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  • 6 Things You Should Start Doing At The End Of Summer

    Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a few more fun activities. The truth is that there are some things you should start doing now that will help make the transition into fall smoother. This article lists some of the things you should add to […] More

  • Go Beyond Grilling with Pellet Grills!

    If you are someone looking to take your grilling game up a notch, have you checked out pellet grills?? Pellet grills use food-grade wood pellets for fuel. They are designed with a system of fans in place to distribute the heat. You can think of a pellet grill as combining […] More

  • 6 Terrific Birthday Gift Ideas You Can Get Your Friends

    Shopping for birthday gifts may be difficult, especially when you’re buying something for a friend. You want to purchase something that not only shows you care about their hobbies but also that it’s of decent quality and not a cheap present that will lay unused for months. Here are 6 […] More

  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting an Ice Maker

    Ice makers are a great way to get around having to constantly buy ice from the grocery store or freezer section. If you have an ice maker, you can make as much or as little ice as you need, whenever you need it. Here are six reasons why you should […] More

  • Best Ways To Stay Close To Family Who Live Far Away

    Family members may be close to your heart, but it can be difficult to keep up a connection when they live far away. Although this might be sad, there are definitely ways you can keep your closeness with your family to avoid feeling distant from them throughout the time you […] More

  • SIMPHOME.COM 10 Clever Tricks of How to Build Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids Featured Image

    10 Clever Tricks of How to Build Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids

    Many people are looking for ways to keep their children entertained in the summertime, but it can be tricky to find activities that will keep them active and engaged. Simphome has compiled a list of 10 clever tricks to build fun backyard ideas for kids, from a simple water slide […] More

  • 10 Ideas to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

    Summer is already here! And this year, it comes with record-breaking heat waves, so you should be prepared. The first thing to take care of is ensuring that your house and rooms stay cool this summer. For example, mini-split installation experts say that getting such ductless air conditioner systems to […] More

  • 10 Ideas to Make Birthday Party in The Backyard via SIMPHOME.COM Featured Image

    20+ Ideas to Make Fun Birthday Party in The Backyard

    Birthday is one of the most special days that everyone has been looking forward to as the commemoration of a historical event, the day you were given birth. Unfortunately, everything is not the same anymore due to the Coronavirus. No more birthday party during this pandemic. Cheer up! This is […] More

  • SIMPHOME.COM 10 Smart Ways How to Build Backyard Clubhouse Ideas Featured Image

    30+ Smart Ways How to Build Backyard Clubhouse Ideas

    Welcome to our brand-new topic of pleasing the lovely children with the most playful zone they could experience! It is seemingly a basic job to make the children feel happy and create the most unforgettable experience for them once in their life time. Believe it or not, it would stay […] More

  • 10 Kid Friendly Backyard Ideas On a Budget via thumbnail

    10 Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget

    Outdoor activities have their benefits for kids’ growth. They can help physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. However, creating a kid-friendly backyard is competing highly with games and videos in their gadget. Therefore, you should spend some time to observe what your kids like most and make it into your […] More