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35 DIY Hanging Organizer Ideas and Solutions

Walking back home after all you have been through at work or school the entire day makes your house become the best place to escape. Well, it is supposed to be that way. But what will you do if you’re just heading to another stressful spot because you’ve got too much stuff scattered around on the floor, creating a disaster area?
There are also time when you experienced the inconvenience of looking for items under unorganized cabinets and closet. Sometimes the things you look for is covered by something else. To overcome this problem, you need to know the tricks of organizing things.

Luckily for you, you’ll find what you’ve been seeking since in this list and video I’ve listed 10 DIY Hanging Organizer ideas and Solutions that will help you hold the clutter at bay.
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10. A Hanging Pegboard Project idea | DIYs Pegboard
The pegboard is one of the ssimplest organizing ideas. What makes it wonderful is its versatility.
Pegboards are usually made from wooden or plastic boards with holes punched on them where you can insert dowels or hooks. The dowels and hooks are easy to install so that you can add as many of them as you need.
You can also attach a board on the dowels for the shelving. You just need to glue and screw it for the peace of mind. You can also add baskets or any tool holder on the pegboard depending on where you put it.

The pegboard can be used anywhere. You can hang it in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or even bathroom. It can be used to hang small items like your jewelry and accessories. Or, you can just use it to display your treasure. To find more about this idea, Check link inside description to find 10 storage solutions and organization ideas using pegboard I previously published in this blog or pipe shelving ideas.

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9. Board and Hooks Organization idea | Thespruce Board and HooksMaking a hanging organizer doesn’t have to be costly. You can even use some leftover like a wooden board from the previous project to help you keep things organized.
You only need a wooden or plastic board and attach some hooks or nails on it as a hanger. You can use this board and hooks to hang items like cups, keys, jewelry, accessories, caps, and anything you almost all you have in your mind.

8. Hanging Mail Organizer Project idea | Homedit Hanging Mail OrganizerAre you tired of mails and notes scattered on your desk? Try or experiment this hanging mail organizer.
This hanging mail organizer is made from three sheets of felt sewn together to make a bunch of pouches, and then hung on a wire hanger. You can use it to organize mails, papers, packages and newspapers. Try hanging it on the front door if you don’t have a mailbox.

7. Over-the-Sink Rack Organization idea | Instructables Over the Sink RackThis rack is not only functional but also chic. More importantly, it’s easy to make. First, you need to find a branch and drill a row of holes to hold the rods. To make it easier, attach the branch to a wooden plank using screw and chain before you begin to drill the holes. Make sure that each hole has the same interval.
After that, you need to drill holes on the back board before inserting the rods. Attach the back board on the wall over the sink, then assemble the branch and rods to the back board.

6. Rustic Hanging Rope Shelves Organization idea | Sustainmycrafthabit Rustic Hanging Rope Shelves

If rustic ambiance is your thing, you should give this hanging rope shelf a try. First, take a piece of wood and then cleaned and sanded it. Next, punch two holes on both sides of the wood for the ropes. Tie a knot at each end of the rope, then tie the other end to eye hooks on the ceiling.
In different situation, this shelf can be used to store some books too. But you may reconsider again it since these shelves could swing back and forth and then screw your collections on the floor. Under that situation, for your peace of mind, screw the wooden shelf to the wall.

5. Hexagonal Shelves organization idea | Homebnc Hexagonal ShelvesHexagonal shelves have been a trend lately because they allow you to store books, plants and many other items while maintaining their top-notch outlook.
To make these hexagonal shelves yourself at home. First, you need to prepare 6 wooden dowels with the same size, glue, nails, nail shooter or hammer, and wood paint.
The next step is assemble the dowels to form a hive by gluing the pieces until you get a hexagonal structure. After that, paint them with any color you like, and your job is done. Not only in your living room, you can also hang them in your bedroom even garden patio.

Before you continue, here I have a relevant video for you:

4. A Simple Floating Shelving idea | Buildsomething Simple Display Shelves
Just like the hexagonal shelves, these shelves can also be used to store some items like books and decorations for instance small potteries and picture frames.
This shelf is as simple as its name. You can make it from a large wooden board and some smaller boards. For the base board, simply take a board and saw it according to your need (if you have to). Attach the board to the wall using nail or screw, then attach the smaller or secondary boards to the base board and you’re good to go.

