10 Easy to Maintain Garden Ideas

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Everybody loves spending their time in the garden, but some of them loathe gardening because they barely have time to water the flowers, mow the lawn, and all that jazz. If that’s the case, a garden that requires minimum maintenance will be the greatest bet.
You might be wondering how to create a low-maintenance garden as you are facing the same problem now – longing for the relaxing ambiance of a nice garden, but not really into the workload.

If you agree with me, check out these next 10 easy-to-maintain garden ideas that will add a wow factor into your garden without giving you so much trouble.
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List of 10 Easy to Maintain Garden Ideas:

10. Keep the Plants down to a Minimum

10. Keep the Plants down to a Minimum by Simphome.com 2The simplest way to create a low maintenance garden is by keeping the plants down to a minimum. Just think about it! The more plants you have, the more time you need to spend to take care of them.
It doesn’t mean you are not allowed to plant anything though. You just need to limit the number of different varieties of plants in your garden. Consider sticking to 5 or 10 varieties of plants only. It would be better if you grow bamboos or tall ornamental grass so that they can jazz your garden up while becoming a great privacy screen.
10. Keep the Plants down to a Minimum by Simphome.com 1

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9. Forget about the Lawn

9. Forget about the Lawn by Simphome.comKeeping the lawn in the garden is great. But you will hate its fussiness as it needs weekly cutting, which means you will have to spend your weekends working in the garden, mowing the lawn, instead of relaxing while admiring the view. It’s definitely exhausting!
To overcome this problem, you just need to swap the lawn for a hardscape. Pave it! Deck it! Do whatever you want to expand the hardscape.

You still need to consider the materials you’re going to use to make the hardscape, though. The tougher the material used for the hard landscaping, the easier it will be to maintain. If you are a busy person who doesn’t want to bother with the regular maintenance, you’re going to love slate and slabs to replace your lawn as they don’t entail lots of workload.
Decking and gravel may look good for this option. However, you will still need to clean the deck and rake the gravel regularly.

8. Opt for Artificial Turf

8.Simphome.com Opt for Artificial TurfWell, if you insist to have the green carpet in your garden, but don’t want to have extra chores, just opt for an artificial turf.
Artificial turfs come in various brands and prices, which also varies their quality. Some artificial turfs look as good as the real grass so that your eyes will be pleased by these soothing green carpets. More importantly, you don’t need to mow, water, and fertilize it. Besides, it doesn’t attract any pests.

7. Choose the Plants Wisely

7.Choose the Plants Wisely by Simphome.com 1We all know that the ultimate goal of creating a garden is to enjoy beautiful flowers. Looking at various colors in the garden is the best way of releasing stress. But how can you release stress if it requires more workload? Therefore, you need to choose the plants wisely.
If you are longing for the spectacular scenery and the pleasing fragrance in your garden without breaking a sweat, consider planting low-maintenance flowers, meaning no annuals, tender plants, and vegetables. You will also need to avoid growing plants that need staking like delphiniums and the ones that can attract rabbits and slugs like hostas.
7.Choose the Plants Wisely by Simphome.com 2

Alternatively, you’d better grow shrubs for your flower beds as they are not fussy. Lavenders, coneflowers, day lilies, and daphne will work like a charm. And you can experiment sunflowers too.

6. Avoid Climbers

6. Avoid Climbers by Simphome.com 1Climbing plants can add a bewitching look to any garden. It’s fascinating until they grow out of control.
Some climbers like ivy grow fast and – eventually – out of control. You will need to cut them regularly and provide support for them to climb.
6. Avoid Climbers by Simphome.com 2Therefore, make sure you avoid planting climbers in your garden if you don’t want to get more trouble.

5. Install a Watering System

5.Simphome.com Install a Watering SystemGardening 101 – every plant needs watering regularly. It means you need to spend some time to water your flowers and grass so that they are always in their top-notch condition. Well, it sounds another workload to you, right? But watering the plants is an inevitable task after all. You can’t avoid it.
However, you can still use smart tricks to perform this job.
Try installing watering system to get your job done. There are so many kinds of watering systems you can find in the store depending on the budget you have. If you are short on budget, you can make it yourself. A leaky hose system can do in a pinch. Nothing fancy.

4. Consider Crafting an Outdoor Living Area

4.Garden outdoor living area by Simphome.com Vernon Road with furnitureLet’s be honest. The reason why many people are crazy about creating a beautiful garden is to kick back and relax. So, why don’t you make an outdoor living area?
4.Simphome.com Consider Creating an Outdoor Living Area 2Creating an outdoor living area in your garden means you will need to extend your home, meaning you will have fewer planted areas to care for. For example, invest in a couch or some chairs with a coffee table. The simple idea will add a wow factor to your garden in no time.
4.Simphome.com Consider Creating an Outdoor Living Area 1Just don’t forget to have a new action plan in case rain is about to fall or invest in new roofing project.

3. Use Planters or Boxed-in Areas

3. Use Planters or Boxed by Simphome in Areasrustic garden photos in multicolored by homifyWe do understand the excitement of growing some beautiful plants to spruce up your garden. However, you will have to be ready with the maintenance too. Or, you can go for a better option – growing your plants in planters or boxed-in areas.
3.Simphome.com Use Planters or Boxed in Areas 2By growing them in planters, you will not need to worry about pruning anymore. Besides, planters are extremely versatile and easy to move around so that you can rearrange them as you pleased.
3.Simphome.com Use Planters or Boxed in Areas 1To detail this idea, care to follow link in reference area.

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2. Think about Water Feature

2.Simphome.com Think about Water FeatureAnother wow factor that you can add to your garden is a water feature. It almost has never failed to provide a soothing and relaxing ambiance in any garden, making it a perfect companion to call it a day.
The installation process may take time at first. But most water features are pretty much self-regulating, meaning you don’t need to worry about the regular maintenance.

1. Mulch is Your Savior

1.Use Mulch to care your garden by Simphome.comThe biggest challenge – and also the most annoying thing – of gardening is weeding. You might have been struggling to eradicate weeds, but they always spout up no matter what. To overcome this problem, you can just spread a good layer of mulch around the beds.
1.Simphome.com Mulch rustic garden photos by yorkshire gardensBy doing this, you will be able to hold the weeds at bay while nourishing the plants.
To explore more about any of these ideas in the list, I suggest you once again to visit link in reference section.

So now you know that having a garden in your front yard or backyard and maintaining it is not always pain in the head. In the end, I hope any garden maintaining ideas you chose will earn you an impressive green space without compromising your time, money, and energy.


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