphere with comfortable furniture, funky patterns, and standout decorations. Make sure to rely on warm colors when designing a bohemian garden.
The first thing to do is picking a base color for the garden. Choose warm tones such as deep browns or cream, or white. Later, match it with the base color of your furniture.
The next step is making it more colorful. For example, add patterned cushions or a rug. Pick a color scheme to prevent the garden from looking too busy. Then, arrange bright flowering plants such as sunflowers, petunia, or geraniums. You can also add tropical-looking plants like cacti, succulent, and monstera if you desire.

Lastly, Number 1. Don’t Be Afraid to Innovate

How to arrange your balcony garden depends entirely on the space size and what you want to get from it. Don’t be afraid to innovate. For example, use big pots to contain different plants and having vertical creation. It is a trendy choice, and you can complete it with some hanging lights with a traditional accent.
Hanging a basket of leafy plants above the head can create a great feature too. Consider how you will maintain your garden first. Nevertheless, you can choose plants that need little care. You can even include one or two trees planted in pots.
As a place where you will function as a relaxation, your furniture choice must be relevant too. For example, a comfy couch will be a perfect addition to space. Then, you can have fun by decorating the furniture and area with patterned fabric.

Improving and upgrading a garden balcony can be a fun project too. With proper preparations, you’ll garner an engaging activity to decorate the outdoor space with plants special to your soul. Take things slowly, make your sanctuary with these 10 small garden balcony ideas and planters, and find your unique style.



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