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10 Graduation Backyard Party Ideas

Graduation is a once in a lifetime moment. It brings happiness, and thus you need to celebrate it with a simple but memorable party in which you can share the happiness with friends, family, colleagues and your neighbors.
To make your next graduation party more fun and exciting, proper decorations, refreshments, and also games need to be taken into consideration.

if you agree with me, focus on this list (include bonus ideas), and enjoy following 10 Graduation Backyard Party video. Oh and btw this post is compiled for you by Simphome. 10 Graduation Backyard Party Ideas Pinterest Image
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10 Graduation Backyard Party Video:

List Entries:

Number 10. Hang Graduation Photo Wreath | DIYBeautify | BHG Hang Graduation Photo Wreath
Graduation photo wreath is made as a time travel and a decoration piece to rewind old memories. And in a certain time, it can be used as a decoration for a backyard party.
To make it, you only need some photos from the moment when you were kid to the day you graduated. You will also need your graduation cap or anything that looks like it and other Knick knacks to decorate the wreath. Arrange the photos and the cap to form a circle like a wreath, and attach it to an ole window or door.

9. Create a Chic Photo Booth | Cassidylucille Create a Chic Photo Booth

A Photo booth is needed in backyard parties because it is essential to preserve the vibes and happiness. To make a photo booth, you can use a big black board or maybe fabric and put it in a certain spot. For the decoration, you can draw on it using chalks or basically stick some tassels on it. You only need to explore your imagination, little courage, and creativity to get a perfect photo booth project done. After that, continue with

Number 8. Make This Canoe Outdoor Buffet Table | Simplebites Unique Outdoor Buffet in a Canoe
Foods are indispensable things in every party. Besides the scrumptious taste, a technique chosen to present the foods uniquely needs to be considered as well.
For instance, this unique outdoor buffet in a canoe! You only need a canoe and some tray that can be used to display for the foods. Before setting up the trays, make sure it is cleaned already and then lay sturdy planks lengthwise on the supports or seating plank of the canoe. To finish it, you can also add one or two buckets of flowers to make it look prettier.
The menu that can be set on the buffet are: a tiered cheese wheel ‘cake’ with crackers, assorted sandwiches – porchetta, chicken, roasted vegetables & beef, seasonal vegetables and assorted dips, fresh fruit, and assorted homemade pickles.

7. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries| Raisingteenstoday Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Sweets and fruits are essential for outdoor and graduation parties. And you can serve both at the same time. The freshness of a strawberry and the tingling bittersweet of chocolate would or could make your backyard party better.
You can use dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even white chocolate. And some strawberries on melted portions of each type of chocolate and you’re good to follow next step.
Grab the strawberry by the stem, then dip the strawberries in the chocolate thoroughly. Last, let the chocolate set and ready to be served. If you want a faster result, you can freeze it in the fridge.

6. Keep the Drinks Cold | BHG Keep the Drinks Cold

Just like foods, drinks are the must-have items in every party, especially the outdoor one. Cold drinks keep your guests fresh and you don’t need to follow complicated instruction to serve the drinks. Choose “better serve cold’ drinks from your favorite supermarket and get enough ice cubes. Prepare clean buckets or tubs, put your ice cubes to work, soak your ice drinks and done.

5. DIY Tassel Garland Project | Inspiredbycharm DIY Tassel Garland
A party needs a cute decoration in it to make it more appealing. And if you’re clueless about it then you can try this one out –
A DIY Tassel Garland. A décor idea that you can hang on the trees, walls, or over the door.
To make this garland, take a piece of tissue paper, lay it completely flat, and smooth out any wrinkles on every side of it.
Next, fold it several times before cutting the fringe starting from the bottom (the unfolded side). You will get some pieces that have fringe on both sides.
Stack the unsliced space of the folded paper and roll them. Once completely rolled, twist the middle area tightly, and gently untangling your tassels as you go. Make sure there is about 6,5 cm part left that tightly rolled for the next step. Make a loop against the direction you were twisting and keep twisting around itself for about 1,5 cm. Put some hot glue on the twisted part to make sure it stays. Repeat it untill you’re out of tissue paper. And finally, attach a twine in the loop.

4. Get Outdoor Games | Lauratrevey | Shutterfly Prepare the Games
Game in a party is also one of the most important thing to have or do. One of the party games you can choose for a graduation party is a graduation cap tictactoe game. You need to prepare square piece of a fabric, duct tape and graduation caps in two colors. To play it, you need to place the fabric on the floor and create a checkers shape using the duct tape. After that, divide the players into two teams and assign a graduation cap color. Each player gets a turn tossing a cap. First team to connect three graduation caps wins.

3. Make your Front Walk more Appealing | BHG Make the Front Walk Appealing
Let your guests know that they have arrived at the right venue by jazzing your front walk up. To follow this idea, you can use paper plates with sticks attached on it. Next, chose your word. Write one letter on each paper plate and then simply attach them on the ground. The image is self-explanatory and if you think you don’t need this idea you can try

Number 2. Cap Mason Jar Project idea | Goodhousekeeping | Craftingagreenworld Cap Mason Jar
Impress your guests by replacing those not-so-eco-friendly gift wraps with this graduation cap mason jar.
Things you need to prepare are recycled scrapbook paper, a mason jar, tape, paper glue and a twine. First, cover the edge of your mason jar lid with a thin strip of black paper. Cut a square piece of the paper, then tape it to the top of the jar. Cut the twine and tape it to a small tassel made of yellow paper. Roll the paper around the twine. Tape one end of the tassel to the top of the mason jar. Make sure the yellow paper end hang over the edge of the mason jar. Cut a small circle out of your black paper and attach it on top of the square black paper and done.

Lastly number 1. Don’t forget your Gift Table | BHG Provide a Gift Table
In parties like birthday parties, graduation parties, and other celebrating parties people tend to give the one who celebrate the party a gift (or vice versa).
To organize the event properly, prepare a dedicated gift table or box for your guests to drop off their gifts. You can also dedicate a guest book on the same table so you know who to write thank-you notes or thank you mails later.
So, with some of these ideas I hope your parties would become more unique and fun. I also hope your parties would be memorable too and last check link inside hyperlink to detail entries included in the list.
See you there!

Bonus Ideas:

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