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10 Clever Tricks of How to Build Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids

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When the weather is warm enough outside, keep the digital device off kids and start to make the backyard more entertaining. Playing outdoor with friends is crucial for kids. It’ll improve physical development, help them to develop social skills, and increase attention span.
However, if your backyard is still plain and you haven’t decided what to build yet, here I present you 10 Clever Tricks of How to Build Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids.

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SIMPHOME.COM 10 Clever Tricks of How to Build Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids Featured Pinterest Image

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10. Giant Water Sensory Bag | Utahcountymom

10. SIMPHOME.COM Giant Water Sensory BagIf the weather is pretty hot but you don’t want your kids to be in the bathtub all day long, cool them down with this giant water sensory bed. You only need to prepare plastic drop, cloth, and duck tape.
Begin with deciding the size you want for the water bed. Then, rip the plastic off twice the width of your size because you are going to fold it in layers. Roll all the edges leaving a hole at the corner for the hose and tape them well to get a good seal.
Place the water bed where you want it.

A place with the flat grassy ground will work best with it. The last, fill it up with water then tape it perfectly. This will keep the kids cool in the hot summer days without getting wet.

9. Skateboard Swing | Littlebitfunky

9.SIMPHOME.COM A Skateboard Swing Project ideaRepurpose the old skateboard into a cool swing with street style. It doesn’t take a long time to make, nor cost you a fortune. You only need a skateboard, strong ropes, and 2 equal length dowels.
First, you have to remove the wheels from the skateboard. Next, drill 4 holes for the rope in the skateboard and 2 in each dowel. You can keep their look or repaint them for a new crisp look. Cut two ropes with the equal lengths and insert it to the holes you drilled. Remember to tie a knot to keep the rope in place. Finally, hang the swing on a tree.

8. Slip and Slide | Wikihow | Happyhooligans

8.SIMPHOME.COM Slip and Slide
What’s better than playing water outside in the hot summer days? Building a swimming pool is a great idea if you’ve prepared enough savings. However, if you are on a budget yet still want your kids to have some fun outdoor, try this inexpensive slip and slide.
Before making it, make sure you have heavy-duty plastic sheeting with 12 feet width and 100 feet length. It is important to choose a sturdy plastic so it won’t rip and tear.
Spread it on the grassy and small slope in the backyard and fold it in half. Next, anchor all the sides to prevent it from going down. Add some shampoo or liquid soap over the slide then drizzle it with water. Not only kids but also adults are gonna love to slide on this heavy-duty plastic sheeting.

7. Let’s Go Camping | 4men1lady

7.SIMPHOME.COM Lets Go Camping
Kids love adventures. But letting them explore the jungle by themselves is not a good idea. Well, let’s begin with going camping to the nearest nature ─ the backyard.
Although you’re not building a tent in the mountain, your kids will be overwhelmed with joy. Even better, you can engage your kids to build the tent with you. Not much preparation is needed. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the cost and food supplies.
You can simply build a tent you’ve bought in a store, or you can make one yourself. First, you need some materials for the tent, such as three long dowels, six long boards, and fabric. When all the materials are ready, let’s make the frame.
Begin with drilling a hole at each end of the dowels. Next, grab two boards and drill a hole 1 inch down from each end. Take the other four boards and drill a hole 4.5 inches down from the end and another 1 inch from the opposite end. Assemble the boards into two triangles then join them with the dowels.
The last, cover the frame with fabric.

6. Bowling Party | Parents

6.SIMPHOME.COM Bowling Party

Bowling is one of the recreational sports that can be played by many people, so it is supposed to be fun. However, you don’t have to bring your kids into the bowling alley, though. Instead, you can recycle unused plastic bottles and make your bowling arena in the backyard.
First, you’ll need to collect 10 clear plastic bottles with the same type then fill them up with colored water. Arrange them as bowling pins on a flat surface, and done. You can play with the kids, scoring as many strikes as you can.

5. Throw the Ball to the Basket | Allparenting

5.SIMPHOME.COM Throw the Ball to the Basket
Make your kid’s day more colorful with these balls. You’ll need boards, wire netting, bamboo garden stakes, spray paints, and balls.
Begin with making a stand using the board. Next, spray it and the bamboo garden stakes. While letting them dry, take the wire netting and make it cylinder. Place it on the stand then insert all the bamboo in different directions before filling the wire cylinder with balls. So, have a ball!

4. Tree House | DIYnetwork

If the kids wish more than a tent in the backyard, consider building this tree house. It will take a longer time to make but it is worth a try. Prepare plywood, boards, and ropes.
Start with cutting the plywood into two large oval shapes that function as the walls. Make a big hole in the plywood for the door and another small one for the port holes. Grab the other plywood and make a long horizontal hole for the peephole. Paint them and keep it dry.
Next, build the deck frame by joining the same size boards. Attach the walls to the decking then screw the roof beams over the plywood. The last, hang the tree house with rope.

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3. Get More Scores | Listotic

3.SIMPHOME.COM Get More Scores
Do you want something easy yet fun to play? and you can build it with your kids? Try this idea. You just need a big plastic tarp and colorful duct tape. Next, you can ask your kid to cut out several squares in different sized in the tarp. Using the colorful tape, line all the edges and score each square.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt | Listotic

2.SIMPHOME.COM Nature Scavenger Hunt
Bring your kids closer to the nature with Scavenger Hunt. You can find lots of nature scavenger hunt on the internet or make it your own. All you need to do is print it out and adhere it onto cardboard or paper lunch sacks.
There’s no reason for you not to try it. First because it costs you almost nothing, only some paper and ink. Second, kids will have fun walking outside, hunting, and exploring. This is one of the best ways to teach them team work, to introduce them to the nature. As they probably will find something new, you should be ready for some questions.

Lastly number 1. Backyard Beach | Wraysist3rs

1.SIMPHOME.COM Backyard Beach
Summer feels incomplete without going to the beach. However, beach is not safe for a baby boy somehow, so it’s better to consider building your own beach in the backyard.
First make a 7ft-large frame square. Dig deep holes on each corner for the pipes then spread out a landscape fabric. Pour in the sand and paint the pipes. Once it’s dried, attach a fabric for the roof then add the accessories you wish for the beach backyard.

So, Those are 10 Clever Tricks of How to Build Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids that might inspire you. Have you decide which one to build for the kids in the summer?

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