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10 DIY Crafting and Storage Improvement Ideas Using Used Skateboards

There are many ways that you can do to blow off steam. One of which is gliding and soaring in the air using a skateboard. But if you begin to be bored or feel like buying another new skateboard, don’t throw your old skateboards away in the trash can.
Your seeming unworthy skateboards still have huge potencies that are waiting to be tapped into.
Take a glimpse of these DIY crafting and storage improvement ideas using your unused – or even broken skateboards.

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10 DIY Crafting and Storage Improvement Ideas Using Used Poster

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List Entries:

10. Patio Grill Table | Apartmenttherapy

10. Patio Grill Table via SIMPHOME.COM
Enjoying a barbecue party with your besties doesn’t have to be in a spacious backyard. Even if you are an apartment dweller that has to get by with limited space, you can still indulge yourself over the scrumptious grilled meat while chewing the fat. To perfect this idea, you need to make a portable grill table that fits snugly in your rooftop, just like this small grill table. What makes it wonderful is it is made out of underused skateboards.
To make this grill table, you only need to remove the wheels of two skateboards. Attach them to the table legs, and cut the center part of the table top to size so that a grill can fit snugly into it.
It is a super easy project that will update your rooftop style immensely.

9. Skateboard Floating Shelves | Busybeingjennifer

9. Skateboard Floating Shelves via SIMPHOME.COM
One of the biggest problems faced by small space is the clutter. Although you have tried to declutter your room over and over again, the clutter still occurs. To overcome this problem, you need to purchase – or maybe make – some wall-mounted shelves that will help you drive the mess away.
These floating shelves are unique and worth copying. You just need two or three skateboards, and attach them to the wall using screws or L-brackets. These shelves will not only add storage solutions to the space, but also jazz it up. As a bonus, you can use their wheels to hang your bag or caps.

8. Skateboard Shelf with Rope | Homedit

8. Skateboard Shelf with Rope via SIMPHOME.COM
This is another brilliant idea of getting rid of clutter while maintaining the chic look. Instead of screwing the skateboard shelf to the wall, you can just suspend using ropes.
To make this shelf is merely a breeze, you just need to find an unused skateboard, remove its wheels, and paint it the color of your choice. Drill two holes in both sides of the skateboard, insert a rope through the holes in each side, and wrap around the handle bar that has been screwed to the wall. Finally, tie knots to secure the ropes. Repeat these steps to the other side of the skateboard.

7. Funky Drawer Pull | Eye Swoon

7. Funky Drawer Pull via SIMPHOME.COM
It turns out that the wheels of a skateboard can be upcycled, too. Therefore, if you are gonna turn a skateboard into a shelf, make sure you don’t throw the wheels away as they can be functioned as a funky pull of your drawers or dresser.
All you need to do to get this unique pull is screwing the wheel to the front part of your drawer, and admire the stylish look of your drawer.

6. Skateboard Swing | Littlebitfunky

6. Skateboard Swing via SIMPHOME.COM

Kids tend to be energetic and exuberant. Therefore, they need something that packs a lot of fun and helps them blow of steam. Consider making a swing in your backyard, so you can enjoy your weekend retreat while keeping an eye on your kid.
Actually, you can make a swing out of any board that you have at home, including an old skateboard. Just make sure that the skateboard is sturdy enough to support your kid’s weight and still in its A1 condition for the peace of mind.

Making a swing from a skateboard is just a cinch. You just need to remove the wheels, drill holes for the ropes, and suspend it from a strong and hefty branch of a tree.

5. Side Table | Homelysmart

5. Side Table via SIMPHOME.COM
You might think that an unused skateboard can only be turned into a floating shelf. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Skateboards are so versatile that they can be turned into many kinds of furniture, just like this side table.
This small side table is just a perfect place to set down your drink or magazine that you are reading. And its unique design will steal your guests’ focus.
Show your creativity off by making a side table from an old skateboard. You just need to remove the wheels, and apply any finish you like. After that, install hairpin legs on the other side of the board.

4. Skateboard Chair | Bruthaus

4. Skateboard Chair via SIMPHOME.COM
Need more seating for more guests? Some compact chairs would be awesome. However, they can be pricey as well. Why don’t you just make the chairs yourself?
To make these cool chairs, you need to get two skateboards that are going to be turned into a chair. Remove their wheels, then screw them to the chair structure. Don’t forget to add finish that suits the home décor perfectly.

3. Skateboard Wall Art | DIYs

3. Skateboard Wall Art via SIMPHOME.COM
An old skateboard can be transformed into a masterpiece. If you are an artist, this idea is for you. Try expressing your imagination on a skateboard rather than a piece of canvas. You can draw whatever you like – something that can add a personality boost. After that, display your masterpiece in a frame to make it more dramatic.

2. Toilet Paper Holders | Hative

2. Toilet Paper Holders via SIMPHOME.COM
How many times you have been trapped in an awkward situation when you are doing your business in the bathroom, and then you just realized that you’ve run out of toilet paper?
No more dramas in the bathroom since we give you a brilliant solution – making a double toilet paper holder. To make this paper holder, you simply need to swap the wheels of your skateboard with toilet papers, and hang the board on the wall near your toilet so you can grab the toilet paper in a jiffy.

1. Movable Cubby | Projectlittlesmith

1. Movable Cubby via SIMPHOME.COM
Many homeowners use a cubby as a wall-mounted shelf. But you can be more creative by using it as a side table that incorporate additional storage space. Try taking it to the next level by installing the skateboard wheels under the cubby so you can move it easily.

There is a wide array of ways to give your old skateboard a second life. And these 10 DIY crafting and storage improvement ideas will help you recycle your old skateboards so they will not end up being unworthy waste.

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