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10 Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Outdoor activities have their benefits for kids’ growth. They can help physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. However, creating a kid-friendly backyard is competing highly with games and videos in their gadget. Therefore, you should spend some time to observe what your kids like most and make it into your project.
The project may need extra money to do, but it can also be done by using any unused things in your home. If you want to make it cost as low as possible, keep invest your valuable time here. Later, start rummaging your garage, see what you could tweak there, but before that take a peek on our next 10 kid-friendly backyard ideas on a budget. One or two of them might inspire you. However, before we start our countdown, I have to tell you that this list is compiled for you by

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10. Add a Swing

10.Add a Swing via
Reusing old skateboard into a swing is both easy and cheap. Only three things needed – old skateboard, dowels, and rope. First, you need to pull out the wheel. Then scrape the decals and sand it. You can repaint it if necessary.
After the paint is dry, drill two holes for the rope on either side of the skateboard. Cut two dowels the same width with the skateboard. They will be your swing handle. Mark the dowels where you will make a hole by putting it on the holes in the skate. Then drill two holes in each of them.
Insert 20 inches ropes into each hole. Tie a knot below the skate to make the rope stay in place. Measure the rope for about your children shoulder to insert the handles then tie a knot. Insert the dowels. Tie it securely and hang it on a tree and It is now ready for new swing activities.

9. Let Your Kid Play with Sand

9.Let Your Kid Play with Sand via
Playing with sand can be so much fun for your kids. They will happily spend hours playing with toys and sand. By playing sand, their motoric skill would develop faster as well as their hand-eye coordination by digging, pouring, filling, or pushing the sand using scoop and buckets. While sand can be easily found or purchased, it needs a sandbox to make it last longer. DIY sandbox has more advantages which is you can shape it based on your backyard.
It is easy to make a simple sandbox by yourself. First, Cut some woods for the frame. Lay out sandbox perimeter. Level the ground by digging it. Then put the perimeter inside. Drill woods on the perimeter and then Lay landscape fabric.
Make sure it fit the ground and perimeter. Screw the other woods on top to make the fabric stay in place. The last step is filling it with sand. To protect it from rain and animals when it is not used, cover it with tarp and held it down with Velcro tape.

8. Splash Pad

8.Splash Pad via
Kids love to play with water, especially during the hot summer days. Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, making a swimming pool is quite expensive. And some kids cannot swim. Hence, a splash pad can be a great solution.
Although buying one is the easiest way, making it yourself will ensure sturdiness. First, you need to prepare tarp, pool noodles, and sewing machine.
Seam all around the edge of the tarp large enough for the noodles. The noodles will keep the water in, and it is soft and safe for your kids. Sew the pool noodles to the tarp to prevent water leaking. Start filling the pad with water and add sliding or other tools for playing water. Your kids will forget swimming pool while playing in the pad.

7. DIY Sensory Path Project Idea

7.DIY Sensory Path idea via
Sensory path helps children to learn in an attractive way. It develops children’s brain nerve connection so they will be able to complete complex learning task. It also supports the development of fine and gross motor skills. Moreover, it enhances memory and language development. It has calming effect for anxious children and helps them to learn about their own reactive senses (For example, when they interact with rough or smooth surface).
First, Look around your backyard. Choose where to build your sensory path. Arranging it in curving way both beautiful and creative. Using paving blocks as border can make the path secure and the things inside stay in place.
Divide the path into several section based on how many things you have. Next, fill each of them with different kind of materials that has different texture and surface – For instance gravels, pebbles, grass, logs, etc. FYI, you can use chamomile to replace grass, for it doesn’t need much mowing.

6. Giant Outdoor Chalkboard Project Idea

6.Giant Outdoor Chalkboard via

Naturally, children like to write and draw, and wall is their favorite place to put on their creativity. So, why let your wall dormant if you can have an outdoor chalkboard in your backyard?
This project is simple and after you finish it, I bet your children will love playing outside more.
It is not difficult to make this outdoor chalkboard project. The things you need are Hardie board for chalkboard, boards for the frame, paint for chalkboard and frame, lag bolts, nails, screws, and hooks.
Measure the width and length of the chalkboard you want. Cut the Hardie board to your preferred size. Paint the boards – both chalkboard and frame – and allow them to dry completely. Nail or screw the frame boards on each side of the board. Then hang it on your fence using lag bolts to make it more secure. Screw hooks on the left and the right side to hang chalk bucket and done. Finally, let your children go wild with their imagination on the chalkboard.

