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10 Simple Backyard Deck Ideas

From a party addict to a recluse, every homeowner should have a deck in their backyard, including you.
There are many activities that you can do in a deck ─ relaxing, reading books, or even having a barbeque party.
Unfortunately, expensive cost and maintenance makes people feel reluctant to have a deck of their own. If you are one of these unfortunate people, it is your lucky time, because soon I am going to give you 10 simple backyard ideas that will help you get a cozy deck without breaking you bank.
I hope.

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10. A White Wooden Crate Deck project idea | Thespruce White Wooden Crate Deck
Wooden crates are extremely versatile. You can make any kind of furniture out of wooden crates, including a new deck. This deck for example has shown you how easy it is to turn some wooden crates into a chic deck.
All you need to do is just gather the crates, sand them down to remove any splinter and make the painting process become easier, and finally assemble the crates by stacking them until it formed a new deck.
Once the deck is assembled, perk it up with some cushions and other decorative elements like garland, just like the image in the video. Once you finish the project, your backyard would be filled with a white deck and turquoise cushions that gives a touch of beach vibes

9. Play with Colors | Housebeautiful Play with Colors
Do you already have a deck attached to your home? Does it look old and dull now? Renewing your deck doesn’t have to be pain in the neck. Try harnessing the magic of paint.
Actually, you can repaint your deck with any color you like to more personalize it or renew it. This deck, for example, permeates the holiday vibes as it comes in nautical color palette. When picking the colors for your deck, consider the coherency. Match the deck’s color with your existing furniture. You could also your personal taste as a compass for your new vibe though.

8. A DIY Deck on a Budget Project idea | Homedepot Blog DIY Deck on a Budget
Making a simple deck is the best solution for those who want to spend their leisure time outdoor without draining the cash. You can also make your own deck because it’s quite easy if you already have sufficient woodworking skill and tool.
First, you need to place the deck footings by digging down the concrete deck piers closest to your house several inches. But you don’t need to dig the ones that are away from the house as long as you can make sure they are at a perfect distance and level.
After that, cut and lay the joists. Then re-bury the piers. You may also need to prevent pesky weeds from coming up through your future deck by spraying some grass and weed killer or laying weed barrier cloth underneath. Last, prepare your deck wood planks before laying them on the joists, add end-caps, and apply any finish you like.

7. A Contemporary Deck Project Ideas | Dwellingdecor Contemporary Deck Ideas
Contemporary deck tends to have simple and sleek design, just like this one. This deck is made of wood planks that match the exterior of the house nicely. A built-in sectional couch is added to give the owner or guest of owners an ultimate comfort.
It is a contemporary deck project, so lighting plays an important role in defining the style. That’s the reason you see recessed LED lights installed in the stair and under the couch.

6. Simple Small Deck with Staircase Lighting Project idea | Owntheyard Simple Small Deck with Staircase Lighting

This deck has proven that spectacular things begin with simplicity. This deck features a simple design that entails a small area raised a few inches off the ground and attached to the house.
You might think it is a dime a dozen. Well, that’s true. But with a little bit of creativity and technology, this simple deck can be turned into a cozy place to hang out, especially during the night (if it isn’t rain or storm), thanks to the LED lights installed in the staircase and provide dim, romantic light. Don’t you think it’s a perfect place to have a romantic dinner?

5. A Deck with Glass Railing Project idea | Owntheyard Deck with Glass Railing
Railing is crucial for a deck, especially if your deck is a few feet off the ground. There are various kinds of railings you can choose from. One of which is this glass railing.
Decks with glass railing have never failed (in many cases) to bring in modern and luxurious ambiance to the space. The railing also offers a seamless look and sky view better than conventional roofed deck ideas.
To accentuate the contemporary look the owner of the idea added wicker couch, loveseat, and coffee table with clean-lined edges.
Last, A deck cover is completed to help anyone in the space maintain fruitful conversation without worrying about the rain.

4. A Super Easy and Simple Deck Idea | Thespruce Super Easy Deck
Making a DIY deck isn’t always hard. This idea for example. Even if you are not a DIY master, I belive you could complete this one easily.
To make this super easy deck, you will need some pallets leftover, a little bit of elbow grease, and a weekend. That’s all!
All you need to do is just laying the pallets down, pushing them to the ground, then topping the pallets with a rug, and you’re good to go. You can also add a table and a patio umbrella for a cozy outdoor dining moment.

3. Make Them Blend | Housebeautiful Make Them Blend
Matching is a great idea to make any room look united. If your living room or bedroom happens to open up onto the deck, try decorating your deck with materials and colors that blend in nicely with your interior design landscape. By doing this, the interior of your house and the deck will look as if they flow into one being. Last, consider adding a small step between your indoor and outdoor spaces as the cue of the landscape shift.

2. A Rustic Railing Project idea | Owntheyard Rustic Railing
Railing helps you maintain the peace of mind as it prevents your kids and pets from getting into accident. Unfortunately, some railings can be somewhat mundane. For this reason, you should try using treated tree branches for your deck railing as it can make your deck look more appealing just like in the picture.

Lastly number 1. Keep the Tree alive | Owntheyard Keep the Tree
Is there a big tree in the area of your future deck? Instead of removing it, try incorporating in into the decoration of your deck. You just need to frame your deck around the tree, leaving sufficient space for you to water and treat the soil. You can even put some benches or a couch around so that you can get a fresh oxygen and a shady spot to sit and relax.
So, A cozy backyard doesn’t have to be lavish and expensive.
With one or some of these 10 simple backyard deck ideas, I am sure you could also get a nice, secure, and beautiful deck for you to hang out, connect and engage.

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