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10 Ideas on How to Build, Makeover, or Upgrade your Long Backyard

The backyard is a place that packs lots of fun. You can relax or even play a game there. Therefore, it is a perfect place for you to blow off steam. Unfortunately, many people overlook their backyards and leave them untapped.
Now, you might begin to wonder what you can do with your backyard so that it can be a safe haven for any user. If you think your backyard is long, which contains lots of potency to be tapped into or even awkwardly misshapen, don’t worry! Here, I’ve collected 10 ideas on how to build, makeover, or upgrade your long backyard.
So, let’s get started!

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10 Ideas on How to Build, Makeover, or Upgrade your Long Backyard Video

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List of 10 Ideas on How to Build, Makeover, or Upgrade A Long Backyard:

10. Get Rid of Flooded Backyard Get Rid of Flooded Backyard 2When it rains heavily, you might begin to feel anxious because the water will flood your backyard the next day. As a result, your backyard will become the most horrible place that you don’t want to see.
You need to end this perpetual plight. Seriously! It doesn’t have to be arduous, though. All you need to do is just to add some topsoil to raise the backyard several inches and create an even surface. Now, a blank canvas is ready for you. Get Rid of Flooded Backyard 1The first thing you might want to add to your backyard is the hardscaping that can promote drainage, so you won’t find water overwhelms your backyard anymore. Adding a fireplace on one side and a wall fountain on the other side can enhance the look and coziness of this outdoor living area immensely.

9. Use it to build a Kid-Friendly Backyard Kid Friendly Backyard 1If your backyard is long and spacious enough, you might want to turn it into a fun playground for your kids.
All you have to do is making some swings, a playhouse with a slide, and you’re good to go. You can get all of this fun stuff in a store. But it is always a great and an inexpensive idea to make it yourself. Kid Friendly Backyard 2You can make the swings from some unused things you can find at home, like skateboards, old tires, or even some stools. Plus, you might also want to add a bench near the playhouse so that you can relax while watching your kids playing.

8. Create a Pathway Create a Pathway 3

A pathway is one of the crucial elements of a spectacular backyard. One reason, it allows you to wander around your backyard without stepping on the beautiful flowers and manicured lawn. Besides, a pathway can protect your shoes from stepping on mud. Create a Pathway 2A well-shaped pathway can add an upscale look to your backyard. It doesn’t have to be pricey, though. You can opt for gravel or quarter-inch crushed rock as it can add elegance without breaking your bank.
First, you need to determine the shape by driving in stakes. After that, wrap bender board around the stakes. Lay down the crushed rock, then flatten the surface using a plate compactor.
Don’t have a plate compactor? Try getting it from a garden or home-supply center. Create a Pathway 1

7. Add More Drama to Your Pathway Add More Drama to Your Pathway 2A manicured lawn has always been a part of modern houses. However, it can be tedious somehow as it is a dime a dozen. You can make it look more appealing by adding pathway and some greenery. Add More Drama to Your Pathway 1Try flanking the pathway of your backyard with linear plantings in various shades and heights. Boxwood or Rosemary can be a nice choice. Then you can add ornamental grass like maiden grass, hardy clumping bamboo, or zebra grass to enrich the height and texture while adding privacy.

6. Consider Adding Water Feature Consider Adding Water FeatureWater features have never failed to create an impressive look to any backyard. So, why don’t you add one to your backyard?
There are many kinds of water features that you can choose from – a fountain, a pond, or a faux waterfall. You may need the assistance of a professional to make a jaw-dropping water feature. It doesn’t mean you can’t make one yourself, though.
This pond will incorporate the serenity of a Zen garden to your backyard. What makes it wonderful is it is DIY-friendly.
First, you need to mark the pond location with spray paint. Next, dig a hole. Make sure that you dig it about 4 inches deeper than the depth of your desired pond and 1 ft larger than its wall so that you won’t need much gravel to fill against the pond walls. Then, add the gravel footing and make sure they are level.
Once the gravel footing is level, you can begin to install the wood walls. It will be better if you use ground contact (0.40 retention) treated wood or foundation-grade lumber (0.60 retention) for more durable and long-lasting wall, footings and deck framing.
Next, install the liner and the liner pad. After that, you need to customize the skimmer and biofilter so that they can work well. Finally, you can backfill the wall with gravel, attach the beams, and make the deck.

5. Add Low-Cost Seating Add Low SeatingThe backyard is indeed a nice place to call it a day. You can even invite your friends and shoot the breeze with them right in your backyard. For this reason, adding comfy seating is a must. Low Seating ExampleIf you want to divide your backyard into several seating areas for multiple users, consider laying different rugs to shift traffic. You can also style the chairs to jazz the backyard up while guiding people to where they should take a seat.

4. Tame the Awkward Shape to a New Level with New Seating Tame the Awkward Shape 1Is your backyard awkwardly misshapen? You might think that a carpet-look lawn offers the best solution. Yes, it does. But the all-green look can be somewhat dull. Therefore, you need to try to add more colors and textures to tame your awkward backyard. Tame the Awkward Shape 2Several parts of the lawn are replaced with mulch to vary the colors and textures with a minimum care. Flagstone and rocks make a great combination for a contemporary pathway. This pathway leads you to the U-shaped concrete built-in benches before you finally reach the outdoor hot tub.

3. Add an In-Ground Trampoline and Pool Add an In Ground Trampoline and PoolAdding a pool in the backyard is always fun. You can double the fun by adding a trampoline by the pool so that your kids can jump onto the pool.
The first thing you need to do is digging the hole for the trampoline. It has to be one foot larger than your trampoline’s circumference. And don’t forget to save some of the dirt as you’re going to need it.
Next, level the trampoline by putting it in the hole. Take it out, and begin to make the construction on the surround structure from 2x4s and sheet metal. After that, place the trampoline back into the hole, and back fill and compact the dirt on both the outside and inside of it.
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2. Build Your Own Bowling Alley in Your Backyard Build Your Own Bowling Alley in Your BackyardWhy do you have to go to a bowling club if you have your very own personal bowling alley in your backyard?
To make this bowling alley, you just need some wood flooring and boards. It will be much cheaper if you can make use of some leftover. All you need to do is just assembling the wood flooring, then flank it with boards on each side. Easy peasy, right?
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Lastly number

1. Experiment this Rustic Backyard Transformation Rustic Backyard Transformation 2Add the touch of rustic look into your backyard by doing several makeover. Instead of green lawn, you can expand the hardscape made out of wood slices to take the rustic ambiance to the next level. Besides, the hardscape will allow you to keep the maintenance down to a minimum. Rustic Backyard Transformation 1Don’t forget to add more fun by adding an outdoor bar or swing. Consider covering the island with pebbles and well-worn planks to accentuate the style and done.

So, now you know what you should do with your backyard. I hope one of these 10 ideas on how to build, makeover, or upgrade long backyard show you that doing a backyard makeover doesn’t have to be complicated.


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