3. Jeans Pocket Organizer Idea | Wonderfuldiy Jeans Pocket Organizer
Don’t let your unused jeans be left unintended in the closet. You can give your jeans a second life by making this pocket organizer. Simply add more pockets on to the jeans, hang it anywhere you want, and that’s it! Some stitching processes are required and because they are too long to be covered up here, I suggest you to follow the link

2. Baking Pans and Chain Organization ideas | Craftsyhacks Baking Pans and Chain
Baking pans and chains can be a perfect material to produce a DIY rack or hanging shelves in your house, especially in your kitchen. You only need some unused baking pans and small chains. First, punch a hole on each baking pans, then attach 3 or more small rings or hooks and then use them to hang the baking pans. You can use three or more baking pans to make a classy and beautiful rack out of it.

Lastly number 1. Colorful Wooden Crates Organization idea | Homedit Colorful Wooden Crates
This colorful hanging crate shelves is made from unused crates that you could get from some ranches, or groceries or nearest fruit market.
First, prepare your crates, wood paint, nails, and nailshooter or hammer. Paint it as usual and last, nail or screw it on the wall.
If you have extra crate, you could attach wheel on it using nail or screw and once you finish the process you can call It your new mobile storage solution product.

SO, You already have close to a dozen ideas how to improve your storage solution skill.
I hope these 10 DIY hanging organizer ideas and solutions will help you tidy up your things efficiently and I suggest you to visit subtitle hyperlink “one last time” to upgrade your storage solution skill to view level higher.
Have a great day!


5 Creative Wall Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom:

Your bedroom is where you find the most comfort in so this specific place should be organized as creative as you can. However, it’s not always easy to pare everything down to the bone when you don’t have a spacious bedroom to begin with.

1. Going with the Basic

20 mounted book shelf
If you like to do a little reading during the night then attaching a shelf above your headboard is a must! A mounted-shelf above your bed will totally serve as a place to stash your books. In addition, you can opt to install lights underneath to give the perfect lighting. Note that you have to attach the shelf above the height of your head so that you won’t bump into it when sitting up. These above headboard shelves are good to store not only books but also things you rarely look for like luggage and boxes of off-season clothes. An impeccable and creative wall storage idea for your small bedroom that you must totally give a second thought! (via apartmenttherapy)

2. Wall-Mounted Cabinets

20 luggage
A small bedroom means less space to store your stuff. Instead of just shelves, those big empty space on the wall right on top of your bed is the perfect spot to install cabinets for more storage. A wardrobe often takes the most space in your room, so install cabinets above your bed to store your belongings that you don’t use every day like luggage or you can use them to save your old stuff. (via apartmenttherapy)

3. Make Hay While the Sun Shines

20 12 inches storage
See that 12 inches wall below your ceiling? See the opportunity it offers for your storage predicament? If you do then the saying “make hay while the sun shines” completely fits this situation. You will have dozens of square feet of storage space if you install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls. (via makespace)

4. Hang Your Clothes

20 hang your clothes
Number one problem for girls who love shopping is to find space in the closet to fit all the clothes in. It certainly doesn’t help when you have a tiny bedroom and the option of adding another wardrobe automatically goes out the window. That’s why you need to use that empty corner in your bedroom as a clothes rack. This might be a good idea to have a clothes rack on the wall because you need access to your outfits on a daily basis and rummaging through your overstuffed wardrobe just to fish for one specific blouse is not what you need especially if you are in a rush. (via makespace)

5. Splurge on A Wardrobe Wall

20 wall cloth storage
If you are okay with spending a couple of bucks for more storage then installing shallow wardrobes along a whole wall might be a good idea for you. This will definitely add storage as well as create a serene atmosphere if that’s the ambiance you are going for. (via casaefesta)

5 Creative Wall Storage Ideas For Small Living Room:

Your living room is where you typically greet your guests so organizing it is imperative for a superb first impression. There are always challenges, however, with small living rooms and where to fit all your furniture without making everything looks cramped.