5. DIY Backyard Climbing Wall Project Idea

5.DIY Backyard Climbing Wall by
Some children are always tempted to climb something. Therefore, crafting a climbing wall will be good fit for their mental and their energy distribution. Also, activities your children do on the platform would develop their strength and self-esteem positively.
The first thing to do is deciding which wall to be executed. It is important step so you can measure how high and wide the climbing wall will be. Next, put up pressure treated plywood on your wall. Secure it with heavy-duty exterior wood screws. Paint the plywood aesthetically to enhance your backyard landscape. Then attach the climbing holds randomly. To ensure children’s safety, you can add rubber mulch below the wall.

4. Craft a Kid-friendly Seesaw

4.Make a Seesaw via
Seesaw is often found in the playground and children like to play it. If your children like it as well, why don’t you make it yourself and put it in your backyard? It can be easily made from an old tire and long board. Moreover, tire seesaw is usually smaller and easy to move around. Are you ready to make one?
First, prepare all materials, choose your spot, and then cut the tire in half. Cut boards for the seat and smaller one to secure the seat to the tire. Mark the center of the boards. Next, Screw the smaller one – it should be the same length as the tire diameter – to the tire. Following the mark on the smaller board, put the seat on top and screw it. Add handles on either side of the seat. Then paint the tire seesaw to your children liking.

3. In-ground Trampoline Project Idea

3.In ground Trampoline via
Jumping in a trampoline can be so much fun. Now, you can make it more accessible and safer for children by make it in ground. First, you need to consider your backyard landscape. Choose the size of trampoline wisely and convince yourself it won’t ruin your garden landscape later. After, you find the best spot, then you can start digging the ground.
After digging up ground which fit your trampoline, place a retaining wall to prevent the earth falling under it. If retaining wall is too expensive, a purpose in ground trampoline is a good alternative. After the hole is ready, put your trampoline in. Then install net around it to add more safety.

2. Playhouse under the Deck Project Idea

2.Playhouse under the Deck via Under the Deck
Sometimes, your kids need more encouragement to play outside. Some of them may want to play under the shelter first. So, why don’t you build a playhouse for them to spend their time?
A Playhouse can be your kid’s secret comfort area to draw or play with their favorite figurines or hot rods, with their friends or just find a solitary time reading a book. A place like this can be a great place for your kid’s imagination to free and grow.
2.Playhouse under the Deck via 2
Building a Playhouse can be a fun project for your family too. You can build a playhouse in the center of the garden, under the shade of the trees, or in the middle of garden of flowers.
If you want to make it with a low budget, try building one under your deck. It is a good use for your under deck and it could improve your backyard curb appeal too. The kids will get fresh air, but still have cover over their head. Complete the playhouse with mini desks, storages, and your kids’ favorite toys so that your kids or their friends could stay inside comfortably.

Lastly number 1. A Simple Race Car Track project idea

1.Race Car Track via
This car track could make your children keep being busy for hours. It is also easy and generally cheap to make. The first thing you need to do is making a pattern of the of the track. Then dig down the ground under the pattern. Mix sand, cement, and black oxide powder. Pour the mixture in the trench. Use float to level it and trowel to make it smooth.
After the concrete is dry, fill around it with soil, plant up grass or mulch. To finish the car racetrack, draw lines along the track with white paint. Write start and give flag beside finish line. Last, you can have extras to the complete the track such as mini houses, figures, or as simple as bottles. If you don’t have time to make it using concrete, you can use paving blocks.
Whatever the size of your backyard, you can always find a way to create outdoor activities for your kids. You don’t have to spend much money to buy playground equipment’s. Doing DIY projects to craft play area is both cheap and fun. Increase the time your kids outdoors by building outdoor playground for them and I hope this 10-kid friendly backyard list on a budget truly made a positive contribution for your next new art.

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