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10 Creative and Unique Small Garden Decor Ideas

The small garden could be a perfect space to be decorated because no matter how small the change is, it will be definitely seen and felt. On the other hand, we know that choosing the right decor for a small garden is a nuisance. So, keep on watching these 10 Creative and Unique Small Garden Decor Ideas that might help you find the suitable decor for your garden.

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10. Stack the Planters | Weheartthis .Stack the Planters
For a garden, arranging planters in line on the floor can gobble up the space. Intsead, try making your garden more attractive by stacking the planters. Not just stacking them in a row, you need a little awesome trick to give a unique view in your garden.
So, first place a big pot where you want the small garden to be. Through a drainage hole, stick rebar into the ground about 1 foot deep then fill the pot with soil. Next, insert the rebar through the drainage hole of another medium sized pot then fill it with soil. Continue stacking the other pot on the edge of each pot below it until the last pot. Fill the rest pots with soil and put in the plants.

9. Crystal Comes out from a Watering Can | Craftsbyamanda Crystal Comes out from a Watering CanSparkling and shining object will always grab more attention than plants do. That’s why you should try this unusual watering can for your garden decor. The crystals coming out from the watering can reflect the sun light that makes them shine perfectly.
To make it, you’ll need to take the spout off then string the crystals into the holes using thin wire. Once you’re satisfied with the crystals placement, put back the spout to the rim and hang the water can in the garden.
However, it won’t shine at night or on cloudy day. Were the crystals changed with string LED lights, they would be more dramatic, even at night.

8. Use String Lights to Illuminate your Garden | Domino Use String Lights to Iluminate the Garden
Lighting is a crucial thing to expose the beauty of your garden. One of the best lighting options is string lights.
They are often preferred for outdoor decor because of their durability towards rain. Besides enlightenment purpose, the golden glow light of string lights creates warm and romantic ambiance.
After that, Try teaming up the string lights with vines. You and your family would love to have dining al fresco every evening in this cozy garden.

7. Add Water Feature | Boredart Add Water FeatureIf you love serenity, consider adding a water feature in your garden. From bowl to fond, you can choose which design is appropriate in your garden. It doesn’t require a lot of space yet its presence will make your garden look spectacular.
For a small garden, you can choose tiered pot fountain, Japanese traditional bamboo water fountain, wall mounted waterfall, or you can DIY your own. Along with beauty purpose, the sound of flowing water adds some mind-relaxing you need after work.

6. Install a Living Wall | Homeandgarden Install a Living Wall

When it comes to gardening in a limited space, living wall is the best solution you should try. As the plants are planted vertically, garden walls save more space and allow you to place your garden everywhere. However, if you want to add a little privacy in the yard, install freestanding living walls.
There are various kinds of flowers and plants you can grow on your vertical garden, such as petunia, succulent, begonia, mandevilla, and morning glory. They have several different colors which are ready to cheer up your day.

5. Fence your garden with Marbles | Thewoolacorn Fence with MarblesNot every garden needs fence, but you might want to have one when seeing this glowing fence, or probably just remake your fence. It is basically just an ordinary fence which is drilled with the right size so the marbles can be inserted in the holes.
The fence is placed right facing the sun, so the marbles can absorb the light and creates glowing holes. It gives other new colors to your garden which is probably dominated by green color.

4. A Fairy Garden décor idea | Dexorate Fairy GardenWhen we are talking about garden, size doesn’t matter. Fairy garden is a small yet an incredible garden you should try. It is usually made in a small container like pot, glass, even piece of broken object. Then soil, small rocks, and small plants are put in the container. The last touch is adding some accessories such as fairy and its home to make it perfect.
Because of its small size, it would be better to place the fairy garden on higher place or use a plant stand for accentuation.

3. Be Creative with Pathway | Remodelingexpense Be Creative with PathwayPathway has the tendency to be overlooked, whereas with a little creativity it will take your garden to the next level. Beside to prevent your footwear from mud, it also can beautify your garden.
You can start with making stepping stones by mixing cement and water. Pour the cement onto a rhubarb leaf or any big leaf you want. Once it’s dried, peel off the leave and make some other stepping stones. Next dig out the ground base on the stone shape along the way to the garden then put the steps in.

2. Complete your exterior with Moss Graffiti | Greenprophet Moss GraffitiHave you ever tried to make a living, breathing graffiti? It is an eco-friendly art that you can use to replace spray paint, or paint markers. The main material for this graffiti is moss. You can gather moss you find from rocks, old brick walls, or fences. However, the best kinds of moss to grow on vertical surface are entodon and baby tooth.
Once the moss is gathered, wash it to remove the dirt. Next, blend it with beer and sugar using blender until you get smooth and creamy moss paint. Apply the moss paint onto the wall to make your graffiti. Make sure the wall is damp and shady or only gets partial sunlight.
The last, the most exciting part is watching it grow. You need to spray the moss graffiti regularly to keep it damp.

Lastly number 1. Create an Outdoor Living Area | Housebeautiful Create an Outdoor Living AreaNothing’s better than having multipurpose decoration pieces in the garden. A wooden table and chairs serve decor as well as a dining place where you can have intimate time with family while enjoying the view of the garden. A white, vintage swing chair adds different vibrant among the greenery yet still blends perfectly. The grapes hanging over your head is ornamental and functional. It serves you shady place and fresh appetizer.

So, Those are 10 Creative and Unique Small Garden Decor Ideas that we’ve served for you. Hopefully you’ve found the right decor ideas for your garden.

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