6. Hanging Mantel will be Swell

14 floating mantel shelf
A mantel shelf will add a lot of interest to your plain living room and you can nail one without having to buy them at IKEA. You will only need three 8 feet 1” x 12” oak boards, dark walnut stain and wood glue. Cut all your boards in half to create six 4 feet boards and sand them to smooth any rough edges. Stain each board with a sponge brush and stack them with a 2” overhang on each side after they are dry. Apply wood glue once stacked as needed and use clamps to secure them. This creative wall storage idea for small living room will surely add so much personality and warmth. (via remodelaholic)

7. Simple Rustic Floating Shelf

14 rustic floating shelf
If you don’t have old pallets lying around at home, you can always pick up materials at Home Depot. Make sure your shelves are 43 inches long, 10 inches deep and 2 inches tall to fit your wall without having to worry if they might look too big for the room. Create a template to make sure you will drill into the center of the boards. Attach the side pieces at 90◦ with a screw so that they would make a square and then lay your front board in place and pre drill a hole through both the front and the side piece. Insert the hex bolt with a washer to hold the two pieces together and finally put the underlayment flat on top. You can opt to stain your shelves for beauty purposes. (via heytherehome)

8. Recessed Shelving

14 recessed shelf
This type of wall storage won’t take space in your living room per se because the shelving is cut into the wall. You can go for completely blend-into-the-wall shelves or opt for a feature of them. However, you might want to paint them in a contrasting color so they stand out. Additionally, because this recessed shelving doesn’t intrude on a room, you can take the entire wall for your storage space. (via elledecor)

9. Kill Two Birds with One Stone

14 kill two birds
Get an overpowering look in your teeny-tiny living room with an open shelf surrounded by cupboards and drawers. While simple cupboards or drawers taking an entire wall of units might look intense and give off an overcrowded feel, you might opt for open shelves in the center to place your TV or display your antique collection. So, not only will you have drawers and cupboards as storage but also the open shelves provide more room to hoard your stuff. The shelves will surely give a captivating twist to the expanse of units and turn your wall storage into a one-of-a-kind chic design. (via contemporist)

10. Old Dresses Drawers

14 dresser drawer
Repurpose old drawers into shelves. Mount the bottom of the drawer into the wall bracket or fasten each side with a strong bolt. Paint them in soft hues and arrange them in a specific pattern for an aesthetic look in your living room. You can make them as your bookshelves or display your collection there. (via makespace)

5 Creative Wall Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom:

The problem with living in a tiny apartment is that it always comes with a small bathroom. What you need is sneaky ways to store all your bathroom necessities without having to install more space.

11. Add Shelves

Shelves are really practical for almost everything, not the least of which being a creative wall storage for your small bathroom. If you have a knack for woodwork then you can do this simple DIY shelf and install it on your bathroom wall. Measure the board of the size of your choice and attach it to a wall with brackets. You can opt for stacked shelves if you think one shelf is not enough. Stash your towels and baskets there or put containers with different shapes to bring dimension to the space. Paint them any color you like but it’s best to pick the color that matches your wall to create an aesthetic look for your bathroom. (via homebnc)

12. Advantageous Rods

Who says rods are only convenient to hang shower curtains? Instead of placing your shampoo, soap and loofah on the edge of the tub, you can attach another rod on the wall and hang shower caddies there with S-hooks. This is certainly beneficial to prevent from knocking things off if you tend to be clumsy. (via goodhousekeeping)

13. Wall Cabinets

wall cabinet
Hang an easy DIY wall cabinet to make use of the empty blank space on your wall. You can decide how many compartments you are going to have in your cabinet to store all your towels and bathroom necessities. Moreover, if you want an even easier access, you can choose to make it an open shelving instead of putting a door on it. Paint the cabinet any color that matches your whole bathroom design style. In the end, a completely organized look is what you will get! (via gagnant59)

14. Peg Rail

peg rail
Everyone hangs their towels on the back of the bathroom door. If you think the walk from the shower to the door is too long, you can choose to have several pegs line installed on the wall by the sink instead. The top shelves will provide a lot of space to stash your toiletries while you can hang your towels on the peg rails. (via eyagci)

15. Under the Sink

under the sink
There is a potential storage under your sink! With the minimal space in your bathroom, you can install a storage unit by mounting it on the wall. It doesn’t take up a lot of your space and totally can be used to store your towels and shower caddies. It’s both enhancing and handy. The size of your storage will determine what kind of stuff you will stash there. If you are thinking of storing your wicker baskets and bins then make it big enough so that it will fit them all. However, if you are only going to stash your lotions, toilet papers and other small toiletries, then design it with a reasonable size so that it doesn’t make your bathroom look cramped. (via diynetwork)

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