10 Bedroom Blind Ideas

Most rooms’ atmosphere affects emotional comfort, including bedrooms. Hence, you should design your chamber cautiously to get the right air.

One of the handy ways to ensure it promotes a positive ambiance is by using bedroom blinds. If you need some insights, stay focus because I have researched and devised 10-bedroom blind ideas include how to love your blind to help you deliver a flawless bed chamber. Express your style and artistic soul with one of these next creative ideas, get your notepad ready, and as always visit simphome link inside reference area to explore more detail.

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10 Bedroom Blind Video

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10. Burlap Window Shades Project Idea

10. Burlap Window Shades via
Start with a meek project. When you feel direct sunlight hurts your eyes, use this burlap to secure your area. Its transparency makes your room fairly bright.

Short Instruction:

First, get upholstery grade burlap and measure your need.
Second, Cut it accordingly. Sew the sides and top, hung each panel, and pin it. Next, Finish the bottom.
At the bottom, sew it to give extra weight and stiffness. For the brass ring, hand-stitch it so you can use it to hold back the panel. Install the accompanying hook for the ring. Wrap it with a brass cleat.
10.Burlap Window Shades via

9. Rolling Window Blind DIY Idea

9.Rolling Window Blind DIY via
For our next project,
First, Prepare different fabrics, wooden battens, screw eyes, hooks, cord, and cleat. Second, follow these next

Steps by steps:

1. Measure your window; use the result to cut fabric. Stitch all the sides; add some centimeters for width and length. Insert the battens.
2. Insert two screw-eyes into the top edge of the top batten and one into the base. Place two more below on the front blind.
3. Cut the cord based on the blind length. Tie each end to a screw-eye at the top of the blind. Lay them.
Last, Knot the cord lengths; pull while rolling up the blind. Hang it from the window frame. Screw the cleat. You’re all set.

8. No-Sew Rolled Window Valance Project Idea

8.No Sew Rolled Window Valance via
It is an answer on how to prevent blinding summer sun and frosty winter coolness which penetrates the glass. It is an adjustable DIY, so feel free to crack.
First, Prepare a roller blind, a length of timber, L brackets, fusible webbing, ribbon, fabric, a fine dowel rod, and buttons.


1. Mount the roller blind on your desired position, cut your pelmet at the widest point add around 5 cm. Use timbers to form a little cap for hiding the roller blind.
2. Measure and cut your fabric and hem it.
3. Attach the valance to the top of the pelmet after you insert the dowel.
4. Create your ribbon loops, roll up your fabric, and slip the loops over.
5. Install L brackets. Next, place your pelmet on top of your brackets and screw it in.
Finish! Now, you got a low-cost, light-hindering, and climate-controlling blind.

7. Vertical Blind Project Idea

7.Vertical Blind ideas via

Next, we will craft pallet wood vertical blinds. Pay attention to the supplies on each step.
And let’s get down to detail!

Step by Step:

1. Install top plate connector into the frame, attach conduit piece into the split ring hangars.
2. Get wood piece length; give some space as clearance for the wood pieces to move freely.
3. Cut the wood, drill a 1/4″ hole at the center, and some holes along the edges to connect blinds.
4. Slide the 1″ binder ring through the big hole, attach the swivel key tag.
5. Hang the pieces on the conduit. Cut copper wire into 6″ pieces. And Last, Thread through 1/8″ holes from behind and twist ends together.

6. Effortless Window Shade Project Idea

6.Effortless Window Shade via
No kidding, you only need around fifteen minutes to do this one, no sewing machine, no pinning, less fabric. It is a lovely project!


All you need to prepare is getting some fabrics, a cutter, a staple gun, and tape.


Step 1: Make a template card based on your window and tape it.
Step 2: Cut your fabric, add 1 inch for the border, and hem it with an iron.
Step 3: Cut wood piece narrower than the fabric, attach it.
Step 4: Using a staple gun, attach the shade to your window frame. You may opt for Velcro for simpler cleaning process.

5. Stencil Your Roller Shade Project Idea

5.Stencil Your Roller ShadeA Far
Update your window with this low-priced stencil project because I believe it will uplift your room design into the next appeal.
First, Prepare light-filtering vinyl shade, acrylic paint, sponge, adhesive, and brackets. Set your shade safely, create guidelines for the stencil, and start painting the design, repeat. Paint the brackets to match your window trim, and install. Let it rolled down for three days.

5.Stencil Your Roller Shade zoom in

For a shorter project, use a monogram decal. You are free from the mess and it is removable.

4. Art on Window Blind Project Idea

4.Art on Window Blind via before
Before the Project

Over time, a blind can be so dreary. To solve the issue, use leftover fabric to decorate it. Yes, it is an African theme but of course, you can alter it.

First, get some fabric (batik is better), mod podge, and sponge applicators. Think about what animals you will create and cut your fabric.
Next, arrange them on the fabric and get the best position for each. If you have decided, stick them with mod podge hard coat sealant. It’s super short and simple, right? And of course, if you feel doubt, you could always visit link pasted inside reference area.

4.Art on Window BlindAfter
After Project Done

3. Smart Way to Clean Your Window Blinds

3.Smart Way to Clean Window Blinds via
It is time to get some rest. In this topic, I will share tips on how to clean blinds safely. First, you need tongs, microfiber cloth, and rubber bands.


Cut the microfiber cloth in half; Wrap one half around the top of each of the tongs.
Secure them with a rubber band.
Insert the tongs with cloths into the slats, press them close on the blinds.
Move them back and forth across the blinds.
Repeat as many as necessary to clean the dust.
For better cleaning, spray the microfiber cloths lightly with an All-Purpose Cleaner.

2. Bamboo Blinds Ideas on the Cheap

2.Bamboo Blinds on the Cheap via
Bamboos are always an alluring idea, but their price is not quite welcoming. For this concern, learn how to craft DIY bamboo blinds easily and save your money.
First, Prepare glue gun, hot glue, scissors, double curtain rod, white Ritva curtain panels, 1 long bamboo shade, and small cable ties.


1. Prepare the bamboo shades, measure, and identify cut points.
2. Glue the slats cording and snip them, at least 4 slats below hot glue.
3. Remove excess slats; secure the cording in a knot.
4. Wrap the bamboo blind top around the curtain rod to get a loop size. Take cable ties, slide them through the cording, and glue them.
Last, Add weight, glue, and slats. They cover up the excess cording and give you a neat finished look you’d love.

Lastly Number 1. Paper Window Blind

1.Paper Window Blind via
For our last plan today, you need wallpaper, knife, ruler, double-sided tape, nylon rope, plastic cord lock, and hole-puncher.

For the instructions:

1. Measure your windows and cut your paper based on it.
2. Measure your paper to make a precise fold.
3. Make a hole in the center and slide in the rope.
4. Join both edges with double-sided tape and done
Voila! A pull-up window shade look is in your hands.

Well, no matter how bold you want to opt for, or what your preference is, I think one or some or all of those bedroom blinds ideas will stir sound and pensive slumbers. Good luck with your choice, I hope they would electrify your guests in a blink of an eye, and until we met again with new videos next week “I hope”.
Stay safe.


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