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10 DIY Garden Sink and Project ideas 10 Garden Sink Ideas and DIY Featured Image

Taking care of a garden as well as doing certain activities in it requires cleanliness. One of the ways to keep you clean after being busy around is by adding a garden sink. Furthermore, after your kids play a lot on your garden, they need at least one dedicated garden sink to clean themselves.
Thus, they don’t need to go to the bathroom inside the house.
Back to you, is your incredible backyard garden, already equipped with an incredible garden sink?

Well, I hope not.
Because soon I am going to present you 10 DIY Garden Sink and project ideas (with tons of bonus ideas) that you can take to complete your amazing backyard garden. As usual, this list is compiled for altamofen you by Simphome 10 Garden Sink Ideas and DIY Featured Image Pinterest
10 DIY Garden Sink and project ideas Poster

And the cool thing is, the list is completed with this next awesome video. A super relevant one I can spoil you.

10 DIY Garden Sink and Project Video

List Entries:

10. A Movable Garden Sink with Casters Project idea | Atmykitchentableblog Movable Garden Sink with CastersIf you happen to have a garden with limited space, this movable sink can be the right option for you to choose. It features casters that allow you to move the sink easily, so you can store it in the garage when you’re not using it.
This movable garden sink is very simple to make. In this case, the sink size will much depend on your preference. All you need to prepare is wooden boards, fiberglass or plastic laundry sink, a single hole hose bib, pea trap, elbow and drain pipe, and casters. In this regard, if you have some left over items, you can make use of them so that you don’t have to splurge on new materials.
First, begin with building the top of the table and creating the sized holes in the plywood. Next, cut the legs with the proper size and build the shelf in a square shape. Attach each leg to the tabletop upside down and insert the casters. Attach the shelf top edge by turning the table rightside up. Finally, the sink can be inserted along with the pea trap, faucet and sink drain.

9. Upcycle an Old Oil Drum Project idea | Furnizing Upcycle an Old Oil DrumUpcycling an unused item like an oil drum is a great idea to beautify your garden while cutting down on waste. All you need to do is to get an old oil drum, pipes, a stainless-steel single-bowl sink, and a faucet.
Clean them properly and once you’ve assembled all the pieces to form a sink unit, you can paint it green to suit your environment. However, you can also paint it the colors of your choice.

8. A Garden Potting Bench with Sink Project idea | DIYnetwork Garden Potting Bench with SinkIf you want a more functional piece of furniture in your garden, you need this garden potting bench with sink. This time, with this idea, you can produce not only a garden sink but also a countertop for your potting. This potting bench allows you to cultivate some plants easily while staying clean.
To make this potting bench, you need to create the bottom frame first.
Second, build the countertop and add the sink.
Third, attach both the bottom frame and the countertop to the legs.
Next, drill a pocket holes and check the placement of the sink. Then, attach the shelf posts as well as the middle posts and the mower posts. The tip shelf can be attached afterwards.
Optionally, you can add some decorative items. Don’t forget to attach the faucet properly and install the drainage, too. Last, Stain or paint it as you please.

7. A Modern Potting Bench with Dry Sink Project idea | DIYnetwork Modern Potting Bench with Dry SinkApparently, a garden sink doesn’t have to be constantly wet. A sink can be incorporated in a potting bench to help you with the cultivation. The special thing about this garden sink is the fact that it has wheels to move from one with place to another. Thus, it is very flexible in the term of usage due to its wheels that enable you to move it wherever you want around the garden
This modern potting bench also features two pegboards on the right and left sides, allowing you to add some hooks so that you can hang some tools. The pegboards make it easier for you to grab the tools in no time.
Don’t forget to apply a few coats of polyurethane on the wood surfaces to protect them from dirt and water.

6. A Simple Outdoor Sink Project idea| Motherearthnews Simple Outdoor Sink

If you want to have a very simple outdoor sink, you can start from this one. This simple outdoor sink is a super simple that I am sure you can make it yourself. All you need to do is just preparing the ceramic floor tiles, metal frame, double sink, metal table frame and scrap wood for covering. You also need a water pipe and the gallon buckets to accommodate the dirty rinse water.

5. Drop Leaf Outdoor Sink Project idea | DIYprojects Ideas2live4 Drop Leaf Outdoor SinkDon’t you think that this outdoor sink has an amazing design?
First it comes with wheels that allows anyone to move it anywhere around the garden. Next, it also features drop-leaf countertops that add an extra workspace when you need it. And once you’re done working, you can fold it back to save some space, thanks to the extra hinges installed in the sink.
Another feature,
This garden sink also allows you to save more water because the clean water in the tote will be drawn by the pump and delivered to the faucet when you’re using it. after that, the used water will drain back to the tote. If you think the water is too dirty for another cycle, simply use it to water your plants.

4. Wooden Log and Basin for Outdoor Sink Idea | Hometalk Wooden Log and Basin for Outdoor SinkFor more unique design, you can also try a wooden log and basin for outdoor sink project. Start by preparing the trunk where you will put the sink on. Then, insert the drain tube into log as well as attach the faucet to the fence. Check the water and add the pine swags. Finally, paint the sink as colorful as you want. As simple as that.

3. A Rustic Galvanized Garden Sink Project idea | Familyhandyman Rustic Galvanized Garden SinkAnother DIY garden sink to try is this rustic galvanized garden sink. It is not only fashionable but also able to tidy up any messy thing left after gardening activities. Prepare all the following things to make this fashionable rustic garden sink:
• Galvanized double washtub
• Circular saw
• Wall-mounted faucet
• Drill
• Thread tape
• Wrench
• Elbow pipe
• Screws
• Board 2-by-2
• Straight pipe
• Deck board and
• Brass garden hose adapter
Follow link inside description to complete your project.

2. A Pallet Garden Wash Basin project idea | Instructables Pallet Garden Wash BasinDo you want a garden sink made of wood pallets? Then this next project is my recommendation. First of all, you need to prepare the pallets, screws, hammer and screw gun, pry bar, jig saw, table saw, sander, sealer, miter saw, paint thinner as well as the sink and follow hyperlink.
After you complete all direction, you’ll get a versatile wood pallet garden sink complete with spacious countertop and two extra shelves in the lower part.

Lastly number 1. Turn an Old Wine Barrel into an Outdoor Sink | Instructables Turn an Old Wine Barrel into an Outdoor SinkThe last garden sink would spring up your outdoor and Instructables have provided all the detail from start to finish.
The design suit almost all garden environment and you can also re-painting the barrel with any color you like. All in all, after you feel satisfy with your barrel, you begin to install the sink on the top along with the faucet. Make sure the drain works well to let the water flows and your project is completed.
Isn’t it great?

So, those are 10 garden sink ideas and DIY that you can try at home.
Most of them are quite simple, inexpensive, and I have completed the list with a dedicated video you could play before starting the project.
Good luck and see you again soon!

Bonus Ideas:

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